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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

EC chief says GE-13 will "be the best" ever -- Desi's immediate reaction is:


How many of my dear ER would have similarly reacted? Share-lah, I won't tell the BN-UMNO people, no money mah!

The EC chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof was speaking yesterday after officially appointing some 16 NGOs as observers to the impendig General Elections, which has to be called latest by June 2013. I now need to check: was he speaking at a seminar for East Malaysia zone?
 (The 12th Parliament's term ends end-Apriol 2013, and its dissolution assuming Najib takes it to its full term, will be 27th April; after that the Election Commission has got 60 days to conduct the elections for the 13th Parliament.

The Opposition has many a time claimed the forthcoming GE will be the "dirtiest ever' ... based on their suspicions that the shenanigans as revealed by the Ropyal Commission of Inquicy (RCI) now in progress in Sabah had included OPEN ADMISSIONS by senior National Registration Department officials that they had indeed issued Identity cards to illegal immigrants in Sabah -- BY THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND! -- and past PM Dr Mahathior Mohamad even confessed, "Yes, I did it..." to that effect OK! -- and then compared it with what Tunku Abdul Rahman also did way back when  -- granting foreigners citizenship just before Malaya obtained Independence from the British in August 1957

My "mouse" is still disobedient and so renders Desi impotent in Cut&Pastry the NST news report quoting the EC chairman (THE LINK HEAR LATER OK! --      ) -- I will just paraphrase some points and give my comments, can?

The EC chairman said the 13th GE will be the most transparent ever to be conducted, under the watchful eyes of the independent observers. I don't doubt that on the surface, the "transparency" will be there.But as BERSIH3.0 has been campaigning for among other issues for a clean and fair elections -- HAVE THE ELECTORAL ROLLS BEEN PADDED UP WITH "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS", especially in States the UMNO are targetting to win back from Pakatan Rakyat like Selangor and Penang?

BUT THE MAIN Q REMAINS, and Desi's MAIN CONCERN TOO, hence my reaction above, sceptic newsdod that's YL Chong -- REALLY?

All the past five years HOW MANY FOREIGN IMMIGRANTS HAVE SIMILARLY BEEN GRANTED CITIZENSHP? HOW MANY ARE NOW PADDED ONTO THE ELECTORAL ROLLS as targeted by UMNO -- for we all know that the Sabah situation "Project M" took place with the EC's collussion with the UMHNO topguns or parties-friendly to UMNO.

In remember the Statistics Department a few years ago reported that the NUMBER OF ILLEGAL WORKERS FROM INDONESIA ALONE ACCPOUNTED FOR TWO MILLION! Now two years later, how many of these two million illegals have made it to the EC rolls as VOTERS?

Then you add in the numbers of illegals from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar -- HOW MANY MORE ILLEGALS HAVE ILLEGALLY BEEN GRANTED VPOTING RIGHTS? Read-lah my series, now numbering six, on "Look -- who is selling out the nation's sovereignty?"

May I just/jest end with a quote I have used several times recently, from the greatest scientist ever lived, ALBERT EINSTEIN:

"Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results."

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