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Friday, January 20, 2012

REcolLECtion of GOoD times...wit' cyber mateys:)

Today I borrow from fellow blogger calling herself masterwordsmith-unplugged a recent post to which I responded with a virginal comment, after making stealthy peeps in the middle of the nights --hot summer, cold winter, ah, let's leave spring and autumn out for da moment -- and ENJOYING MANY SToLEN TREATS, like a knotty boiLol:) ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual


Posted by masterwordsmith On Friday, January 13, 2012 6 comments
Here's an old story that always warms my heart. I have posted it before in my other blog but not here. May we be blessed with friends who love us and whom we love. Have a nice day!

I Knew You Would Come

There were two childhood buddies who went through school and college and even joined the army together. War broke out and they were fighting in the same unit. One night they were ambushed.

Bullets were flying all over and out of the darkness came a voice, " Harry, please come and help me."

Harry immediately recognized the voice of his childhood buddy, Bill. He asked the captain if he could go.

The captain said, "No, I can't let you go, I am already short-handed and I cannot afford to lose one more person. Besides, the way Bill sounds he is not going to make it." Harry kept quiet.

Again the voice came, "Harry, please come and help me." Harry sat quietly because the captain had refused earlier.

Again and again the voice came.

Harry couldn't contain himself any longer and told the captain, "Captain, this is my childhood friend. I have to go and help."

The captain reluctantly let him go. Harry crawled through the darkness and dragged Bill back into the trench. They found that Bill was dead.

Now the captain got angry and shouted at Harry, "Didn't I tell you he was not going to make it? He is dead, you could have been killed. That was a mistake."

Harry replied, "Captain, I did the right thing. When I reached Bill he was still alive and his last words were 'Harry, I knew you would come."'

-Author Unknown-

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  1. says:

    1. desiderata Moving, inspirational. I wished I wrote that ONE! My first comment here, DPP sings your praises, so being a close bud of ESS, I must come by to say: Hi!~~ YL, Desi

And from half a year ago, across the SE7EN Cs:
NOTE that normally in cut&pastry or reprising, I leave all the TYPOS, WARTS&Awe alone, but today I will try some spring cleaning as is traditional in preparing to meet the New Lunar Year!:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to Creativityville...

Desi has gone MIA for almost a month post BUM2011.

One of the foreign cyberhomes I find time for to pass time at leisure is at, run by American attorney Jason Evans, who attracts with his short fiction writing CONtests (challenge is write a story of less than 250words using a photo prompt provided by the host:).

Because of BUM2011 which ended on July 24 with some housekeeping still unfinished, I had missed Jason's latest SS outing titled "Elemental" though I had composed a science fiction plot during uncomfortable sleepless in Furong nights.

These few days I randomly cruised the gOod American but of universal appeal BUMmer's site and I reproduced the first para of his entry "Six Years".

"So here I am, arriving at my sixth anniversary of The Clarity of Night. That's something like 42 in blog years. "

How true, Mr Evans, a BUMer half way rrrrrround the globe in tiny, weeny and peytonplacesque Seremban -- Seven Stones was my last entry at thy place, remember?-- Desi feels the same too. That is after blogging for six years plus, it is translating into some four decades in the physical world because in blogosphere, the air is intense, intoxicating, and it takes lots of energy to expend words into lines, then into paragraphs, then into a whole piece:) -- or partially hanging not at peace!:(

I'm next "stealing"Jason's beautiful piece with which I have a particular close connection in my present phase of cyber-writing...Thanks Americano matey, I'll also proffer ye endless rounds of tehtarik should you happen by Temiang Corner One Fine Day, K!

So my dear ER, please ENJOY Mr Evans' thoughts which I cherish:):):)

Monday, August 08, 2011


In those August weeks, he shed the worries of work and disappeared to where the roads were long and the only color, green. He put away the phone without messages and ignored the dwindling email streams. His friends would not think to miss him. They figured he'd be back soon enough, but part of him wondered if that would be true. The heat enveloped him, and farmland rolled over sharp hills. He thought of what it was like to be a teenager, without plans and without somewhere else to be, and found that part of himself still surprisingly close, despite the pile of years. In the sky, the crows flew too high to be heard. They would not roost until the red and yellow Earth faltered and the sun lost the strength to fight away the cold.

He walked the fences during those days. The ones that brushed the woods while horses grazed out in bright pastures. Their tails swished at invisible flies as high summer buzzed loudly in the trees. He forgot to care about the counting of days. He forgot their names. He also forgot to think in the words, and plans, and lists where one thing led to another. Now, a thing was there, or not there. Each expansive experience hit him all at once. Nothing more was needed to do or say.

It was on one nameless afternoon, after he had dived deep, when he was walking a forest trail. He turned a bend in the underbrush and stopped at the sight of shimmery black fur. A horse nipped at a patch of blackberries. Its muscled shoulders turned and flexed as it regarded him with large, dark eyes. It wasn't until a footstep drew his attention over to the woman nearby. Leather riding boots brushed the ferns as she returned to the horse, which nuzzled for a scratch between its ears.

He'd apologized for the interruption, and she smiled. He was taken with her long hair and how, like him, she looked both aged and young at the same time. Her eyes didn't drift from him very often as they spoke. A few polite words grew into more. Even when the horse stomped impatiently, and her firm hands steadied it, she watch him. She moved with the same fluid, animal strength that the horse did. She could have stepped out of a painting, he thought. She was that beautiful. But something else fueled the ease of his conversation. She told him her name and the history of the nearby farm. She told him how much she enjoyed the forest paths they were standing on. He asked her about what she saw and how much time she chose to spend there. Something about the way she moved drew him. He had strange thoughts, like laying a hand on her shoulder just to feel the workings of everything happening within.

She told him that he should visit the barn, and he accepted. He watched her mount and command the horse. He saw her pause in the field and look back. That night, he felt no need to the watch the fireflies. He slept because he was eager to be part of the rising sun.

The next day he met her under the shade of the barn eaves. She introduced him to the horses, and he touched each one. She watched his hands when he did. He found himself close to her, just as he wished, just as gravity wanted to move him. They talked, and she touched him when she laughed. She didn't seem to mind when he glimpsed at the feminine lines of her neck. He wanted so much to breathe in the skin where it disappeared beneath her shirt. If she read these thoughts too, she didn't seem to mind. Sometimes she stared at his mouth when he talked, and when they sat side by side and looked out over the fields, she pressed against him, from her shoulders down to where her ankles met his hiking shoes.

They didn't need to talk about how they would cross the last boundary between them. That is one important difference between adults and teenagers. The days evolved, as did the things they spoke to one another. Never did they need to stumble and test. It was midday when they finally made love. The loft in the barn hung rich with the fragrance of hay and large presence of the animals below. She shed that shirt, and he buried his face while her arms encircled him. Their joining was not obscured or tentative. It wasn't hidden under the veil of night. He kissed her nakedness in full light, and his hands touched earth and heat and the pounding pulse of life. Every movement she made since that first meeting, every turn and stride alongside him seemed now to circle toward the darkness between her legs. She drew the length of him against her animal heat, and she sighed, lips parting with a whispered groan. But their artistry was no abstraction. Not some academic composition of metaphor and forgotten geometry. When his muscles clenched with hers and their bodies undulated, the horses neighed and thumped into the sides of the stalls. The cicadas throbbed with their building motion, until their pace grew wild and mindless, to a final, panting gallop.

When she laid on his chest and cast a shadow in the slanting sun, his fingers trailed through her hair, and the day also took its own repose.

They remembered what it was like to be teenagers without plans, but unlike then, they knew there was no other place they would choose to be.


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