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Monday, February 28, 2011

OBsin Pomes -- Inspired by Jon

mGf Jon quitE americanised Malaysian invited Desi over to BIG, bad city of Koala Lumpuh for a long wickedend. After o-o-gling at a '70s singer with a dropdead bod and a husky voiz like Helen Shapiro -- remember I'm a Queen for Tonight, but will I have a king tomorrow?"? -- we bantered about olde timez. Both of us are in our "nu'e" forties -- Shaipiro is in her 30s! -- so it was a long CONversasione into the night-till-the-morning-light. And I dunno why, these funny little verses came aboard my mind landscape, and maketh me feel like a teenager again --you know, feel like "I Wanna write that knotty First Love letter to my Form 5 teacher":)...

Okay, for starters, OBsin1:

A Cook, A Hooker, and a Hook

The Cook says to the Hooker
bring me a hook
Then she binds him around
making a figure of eight
Entwined by the hook

Smart asses don't follow the rules of D BOOK

Hooker asks of Cook: How art thou now?
I'm knot wellA
Until I dwell deeper into Thee
So they reverse gear and he goeth Down Under

They twist and turn, feeling dhe hook tighter
And the figure of 8 transforms into a round ball
Ah, that's badder, says d Cook

Explains the concept of Unity of two-in-one
But still there's no equality of the sexes

Yeah I understand why now, replies d Hooker
I feel superior, you are my world
And I'm on top of d world

OBsin2: Wait can-cunt--or-knot?

D Cook Crooks a Dainty Dish

D Hooker asks of d Cook
I'm hungry, cook me a dish

He disAPs into the chickitzen
And within minuets reAPs dashingly
Wit' a dainty dish
Fit for a Queen minus aNightie

D Hooker downs the morsel in a jiffy
D Cook pops the "pepper" in streams so peppery
She feels like a bitch on heat
And he's on chickitzen fire

He seizes her like more than a dainty dish
Why is the pepper so hot and tasty? d Hooker ArSeKs
Ah,it's made of crushed Viagary, d Cook ripperplies

So they hiss, and they kiss
And d Cook goes into almost a stupour, dareth ArSeK:
What's in thy kiss, so hissing and titillating?
Ah,it has a touch of marijuana
It maketh Thee wanna aMore, dunno mana-mana

And the Cook and the Hooker
Maketh love from midnight till the broken dawn
Silence but of queit bliss awe around
And on waking up, the john is steal down

The couple are enjoined in ecstasy
This story is told by Chef Choi to Desi
It's not matrimony of d Cook and d Hooker
Till in the darkest moUrn

D Cook's money is all gone
It's alright, aMEriCUNT greenbacks
It's all like d dish so well done
Its fakery maketh a fool of no one's
Butt d Hooker

This poem is really of d Monk and d Nun
Reprising former role of
A Cook and a Hooker
He's fatherly, she's dropdead looker

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Putting on your Thinker's Cap...

NOT because Desi urges so, but cos TODAY IS WORLD THINKING DAY!

I only got to know about it when Scouts worldwide founder Baden-Powell's son Michael was in town to mark this significant day, especially celebrated by Scouts and Girl Guides to use their critical mind for that state of Be Preparedness. I was a boy scout -- the empahsis is on "girl" to distinguish from the other gender so some of mGf in cyberspace won't think Desi's of the fairer sex, or when I say mGf it's my Gal friend, mGf means myGOoDfRiend because there's a GOD in you, and you always/aweways remember to bring along thy "R"!

Okay,enough of blogspeak/DDC lest I bore the millions of readers who are NOT BUMmers who visit daily. How do I know "millions" visits uh? you dare to aRsEk cynically? Hey, this is MY CYBER-HOME, I do keep a diary of callers, including the Dr JekyllS and Mr/Mrs/Ms/missNuthin' HydeS, so you either take my word, or leave. Hey, the door sign says: For Departure, please report in 4hours before schedule, in international, and 2hrs if domestic, and 2to4minuets for unintentional.

As I was saying, please PUT ON THY THINKER'S --not tinker, ok! -- CAP, Ronin's stylo, while I go maketh tehsikosong -- cant afford the rising gula prices-lah! C U in a minuet, InsyaAllah:)

Think1 @2.42PM:

Just watched CNN News Break: 6.3magnitude hit Christchurch, South Island, NZ; PM John Key says at lunchtime Tuesday 22Feb that 65 people reported to have been killed thus far.
Desi thinks back about the rising incidence of floods, tsunamis, quakes and forest fires the recent years. Mthinks it's the natural and physical laws (think Newton's...) at work.
Man has been denuding the Earth with mining deeper and wider, cutting down trees more and wider again, and how do you think mother Nature will reach.

Chinese sages summaries the four key elements affecting Homo sapiens called mankind/human beings are Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. When any of the forces thrust out by the four elements become gigantic, the results would also be monstrous -- think Katrina fury in the US, Acheh tsunami in Indonesia, think NZ earthquakes the past one year, think the recent Queensland floods that almost sank the whote state in Australia...Think again, Man, when you tinker with mother Earth, something has got to give, not necessarily within your contry's borders, for all the countries are LINKED, remember. Think CMs of Sabah and Sarawak -- think before acting in ccahoots cutting down those forest trees to line the pockets of the already filthy rich tycoons of Sarawak and Sabah! Think also to the MBs and CMs of the rest of Malaysia -- another word is Ponder before ypu go to sleep tonight -- can thy sleep be as sound as a babe's?


Earlier, mGf Jon Asmen from big, bad Koala Lumpuh rang Desi that he's having a pow-wow with several Christian leaders, and he said it would be an interesting discussion and would definitely boil down to the Islam faith and Christian religion compaison, and it won't be about time-wasting claims of whether who can use the exhortations of Allah or greetings of Assalmualaikum (Desi will check spellingm later OK!)
Desi knottily adds that Jon sjould tickle his debaters with asking if the latest techonlogy as often seen on SCI series like DNA profiling had been used to show proof of Jesus Christ's death on the cross and the Resurrection after three days buried in a tomb...I offered that scientists are reported to begin experimenting with fossilized dinasaurs' subjecting to DNA testing with probable aim of maybe replicating these ancient animals to "reborn" status. I pleaded to Jon to file me a report and I'll buy him tehtarik -- with some kambing of course from Lingam's, no share for the CJ! -- if this Sundae's Ruminations can be honoured by this Azmen's write/writHe/rite.

Meanwhile, give me a break can; can't think too long (though the last is in my Nama!) to write will adjourn to CCTV or CNN again for latest World News breaks. For local news, you read the NST or The Star if you can afford RM1.20 and think it worthw'ile...I take peeps at the Kopitiam where I BF! "Cheapskate Desi" did I hear you 'rite? Hey,it's OK< i'm heeding some of our leader's calls to "tighten my belt" -- helps to achieve losing 5kg within sext 12 months on doctor's order, and it's knot from Dr Quack aka Zorro.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rumination Wordhy: ex-Justice NH CHAN on Change

People’s Call for Regime Change - Part 1
17 February, 2011
By NH Chan

The People’s Judge reflects on the turmoil in the Middle East - a people’s revolution inspired by the power of the new media on the internet such as Facebook and Twitter - and the lessons for us in Malaysia. He ends with a personal note of his own political awakening, and a call to action for all of us who care for this country.

The uprising in Egypt, the uprising in Tunisia,the uprising in Yemen and even in Jordan there are rumblings in the kingdom. The message is clear. The people do not want their dictators.

And what is the difference between kings, dictators and oligarchs? They are all totalitarian regimes - this means a system of government consisting of only one leader or party and having complete power and control over the people.

But the people do not want that kind of government; they want democracy - this word means a form of government in which the people have a say in who should hold power; they do not want despotism. And this wish of the people could only mean that they want a government of the people, by the people and for the people which is what a true democracy actually is.

In other words, they do not want repressive rule in any shape or form. They want human rights. They do not want draconian and oppressive laws.

In short, they do not want to live under a perennial state of emergency because all emergency laws are only excuses for tyranny. They also want freedom of speech and a free press.

In other words they want a government which is accountable to the people. They want change from authoritarian - this word, which is an adjective, means demanding strict obedience of authority - rule.

And what is the antithesis of totalitarianism? It is democracy, which is what the people really want. In a democracy, the people can choose their own representatives in government. If the people’s choice did not perform up to their expectations they could be replaced by the people.

In a true democracy, there will be no such thing as intervention from an illegitimate source to hijack the people’s choice of representatives in their government.

The foreboding of a dictatorship

What has happened in Egypt and in the Middle East was a people’s call for regime change. The dictators there who have clung to power should have seen the writing on the wall; it was time for them to leave. The people, especially the young people because they are educated and well informed, did not want them. They have overstayed their tenure.

They became corrupted by power; there is a well known adage which says power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Any dictatorship is tyrannical - the word means ‘using power in a cruel and oppressive way’ - as was seen in Egypt under Hosni Mubarak who had clung to power for 30 years. In recent events there, we have seen water cannons and tear gas being used on peaceful protestors by the regime. Mubarak’s Gestapo like police have tortured and killed dissenters: I saw a peaceful protestor exclaim on TV "They have shot me! What am I? The enemy?"

In this country we have been governed by the Barisan Nasional (BN) for some 53 years. This country is supposed to be a democracy. But it is not. Guided democracy is nothing more than an excuse for tyranny. We still have draconian laws. People are still being incarcerated under the ISA which is detention without trial. There is police brutality which seems to be endemic in the force. The people’s fundamental freedoms have been muzzled; they have even used the Sedition Act against the country’s citizens.

Respect cannot be forced. If you are good respect comes naturally. The people do not want their legitimately elected state government to be hijacked by the autocrats. What happened in Perak and in Selangor are the clearest examples of governmental wrongdoings. So that if these autocrats are not careful, the tyrannical happenings in this country could easily turn into a catalyst for change.

But we do not want to follow the trend as played out in the Middle East. It is necessary, therefore, that we earnestly take steps to make the change from the BN regime at the next general elections by replacing it with a democratic one.

We do not want autocrats - the word means ‘rulers or persons with absolute power who expect obedience’ - to tell us with supercilious arrogance what is good for us, for that is another excuse for tyranny.

We want our rulers to be answerable to us, the people. Despots are not needed to run this country because they will always be corrupted by power - that is the reason why the Prime Minister and members of his Cabinet should not be allowed to stay in office for more than two terms. The same should apply to the Menteri Besars and the Excos.

George Orwell Animal Farm All Animals Equal
Animal Farm

If you have read Animal Farm -a novel by George Orwell, published in 1945 - you will know what I mean. The book is a satire in fable form. The pigs (whose leader is Napoleon) become corrupted by power and a new tyranny replaces the old. The ultimate slogan runs ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others‘.

The BN has been with us for 53 years and on each succession of the BN government a new tyranny replaces the old. I say this because nothing has changed since the BN came to power. We have the same repressive laws. But there is now a new tyranny. The new evil is the hijacking of a legitimately elected state government in Perak and this, in my estimation, is the last straw for the people of Perak to tolerate. For the rest of the country, remember this, if it can happen in Perak it could happen again elsewhere in this country.

This was mainly the reason that made me change my mind from being apolitical to decide to vote for the underdogs because what the BN had done to Perak was wickedly unfair and unjustifiable.
NH Chan, the People's Judge

NH Chan, the People's Judge

After reading the book Perak: A State of Crisis I realized that these people do not even know right from wrong. They even gloat in their wrongdoings. We do not want the oligarchy - this word means a country governed by a small group of people - to be more equal than us.

I don’t have to tell you who they are - even in the BN some ‘animals’ are more equal than others. Look at their opulence.

It is a good thing if every member of the Cabinet and every member of the Exco are investigated as to their financial status and assets before they can assume office. And when they leave office they are to be investigated again. They are to be accountable if they are found to be richer than what they could have earned while in office when they leave.

That is why democracy requires the representatives of the people to be accountable to the people. Look atMr Lim Kit Siang, he has been in politics for as long as I can remember andhis son is currently the Chief Minister of Penang. Another was the lateDr Lim Chong Eu. The Perakians and the Penangites know that they are not rich.

One should be in politics to serve the people, not to get rich.

Part 2 will be published tomorrow.

NH Chan, a much respected former Court of Appeal Judge, is a gavel of justice that has no hesitation in pounding on Federal Court judges with wooden desks for heads. Retired from the Judiciary to become the People?s Judge. Wrote the explosive "Judging The Judges", now in its 2nd edition as "How To Judge The Judges". Once famously hinted at a possible "case match" between lawyer and judge by remarking that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" (see Ayer Molek Rubber Company Berhad & Ors v Insas Berhad & Anor [1995] 3 CLJ 359). We need more people like NH Chan. That?s why you should buy PASOC and his book.

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People’s Call for Regime Change - Part 2
18 February, 2011
By NH Chan
Photo Credit: Wan Eijas

Photo Credit: Wan Eijas

The People’s Judge continues his call to the young to use the tools of modern communication to effect change in Malaysia, pointing out how we are stuck with a government using 19th century British colonial laws to further repress us. Read Part 1 of this article here.

The Sedition Act as applied in this country

The sedition legislation is the most oppressive law ever devised by a colonial power to subjugate the natives by the colonialists who took over the land they had colonized. In this country the Sedition Act 1948 is typical of such colonialism - this word means ‘the practice of acquiring and controlling another country and occupying it’. If you read on you will know that this is the true picture of how our Sedition Act 1948 migrated from 1870 British India to Peninsular Malaya in 1948 when the country was a British protectorate except for Malacca and Penang which were colonies.

There is an excellent article in the Star, Wednesday, 9 February 2011, titled Sedition law’s overreach by Professor Shad Saleem Faruqi. It says:

Definition: Section 2 and 3(1) of the [Sedition Act 1948] state that any act, speech, words or publication are seditious if they have a tendency towards any of the following:

To bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler or government.

Dissaffection does not mean absence of affection but refers to disloyalty, enmity and hostility: PP v Param Cumaraswamy [1986] 1 MLJ 526

Application of the law: In Param Cumaraswamy it was held that intention to incite to violence, tumult or public disorder is not a necessary ingredient of the crime.

As long as the words were intentionally published and they had a tendency to cause ill will, etc, the offence is complete.

The Professor also alluded to the acquittal of Mr Cumaraswamy:

But in PP v Param the defendant’s criticism of the Pardon’s Board for not applying uniform standards in considering applications for mercy was held not to constitute sedition.

I was the judge who tried Mr Param Cumaraswamy. At the conclusion of the trial, I acquitted him.

As pointed out by Professor Faruqi ‘As long as the words were intentionally published and they had a tendency to cause ill will, etc, the offence is’ established. I had to acquit Param Cumaraswamy because I made a finding of fact that the words when uttered by him, who is a mere lawyer without any following, could not possibly have any tendency ‘to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler or government’. The Public Prosecutor, who in this case was the Attorney-General - he was Abu Talib - did not appeal.

Source: Malaysiakini

Source: Malaysiakini

Just think how repressive this law is. You can’t even say that the powers that be were practicing double standards. If Param had been tried before another judge he could have been convicted. For example, in Lim Guan Eng v PP [1998] 3 MLJ 14, HC & CA; [2000] 2 MLJ 577, FC an opposition leader who complained that justice was selectively administered was convicted of the sedition charge. Even members of Parliament can be convicted of sedition for words spoken in Parliament: see Mark Koding v PP [1982] 2 MLJ 120.

Mahathir when he was Prime Minister spoke in Parliament to remove the powers of the rulers yet nothing happened to him. But if anyone were to point out there is selective prosecution he can be charged for sedition and most probably he would be convicted.

At the end of his article, the Professor pointed out that:

The concept of sedition in Malaysia is much broader than in the UK, Ireland, India and Australia.

On ideal democratic standards, the law is open to many criticisms for its breadth and for its far-reaching implications on political life in the country.

For this reason it is ripe for review. Whether the technique for law reform will be legislative or judicial remains to be seen.

We are stuck in the 19th century

Source: Wikipedia | Alexander Bassano

Source: Wikipedia | Alexander Bassano

The professor is quite right. The Sedition Act 1948 is an archaic piece of legislation. It migrated from 1870 British India to Peninsular Malaya in 1948 (Sabah in 1964 and Sarawak in 1969). While other countries of the Commonwealth, of which Malaysia is a member, have advanced into the modern age, in this country, time stood still. We are still back in the time of Sir James Stephen in 1870 British India. This was pointed out by Sinha CJ in Kader Nath v State of Bihar [1962] AIR, SC 955. In fact section 124A of the Indian Penal Code was the work of Stephen J.

Sir James Stephen was the judge (he was Mr Justice Stephen in England) whose definition of sedition appeared as Article 93 of the Digest of the Criminal Law. I said this before I called on Mr Cumaraswamy to enter on his defence, "Although it may appear to be in English case law that incitement to violence or inciting others to public disorders is an essential ingredient of sedition, it is not so in a criminal code which has as its model Stephen’s definition."

Article 93 of the Digest was used as the model for the crime of sedition in the Criminal Code of the Gold Coast.

So that when we look at section 124A of the Indian Penal Code or at the Criminal Code of the Gold Coast on Sedition, or our own Sedition Act, we are looking at the definition of sedition as apprehended by Sir James Stephen back in the year 1870. The English common law on sedition has developed separately from Stephen’s 1870 definition. As pointed out by Professor Faruqi other nations like the UK, Ireland, India and Australia have moved on to modern times. The modern law of sedition is no longer repressive in other countries but not so in Malaysia where our sedition law is the same law as applied to the colonies of Great Britain back in the year 1870. For us Malaysians we live in a retrograde - this word means moving backwards to a worse state - country where our clock had stopped in the year 1870.

DN BN People's Parliament
Using the ability of the internet for change

Now, I trust you will realize that we Malaysians are in dire straits. Don’t you think it is time for us to move on to a better Malaysia. Like the people of Egypt we can use people’s power to change from tyranny to a true democracy. Use the power of your vote to unseat the oppressors.

We have been under their yoke for 53 years.Enough is enough!

Use facebook and twitter. Use your email and if every reader of this article emails it to his friends we will be able to persuade a whole generation of young people to vote out the BN and replace them with a new government.

It doesn’t matter that the new are inexperienced but at least we have a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It took the English peoples 700 years to get rid of their tyrannical kings. The American people took 250 years to get to where they are today.

I don’t think we will take that long because we are resilient and we have the benefit of hindsight. And above all we have our young people whose young minds will be able to meet the challenges ahead.

Read also:

* Sedition under the law of this country
* Sedition held unconstitutional
* LoyarBorak #1: Is Twitter Useless at Social Activism - Part 1 and Part 2

NH Chan, a much respected former Court of Appeal Judge, is a gavel of justice that has no hesitation in pounding on Federal Court judges with wooden desks for heads. Retired from the Judiciary to become the People’s Judge. Wrote the explosive "Judging The Judges", now in its 2nd edition as "How To Judge The Judges". Once famously hinted at a possible "case match" between lawyer and judge by remarking that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" (see Ayer Molek Rubber Company Berhad & Ors v Insas Berhad & Anor [1995] 3 CLJ 359). We need more people like NH Chan. That’s why you should buy PASOC and his book.

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CSM: Anwar Ibrahim on the Malaysian Economy

press release



The growth rate of 7.2% registered by the Malaysian economy in 2010 requires a closer scrutiny to understand its full ramifications.

The 7.2% growth should not be viewed in vacuum and must be compared with what our neighbours had achieved in 2010. Singapore and Indonesia registered a growth of 14.5% and 6.1% respectively in 2010. Both outperform Malaysia’s growth by miles especially considering that Indonesia’s 6.1% growth was calculated on a higher base as Indonesia did not face economic contraction in 2009 unlike Malaysia or Singapore.

In the case of Singapore, the 14.5% growth was achieved on the back of a strong rebound in manufacturing sector which recorded an annual growth of 29.7%. Our performance pales in comparison on both accounts – the growth is half of what Singapore achieved while the growth in manufacturing sector was only 11.4% for 2010, nearly a third of Singapore’s manufacturing growth.

There was a big contrast in the way each government explains this in spite of the fact that both countries are export oriented and highly dependent on the global economy – while Singapore cites a strong external demand for its manufacturing products, Malaysia claims the opposite. The reality is our manufacturing products are steadily losing its competitiveness in the global market as we are relegated to the lower rung of the value chain while competitors like Singapore upgrade higher and higher on the value chain. This was pointed out a decade ago, yet nothing effective has been put in place to stem this decline apart from continuous rhetoric paid for by taxpayers’ money.

The relatively lower manufacturing growth is compounded by contractions in the fourth quarter of 2010 in two fundamental sectors of the economy. Both mining and agriculture form a significant revenue earner for the Federal Government in the form of income from oil and gas extraction and palm oil. Mining and agriculture sectors registered contractions of 1.3% and 4.3% respectively in the fourth quarter. The annual growth of only 0.2% and 1.7% in mining and agricultural sectors respectively is another symptom of stagnation plaguing the economy.

This is correlated by key indices used to gauge the sentiment of business community and the public on the direction of the economy. The Business Condition Index published by the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) loses 5.4 points quarter-to-quarter in the last quarter of 2010, to settle below 100 points for the first time in nearly two years. In fact, the business community’s confidence on the overall outlook of the economy had been on the decline since the beginning of 2010. As for the public sentiment, while the Consumer Sentiments Index did improve to 117.2 points in the fourth quarter, it has not recovered to the level of 2007 prior to the fuel price hike of 2008.

YAB Dato’ Seri Najib should have been more forthcoming with the public to admit that there is a big disconnect between his economic grandstanding via ETPs and the reality felt by the business community and the public. There is a high degree of scepticism that the series of announcements made are only a smokescreen that will benefit the same type of ruling and business elites while the fundamental problems of the economic are left unhealed.

The fiscal management of the economy also reveals a stark difference between Malaysia and our neighbours, especially Indonesia.

Unlike Malaysia, Indonesia has managed to avoid recession in 2009 and continued to register a strong growth of 6.1% in 2010 in spite of the higher growth base, making it one of the best performing economies among the world’s top 20 rich and developing countries. United Nations Global Investment Trend Monitor (published by UNCTAD on 17 January 2011) recorded Indonesia’s foreign direct investment inflows at USD12.8 billion in 2010; only second to Singapore in this region in terms of attracting FDIs. New investments contribute 32.2% to the country’s economy while government expenditure only contributes 9.1% to the economic growth. This sterling performance was achieved on the back of moderate government spending – Indonesia’s fiscal deficit and public sector debt was only 1.1% and 28.3% of its GDP respectively in 2010.

Malaysia’s economic story is the opposite of Indonesia’s. The total Federal Government debt has ballooned to RM407 billion as at the end of 2010, representing 53.1% of the GDP. The stagnation in private investments had caused the government to rely on pump priming to fuel the economic growth, so much so that fiscal deficit remains one of the biggest economic problems the country is facing. Fiscal deficit peaked at 7% in 2009 and only moderated to 5.6% in 2010, above the government’s own target of 5.3% as set out in 10th Malaysian Plan. Malaysia only managed to attract USD7 billion worth of FDIs in 2010 compared to USD37.4 billion achieved by Singapore.

Against this backdrop, the 7.2% growth is yet another proof that our economy is sliding downwards relative to our neighbours. We are losing our competitiveness and our fiscal position is in a lot worse shape compared to the neighbours.

No amount of glossing and public relations campaigns can confuse the public of the urgent need to institute vital economic reforms to reverse the slide. Economic reforms can only be effective if complimented by an equally strong set of political reforms. Unfortunately, this government is incapable of embracing political reforms as proven time and time again, so any reactionary new economic policies will not be able to address the malaise of the Malaysian economy.



19 FEBRUARY 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bloggers' Hazard, Occupational or Othervvise

MNC hits blogger with RM10m demand

A Japanese multinational company is demanding RM10 million by today and a public apology from lawyer-activist-blogger Charles Hector after he highlighted problems faced by Myanmar migrants working at the firm’s plant in Malaysia.

The firm, Asahi Kosei (M) Sdn Bhd, is claiming that the workers are not legally theirs as they were supplied by a third party and that Hector had defamed the company through his blog by suggesting that they were the company’s workers.

Hector had released a joint statement, endorsed by 82 civil society groups and published on his blog, to express concern about the workers’ plight.

This is an issue that extends well beyond the case at hand in its significance.

There are two major areas of concern that should be nipped in the bud:

First, an issue of freedom of expression: It is not just governments that are stifling freedom of expression. Multinational corporations too, as they grow in reach and influence, are now flexing their (economic) muscles; some of them now think that all media coverage about them should be favourable and fawning. Like many governments, some of these MNCs think they too can silence critics. This issue may grow even more serious as more MNCs set up shop here with the signing of all those Free Trade Agreements.

Second, an issue of workers’ rights: As former MTUC president Syed Shahir, in a statement of concern released today, says, some corporations now think they can escape their responsibility to workers by using workers supplied by third parties.

It may be all right for agents and companies to assist companies in identifying and providing workers for companies, but the moment the companies accept these workers, there must immediately be an employment agreement and relationship with all these workers directly and the said company. The workers thereafter are the workers of the said company, and the company shall be fully responsible for the recognition and protection of all workers’ rights.

Any good company that respects universally accepted human rights and workers’ rights will not resort to using workers of another at their factories, and will not shirk their responsibilities to their workers with claims that they are not their workers, and when there are allegations of workers’ rights violations to try and divert this responsibility to workers to some other third party.

Since then, more than three dozen local and foreign civil society groups have endorsed a fresh joint statement, published on the Aliran website, expressing outrage at the firm for its “intimidation” of Hector.

Because of the larger significance of this case, it is likely to receive international attention as an attempt to silence freedom of expression over an issue of public interest and workers’ rights.
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This will be the sort of issues the BUMmers should be looking out for to support -- YES, bloggers mostly are writing out of passion and, except for a few mercenary writers, write for free using their own private time and resources because IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

UBF-SNAP alliance -- one leg in two boats, again

I sighted a commenter's point about Jeffrey Kitingan which I concur with 100%.I had earlier written exactly a similar assessment about the former BN, then PKR socalled-strongman -- all cheerleaders including one MCLMer Haris Ibrahim and sidekick named zorro claimed really! -- the phrase I used then was "ONE LEG IN TWO BOATS" while the commenter Michatan2000 said "(J Kitingan) wants the cake and eat it at the same time."

as in the following:

written by michatan2000, February 17, 2011 13:08:28
This is the problem with Jeffrey Kittingan. He wants the cake and eat it at the same time. Going to bed with BN and opposition parties at the same time. Hedging all the time without a principled stand. MCLM should refrain from dealing with Jeffrey Kittingan.

As where the comment appeared, Desi is NOT going to lend you a helping hand,just mention its title:(

UBF aims to help SNAP

I think there is a parallel between UBF and MCLM. Hence I would ask of J Kitinggan the same I had asked of Haris Ibraim in the following post, especially the HIGHLIGHTED POINT,**** dated
Monday, December 20, 2010

Bersih2.0 muddied by People's Parliament playing 'active' politics

Bersih rallies for free and clean elections
YL Chong

My "concerned" activist-friend said that with Haris' involvement in MCLM -- touted by many as The Third Force -- he and several Bersih activists are not happy that the "neutrality" of Bersih is being compromised once MCLM started announcing "nominees" comprising so-called "Malaysians of integity" as candidates for GE13.

KUALA LUMPUR - I recently bumped into an non-governmental organisation (NGO) activist who expressed concern about civil rights lawyer-blogger Haris Ibrahim's increasingly "political" role in Malaysian politics. Nothing wrong with any individual playing politics except that Haris is also founder of People's Parliament which has been, and still is, a key component of the coalition named Bersih -- Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections 2.0 (BERSIH2.0)-- whose cornerstone role since its formation is fighting for free and fair elections in Malaysia. Just two weekends ago, the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) was launched by blogger-in-exile Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) in London with RPK being announced as the Chairman, and Haris as the President.

"Bersih" in Bahasa Malaysia means "Clean" and is the acronym for this coalition of NGOs started before the last general elections in 2008 (GE12) to improve all aspects of what was and still is perceived by the citizenry of a highly "tainted" electoral processes leading to the Malaysian Parliament as well as to the State Assemblies. And with the next general elections (GE13) expected to be around the corner, the weekend saw a briefing by Haris for NGOs on what MCLM is all about, and the previous weekend the launch of MCLM in Lodon.

My "concerned" activist-friend said that with Haris' involvement in MCLM -- touted by many as The Third Force -- he and several Bersih activists are not happy that the "neutrality" of Bersih is being compromised once MCLM started announcing "nominees" comprising so-called "Malaysians of integrity" as candidates for GE13 -- the first being lawyer said to be esteemed by the community, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar. A first public forum scheduled for tomorrow (Dec 21, 2010) in KL will see the second MCLM candidate publicised.

Will Bersih2.0 leaders now make a policy decision with component-members like Haris and RPK who want to actively take part in partisan politics, however "independent" they claim to be? Just for the record, some key Bersih2.0 Steering Committee Members hereby listed:

1. Dato’ Ambiga Sreenavasan Chairperson of BERSIH. Former President of Malaysian Bar Council and a senior practising lawyer.
2. Andrew Khoo Chairperson of the Human Rights Committee, Malaysian Bar Council
3. Arumugam K. President of SUARAM, a well-known human rights organisation
4. Dr Farouk Musa President of the Islamic Rennaisance Front, a think tank promoting civilisational dialogue; a lecturer
5. Maria Chin Abdullah Executive Director of Empower, a women and human rights organisation and working for democratic governance.
6. Haris Ibrahim Founder of Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia, a citizen movement that fights corruption and racism; a human rights lawyer

I am not writing today about the mechanics of MCLM's participation in GE13 like the rote it would finally take -- via other PR component parties like DAP and PKR as hinted by Haris? -- but lesser mortals like me a blogger who also carries a membership card of an Opposition party would ask: Isn't this a political tole for Malaysians who have committed to a REGISTERED political party's membership for some time to offer themselves as "candidates". Never mind the semantics of "quality" and who judges "integrity or character" -- I referred to these judges as demi-gods yes as a non-compliment, I must add! -- of the nominees, but surely a potential candidate must have been himself/herself sufficiently motivated to sign up as a member of the duly registered parties, UMNO,MCA, MIC, do I care? Or PKR, DAP or PAS, yes, I care! Or even KITA if you are desperate enough!

I don't care what motivated RPK and Haris' latest move via MCLM, but I care if it threatens the people/Rakyat's concerted efforts to topple the BN-UMNO government in Putrajaya, which I contend MCLM's progress will despite the founders' and supporters' protestations to the contrary. ****IF you want to lay an active role as NGO, let it be, just don't start this process of contesting GE13 directly or indirectly. Join former PKR deputy president aspirant Zaid Ibrahim -- Go sign up as a KITA member-lah, for a start -- that's surely a basic desideratum of infant entry into playing politics, is it not?

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Sunshine greAtings from Ji Xiaojun

"IF you have sunshine in your heart, you will have sunshine everywhere around you," the closing line just before the Happy Chinese New Year standard parting this year by CCTV's anchor presonality, Ji Xiaojun.

via LINK:

For the past 14 days in starting us off in the HOaPpITY Rabbity Year in the lunar calendar, CCTV has been providing every day at 6.30PM an entertaining cultural feast via its Culture Express programme.

For today, which is Chap Goh Mei here in Malaysia, celebrated as the Lantern Festival in China, be treated to the CCTV finale -- a TV Special will be televised at 6.30PM. Watch it -- you will thank Desi for it.

Meanwhile, ENJOY the sunshine around you, my fRiend, by making sure YOU HAVE SUNSHINE IN THY heART! Shoot a ray in Desu's direction wilya, wherever thou art:)

For Penangites, I know the pretty dames will put on their moonlight best this evening, gathering by the droves at Gurney Drive, and throwing oranges into the sea -- and the guys are expected to pick up these oranges hopefully struck by Cupid's Arrrow to make the Penanggal super-HOaPPY tonight! As for mainland China lasses, they will gather by the thousands maybe in the city sqaures of Chinese capital cities, serenading quietly under the bright lanterns for the lust night praying for their "white knight in shiny armour/armore to appear before dawn!?

"So, dear ER, don't forget, Have That Sunshine In Thy heART!"

God bless:)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2+1 Malott(Y)'s Cuts for Tea, that's democratic discourse, Yes?

From Din Merican's -- partial extract only -- on February 15, 2011

Mainstream Media and UMNO Bloggers: You need a Paradigm Shift

Mainstream Media and UMNO Bloggers: You need a Paradigm Shift to promote Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia

by Din Merican

National Unity and Equal Opportunity

Today is Maulidur Rasul, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. God testified in the Holy Quran that the Prophet has been sent as a blessings to the whole universe – “Wama Arsalnaka Illa Rahmatan lil Alamin” meaning “And he has not been sent except as blessings to the whole universe”. Thus, on this day, we commemorate the birth and coming of a most remarkable man. A man who brought a message from God that man will forever be at a loss unless he strives to do good on this earth. Thus the basis of Islamic social justice is that famous maxim “ Amr Ma’aruf Nahy Mungkar” meaning “Enjoin Good, Forbid Evil”.

That Islamic maxim has been adopted by the Pakatan Rakyat State government of Penang as its motto of governance. Yet, because it is popularized by a non-muslim political leader Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng ,his efforts to emulate and imbue Islamic universal principles in running the Penang government are chided by BN, UMNO and their controlled mainstream media as a political gimmick.

The Tragedy of MCA: It lost Ong Tee Keat

They would applaud and commend the MCA and Gerakan leaders who participate in perbarisan maulud as a big support for Islam rather than look at the real conduct of a person. That is how you can have a self-confessed porn star as a President of MCA for so long as they participate in perbarisan maulud or attend the proclamation of this tokoh or that tokoh, which is nothing more than a parade of charades. The MCA lost a dynamic leader in Ong Tee Keat.

In the last few days, the mainstream media especially the NST and Utusan Malaysia have been playing up an article written by my friend and frequent interlocutor on this blog, former US Ambassador to Malaysia, John R. Malott.

Personal Attacks on John R. Malott: A Friend of Malaysia

They have twisted Malott’s socio-politico analysis of Malaysia as if it is part of a concerted attack against Malaysia. It was twisted a support for Anwar Ibrahim. It appears that no one can write objectively about Malaysia without being attacked. This intolerance to criticisms depicts the state of mind that our society is being forced into today – you are either with us or against us. Sounds like President George W. Bush!

Thus, Malott is now being demonized to the extent that even Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and my friend, Dato Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, who I fondly call Chief, has urged the Cabinet to ban Malott from entering Malaysia. According to Nazri, Malott has defamed Malaysia.

In playing up this issue, the NST and Utusan Malaysia have quoted extensively and even translated into Bahasa Malaysia an article by a minnow and naive right wing blogger, Rachel Motte, from some remote part of the US.. They continued to publish Rachel Motte’s article despite Rachel herself having withdrawn it from her blog. The role of mercenary writers in this episode are just too clear.

Malott has not only responded with a point by point rebuttal but has also warned these mainstream media that he might sue them for such libelous publications. Let us see what happens there. You can read Malott’s response (Ambassador John Malott responds to NST, Utusan Malaysia and Others, February 14) below I posted on Valentine’s Day.

In the same vein, some of these shameless mercenary writers, hiding behind anonymous blogs, have attacked another person whom I have come to write about lately, none other than Tan Sri Robert Phang. They have called Phang names for remarks attributed to Phang during an interview by the NST. The news of that interview was slanted as if Phang had slammed Malott and that Phang had tried to bribe the NST. Bribe the NST? What was that all about?

I decided to ask Phang and discovered that this same anonymous blogger had falsely manipulated Phang’s RM50,000 donation to the Teoh beng Hock Fund as a contribution to DAP, while a recent donation to the recent flood disaster victims was slanted as a bribe to the NST. The things they do as mercenary writers.

Since Malott is a friend and Phang is someone I have just got acquainted, I also asked Phang about his comments against Malott. Phang said that he was asked a host of issues, and only one of it was about Malott. Phang then provided me with a text of his answers to the questions posed by NST in that interview. I may not necessarily agree with Phang’s answers, but I believe in democracy and free speech and Phang should be given his say.

As for Phang, it is his view that he speaks what he believes to be the truth, including if it is to commend the government or PM Najib for doing some right things. That seems fair enough. Thus I reproduce the text of Phang’s reply below.

I have no doubt these mercenary writers and anonymous bloggers will manipulate Phang’s response. If Phang criticizes the government, they will say he is anti-government. If Phang praises some of the good efforts that he sees being done by the government, they will say he is sucking up.

Focus on 1Malaysia, National Unity and Equal Opportunity

In short, that is the problem with the mainstream media and the UMNO bloggers! You need a paradigm shift to promote Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia. I support 1Malaysia because I have no doubt that it is about national unity and equal opportunity. The Prime Minister told me at the last Malaysian Golf Open Championship (2010) at the VIP stand hosted by Maybank in the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, that”I want to make Malaysia great again”. And I said to the PM, “Sir, please do it and I am with you”.

NOTE from YL:
For the full post, please surf to


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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"My friend Din Merican ..."

So Din Merican is JR Malott's friend and Malott is Din's friend. That's OK and that explains why Din Merican is putting his already-shortened neck at stake to defend Malott's rather awful piece on Malaysia, which has riled so many Malaysians. Din said Malott's intentions were good. That may be so, but as a former ambassador surely Malott is aware that good intentions are not good enough. You have to deliver them well. Din Merican has the benefit of being Malott's friend so he can say he knows where the man's coming from. The rest of us are not as lucky. But we do understand English.

The mainstream media's response to Malott has been quite sober, I must say. The New Straits Times produced articles by Azmi Anshar (Malott trying to distract us from Anwar's woes) and Shamsul Akmar (Get your facts right, Malott!), among others. These are not friends of Malott but professional journalists who exposed and discussed Malott's flawed assessments. No names-calling, as far as I remember. The Utusan Malaysia also came up with editorials to correct Malott's harsh description of Malaysia. Sometimes they are a little harsh, too, but not more harsh than Malott had been about us in his article, surely.

None of the writers in our mainstream media called Malott Anwar's pet as Rachel Motte did in her article, though. The NST and Utusan reproduced Motte's article simply because it would be of interest to read what an American blogger thought of it all, but that's now being used against them by both Din Merican.

I thought nobody read NST and Utusan anymore; guess I was wrong!

It's interesting to note that Rchel Motte's article has now been brought down by the New Ledger and I'm not sure if NST and Utusan are going to do the same. Malott seems to be putting the pressure on our papers with his threat of a legal suit, and Din Merican in his latest posting Mainstream Media and Umno Bloggers seems to be providing Malott the justification to sue the Malaysian papers.

I don't think Din and Malott should get too worked up by the whole thing. It's not like the papers started it, too, y'know. When Malott wrote the offending article in Wall Street Journal, I'm sure he expected -- hope for -- some backlast. Let's continue with the debate and not resort to legal suits.

p.s And Aang Din Merican, please advise your friend lah. And also, I strongly urge you to take alternative-stream media Malaysiakini to one side, quietly, to set the record straight. They can't still bedescribing you as "a close associate of Anwar".

"According to Malott's latest article which appeared on Din Merican's, a close associate of Anwar, blog, he said that he is now contemplating legal action against both dailies."

The fact, as I know it, is Din Merican is no longer a close associate of Anwar Ibrahim. In his political ride, Din is now in "N" mode (that's "Neutral", not necessarily "Najib"). Yes, he used to be in "P" (for Pak Sheh aka Anwar) gear but that was another lifetime ago.

at 2:54 PM

For the original post, please surf to as Desi's version above does not have the many links -- or is it cables? -- the Datuk blogger has. BTW, both the Dins were bestowed Datukship obly recently, so you can expect the desibels to rise whenever the two dins "banter", or should it read "battle"? ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

Lust, but no least or beast, From mGf ES Shankar aka DPP to fellow BUMmer Desi, knottyaSsusual commenter to Rockbru's post:)

"donplaypuks said...

It's clear OUR politicians, MSM and bloggers feel free in dishing out comments and criticisms on the internal affairs of Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Isreal, USA, UK etc as and when they like. But when they are on the receiving end of "awful" criticism, they tend to lash out at any foreign critic and try and dismiss it (usually unsuccessfully) as the work of an Anwar/Zionist/USA lackey and sympathiser.

They do not understand the concept of debate and if they succed in banning Malott from M'sia, guess who will end up the laughing stock? Does Narzi seriously think Malott will care two hoots or that he will be scoring points in the international arena?

Malott is no mere ex-diplomat; he actually served under 7 USA Presidents (over 30 years) and three years here and is quite well informed about M'sian politics and policies. And it's not as though he consults Din Merican before writing his piece; he's his own man, which cannot be said for most of our MSM which are no more than mere mouthpieces for UMNO/BN!

So, if they wish to debate Malottt and rebut his criticisms, they should prepare well and get their act together first instead of ending up looking like schoolboys! What ever happened to $100 million spindoctor advisors APCO? Were they not consulted or is it yet another case of water down the drain?

As you will already have noted, Rachel Motte's (Rachel who?) attempts to discredit Malott backfired when she hastily withdrew her blog after Malott pointed out to her some defamatory lines. So much for that!

Nazri had better know that when he takes on the big boys, he should exchange his shorts pants for long ones. Otw, it would all be NATO (No Action, Talk Only)! Or is it all talk and no trousers? Lol.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

4:14 PM"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Midnight Voice borrows from aVoiz...:) at Noon, Hi-

Lo, and Behold!

MN cometh from PKR, aV -- (whose real name I know but won't divulge unless you buy both voces kambing at Lingam's, K!) -- cometh from UMNO (A or B, toss a coin!:), but we can engage in civil discourse with the spirit of "we can be agreeable in our disagreement". Hence, I have said many times it's easier to engage fellow Malaysians from the opposite political camp, as comapred with "the enemies from within". (You want Desi to spell it out? Ertswhile PKR comardes Zaid Ibrahim, Jeffrey Kitingan dan lain-lain, okay et al for lawyers like Zaid's lieutenent Haris Ibrahim's sake, or shake. NOTE that Haris is NOT/NEVER was a PKR member, but the monstrous number of articles he was writing during the party polls when Zaid was going for number 2 post would put the Editor of Suara Keadilan to shame!:(

Did I digress? Hey, if the answer is Yes, do you think I care two hoots from the likes of Haris and his MCLM pretenders to fighting the Opposition cause?

Here's another case -- very occasional of course! --of aVoiz attacking even members from the UMNO fold -- yes, for a BetterMalaysia we have to g=clean up even our own backyard. Plus some weeds growing at the NGO activists' garden like Tan Sri Robet Phang, and Lee Lamd Thye, yes/no/maybe/mayhaps...After the Egypt's ;esson, Desi can practise some democracy in cyber space by giving my EsteemedReaders test in objective answers,hence the "yes/no/maybe/mayhaps..." above. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Remember the Beatles, She loves you? Today is Valentine's Day! mah, pah, wah, whatever -- thou a believer, non-believer, atheist, agnostic, do you think I careth?!

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Tengku Zafrul, Maybank's wrong signal to the market

In a forum organised by Melayu Liberal group, Idea, Maybank Investment Banking CEO, Tengku Dato Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz commented that the appointment of former Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad as Felda chairperson has been unsettling news for the market.

Malaysiakini quoted him saying further, “There have been many GLCs that have ex-politicians appointed as chairpersons, but Felda is a rare case, where the market is concerned with such an appointment. It sends the wrong signals.”

On the contrary, Zafrul.

The wrong signal to the market that is sending jitters to investors is emanating from Maybank. By the end of this posting, even Zafrul should be convinced that it is he himself that is unsettling the market.

If I am still active in the market, I will be MORE concerned with the general level of incompetence, lack of integrity, and unnationalistic spirit, including the absence of compassion for fellow Bumiputera, prevailing amongst the existing crop of so-called professionally trained young CEOs and senior executives of GLCs.

It will not just end there. It goes all the way up to the CEO and senior executives of Khazanah, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar. Compunding further will be the problems of moral hazard and dishonesty of the Minister-in charge, Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop.

For someone who started his career in 1996, Zafrul rise striaght to the top of the corporate food chain without any operating experience would unsettle any financial market.

Zafrul began his career circa 1996 as an Investment Analyst in a small French Bank, Credit Agricole and became their representative Director.

He was then roped in as Investment Relation Officer at Tenaga Malaysia Berhad by the then Chairman Dato Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis.

When JJ moved to MoF II, sudeenly this average joe metereorically rose to become CEO of Government-owned, Avenue Asset or later Capital.

All it takes is to understand that his mother, Raja Zaharaton Raja Zainal Abidin was the Director General of Economic Planning Unit and represented Government as Independent Director of TNB at the time of JJ and the time of Dato Dr Awang Adek Hussein as Chairmen of TNB in the mid 2000s.

His mother's brother is now Senator Raja Dato Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, the Federal Territory Minister and Urban Well Beings and Head of UMNO Lembah Pntai Division. A nice man, nice Datin and family.

They say he has family relation via JJ's wife, Datin Seri Dr Kalsom Ismail and it was when JJ was Minister of Finance II to Tun Dr Mahathir that he was appointed CEO of Avenue.

One can read his bragging of himself in this Nut Graph interview here and this company profile of RZA here to get an idea of his family.

Zafrul fits the myCEOwatch blog description here as "the country's most ambitious Malay crony of the first decade of the 21st century." The model Melayu Liberal spewing neo-liberalism but practisioner of cronyism and nepotism.

His irresponsible view of Isa Samad is reflective of his arrogance from the ignorance of youth and his ideological and personal alliance with the most hated son-in-law in Malaysian history, Khairy Jamaluddin.

It was around the time of 2005 when Zafrul was at Avenue Asset, JJ was MoF II and mother Raja Zaharaton was Director General of EPU that there was an attempt to list the business operation of the Felda organisation, Felda Holdings Berhad.

This is something for MACC to dig back.

The idea is heard to have come from another member of Maybank's current top management. The linkages of those names was one issue but another issue was the eventual shareholding structure of Felda Holdings.

Off course, it is no more Koperasi Felda and Felda proper holding the bigger chunk but reduced for a big piece of the pie to be divided up by rats and other animals. Some say Khairy has his hand in that piece of the pie.

There was also scheme for a Felda Holdings to buy an expensively priced business abroad as to justify raising fund through the market. This amaze the internal staff and management because they know Felda is cash rich and do not need to list and share the cake of their effort.

With that background story on Zafrul, any shareholder of Maybank should feel shivers running up their spine. There is more to scare the shareholders of Maybank and stakeholders of PNB.

It is an open secret that Zafrul was KJ's proxy in NGO, Promuda and he was on KJ's side when Promuda was split apart by the Tun M-Tun Dol clash.

It was around that time that Zafrul open the books of Avenue Capital when Khairy and Kalimullah barge into the office and say, "I want this Company."

Zafrul had an earlier ambition to do an MBO of Avenue from MoF. He submitted a proposal and Dato Hamzah Zainuddin also submitted one to Tun Dol.

Both papers landed on Zaki Zahid's desk but did not reach the destined Koperasi Usaha Bersatu (KUB) assigned by Tun Dol but to Khairy's secret penthouse for rendesvous with Maya Karin.

He left before the merger began as though in protest. The whole system, rules and procedure, process of Government and Parliament's PAC was manipulated and abused to enable ECM Libra to takeover Avenue Asset.

Zafrul joined Citibank and left in a short time. Within a year emerge as CEO of Tune Money with Tony Fernandez, Kalimullah and his ECM Libra team. They are all linked to Khairy. So Zafrul was rewarded for betraying his employer.

One corporate player said Dato Amirsham Abdul Aziz was linked to Khairy. He gave Khairy's associates of robber barrons the access to Maybank's funding and got himself rewarded as Minister who could only answer leaked question in Parliament.

As the days past-by, I would believe if any source of stature would tell me that Amisham had "looted" Maybank in the BII deal.

Zafrul's presence in Maybank may not be Dato Wahid Omar's preference but at the request of somebody higher up. Wahid seems to be a loyal servant ever willing to carry out instruction from above and clean up other people's shit.

He may have had to obliged to absorb Zafrul to clean up or cover, in the name of restructuring, the bad loans of Khairy's associates. Zafrul is a chap who is not worried about getting his hands dirty. What is meant as hands dirty is not hands on but play dirt.

Prior to Maybank, Zafrul got himself entangled in insider trading in the EON Capital-Hong Leong merger during his short stinct as Kenanga Director.

His former boss at Avenue, Deputy Chairman Gooi Hooi Soon denied sharing infomation with Zafrul and Zafrul denied as he took the stand in court. I don't buy their denial. It is easy to deny because it is difficult to proof.

Zafrul's so-called moralistic comment against Isa is really frightening because it is made part without any sense of guilt or shame from any attempt of self reflection. This crooked boy wonder is claiming other's as crooked?

His comment about Isa Samad should be of concern to PNB as ultimate shareholder and other shareholders of Maybank. It is indicative of immaturity and negligent attitude common in other GLCs and Khazanah but is creeping into Maybank's top management.

How do you deal with an infantile CEO who can't understand that the very person who approve his appointment as CEO is the one that approve Isa Samad as Chairman? Is he questioning the decision of his ultimate boss, the Prime Minister?

From the words heard, Najib is really upset and had instructed through Zafrul's uncle, Raja Nong Chik that a written apology be sent to Isa.

Zafrul is desperately seeking for an appointment from Isa to seek apology. He thinks we could do an Nazir when he passed bad comments on NEP and was given audience to seek apology and explanation i.e. lecture from Tun Dr Mahathir

He forgot that Isa knows of Zafrul's association with Khairy Jamaluddin, Tun Dol's son-in-law. (If he doesn't, this blogger will e-mail Felda) Isa is heard to have said, "He got better things to do (than meet that boy)."

People tend to kid Isa as pendek but the whole Maybank management will be shorter than Isa when they come begging on their knees to ask Isa not to reciprocate.

Felda has every right to be angry and reciprocate when a Banker shows no respect for client. More so, when those remarks are laden with political agenda.

Isa was fixed by Tun Dol, Khairy and a coterie of evildoers that include Abdullah's own family, certain Sahabat, Dato Azalina Mohd Said and Dato Norza Zakaria. For recollection, read back the series written in this blog to defend Isa - sini, sini, sini dan sini serta sini.
Now if I am Isa and as the Chairman of Felda, I would immediately instruct Felda to take out all cash and deposits from Maybank. They can close their Jalan Maktab branch for all I care.

Another Bank can immediately takeover that same premise and with the deposit, they can instantly be a financial powerhouse.

Felda's money is not safe under the safekeeping of a Bank managed by a "good boy", as one SMS reply from someone that can be considered as Zafrul's boss described him.

Maybank Investment Bank must not qualify to be in the listing of any outfit of Felda.

In the first place, boys should not pretend to be adults, be showered with accolades like Datokship, and socialise with adults until they are mature enough to know who is their boss, when to talk, and what to talk.

If the boy wish to speak as he pleases, quit his job and be a blogger.

Zafrul must truly be wet behind his ears to not know that Felda had been a major shareholder of Maybank from it's modern inception under Government and a longstanding major client of Maybank.

The person that shaped Maybank is the same person that shaped Felda and has a hand in Mara. The person is Allahyarham Tan Sri Taib Andak or Wak Yib as Muairiasn addressed him. Zafrul should know that Taib Andak is not just the name of Mawi's Felda home.

That is just the surface of the insult he has incurred on the Felda organisation.

The damage the nincom-poop did

Zafrul has made himself a political liability and disservice to his political master. His remark has given the opposition bullets to put his employer - the Government and Dato Najib - in their firing range.

Before that happens, shouldn't he be fired again?

Yes I said fired again because it is nothing new for this over ambitious job hopper who carry no moss.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt: People's Power Triumphs

Watching CNN and CCTV this evening from 6.00pm gave Desi a lift.
Yesterday it was still uncertain whether Hosni Mubarak would be defeated.
Finally,he admitted defeat -- at the hands of millions of brave Egyptians who took to the streets in a show of yes, PEOPLE'S POWER!

Yes, finally Mubarak has resigned, with some score of lives being the price paid.

There is a message for dictators all over the world. After 30 years, Mubarak should thank his lucky stars he has still an escape route. That his head had not been chopped off.

There is also a message for Malaysians too.
There is a special message to Sarawakians who have been living for 30 years under the rule of one head whose time has come -- to be chopped off. Figuratively...and literarily?

I urge the people of Sarawak to follow the fine example of the Egyptian people. Demonstrate people's power when the next Sarawak State elections are called -- deadline is July 2011.

The clock is tiktoking for a "local" Mubarak by the name of Taib Mahmud. "30" is an unlucky number for some, but a lucky one for Egyptians. Sarawakians, rise up and make "Thirty" lucky for all Malaysians too!

Set a fine example to the rest of the country's citizens, brethren in Sarawak.Land below the wid will blow the dictator of 30 years into the wilderness, hopefully after his is held to account for the millions he and family have plunderedfrom the State. Justice must prevail. People's power must triumph. God bless the people who must do the right thing, at the right time.

God save us from the dictators and the daylight robbers, Amen.

Friday, February 11, 2011

9th Rabbity Day of CNY Celeb...Desi's Glad

When Desi read the NST this morning,I was happy to learn that Hosni Mobarak might finally RESIGN his presdency of EgyptAfter 30 years -- like wan stupid CM of a Malaysian state -- staying any day longer would be one day too long!. Then at 1.00PM I watched CNN, followed by CCTV, and both reported that NO, MOBARAK IS NOT RESIGNING ANY TIME SOON. Sigh, more prayers for the fighters in Egypt. Malaysia too.

Well, Malaysians hang in there, we are lucky we are still
Alive&Kicking', able still to be singin' the blues
And Waling The Line wit' Johnny Cash
Or rockin' and rollin' serenading Sweet Caroline
Wonderin' if there's some sweet melody sublime
E'en among the coarse thorns and bitter wine

You ask Desi what's this "bitter"?
I say with a wry question you don't know?
Then you should learn some Hank Wlliams' laments
Broken hearted, lonely lonseome hearted moments

Of each and everyone who once was a cowboy
Singin' in the rain
Or bathin' in the wines of pain
Cos the curtains of sweet sweet sorrows have fallen
Awe o'er you, awe o'er me,
Awe o'er Malaysians who can feel the pain
Of efforts to walk tall, all in vain

'Cos of bastardised teachers
and Leaders
most of all

Leading the Fall,
And there's no sign of the Fireman
To douse the huge fire-ball
Swallowin'us all

So in the never-endin' Fall
I can only strum along wit'
Johhny Cash hummin'
I Walk the Line
To taste the wine
One last time
Before the Call

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Beyond boundless seas and the sky

A Mat Salleh by first name of ANDREW ****...sang a familiar number by BEYOND at a concert broadcast from China, I believe from Beijing, in conjunction with TVB and Singapore's TV methinks, and I thoroughly enjoyed nostalgic rendition. It was telecast over local channel TV8, can someone send me a recorded souvenir if tou be kind? My sons used to sing this song during their schooldays, and this writer who is also "half-banana" wants to share the following lyrics I googled with Thee:) mGf wherever thou art!

Note the lyrics are pronounced in Kantonis!

At same concert, Wang Yao sang a fantastic "Watermelon Man" with lots of improvised SOUNDS that were heavenly -- I hope one of myGOoDfRiends can GIFT this song copy to Desi -- hey, it's CNY steal!:)

Here is a Yale romanization of 海阔天空.

hoi2 fut3 tin1 hung1

今天我 寒夜裡看雪飄過
gam1 tin1 ngo5 hon4 ye6 leui5 hon3 syut3 piu1 gwo3
waai4 jeuk6 laang5 keuk3 liu5 dik1 sam1 wo1 piu1 yun5 fong1
風雨裡追趕 霧裡分不清影蹤
fung1 yu5 leui5 jeui1 gon2 mou6 leui5 fan1 bat1 ching1 ying2 jung1
天空海闊你與我可會變 (誰沒在變)
tin1 hung1 hoi2 fut3 nei5 yu5 ngo5 ho2 wui5 bin3 (seui4 mut6 joi6 bin3)

多少次 迎着冷眼與嘲笑
do1 siu2 chi3 ying4 jeuk6 laang5 ngaan5 yu5 jaau1 siu3
chung4 mut6 yau5 fong3 hei3 gwo3 sam1 jung1 dik1 lei5 seung2
一剎那恍惚 若有所失的感覺
yat1 saat3 na5 fong2 fat1 yeuk6 yau5 so2 sat1 dik1 gam2 gok3
不知不覺已變淡心裡愛 (誰明白我)
bat1 ji1 bat1 gok3 yi5 bin3 taam5 sam1 leui5 oi3 (seui4 ming4 baak6 ngo5)

yun4 leung6 ngo5 je5 yat1 sang1 bat1 gei1 fong3 jung3 oi3 ji6 yau4
ya5 wui5 pa3 yau5 yat1 tin1 wui5 dit3 dou2
放棄了理想 誰人都可以
fong3 hei3 liu5 lei5 seung2 seui4 yan4 dou1 ho2 yi6
na5 wui5 pa3 yau5 yat1 tin1 ji2 nei5 gung6 ngo5

Repeat (1)

Repeat (3)

仍然自由自我 永遠高唱我歌
ying4 yin4 ji6 yau4 ji6 ngo5 wing5 yun5 gou1 cheung3 ngo5 go1

Repeat (3)

放棄了理想 誰人都可以
fong3 hei3 liu5 lei5 seung2 seui4 yan4 dou1 ho2 yi6
na5 wui5 pa3 yau5 yat1 tin1 ji2 nei5 gung6 ngo5

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Brave Egyptian Journalist Shahira Amin Quits Her Job!

It's the price to pay FOR FREEDOM, she was reported to be saying at CNN's telecast datelined
Wednesday CAIRO
via WORLD REPORT (relevant segment from Anderson Cooper's BACKSTORY) from 1.30PM Malaysian time Monday Feb 7, 2011.

Shahira also says she just walked off the job after she could NOT stand it anymore,mentioning "censorship" (Familiar ring to Malaysian MSM, yes?)at NILE TV which she worked for, was just reporting pro-Government stories on the EGYPTIAN UPRISING. She said TV NIILE reporters like her ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REPORT THE FACTS AND WHAT'S GOING ON AT TAHRIR SQUARE.

Shahira when asked by CNN what her message to fellow journalists would be, answered that they should report the truth and facts of what's happening in Egypt.

Asked how she felt now she's resigned her job, Sharia said she felt alright -- it's a "price to pay for freedom"...

YL Chong says: "May God bless Shahira in her challenging quest, Amen."

DESIDERATA: I SALUTE JOURNALISTS THROUGHOUT EGYPT WHO DARE TO STRIVE THEIR BEST TO REPORT THE FACTS AND TRUTH OF THE MOMENTOUS EVENTS HAPPENING IN EGYPT> I also appreciate the international news networks like CNN whose jornalists risk their lives reporting from the scene. That's the role media can play in helping humankind fighting for their freedom and progress via CHANGE! KEEP ON THE QUEST, STAY THE COURSE. Ther's a message somewhere in the EGYPT UPRISING for fellow Malaysians.

Let's have eyes, we will see; have ears, we will listen; have bodies, will act! -- YL, Desi

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Update on PKR in Sabah via

Desi hopes won't mind my repro of its news item. For the record, I was proud to serve one year as News Editor in the early days of Reformasi. I missed those heady days -- over the past week the TV pix of Egyptians by the millions taking to the streets remind Desi of thousands of brave Malaysians taking to the streets in Kuala Lumpur following the "sacking" of DS Anwar Ibrahim by Dr Mahathir Mohamad late 1998. IF ONLY the judiciary had not been debaucherised later...Malaysia's history would have been quite different. IT'S STILL NOT TOO LATE THOUGH...(THINKING BACK: Where were the likes oflawyers such as Zaid and Haris in those days that followed when then PM Mahathir sacked the Lord Prez and five senior judges? Ah, never mind, I digress! ...)Folks, Let's stay the course, though there be hurdles along the way, from within PKR or from outside PR!

Sunday, February 6, 2011
Anwar: 75% of Sabah PKR leaders asked Azizah to drop Pajudin

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim took pains to explain to reporters the resignation yesterday of the party's Sabah chief Pajudin Nordin from the party.

The 40-year-old Pajudin, who became Sabah head of PKR less than a month ago, left the party yesterday, claiming that he was disappointed with the leadership of Anwar and his wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the party president.

He has applied to join Umno.

Speaking to reporters at the end of his two-day visit to Sarawak today, Anwar said:"Azizah was scheduled to go to Sabah this morning. The trip has nothing to do the sudden resignation of Pajudin as it was planned a long time ago.

"Her trip was to meet the divisional leaders of the party in Sabah and to announce the temporarily freeze on Pajudin's appointment as the Sabah chief.

"Before she could make the announcement, he resigned.

"She was supposed to take over the Sabah chief from Pajudin on a temporary basis, possibly for a few months, until things are properly organised," Anwar told a packed press conference.

"Maybe he considered the freeze as a big slap for him so he left," the Opposition leader asserted.

'Three-quarters not in favour'

Anwar said Azizah's temporary appointment was agreed to by the central leadership of the party, but Pajudin took it as an affront and he felt bad, disappointed and dejected.

Anwar said three-quarters of the Sabah PKR leaders had appealed to Azizah not to appoint Pajudin as the Sabah chief.

"They felt that his calibre and credibility as a leader was not up to the mark," he said.

Anwar said Azizah then brought up the grouses of the Sabah leaders to the party political bureau which agreed to form a special committee to deal with the matter upon the request from the Sabah leaders.

"Two weeks ago, we have asked for the views of the central leadership and it agreed that Azizah lead the special committee," he said.

He explained Azizah had proposed Pajudin's name to lead the Sabah PKR not because he was a divisional leader, but it was thought that he could attract young people to the party.

He said the Sabah leaders appealed to Azizah not to appoint Pajudin for a number of reasons.

"I am not giving any excuse for his resignation, and that it is not something we would like to welcome.

"But the facts must be clear, "he said.

Anwar said the party did not face problems when native customary rights (NCR) land lawyer Baru Bian was appointed to be the Sarawak chief.

"There was a general agreement among the party leaders in Sarawak for Baru to the chief.

"They wanted Baru to have a stronger and formidable team, and we said "fair enough" and that was why we agreed. But in Sabah, it was different," he said.

What blow to PKR?

Asked whether Pajudin's resignation was a big blow to PKR, Anwar said sarcastically:"Well, according to Utusan Malaysia, it is."

Sabah PKR leaders expressed surprise and shock when Pajudin was appointed the chief as he was picked from among the branch heads before this.

Pajudin was vice-chief of Tuaran.

Eighteen of the 24 branch heads protested against the appointment. - Malaysiakini

Haris Ibrahim, a non-PKR member, Still Pontificating

From his bastardised moral high ground...

First, the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) which he commands with blogger-in-exile-in-UK whom I call a "Liar and a Coward" RPK is still blowing with the wind in Malaysian politics. The civil-rights-lawyer with lots of posturings and pontifications is finding he has enough fulltime occupation as Commentator on PKR's affairs -- financed by the RM10million now at his and RPK's disposal?

Second, now he wants to poke his long nose growing longer-by-the-week like Pinnochio's into Parti Keadilan Rakyat's affairs, still singing the departed Jeffrey Ketingan's high praises as IF HE KNOWS SARAWAKIAN/SABAHAN AFFAIRS MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE FROM PENINSULAR MALAYSIA TOMAKE HIS OWN FINDINGS AS THE FINAL AND ABSOLUTE TRUTH. LIKE THE GREAT RPK...

Just ponder on Haris' latest questions he asks of the Opposition Leader, as if as MCLM President, he holds the mandate of a supra-governing body, who adds on his self-anointed role of selecting candidates for PKR/DAP use in GE13 to also calling for an accounting from DS Anwar Ibrahim.

I had written an article earlier, which will reprise later ****, asking of "Haris Ibrahim, Who Art Thou in Malaysian Politics?"

Quoting from People's Parliament:

"In my earlier post where I posed the question if the end days of PKR in Sabah was at hand, I had closed the same with three questions and one message for Anwar.

I repeat the same now below.

First, how the *#@* did you ever dream of taking the federal government last September 16th, apparently counting on the support of Sabah and Sarawak when, it would seem, you haven’t a clue of how to win the hearts and minds of their locals, leaders or otherwise?

Second, is your ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ any less sloganeering than Najib’s ’1Malaysia’? Is it from the heart or just skin deep?

Third, are you truly the changed man from your UMNO days, or are you now a closet Malay nationalist, because you see it as politically expedient?

The message.

I want to repeat here something I had said in my letter to Anwar on 18th August last year.

“On Black 14, I heard you use the phrase ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ for the first time.

Do not waver from this.

End race politics.

End the politicisation of Islam.

You must be brave enough to tell the Malays that this country belongs to all the anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia, to remind the Malays again and again that UMNO’s ketuanan Melayu is unIslamic and has been their evil tool to enrich themselves and divide this nation.

Do this, and be assured of the strongest support from the majority of anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia who, by far and large, are decent people.

…A final reminder.

The rakyat today are not like that of 16 years ago.

We understand national issues better, we are better informed, and we have a greater sense of commitment to the ideals of justice and equality.

And we have a newly found self-belief to pursue these ideals and to pursue change.

Understand and remember that we are no longer afraid.

We fully understand today that governance of this nation was intended to be in the hands of the people, and that when you and your party leaders offer to govern, it is with a view to serve us.

Therefore, understand and remember that it is we, the rakyat, who govern through those who have taken oath to serve us.

It is only by abiding by that oath that you might honourably be called a leader of men.

Any less and you would have proven yourself to be no better than those whom you now endeavour to displace”.
(ends quote from PP)



Saturday, November 20, 2010
The Third Force -- Or Is It The Third Farce?

Self-appointed leader of the Third Force in Malaysian politics, civil rights lawyer Haris Ibrahim, has taken on the mantle of shortlisting candidates to stand under the banners of PR components, Part Keadilan PKR Rakyat (PKR), and Democratic Action Party (DAP). I don't believe either of the two PR party leaders have sanctioned Haris' initiative, for I can't imagine two key components in an alternative-government-in-waiting would surrender or privatise this important role.

In another article I had indeed asked of Haris,who also leads the online NGO People's Parliament, "Who art thou in politcs?", chiefly wondering why he was so "involved" in PKR inner politics when he was NOT even a card-carrying member, and that his writings were/are mainly in favour of two then appointed "top" PKR leaders who only recently abandoned the BN banner to join PKR.

In the Star print edition of Nov 17, 2010, a news report headlined
"Azmin’s faction blamed for pushing Zaid to a tight spot", it was reported that:

"Meanwhile, Barisan Rakyat coordinator Haris Ibrahim denied that it was a “third force” or that it was backed by Zaid.

The blogger, who said the group aimed to supply Pakatan Rakyat with MPs that would not abandon it after securing enough seats to form the Federal Government, said it hoped to contest 30 parliamentary seats in the next general election.

“So far, we have 16 potential candidates. We will contest using PKR and DAP banners but in Parliament, we will serve as independents.

“We do not want to form a new party as we want to do away with politics of patronage where division chiefs expect to be nominated.” (news report excerpt ends here)

A PKR strategist told this writer that an outsider like Haris who is not even a party member is being too presumptious to think PKR would surrender this role of selecting candidates to outsiders.

"Why would PKR or DAP want to pass on to a third party to select candidates to contest under our banner?

"And who is to tell that these socalled men/women of integrity picked by Haris will permanently follow his mandate based on his own set of principles and ethics?"

Indeed, I think Haris, drunk on commenters' cheering squad on his blog, has arrogated for himself a status justified by the cheering squad -- that status befitting a demi-god? On what criteria has Haris followed to shortlist these 16 candidates for the next general elections (GE13)?

A fellow blogger when asked about Haris' initiative, said as far as he knew, Haris was definitely very close to Zaid. "And this Third Force could turn out to be a Third Farce," he merrily added.

For people new to bloggers' world, Haris was a civil rights lawyer who shot to prominence in the high profile case of defending two bloggers, Jeff Ooi,now a DAP MP, and Ahirudin Attan aka Rockybru, now a Datuk, in a defamation suit by the NSTP and several top executives. In an olde post Haris went public in expressing differences of opinion with Rockybru on some issues, and I chipped in as a commenter that it was not professional for a lawyer, still acting as counsel for his client, to go public with this open show of differences.

I recently checked with Rockybru, who I worked pretty well in organising the annual Bloggers Universe Malaysia (BUM) events for four outings -- although we hail from different political philosopical backgrounds -- told me recently that in the NSTP suit case, he and Haris had indeed "parted ways".

I give Haris benefit of doubt that he might have good intentions, but to get involved so "intensely" in PKR activities while not willing to join up as a member, it raises many reservations in my mind. Is he acting on behalf of key players like Zaid and Jeffrey Kitingan?

In fact, as I had observed in an earlier article, Haris and some socalled Barisan Rakyat bloggers got pretty involved in PKR party elections, having concurrently started a campaign named "BLOGGERS FOR NURUL" just as deputy presidential candidate Zaid Ibrahim had advised the MP for Lembah Pantai Nurul Izzah Anwar to accept the nomination for deputy president candidacy (which Zaid had confirmed contesting, but would make way for Nurul. What I have noted is that Haris has consistently "supported" Zaid's and Sabah leader Jeffrey's stands, in the duo's politicking in PKR. If either Zaid or Jeffrey have been feeding PKR "insider information" to an outsider like Haris, then it reveals much of their leadership as far as integrity is concerned.

As Haris' initiative is officially reported by the MSM, I have sighted an article written about this socalled Third Force previously on his blog, but Nov 17's Star report is the first time where DAP and PKR are dragged into the picture.

Third Force would be new impediment for change at Putrajaya

I have written that a Third Force is premature on the Malaysian political landscape when even the Pakatan Rakyat comprising PKR, DAP and PAS -- the latter two having proven records of some 50years of struggle to boast of, with PKR only a 12-year teenage growing up period -- for the first time have given Malaysians the hope of a two-party system, hence the most viable coalition to replace the BN government.

At this junction, do we need a third force of "Spoilers" who would likely make the next GE13 see more three- or more-cornered fights, mainly to the benefit of the incumbent BN regime?

Who's to guarantee that some or all of this core group of some 20 "persons of integrity" when elected into Parliament would not sell their souls in a "hung Parliament scenario? Ask the electorate if they had felt cheated when three PR assemblymen in Perak caused the downfall of the PR government when they deserted PKR and DAP and "became independents". Independents, my foot! It's the almighy dollar/ringgit you frogs are looking at, no? RM4million for Hee Yet Foong, yes?

The next question arising is: Haris, where are the funds coming from to finance the election campaign for GE13 for these candidates under your Third Force?

Zaid who Haris adores as seen from his blogposts had yesterday stated he might set up a new political party once his resignation from PKR takes effect coming December 16.

The Case of froggie Wee Choo Keong

Let's digress a bit here and examine PKR banner-elected MP for Wangsa Maju Wee Choo Keong. In gist, he was once a DAP elected MP but fell out with party leaders, He and some cronies then set up the Malaysian Democratic Party (MDP). He and several others stood as candidates under the MDP banner in two general elections, and I believe all contestants lost their deposits.

Just before the March 2008 GE We managed to squeeze himself a seat, contesting under PKR banner BUT REMAINING AN MDP MEMBER, and the rest is history.The man -- ah, another lawyer! -- then jumped ship and is now an Independent-friendly-to-BN. Independent, my foot! Another case of staring at the almighty dollar/ringgit sign!

Maybe Zaid can team up with Wee -- their common enemey now is PKR, is it not? -- and can take part in GE13 under MDP? I bet it would turn out to be another farce. Oops, another real force in Malaysian politics. Zaid may even win enough support from BN-friendly MPs to be elected Opposition Leader, and Wee the Whip?
Though another writer claims on Zaid's behalf that it's presumptious of certain writers to link any of Zaid's moves to finally connect with Haris' latest initiative, it is a possibility that it finally would transpire that way. Zaid might not get enough support to register his new party, these two new forces would converge into one? So to contest in GE13, Zaid becomes another "man of integrity" by Haris' definition to add onto to his short list?

Am I going to be surprised? That's a RM64million question I may get to answer six months from now should PM Najib Tun Razak receive inspiration to call for an early GE13, one I believe could lead Malaysia down that slippery slope into another failed state. And a Third Force would not in any way help the PR's road to Putrajaya to prevent Malaysia becoming another Zimbabwe.

posted by desiderata


Some months ago, I wrote: "I give Haris benefit of doubt that he might have good intentions, but to get involved so "intensely" in PKR activities while not willing to join up as a member, it raises many reservations in my mind. Is he acting on behalf of key players like Zaid and Jeffrey Kitingan?"

BUT TODAY, I DON'T GIVE ANY MORE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT TO HARIS.I believe Haris and his gang have sold out the Rakyat's wish to see Paktan Rakyat's takeover from the Barisan Nasional the federal government seat at Putrajaya. Malaysia after 54 years of independence is finally seeing the BIRTH OF A COALITION -- consisting of PKR, DAP and PAS, may expand to include others -- STRONG AND VIABLE TO GIVE THE MALAYSIAN ELECTORATE A VIABLE ALTERNATIVE OPTION TO BN IN A TWO-COALITION SYSTEM THAT WE LONG FOR. MCLM et al will only be "SPOILERS" to our dreams and aspirations for a two-coalition system.

I URGE FELLOW MALAYSIAN NOT TO ALLOW MCLM or Hindraf clones or any third force from Sabah led by Jeffrey Kitingan to DERAIL OUR HOPES FOR A CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT IN PUTRAJAYA.

My counter message to Haris': "DEAR ESTEEMED READERS, Stay focused. Stay the course with PR on their March toPutrajaya cometh GE13!" -- YL, Desi

Knot so kind Sunday rumInation, still knotty enuf for Desi!


Get rid of Taib, says Anwar

Joseph Tawie

The PKR chief says that if Taib continues to rule Sarawak, he will only enrich himself further.

KUCHING: The people of Sarawak should learn from Egyptians to demand for their Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud to step down after 30 years as head of the state government, said Anwar Ibrahim today.

“Hosni Mubarak has ruled Egypt for the last 30 years and now the people want him to step down. Likewise, in Sarawak, Taib has been Chief Minister for 30 years.

“So it is up to the people of Sarawak to bring Taib’s regime down in the coming election,” added Anwar.

“If Taib continues to rule Sarawak, his wealth also goes up and prices of commodities also go up. He will enrich himself first, his family members second and his cronies third, and nothing for the ordinary people,” he said.

“Thirty years is enough for Taib and the state Barisan Nasional. Let us change the government to Pakatan Rakyat,” he said at a Chinese New year gathering at 3rd Mile Bazaar here in Kuching.

Earlier state PKR chief Baru Bian reminded party members, supporters and the public that this year was both the ‘Year of the Rabbit’ and the state election year.

“When I think of rabbit, I also think of carrots which rabbits like to eat. And I know the state Barisan Nasional will also use carrots – money carrots and project carrots – to entice you to support them.

“For sure, carrots and promises will be dangled in front of you. We have been duped for the last 30 years and I hope we will not be duped again,” Bian said.


Dear (ER) and comrades4CHANGE:

Maybe the syrian/lebanese beauty is doing national service for US! ~~ she works him overtime forthe dimes, and he calls too many hakf-times the sun refuses to rise for HIM alone:) b4 the State erections.

God save us all from Sarawak CM-ala-Egytian Prez:) Amen.YLwhite-airedwritHer poses!/"ahWoeman" the white-hairedMONKi sighs...DesiFOOLofEROTICA

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Wishing AweMyfRiends wherever Thou Art...

Be ye of Chinese ancestry/descendancy, or having buddies or jest one Chinoserie like Desi, let's
join the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood
Be Merry, Yamm Singg
GreAtings to Awe my ER:

"Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Xi Ru Yi"

History of Chinese New Year :: The Legend of Nian Print

Fire CrackersChinese New Year (Nónglì Xinnián), also known as the Lunar New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. It is celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar, i.e. the day of the second new moon after the day on which the winter solstice occurs, unless there is an intercalary eleventh or twelfth month in the lead-up to the New Year—in such a case, the New Year falls on the day of the third new moon after the solstice (the next time this occurs is in 2033). The Chinese New Year period also known as Spring Festival unofficially starts on on 23rd day or 24th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar and ends with the Lantern Festival, on the fifteenth day of the First month of the New Year (which is a full moon).

The Orgin of New Years and the legend of Nian
The Chinese word Nian means ripe grains. The word dates back to oracle bone inscriptions dating back three thousand years ago. A good harvest or the process of a harvest was considered a year. The whole purpose, in history, of creating a calendar or keeping track of time was to facilitate agriculture. It was important to know when to till the soil and sow the seeds. You can say that the first calender in China was sort of put together for the benefit of agriculture production. In the Zhou Dynasty the year was formally called "nian" and the beginning of the year was called “suishou” . In 104 BC, Emperor Liu Che of the Western Han Dynasty presided over the formulation of the solar lunar calendar which is simular to the Hebrew Caledar.

Since the beginning of the Han Dynasty, New Years Day and Winter Solstice were the emperor’s most important times. It was the responsibility of the emperor to keep track of the time, to perform traditional rituals before these dates, and tune and select the music so that heaven and earth were in harmony. Winter Solstice was the most important event because if an emperor blundered that day the kingdomn wouldn't know which day marked the coming of the new year. These two days are the only days that don’t change on the lunar calendar.

The festival was a way of letting the people know what time it was and what to do. The lunar calendar had all sorts of important days that kept people in tune with their daily rituals and mother nature. Keep in mind that the emperors did not do everything by themselves and had experts or “officials” to help out, but they were responsible to keep the mandate. By insuring the accuracy of these dates, the state and the people new when to work and when to do what (the lunar calendar is like the farmers almanac).

LanternsBesides historical records, there are also many stories and legends worth mentioning. The first and most enjoyable is the story of Nian (Year "Nian" as in New Year –"Xin Nian"). There was a monstor in ancient times with a body of a bull and the head of lion. It was a ferocious animal that lived in the mountains and hunted for a living. Towards the end of winter when there was nothing to eat it would visit the villages and attack and eat whatever it could. The villagers would live in terror over the winter. Over time the villagers realized that the ferocious Nian was afraid of three things: the color scarlet, fire, and noise. The villagers came together and agreed that when it was time for Nian's annual visit towards the end of winter they would start a fire in front of every door, hang a board painted scarlet in front of every house, and not go to sleep but rather make noise.

So one night when Nian was spotted coming down the mountain they started the fires, put up the boards, and stayed up all night long making noises. The monster came down saw and heard the ruckess, freaked and ran into the mountain never to return. The next morning everyone got up congratualated eachother and had a big celebration. The next year they repeated the ritual and it has been passed down generation to generation and the custom of guonian was thus established.

Original Text Submitted by M. Scirocco from