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Friday, March 02, 2012

New acquaintance wants to start a Blog!

Welcoming B2B for bloggerTObe or in my circle, I prefer BUMmerTObe, AHohohoHahahaSun. Desi helped him deside on this penname as he treated me to THREE rounds of tehtarik, kurang manis.-kurang-kurang as I fear the arrival of M''s Diabetes.

I became acquainted with this fellow writer -- in both Bahasa Malaysia and English, beats ex-MB double Muhammad of Selangor anytime/anydime! -- only THREE weeks ago. It's rare that I shared with someone new my se7en years' experience of blogging, except AHHSun was like a few in my kedai mamak group has got a queer sense of humour I can appreciate. He also appreciates my Midnight Voice anthology, and I could only "gift" him a fotostat kopi as I have only ONE ori kopi left!:(

Okay, AHHSun will be given a "tutorial" by Desi in the sext few days to start his blog. One day, one groupie introduced a new word "Goblok" after attending some seminar-cum-holyday in Jakarta. I think it means "Stupid" but I said I would make it an active, GOoD quality word, spelt thus Go-Blog! By now, AHHSun had shown an interest in becoming a BUMmer, and I was more than willing for a fortune of RM1,000 in kind -- how it's paid, it's jest between the two of US writHers, so don't you aRsEk! Somedimes, curiosity kills the cat, even kitty or bitchy-itchy wan!:):):)

So here/hear's AHHSun's first post, as my Go-Blogger -- knot Go-Blok, which of course is rude when you address somewan thus! -- who passed to Desi a long-hand writ kopi!:( I had to start transcribing like a sexcretary mail:( but wit' pleAsure:)-lah!


Leap Year Special

(Oops, I have to take a phone call @10.05PM -- maybe someone offering that 20million for Midnight Voices!, so can ye be patient w'ile IO adjourn to whsipered CONversation? That's rhetorical Q! -- so you also don't aRsEk!:(

TO BE Cuntinued... AHHSun pronounces CON with a sexual preference, so we are both knotty!:) OR :(

Resumed @1118PM:

LeapYear happens like once in a blue moon. Specialties of the leap year only you know and the great Creator knows.

I slept with open eyes and ventured globally; stripping through anything that comes by.
Pieces by peices were screened and plenty and a lot of crazy moments appeared and changing towards happinessloveliness, cloudiness and even shines with brightness. there are places where that brioghtness turns sour and darkness throughout the days and nights. Not to mentionwhere in the world today...! But the impact of human behaviour caused havoc, calamities, tornadoes, tsunamis and whatsoever. Natural disasters attacked and devastate anywhere and anything at all. "Come what may", this quotation existed as the world exits.Why? I don't know and until when it will end. Only the Almighty God knows.

Hope we can sleep, eat, work, wake every day, meet friends, communicate with everyone without worry, and always be happy -- May God bless us all.

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