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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hilary Swank in TALK ASIA interview -- WOW!

Here's the LINK:
BECAUSE I couldn't COPY&PASTRY as the idiotic "mouse" is not obedient since yesterday, when all my troubles seem'd so far abay!

I caught a "repeat" of the above on CNN from 2.40 to 3.00PM on a lazy hazy mazey Sundae when I am into RUMINATION ie away from socio-political writHes UNLESS it's earth-shattering on the Malaysian landscape. So with a repeat of Law&Order on ch 701 or izzit 702?, I surfed to 511, and was I glad, catching the last section of twice-academiy award-wining HILARY SWAK's interview by on CNN.

Two distinctive references remain embedded partially in my brain -- one referred to her acting alongside Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood how she would "soak it in" learning from the iconic greats; and how she would feel as "an outsider" in the celebrity-made it  world of Hollywood...

Another referred to her quoting Clint, my paraphrasing OK! --that in life one always aims for the bull'seye, but it's not always hitting it. This writHer feels connected to may of her opinions expressed in the interview, BUT I must admit I have lots to ketchUP with her films because I've recently "lost" a buddy who often went to the cineplex wit' Desi...he went off to ****Timbuktu.

And second confess: Only recently when ****Mali made the news when France ordered its troops to fly into African outpost nation that I realised Timbuktu IS IN MALI! I had so often teased friends after they went AWOL/MIA for long periods with Q: You went to hyde in Timbuktu izzit? yet not really knowing where to place TB2 on the world map. AND tell me frankly, your PM had just triumphanty visited GAZA, can you honestly tell Desi you can point where Gaza is on the world map? I can't, and really, you think I care?

Now when my mouse regains its knotty coposure and behaves normally, I will come back with the fu;ll version -- YOU DON'T EXPECT DESI TO WRITE OUT THE TRANSCRIPT IN "LONG-HAND", do you? although I know, "long" is part of my name in YL Chong!:( You don't like it here, HEY, GET THE HEAR OUT OF HELL! `` YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

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