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Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Midnight Voices = Desi's Book N Cyber Friends

Midnight Voices

Last week seemed just like most weeks had been , always something to deal with for the last three months have been what one could say very trying times.

I decided to check my mailbox and i was so excited to receive a parcel from my very special cyber friend friend Desi :) .
It had been a very long time since i had received a gift from anyone especially coming all the way from Malaysia .
Desi's book Midnight Voices and other poems to me is worth its weight in gold , actually it is priceless , because it to me it is a link to a special friend i hold dear to my heart.
For Desi is a Midnight Voice that has never failed to be there during good times and bad times .
Desi for much of the past two years has been my bridge over troubled waters and has guided me home , helping keep the strength .

It is a very special person that can consistantly be there for another person , even when one has his own things in life to deal with , i know that Desi's friendship is in fact a gift God has given me and i shall treasure our friendship forever , for it is a true friendship tied in a knot by angels hands and it will never come undone.

Desi's book Midnight Voices and other Poems is beautiful .People sometimes say that a person has a beautiful soul . I've learnt from my friendship with Desi and by reading his book that Desi himself has a beautiful soul.

Desi if i have forgotten to thank you , for always being there for me .Then i thank you now and may God Bless You Always
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DESIDERATA: Hear's sharing from CIS&T on FAMILY:)

"You're out in a canoe with your mother and your wife. Neither women can swim. The canoe flips over in deep water. Which woman would you save?"
That question was put to a group of American students at Dartmouth College -- and 85 percent said they would save their wife.
But when the question was asked a group of African Students, 75 percent declared they woould save their mother.
Why the difference? In Africa, the family clan is the primary unit. so a man's mother is more important than his young -- and replaceable -- wife, explained Dr. JamesFernandez of Dartmouth.
But in the U.S., married couples form new and independent units -- so the man's allegiance is to his wife rather tha his mother.

PS can? From Desi, a cheeky shearing as a ChinoSIRie:
I would take out a coin, toss it -- if it's Heads, save Mom. If it's tails, save wife. As we Chinamen like to gamble at any opportunity, especially when CNY is around the Temiang Corner, that's another reason why the red packet must also contain a few coins, not just red notes.

PPS can2?
Who would you save if the canOE also carries your Mother-in-law?
Desi would ask: "Who among ye have a three-sided COiN?"

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