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Friday, March 25, 2016


So also is a similar stand stated by a former Bar President Ambiga Sreenevasan, who by the way, is also ex-BERSIH2.0 Chair.

AND DESI compleatly agrees with both the BAR President STEVEN THIRU and Ambiga  that Penang CHief Minister LIM GUAN ENG SHOULD STEP ASIDE BY TAKING LEAVE AS CHIEF MINISTER pending the investigations into his RM2.8million luxury house purchase.

Following PM NAjib TUn RAzak's scandalous admission that he INDEED HAD RECEIVED RM2.6BILLION into his personal bank accounts from a SAudi ARabian donor as first reported by WALL STREET JOURNAL last JUly, DESi also joined many others in calling for Najib's stepping aside from his PRime Minster's post.

HOlding to the principle that TOP NATIONAL LEADERS SHOULD BE "PERCEIVED" or SEEN TO BE SCRUPULOUSLY CLEAN, I expect GUan Eng to be more hounourable   than NAjib and immediately( OK, give him time to ruminate lah!) or  soon temporarily vacate the Penang TOP CEO's POST> AS I had said regulalry in my postings here, I no longer regard NAjib as Malaysia's PM but just regard him as the CLUELESS CEO>

THe world has universally accepted as an Indicator of Corruption the CPI, which is, THE CORRUPTION PERCEPTION INDEX. IN politics, "Perception" is key to the people's acceptance of a leader; hence if LIM GUAN ENG wants to demonstrate his commitment to LEADERSHIP THAT IS PERCEIVED TO BE CLEAN, ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT, he has NO CHOICE But to follow the BAr COuncil chiefs' advice to step aside. By taking that courageous step, GUan Eng would have done the Pakatan proud by setting a BENCHMARK THAT IS HIGHER THAN THAT SET BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT LED BY UM-oh-No!

LEadrs who live in large mansions costing a few million bucks with many transparent glass panels should learn not to throw rocks at other people. And they must be seen to be DECENTLY dressed even within their glass houses, Desi's parting counsel, though I am not a lawyer, just a humble newsdog-BUMmer who barks often, sometimes BYTES2!


Guan Eng should go on leave during probe

 | March 22, 2016
Steven Thiru says taking leave Is sometimes seen as a “prudent” step to preserve the integrity of investigations.
PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Bar today said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng should take leave of absence pending a corruption investigation into the purchase of his bungalow for RM2.8 million.
Malaysian Bar president Steven Thiru said there was no strict legal requirement for public officials accused of corruption to do so, but that it was sometimes seen as a “prudent” step to preserve the integrity of investigations, depending on the severity of the allegations, Malay Mail Online reported.
“Investigations and stepping aside on a leave of absence pending completion of investigations should not be equated with guilt of the allegations of criminal wrongdoing,” said Thiru.
“Another critical factor is whether the public official under investigation can influence or be perceived as being in a position to interfere with the investigation.
“Here, the MACC does not report to the Chief Minister of Penang and there is no likelihood of influence or interference,” he added, referring to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
He said if MACC had begun investigations, the Malaysian Bar expected the agency to conduct the probe “fairly, impartially and thoroughly, and as expeditiously as possible”.
The MACC said last Friday that it would investigate a report against Lim over his purchase of a house in George Town, Penang, that was allegedly bought last year at below market value.
MACC had previously probed Lim’s tenancy at the same house before.
Businesswoman Phang Li Khoon signed a statutory declaration (SD) today to refute allegations of corruption concerning the sale of her former Jalan Pinhorn home to Lim, who is also DAP secretary-general.
Phang said in the SD that the sale price of RM2.8 million was decided via an oral agreement with Lim's wife Betty Chew as far back as 2012, although the purchase was done last year.

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