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Sunday, February 10, 2013

To my Chinese fRiends here, dare, everywhere:)

Wishing ye a Happy and Progressive New Year of the fRiendly Snake. May you and family and buddies Eat, Drink&Be Merry for the sext 15 days -- just leave Desi some rut bir and man-dare-in oranges, wilya!

To my non-CinoSIRie buds, please join in the festivities OK! In the international spirit of celebrations across physical, ethnic and political boundaries, and wishing everyone GOoD Health and Prosperity! Yes, " GONG XI FA CAI " in man-darling:).

I hope you did catch Celine Dion singing at last night's CCTV Spring Fesival Gala Show -- Yes, the diva sang a famous Chinese folk song "Moh Li Hua" (Jasmine Flower) wj=hich an uncle taught me and siblings during our schooldays although we attended English-medium school. Of course, she also won the hearts of the Chines people in the most-watched show of the world with that number from The Titanic.

Surprise acts were pianists Li Yundi accompanying a Magician (sorry, can't recall his name) in an entertaining music-scored fool-of-tricks demo, and the vivacious (? can I use this to descriv=be a male?) Lang Lang playing like a God-gifted maestro to the dance movements of a real-life ballet dance. "Real-life" because at one stage, a viewer could have been mistaken she's a life-size doll rendred thus by sharp camera-angling and professionally-keyed-in&danced duet with fingers and feet.

OK, Ciao, will be taking two-week AWOL -- do I have thy permit?

Cheers, ENJOY the meats&cake&puer cha,  but don't drink heavy if you are driving.

CHOW, which can mean

Carry on eating;)


I will seeya later, insyaAllah.

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