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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

BUM2009 Making Headway to Starter's Blog!

ONE RECENT SUNDAY for lack of something more stimulating to ruminate on, Desi wrote:

TEAser Sundae Offering: BUM2009 in the making...

and something's brewing in SoPo Blogosphere so BIG you can rest assured BUM2009 will be fully booked a week or two before COB. Meanwhile, a BUM2007 and BUM2008 star attraction makes interesting reading, published by a mainstream media paper, so who says without a doubt it's 100% justification to have MSM completely boycotted? And did you notice there is a SCHISM -- ah, Desi likes strange words! -- between once lovers in SoPo blogosphere? Is there no room for ameliorated love affairs -- maybe Valentine can help shoot its Cupid's arrows at SoPo*Phere? (The * stands for Blogo ok!:( Questions, questions, questions: Ah, these are some of the issues to be taken up -- mayhaps -- at BUM2009; art thou kambing? I heard that Three lambs are following Mary around at the vicinity of the Lake View Club...

********************** meanW'ILE, hear's aMore education! ******************
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RPK takes on...everybody

IF YOU WANNA BY BEE-SYBODY some aMore...:) -- Desi, March 3, 2009


So on a kaypohish vein, on Tuesday March 3, 2009 -- which is Boycot MSM die, if you still remember! Me, I am wit' MORRIE aMore! -- Hear's to The Starter's Blog for BUM2009!

Rockybru, being All-Blogs Interim Council Prez, and I have agreed to lead in organising BUM2009, gathering a band of Bloggers in their intrepid individual capacities -- in association with the Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) second time around.

Date: Saturday May 16, 2009

(Traditionally this Annual event is to be held -- in the minds of the Initiators -- in May as World Press Fredom Day falls in this poetic month, and desi has that bent!:) Surf to and for the history...)

Venue: That Club in SJ somewhere where the lambs are roaming free and plenty until they land up at Warren Buffet's table, and Desi&Co aren't no vegans! Cyber hooligans to some ministerial minds, or vagabonds to others more poetic, and yet more likely "unemployed" writers, in some Menteri's eyes again! -- some even Jamesy mayhaps! --but all APs are catered

Organising Committee BUM2009:

Most of the familiar faces in BUM2007 and BUM2008 OCs will be back --they aweways come back for more, like Oliver/Olivia twisties -- and as OC chairman, Desi has invited a few Blogger mateys to join the bandwagon to spread the weight around -- on a slimming diet, anyone?

Adieu PS:

So dear ER, Stay tuned for MORE ON BUM2009, this coming Sundae, InsyaAllah!

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