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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Fong Fei Fei SHARES...generously

101高峰會 鳳飛飛 8 掌聲響起幕不落

Uploaded by on Sep 11, 2010

101高峰會 鳳飛飛




DESIDERATA has been on an escapade from the world of Malaysian politics&politicians and political NGO activist-bloggers; I know where the former group comes from, but the latter, no, they are a mixed bag, and I find a few of them truly EVIL&DEVIOUS! Hence my earlier blog titled "ATONEMENT", but I shan't elaborate. My "close" buddies whom I abb. to mGf -- it's not for myGALfriend/s, it's for myGOoDfriend/s -- know what I'm talking about. Among buds, just a few key words, and they make up the sentence. Or pronounce one/wan.

So what's the escapade to? Well, mostly into the songs of two divas who recently moved on. First Whitney Houston from the United States of America sometimes flayed as the great US of A; then Fong Fei Fei, who even at deathbed, wished not to spoil her fans' Chinese New Year mood by requesting that her passing (on Jan 3) be delayed -- the announcement of it, not her death for only the Almighty desides, be held over till the lunar new year had passed.

So I had just changed My Anthem for Now from the American diva singing mainly in English, to now Taiwanese singer who sang mostly in Mandarin&Kantonis&Hokkien. I am now seeking out the translation of the lyrics to APPLAUSE to be posted up here/hear, hence "that" post was "To be continued..."

I also plan to track down Fei Fei's engaging number used in a TV serial in Kantonis that translates literally as:

"Million waters thousand mountains are indeed Love"

Can someone send the song plus lyrics to Desi via email in an ATTACHMENT? Via Endless rounds of ttarik at Te Miang Koner on Desi!:)
CHe3eRS! YL, Desi

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