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Saturday, March 23, 2013


I watched nine finalists of American Idol # singing from the BEATLES' repertoire to get the viewers to vote them into the next round. It was a two-hour special over Ch 8, and I sms-ed my buds NOT TO MISS THE SHOW. My op is that the lady who sang Yesterday beat them all/awe! wit' the guy whispering THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD followig very close and personal behind; maybe side by side because we all need companions in this long journey called Life!  One of my favourites, this number also often recalls our humans' predilection towards remembering the past through velvet-or izzit rose--tinted eyes, I-I for one! and aye-aye for ye2?

I believe the sixties -- when flower children reigned supreme -- created remains one of the most prolific and creative periods of Rock led by the Fab four from Liverpool, and our radio airwaves would never pass a day withougt at least a couple of their songs warming our hearts, cool, hot or cold, young, mid-age or olde -- BECAUSE who could not be knocked over by anthems like Let It Be, Hey Jude and for the younger love birds on their first dates, I wanna hold your hand! I must fess that my English did improve singing-along and writing short stories just based on one CoRE idea sharpened one's creative juices too, speaking for meself OK:).

So Sdr Din Americano, Rockybru-ed, Voiz knot Midnight (cos Desi's is that Wan occupying midnight: slot K:), Koboi Ng and Koboi2 Huat -- let's K Ra La OK tonight to celebrate whoever wins -- and don't let Yesterday pass away though our tender and light fingers OK when we feel 46 although aged 64!

YESTERDAY, all our troubles seem'd so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
O' I believe in Yesterday....


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