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Saturday, July 25, 2015

They still SHOOT THE MESSENGER/MEDIA, Don't they?


THE NAJIb ADMinstration, instead of tackling the scandals, ro at least explaning the RM@.67billion that found its way to his two AMBAnk personal accounts, now just tolerate Dissent. HE is using the SEDITION ACT AND THE PRINTING PRESSESS AND PUBLICATIONS ACT !(*$ TO SHUT DOWN THE MEDIA THAT REPOrt the news NEGATIVE TO HIM AND UMNO?BN> YES< THE PRESENT GOVERNMENT IS SHOOTING ANY MESSENGER WHO BRINGS HIM UNPLEASANT NEWS> FIRST HIS GOVErnment hauled five jounalists from the MALAysian INSIder to the courts some weeks back. NOW HE"s booking the OWNER of THE EDGE FINANCIAL DAILY AND THE EDGE WEEKLY, forcing them to close down for THREE MONTHS FROM TOmorrow. HE Careth not if what the media is doing what it is supposed to do, brining the news to the people, and analysing what the contents means or how they impact the nation and citizens.


BEFore I reproduce that breaking news of yesterday, let DESi say he buys the NST ON SAturday because it costs RM!.50 like THe STar's on weekend -- so I CAN MONITOR WHAT THE UMNO ORGAN SAYS, in order I CAn REBUT Whatever that needs a kick in the EDitor's butt! I ALMOST NEVER FAIL TO GET THE NST SATUrday's COpy, like todae's, conditional to DESi's having that money to spare for what essentially the daily diet is equivaleet to "Toilet paper".

LEt me plug what is getting very LOUD THUNDER TO SCARE, followed by FRIGHTENING strikes IF UMNO HAD ITS WAY, especially the drivel mouthed by its CHief/CHeap propagandist  Barisan Nasional strategic communications director Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan. BUT many MALaysians the past year have attained wisdom so we Won't let UMNO-oh-NO bully us MALaysians so easily like in the non-INTERNET age!



I"LL LATER CUT&PASTRY An item from NST PRINT EDITION ABOUT what TONg KOoi ONG and HO KAy TAT have to say about the suspension of the EDGE DAILY AND EDGE WEEKLY>.. PATient OK! for MS PATience is also MS VIRtuous, YL, DESi


From NST/BERnama:~~~

The edge has misled Malaysians: Rahman Dahlan 24 July 2015 @ 11:17 PM 

KUALA LUMPUR: The Edge Media Group has misled Malaysians into thinking it obtained information honorably about 1Malaysia Development Berhad from a reliable source, said Barisan Nasional strategic communications director Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan. 

***Given that the group owner, Datuk Tong Kooi Ong, admitted misleading former PetroSaudi International executive Xavier Andre Justo about payment to secure evidence, “Malaysians cannot take what The Edge is saying at face value“, he added.

 “If The Edge can cheat a known sleek criminal like Justo, I won’t be surprised if they could cheat ordinary Malaysians just as well. “Yes, news organisations worth their salt wouldn’t pay for information but they are also expected not to cheat to get the information. Otherwise, their reputation is also at stake when they cheat to steal stolen information,” he said in his Facebook post today. 

****Abdul Rahman, who is Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister, said it was a shame that The Edge did not come clean from the beginning and tried “to cover up their act” after Justo revealed “shocking information” in an interview with Singapore’s The Straits Times. “The Edge said the stolen documents were not tampered at all but international computer forensic experts as well as Thai authorities say otherwise. They milked the story for a few months for political purposes while hoping no one would know who Justo was,” he added. Abdul Rahman said The Edge Financial Daily publisher had claimed that publishing stolen and suspect information was the most honourable thing to do. “Don’t try to wiggle your way out of this by claiming being honourable, Mr Ho (Kay Tat) and Mr Tong,” he said. Earlier today, Tong in a statement admitted misleading Justo about paying him for 1MDB-related documents the Swiss stole from his former employer. But Tong said this was the only way to get hold of the evidence to expose how a small group of Malaysians and foreigners cheated the people of Malaysia of US$1.83 billion (RM6.97 billion). – BERNAMA

Read More :

DESIDERATA: SEE HOw the CHeap PRopagandist put words into TONG KOOI ONG'S Mouth.. . HEllo, it's YOU, MR Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan , and UMNO, that ... Malaysians cannot take what the NST has/had been reported as the truth about 1MDB! 

THe NST'S  "ANGLING" OF THe reports is to imply that 1MDB CRitics including ex-PM DR MAHATHIR MOHAMD have been "UNpatriotic" Collaborating with foreign forces to "Topple the GOvernment"! 

I WIll try to REBUT YOU BY reproducing how other MEDIA ARE reporting the 1MDB sh*t now enveloping THE PM-UMNO, as I HAve been doing in this BLOG THAT past few months... You want us to believe what OUTSIDERS ARE SAYING ALL THE GOOD THINGS ABOUT 1MDB BUT WE MALAYSIANS ALSO READ ONLINE PORTALS LIKE MALAYSIAN INSIDER,  MALAYSIAN-chronicle, malaysiakini et al, and WE KNOW WHO'S REPORTING IN BONA FIDE MANNER TO HELP US GETTING  NEARER TO THE TRUTH! 

 AS a JOURnalist, I Admit even the 1MDB Detractors can make some mistakes relying on their news sources, but I BElieve so far we have raed very little -- some 10percent the most? -- what the EDGe/MALaysianINSider have reported so far.  

EVEN the brother of PM CIMB Chief NAZIR RAZAK had called on the whole 1MDB BOArd TO RESIGN OVER THE SCANDALS! HOW about answering to tha, MR RAHMan DAHlan?!

MEanwhile, read what the LOVe-him-or-HATe=him DR Mahathir has to say:

FRom THe STAR ONLine:~~~

Published: Saturday July 25, 2015 MYT 11:05:00 AM
Updated: Saturday July 25, 2015 MYT 11:17:04 AM

Dr Mahathir: The Edge and also all my friends are the target

KUALA LUMPUR: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has reacted cryptically to the three-month suspension of The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily by the Home Ministry.
"Of course, we have to censure.
"The Edge and also all my friends are now the target. I don't know why," he said.
It was not clear whom he was referring to.
Dr Mahathir said this after attending a birthday bash in his honour organised by business tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan Friday night.
Also present was veteran newsman Datuk A. Kadir Jasin, who questioned if the reasoning for the suspension was strong enough or if it was done as a spontaneous reaction.
"We have to see if this action has basis or was spontaneous.
"The Edge said it will challenge the matter in court. This is the only way out," he said.
Kadir added that in the past, newspapers and magazines had been suspended but the move was never challenged by the affected media.
"If The Edge proceeds with what it says it wants to do, then it is going to be an interesting case to watch," Kadir said.
It was reported that The Edge will be filing a judicial review of the suspension, which is effective July 27.
The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily had their licences suspended over their reports on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Meanwhile, asked what his birthday wish was, Dr Mahathir said he hoped things would get resolved quickly, referring to the current controversies in the country.
When asked what his birthday wish was for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, he said: "Well, I hope he retires pleasantly and enjoys retirement." (IN Blue thus because I GUess that's how the target would feel...THIs is DESi's knotty aside within brackets, cun?)

Najib turned 62 on Thursday while Dr Mahathir turned 90 on July 10.
The birthday bash saw businessmen, politicians and celebrities attending the gala dinner themed A Night Of Stars.
Among the guests were Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, former MIC chief Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk G. Palanivel, Umno Cheras division chief Datuk Seri Syed Alhabshee, broadway artiste Stephen Rahman Hughes, model Amber Chia, singer Anuar Zain and actress Sazzy Falak.


UPDATED JULY 28, 2015:


The Edge files review on suspension of publications

Published: 27 July 2015 7:11 PM

The Edge media group is taking the appropriate legal recourse to reverse the suspension of its two publications The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily, with the filing of a judicial review today. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, July 27, 2015.The Edge media group is taking the appropriate legal recourse to reverse the suspension of its two publications The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily, with the filing of a judicial review today. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, July 27, 2015.

- See more at:



3:49PM Jul 25, 2015
Media groups to rally over Edge suspension

 114  9  1   22
Media groups will be organising a rally to protest Putrajaya's suspension of two newspapers under The Edge Media Group for exposing alleged misappropriation of funds in finance ministry-owned 1MDB.

The announcement was made in a joint statement by Gerakan Media Marah (Geramm), Institute of Journalists (IoJ), Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF), Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ), and Foreign Correspondents Club of Malaysia.

"In light of the recent developments, as groups representing the journalistic profession, we the undersigned have collectively gathered as a coalition to condemn the Home Ministry’s decision to suspend The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily's publishing permits for three months effective July 27," it said.

The coalition said the rally will take place on Aug 8 and will be backed by the public and civil society in Kuala Lumpur, but the exact location has yet to be finalised.

It added that a solidarity rally will also be held outside The Edge headquarters in Petaling Jaya on July 31 at 3pm.
"To the media, this is an issue that should affect us all. We are all #AtTheEdge.

"What has happened to The Edge is not something new and will not be the last, unless all of us collectively speak up against such acts," it said.

Freedom of information

The Edge had alleged that US$1.83 billion of 1MDB's funds was siphoned away in its joint venture with PetroSaudi International.

This is based on information - including email correspondents belonging to PetroSaudi - that was allegedly stolen by its former director Xavier Andre Justo.

The Edge owner Tong Kooi Ong had admitted to misleading Justo in order to obtain the information without paying him as demanded, citing public interest.

The media coalition said while it acknowledged the ethical debates behind how the information was obtained, it also highlighted the need for media to be given fair access to information, such as in the 1MDB case.

"It is time to move from a regime of Official Secrets to one of Freedom of Information, whereby information should by default be a public right.

"We demand a stop to political intervention in media affairs and that media access to information that is of interest to public is not hindered either by law or process," it said.

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