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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ode to September

Whenever the 8.00pm news comes over the TV, I would reach out for the Remote -- you know why? I'll change channel whenever some of these negative vibrators come on air.

Negative vibrators are those personalities you know are going to send out bad vibes whenever they open their mouths, spoiling your evening, even the next day..

I'm sorry to report among these vibrators are several members of our esteemed Prime Minister's Cabinet. Some of them think they are God's gift to Malaysians. Some think they are indispensable. Some think the their disciples-members owe them absolute loyalty. Some just don't think.

Today's menu was not that different. One minister talked like using what I would describe as gangsta language. Pak Lah would do well to send these "past shelf life" elements packing -- they are like an albatross around the national CEO's neck. Maybe these elements should be sent to detention class and made to watch the grand finale of Malaysian Idol 2, and learn something about humility in victory from the YoungOnes.

Today is also the last day of SEPTEMBER, one of my favourate months -- the other being May. So this negative introduction was against the grain of what Desi had in mind -- to end this sweeet thirty days on a sweet note.

But always calm will come after a storm. There is great likelihood one will see a rainbow on the horizon after a cool shower, as the sun's rays get caught in the lingering rain drops in the air, giving a magical moment before night falls to envelop Man's falibilities and failures in the dark dungeons of those stricken minds lost in darkness, who pollute, who corrupt everything they sight, everything tey touch, and most dangerous of damned all, everything they grab.

I and many of my EsteemedReaders may wish to be that Friday's Child maybe -- giving and loving, but the earthly forces sometimes -- or it is most times? -- overwhelm.

But Desi'll try, for God will not desert those who try, it's only those who just sit and sigh, they lose the battle even before the fights begin.

So even if dark clouds loom, try to sing a song of lifting.
So even when the leaders clown themselves, laugh at them.
So even when they fail us, we'll do our best and overcome.

Today it's Budget Day.
I'll carefully Budget MY CITIZEN's TRUST.
No ringgit and sen involved.
Just childlike and common sense.
Able to see through Emperors who wear transparent clothes.
Able to catch the stones they fling from glass mansions, for
to aid David's slings when the time is right.

An Ode to September

Cool clean showers
Kiss my body, cool my tongue
Springtime flowers
Greet with generous smiles

Temper man's tempers most vile
Making upright heavy shoulders
That innocent children's eyes can still wonder
At Nature's streaming blooms and misty veil of colours

Descending on creatures big and small
They don't bother if you're short or tall
But if you do not make foul the air
Your two fairy feet would surely dance in pair

Just as I see a September Child
Born to love, give and yet, should sigh
Cos the adults don't respond as a child
With a gifted hand, and a face sweet and mild

Go, go you silly Man
Away, away to your messy Land

Let us be as Nature lets things be for just today
Let me kiss the last strains of September
In the still of the night, we still remember
Mum's like a sublime night's bosom caress may

Find me rested, above those Adult-erated moves
This world of spring showers,I sight
As morn sinks into night
A flight of departing Doves.

These verses close all the sweet September days
All the wine, roses and singing ways.
I wait patiently for the sure cycle of eleven months
Visiting again gifting Spring flowers and wondrous Mays.

(c) YLChong
Midnite September 29, 2005


Governments in many countries share a lot in common. Just citing what was reported from the local August HOUSE (I know it’s already almost end-September …), and from London where 10 DOWNING STREET dwells, and see if we Malaysians and the Englanders have been taken for some rides ….The reliable updates come courtsey of the media today.

“*from theSUN page 6:

Lim queries accuracy of
list on share ownership

OPPOSITION Leader Lim Kit Siang has questioned the accuracy, reliability, credibility and integrity of statistics on the equity ownership of the top 20 listed companies wity the highest capitalization, released by the Finance Ministry on Monday.
This follows the discovery by Teresa Kok (DAP – Seputeh) that a written answer on the detailed table of breakdown of the share control for each race in the country to her by the Finance Ministry was different from what was published in the press.
“What is disconcerting from the two lists, both issued by the Finance Ministry, is the lumping of Khazanah Holdings as part of non-bumiputra shares, which ggives a completely distorted picture about the ethnic breakdown of corporate share ownership,” said Lim yesterday. *”

It has been said via this column several times that Barisan Nasional leaders, especially from UMNO Youth, had been taking the Rakyat for a ride quoting unreliable or “distorted” statistics to justify their calls for Reviving the NEP == mainly on the ground that the 30 percent Bumiputra equity ownership targeted for by UMNO in 1970 had not been achieved. Desi holds the view that if all the equities of government-linked corporations and trustee companies were taken into consideration, the 30 percent equities goal had long been surpassed. My educated guesstimate of the control of Listed Companies on the BURSA MALAYSIA would be some 60 percent in the hands of Bumiputras – possibly in the majority held by a special breed some parties term as UMNOputras, maybe this group was excluded from the accounting figures! (See post on "Lies, damned lies, and statistics" September 3, 2005)

“** From theSun, page 20:

A way for Britain and US to get out together


IN WHAT circumstances can Britain withdraw from Iraq? This question becomes more urgent by the day. Last Friday, five Iraqi civilians were killed and 17 injured in a suicide bomb attack on a public minibus in Baghdad.
Menwhile, report from the northern city of Mosul say 10 people were shot dead in several separate incidents on Thursday and Friday.
…Millions of us correctly forecast that Western occupation would serve to stimulate terrorism rather than to repress it and that civil war might be the final consequence. We warned that British cities might be attacked. That is why we marched against th war.
Once coalition forces were in Iraq, however, many of us thought they should stay and see what good they could do. Help rebuild the country’s infrastructure. Assist the oil industry to get on its feet again. Hold the ring while political reform took place.
Mostly wishful thinking as it turns out to be.

…**” -- The Independent

DESIDERATA: The opinion piece by Smith went on to say if is no more a question of choosing to leave Iraq – how HOW? His view is that “Unpleasant and obtuse as President George Bush and his close associates undoubtedly are, we (the Brits) should withdraw only with the Americans and not before them.”
Have Bush and Tony Blair taken their citizens for a ride?

***This morning Desi has planned to detour from the sombre world of politics (like statistics, these animals all tell lies, and more lies … whether standing in the august House, or lying down in less august houses … IMHO.

NOW just for entree before the main course, or is it just dessert? -- Desi detours to see what MISSchief some Malaysians have been up DOWN UNDER , where some mGf dwell…

“*******From TheStar, page 3:

Malaysian stings Aussie banks

MELBOURNE: A Malaysian casino high roller tricked banks of millions of dollars by using fake documents to obtain loans.
The County Court here was told that Joe Ng created the documents on his computer in a garage and submitted the loan applications from Internet cafes, according to a Herald Sun newspaper report on Tuesday.
Ng needed the money to feed his gambling habit and to pay off loan sharks, the court heard.
The Commonwealth Bank had written off up to A$1.5million in loans to Ng and co-offender, Claude Rizk.
The police officer who tracked Ng's fraudulent deals described him as one of Australia's most prolific CON ARTISTS..
*******”(The emphasis as BOLDED is mine, 'holey Desi's mind ...)

DESIDERATA: As I told thee earlier, I sent in applications to many banks for a RM20million loan to buy our I-LAND, but they all said NO. I wonder how a 27-year-old could borrow some RM1.2billion to buy into several listed companies. I also wonder if THOSE COMPANIES ARE NOW LISTING? or DE-LISTED
Oh Lord, SOS!!!!!!! (on behalf os tgose shareholders-made-suckers, Lols!)

Food for thought along with a late bourgeosie breakfast, join me Down Under, I may be able to use my charm to CON some Aussies to pay for me and mGf's CON BF! Sweetz, where art thou?

Lols, yell kyels:) from Koala Lumpuh, and Sabrina, from the north of Sydneysian Haze:). "SOS!" yells Desi in Soft&SweetReply: "Some folks have been taken for a ride!"

Thursday, September 29, 2005

A dedicated post to I.COWS ...

The youths of today has been on Desi’s radar screen a lot this week, following on the heels of A DANNY BOY emerging as Malaysian Idol 2 at the Arena of Stars. I had lauded Daniel Lee – as well as his talented opponent Nita – as GOOD ROLE MODELS for our YoungOnes. I say this for the professional ways of competing with each other – full of grace and mutual respect – always having some posotive things to say about their opponents, never running down the competition. I take pride in such an attitude because I'm just plain tired of all the bitchings and arrogance going on elsewhere, sepcially in te political arena.

Imagine some youths being led by an ex-Billionaire-at-27? What bloody arrogance is that? Malaysia BolehLand sometimes can get out of this real world, but do I digress? If only some of the “clowns” at the august House could learn from their next generation. Well, the arrogance of power – are there more Ignorant Cowws among the adult than among the teenagers? -- this is my poser this morning.

To start off, may I reproduce verbatim from one IgnorantCow’s post I sighted with surprised delight:

choconicko Posted:

September 24th, 2005 6 Comments »

I’m bored.. might as well share to the whole world what I have in mind.. This is kinda true. Except the God and Mother Nature thing.
In 1992, they thought that Iraq had loads of petroleum.. so they planned an attack to take over Iraq and monopoly it’s oil supply.
But.. the planning took ages. So, they attacked on year 2002.. sad to say that they found little oil than waht they had expected.. way more little..
Why you may ask.. it’s because of Iraq’s neighbour.. Iran, Kuwait and so on stole all of Iraq’s oil in these 10 years by underground pipes.. making them having less then wat they have in 1992.
So America felt sad.. but. They still have 70,000 tanks of oil to be carried away to America.. They thought of a safe place to put the oil.. which is in New Orleans.. next to New Mexico (if I’m not mistaken).. they thought it was extra safe..
They didn’t know our GOD can do anything.. so.. GOD, with the help of mother nature (on my imaginations only) send Huricanne Katrina to..
destroy all of the ( )…
Trackback URL
1. Nick says: (September 24th, 2005 at 8:36 pm )
all of the assholes?
2. wretchedlittlething says: (September 24th, 2005 at 9:28 pm )
I don’t really get it
3. ajibala says: (September 24th, 2005 at 11:20 pm )
aduhai… all of the petroleum..wasted
4. GL says: (September 26th, 2005 at 2:23 pm )
I raed in the nespaper that New Orleans were going to hold a gay festival thingy….maybe its God’s judgement on those ppl…(-.-)
5. ylchong says: (September 27th, 2005 at 8:53 am )
Hey, I’m tHAT teAcher at desiderata.english on Sunday at Borneo Post peeking in to see whetherthe I.Cows here have been behaving!:)
WoW, choconiko, you have an IMAGINE=active mind! I like your story — goOd plot, now you Xpand on it with sum characters, “direct speech as in Sppech bubbles like this within quoy\tes!” — you may have a BESTseller; secondBest also-canwat!!
Remember BUY DESI SE7EN teh tariks OK,,,why 7 you may ask … hey, SE7EN days a week, make it EIGHT DAYS A WEEK like The Beatles also can - lah…TehTarik, satu lagi!:)
6. ylchong says: (September 27th, 2005 at 8:57 am )
PS to choconiko:
Can you “approve” my request to REPRODUCE this piece of GOoD writin’ (must be shared one!) at Desi’s Place some time later, enhaanced with my version …then you can comapre and contrast? Just visit my blog and say a BIG YES, yes at least SE7EN times so that I can hear loud&clear! (SE7EN is actually my fav number!
Thanks in advance that you won’t say NO; I offer some wits-taker Chocs from NZ when I receive them from mGf in Newzzzzzland, OK!:) ****”


I surmise Choconicko is just in upper secondary school (?), but it’s good “imagineation” on his part to tackle quite a current, yet potentially difficult” subject therough his young lens.

I’m gladdened because he could focus beyond all the media propaganda and raed beyong the media hype sold by the US Administration about its “war against terrrot” grounds to enter Iraq – its purported mission to get at Sadddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Choco did not make a firm conclusion about US President’s main obkective of his Iraq (mis)adventure … only posed the possibility of that which motivated the Big Brother’s goal --- Balck Oil … as implied within that telling ( ) at the the close.

Desiderata says Congrats to Choco because he knows the boundaries one can go in making a postulation and arriving at inferences.

Many of our MPs and indeed, the I.Cowws here, can learn about “critical and rational” mind at work.

Why do I say this?

Ah, My Rationale.

I have been saying to some mGf that on the US invasuion of Iraq, I mostly supported former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s stand that the US foray into Iraq against the decision of the United Nations’ decision and mandate was clearly not in line with its stated objective of the “War on Terror”. It had a lot to do with the US ambitions in the Gulft regional politics, tied to the decades-old problem of the Israel-Palestine issue.

And at the back of many minds, including YoungChoco’s, and Desi, is that valuable asset called the Black Gold.

Most of mGf and Desi too do not agree with much of Dr Mahathir’s politics – whether on home scene or in the international areana.But we must be able to learn to disagree on the issues, and not let his personality cloud our lenses.

But when it’s an issue such as Bush’s adventurism into Iraq on flimsy grounds of seeking out “Saddam’s WMD” which was subswquently proven to be without any basis for belief that the WMD existed there, the US stubbornly refused to acknowledge it had made a “fatal” mistake.

Desi had prior occasions stated that Iraq would prove to be US’ 21st century VIETNAM WAR reprise, and the recent mass demonstrations in the US by families and sympathizers of US soldier casualties in Iraq are reminiscent of those massive demonstrations against US War in Vietnam … echoes of “where have all the flowers gone?” resonate on the streets of New York and Washington DC, and soon they will spawn similar demonstrations of people power across the globe, if the Big Brother remains “recalcitratnt” on its comedy of errors. I term it a comedy because the Americans allowed a series of half-nightmarish events overtake them … Bush’s re-election when Gore had to concede Florida’s vote-reconts with unresolved questions of foul play; US adminstartions’ intimations on several occasions they had evidence of WMD in Iraq …. Well, I might not agree with John Moore, but his “docu-drama” on 911 revealed a lot of chicanery so common through the world.

So in my arguments with mGf when we were on “opposing” sides, I told them not to allow our “prejudices” against Dr Mahathir (You either love, or hate, him, Desi had said in an eralier Post here …) to cloud our judgments on individual issues. We must be objective, and analyse an issue apart from Dr Mahathir’s other agendas. Distinguish THE SINGER and HI SONG -– That was my premise for adopting a stand implied by Choco, and contrary from many of mGf's. Thanks, Young I.Cow Choconicko for giving this writer such an insight into what some of our YoungOnes are thinking; I took the liberties of appending those few “youthful” comments. I also digressed by INVITING THESE I.COWS ( TO GIVE THEIR 3SEN WORTH on integrity at SABRINA’S PLACE ( >>>>>>>with a promise of wits-taker chocs!:) Note to Sab – trying some mind-reading, I made the pledge on thy behalf, I think this “presumption” is justified, NO?

Just the latest extracts, may seem “not so relevant”, but DESI discerns some common threads, both sighted side-by-side in the New Straits Times September 27, 2005, page 33:


Troop supporters up in arms

WASHINGTON, On. – Support for American troops fighting abroad mixed with anger toward anti-war demonstrators at home as hundreds of people, far fewer than organizers had expected, rallied yesterdayon the National Mall just a day after tens of thousands protested against the war in Iraq.
“No matter what your ideals are, our sons and daughters are fighting for our freedom,” said Marilyn Faatz, who drove from New Jersey to attend the rally. “We are making a mockery out of this. And we need to stand united, but we are not.”
Many demonstrations focused their ire on Cindy Sheehan, the Californian woman whose protest near President Bush’s Texas home last summer galvanized the anti-war movement. -- AP

DESIDERATA: A decade or two from now, will it be Faatz’s stand or Sheenhan’s that will go down well in US and world history? My bet from the lesson of US involvement in the Vietnam War is on Sheehan’s. But you may beg to differ.

Headline2:Suicide bomber kills 10

BAGHDAD, Mon. – A suicide bomber drove a car into a bus, carrying employees of Uraq’s Oil Ministry today, killing at least 10 people and wounding 14, police said.
The bombing was the latest blow to Government efforts tp improve security for its oil industry. Attacks on pipelines have deprived state coffers of billions of dollars in revenue and scared investors away. – Reuters****"

DESIDERATA: Some quarters term them as “suicide bombers” as terrorists, others defined them as “freedom fighters”, so it depends on which side of the fence you sit, just as the foregoing Faatz’s and Sheehan’s.
Back home, the Government deems some ISA detainess as “oublic enemy”, to others, these same inmates are “martyrs”. So on which side of the fence is your lens focused?
No ringgit for your thoughts, just a TehTarik from Haridas for my EsteemedReaders’ and your generation’s future horizons, mayhaps?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Or, is it love?

First Love continues ...

By a journalist making a Special Guest Appearance
YAN of,
who always keeps her word
mGf SE7EN on Desi's list because she ask'd me to tell.
I had to oblige -- can't say NO when Yan's not just obliging, but also caring&sharing, can EyE?

"***I wrote these two paragraphs in the second entry of my blog titled “Seeing with your heart” on 16th February this year.

The mentor of my formative years introduced me into the inspiring works of Fanny J. Crosby. They included “Blessed Assurance” and “All the way my Saviour leads me”.

What’s so special about Fanny? My mentor said she “saw” with her heart. She was blind from the age of six weeks. How could she “see” the world and write such beautiful songs? She used her heart to see God’s creation. I believe Fanny saw with her heart. Therefore, she had the inspiration to pen over eight thousand gospel songs in her lifetime filled with praise, thanksgiving and trust in God.

Did I really consider him as a mentor only? Or were there some feelings attached?

He was my English teacher when I was in Form 4. He was also the teacher who stayed two houses away from my house. The boy next door played guitar and songs of Bee Gees on a spinning machine for me, the teacher two houses away taught me to “see with my heart”.

Though in Form 4, I was only 14 then. At 5, I went to Primary one. During those old days, we were allowed to go to school early.

He came from India. Yes, an Indian. I could not utter a word of English when he took over our class. Writing essay was then a pain too. Because he stayed just next door, he invited me to his house to borrow books to read. He then suggested that I write to him like the way readers write to “Dear Aries” column and he would answer my problems and at the same time correct my English.

So, we kept an exercise book, that 120-page with flower cover type. I wrote to the teacher. Very often, it was those worries of young girl, most of these worries were probably just imaginary ones. He then replied my letters, addressed the problems, and corrected the English. I enjoyed his words – full of wisdom and encouragement.

Every Saturday morning, I and some other classmates lingered in his house reading books. It was when I started reading Sherlock Holmes books one after another when other classmates were reading the Mills and Boon romance stories. I enjoyed his presence. I thought it was a place like home – warm and fuzzy feeling.

Then one day he went back to India during school holidays. When he came back, he brought a bride with him. My world collapsed, dreams shattered. But, I continued to go to his house on Saturday mornings together with other classmates. This time, beside reading books, we were made to eat all the “awful” Indian food made by his Indian wife ….

He went back to India a few years later. The old classmates have wanted to invite him back during our re-union gathering five years ago. He did not make it. This year, we are going to have another re-union gathering, will he come?

To Love Somebody

Lyrics: Bee Gees

There's a light
A certain kind of light
That never shone on me
I want my life to be lived with you
Lived with you
There's a way everybody say
To do each and every little thing
But what does it bring
If i ain't got you, ain't got ?
You don't know what it's like, baby
You don't know what it's like

To love somebody
To love somebody

To love somebody
The way i love you

In my brain
I see your face again
I know my frame of mind
You ain't got to be so blind
And i'm blind, so very blind
I'm a man, can't you see
What i am
I live and breathe for you
But what good does it do
If i ain't got you, ain't got ?

Monday, September 26, 2005


Rojak and Potbelly of News for breakfast?

NO. I won't recommend that because if you get diarrhoea Desi can't be the doctor responsible for that mMC to justify your MIA at work! It’s Desis’ rojak supper at Haridas’ last night after watching the second part of “Mother Teresa” starring OLIVIA HUSSEY and mGf Mr Coww and I had second thoughts whether we should have a second dinner at 10PM.

First thought says YES. Second thought says YES for Desi but a reluctant NO from Coww because eralier in the day he had read this (since not digested...)NEWS HEADLINE:

Three die in crash with cows, lorry

Sorry I'm not serving details because this post is not about those COWS, but about Desi and his potporri of news. Ah, that's the WORD, not potbelly as stated in the title. Ne'er mine, also can-wat, I 'ear the Coww moo-ing/mourning about expanding sidelines.

Further digressing, PM stands for post-meridien for I.Cowws' lnowledge benefit here, which means the rest of the day after NOON. I’m clarifying this because many of the adults, including TV presenters/announcers (also mix-ing up Deadline and this digression or aggression?) despite all the hi-fi education they are getting in schools nowadays, often state midnight as 12PM.

Hey, there’s no such thing as 12PM! The minute after 11.59PM on Sunday is midnight Sunday. If one states it as 12PM Sunday it’s NOT VALID because if if tell your gF/bF to meet you at 12PM, he/she might wait in te bloody hot sun on Sunday at about lunchtime, or worse, in the dark of night Monday midnight. If I spend almost thee last 10minutes Xplaining this issue of PM and AM and you still don’t get it, blame it on this Desi being hit by PUBERTY, ONCE MORE! Context?

You want Contest? Here goes:

From the Sunday Star Sci-Tech page 35 yesterday, Desi reproduces the item in FULL, to do justice to his growling stomach, first time, reprising in fool that 'DUMBER' item, not the growlin':

Teenagers do get ‘dumber’ at time of puberty

""**The surly secrets of Kevin the teenager have been laid bare by scientists who have found that we lose the ability to detect expressions of anger and sadness around the time of puberty.

The discovery, which surprised scientists conducting a pioneering study of the ability to read expressions, could reveal why 13- and 14-year-olds suffer the same exasperating inability to understand their parents as the Harry Enfield character.

Parents who react to the antics of a Kevin with anger or sadness are wasting their time, because pubescent children are oblivious to these emotions. "Teenagers really do get 'dumber' in their social intelligence around the time of puberty," Prof David Skuse of the Institute of Child Health, London, told the British Association's festival in Dublin. "This may go some way to explaining the 'Kevin' phenomenon, described so perceptively by Harry Enfield.

"One wonders sometimes if they understand anything you are saying. It would appear that this is a function of their brain at that time."

The social ineptness is as true for boys as for girls but, by the age of 16 or 17, teenagers reach an adult level of competence in reading social cues, although girls held an advantage for some emotions.

Prof Skuse made the discovery after investigating the ability of male and female brains to read faces. He hopes to shed light on the cause of autism, which undermines empathy and the ability to distinguish expressions, and is 10 times more common in males than females.

Some researchers believe that "males are a little more autistic than most females" and autism sufferers have an "extreme male brain".

An investigation by Prof Skuse and colleagues of "social cognition" in 600 children aged six to 16 was expected to reveal striking sex differences but they turned out to be more subtle.

The "rather surprising findings" when the subjects were shown faces with six emotions - happiness, sadness, disgust, anger, fear and surprise - are to be published with Dr Angie Wade of the Institute of Child Health in the Journal of Applied Statistics.

"For some emotions, such as anger, we see a dip in the ability to perform these tasks around puberty," said Prof Skuse. "It looks as though the brain reorganises, or rewires. It gets worse at recognising facial expressions.

"Does this explain the Kevin phenomenon? It might be behind the social ineptitude of early adolescents, the seeming inability to understand the two expressions that have this dip most strikingly - sadness and anger."

A pilot had shown that, below the age of six, children could not reliably understand concepts such as surprise and disgust. But at the age of six he found "a substantial difference between boys and girls".

About 70 per cent of six-year-old boys were below the mean ability of girls. "It means a lot of boys are very poor at school entry at differentiating other people's emotions from their facial expressions."

Teachers need to appreciate that young boys who are unresponsive are unable to read subtle expressions of disapproval.

But by the age of 16, the difference between the sexes has faded.

"The theory that autism is the extreme of the male brain is not strongly supported by these data," said Prof Skuse. -- Telegraph Group Ltd**""


So now you parents please DON'T GO SHOUTING at thy teenage son/daughter when he/she's acting up. It's the hormones in his bloodstream which is primarily inherted from the BOTH of you equally (? ... sometimes I think the FE-mail genes dominate the mail! Ah, the luxury of digressing on Blues Monday morn; I did not go for Primeday today for after enjoying Mother Teresa, another prime cut would be 110% Capitalist Indulgence, and that won't do because Desi might just be justified in stopping this Blog:( and I.Cowws steal need a lot of education.

Now that we have warned parents about the potential SUICIDE signs to watch out for in yesterday's THE BEFRIENDERS reach out to YOU! Have you returned their reach, dear EsteemedReaders?, this morning's update is another EYE-OPENER. Had I known about this KEVIN phenomenon earlier, I would have made quick bucks giving advice to Teenagers on How to Xplain themselves when caught in a tight situation. I'm saying this in jest, OK? That's another rhetorical question, in anticipation that some partry might not take kindly to Desi jesting on such an Important Subject;)

Ah, ne'er mine I told myself, It's alight to be different, as I spied young Christopher writing in his Mum's blog over the weekend ("

Any wit-taker at Desi's Place over the witsends, dear YoungOnes at ?

The Potporri continues later as I sort out the Rojak ingredients, Patience, OK! This angry Pig (You don't know the scientific fact: A hungry man is in deed an angry man!)has to adjourn for his non-CON (Can't be CON-ning every weakday, can I?)

At 12.14PM, Desi went to see his doc after having contracted from various sources,:

Potbellyache 1:
MPs demand an explanation

While Barisan Nasional and opposition MPs are angry over International Trade and Industry Minister Raffidah Aziz’s absence in Parliament to personally anwer questions on approved permits (APs), one person begs to disagree.
The Barisan Nasional Backbencherss’ Club chairman Shahrir Abdul Samad is not concerned whether Rafidah was present or not as long as the ministry gave complete and quality answers.

DESI: I’m also damned bloody angry that none of the MPs gave me am answer why no one protesteth and rejecteth the 10% payrise when they ear;ier protesteth to the PM Pak Lah that THEY DID NOT ASK FOR IT!

Potbellyache 2:
New drugs to control high blood pressure

Kuala Lumpur, Sat.
– First the bad news: one in three Malaysians suffers from high blood pressure and less than a third are aware of their illness.
Now the good news: A recent study showed that lives can be saved and heart attacks and strokes prevented by using a combination of new drugs.

DESI: Many are disciples of Desi – practicing Ignorance is Bliss; hey, thou I. Cowws, I didn’t say Do as I do, I said Do as I say!

Potbellyache 3:
Fergie: Devils in trouble now

SIR ALEX FERGUSON admitted his Manchester United side face a daunting task to make up the 10-point gap on English Premiership leaders Chelsea.
United slumped 2-1 at home to Blackburn Rovers on Saturday, leaving MU in fifth placeafter teir first defeat.

DESI: Feeling patriotic and alONE as Malaysian Idol 2 fled for his own celeb, I was waiting last night for the Malaysian A-team to appear, then realized I was at the wrong stadium – I thought when Mr Coww asked me to meet him at the Old Stadium, he meant the OLD TRAFFORD, not that Merdeka Stadium! Getting’ into second Puberty Period;(

Bellyache 5:
S’pore’s charities wary after kidney foundation scandal

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s charities have agreed to make their operations more transparent in the wake of a scandalover the city-state’s largest fund-raising institution, a report said yesterday.
But some 300 charity chiefs, following a meeting with top government officials, said the issue of whether to reveal the salaries of their CEOs should be left to individual organizations, according to The Sunday Times.
Th scandal involving the National Lidney Foundation revolved around its CEO T.T. Durai having been paid S$600,000 a year, as well as given first-class air travel and upkeep for his Mercedes car.

DESI: Now you can Appreciate that without an AP, a journalist like ME is disMISS’d as a ppu-uuu-r church mouse. RAT-tionale, also-can-lah!:(

Potbellyache 6:

The New Straits Times today,(must name the source1, otherwise Desi runs the risk of being suited for RM100million) page 1, lead item reads:

KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. – The country’s worst kept secret is out. MIC president S. Samy Vellu has endorsed G. Palanivel as the party’s number two – a ove that will put his relationship with his current deputy, S. Subramaniam, at a point of no return.
The long-time MIC chief announced his running mate ina POEM to division leaders from Subang and Puchong.

DESI: Although SUMtimes Desi ghost-writes, esp when the SUM is in S’X-figure, he must clearly and unambiguously and unashamedly disavow being anyway remotely or cyberishly connected with ‘that’ POEM!
BN leaders don’t heed my advice to say often the matra from that British TV series from where I learnt some cockney and X-English “Yes, Mr Minister!” – so exit Chua Jui Meng, Kerk Chooo Ting and Musa Hitam, Razaleigh Hamzah and Anwar Ibrahim.

Potbellyache SE7EN:

Noticed that in today’s references till now, I left out all the confusing PreFixes. See if yiu 4 the connection in the last bellyache I suffered this mornin’ after last nite’s Rojak (Maaf ia, Hari Hari does It, cannot-lah!):(

CHONG: ‘Some Datuks disappeared after borrowing more than RM500,000’

From The Star, 26 September 2005 page 23:

“Major Chinese dailies reported that even Datuks and Justices of the Peace (JPs) were seeking the services of ah longs (loan sharks), borrowing sums that totaled millions of ringgit.
The dailies quoted MCA Public Service and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong (alright, Xception here because some of my I. Cowws think Desi is promoting himself, NO-lah, call me just YL, Chong, or Teh-Si or Daisy will do, btter steal Socialist also-can!, bBut no close’ reference, OK!:( as saying that to date, the department has received 176 complaints from loan sharks regarding outstanding debts owed by Datuks and JPs.
Chong said some Datuks disappeared after borrowing more than RM500,000.

DESI: I sent applications to ALL the banks in the country asking for RM20million to buy OUR I-LAND ( remember, ‘is steal September you kNOw, and the theme is TRY TO REMEMBER …) with spiritedestination comprising VVIPs as citizens as COLLATERAL. But these bankers asked ME if I had a father for a Min’ster, or a son-who=is=a=billionaire=at=27, 28 or 30-also=can. I said NO, but I kNOw mGF who is that Minister at …… Church where I dwell, ppuuuuuu=r as a church mouse remember? They did NOT Approve my loan application, so I’m thinking of one named “CY...long”. Lols, a long bellyache! So long, 4ya! If I don’t pay up that RM20 by tonite, I won’t be able to seeya tomorrow monr, which is another TUESDAY with SORRIES.:( Now I truly understand what is Collateral Damage in Deed.

Bellytache Gone in 60 seconds!
Sucking-good melody with S’pore lollipops

SINGAPORE: A musical lollipop invented here goes on sale in the next two months, a news report said yesterday.
David Yeo, 45, a sales representative for American industrial control products, was keen on creating his own product to satisfy yearnings for both sweets and music, the Straits Times reported.
He and a partner invented the lollipops that come in four flavours – apple, lemon, strawberry and raspberry –via a modus operandus that works on vacuum technology. A thin, hollow rod in the middle of the candy connects to musical and lighting mechanisms, which are activated wehen the lollipop is sucked.

DESI: has a yen for sweetz, music, wits-taker Choc, and Strawberry Fields Forever!

Sunday, September 25, 2005



Today’s post is a challenging one as it deals with what essentially is an “unhappy” subject – PROBLEM OF SUICIDE, ESPECIALLY AMONG TEENAGERS – but reality has to be faced, however daunting and harsh. When you were growing up, you might have been taught this nursery rhyme:

Monday's Child

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for their living,
And the child that is born on the sabbath day is bonny, blithe, good and gay.

So whether one believes it or not, sometimes a new-born child inherently displays certain characteristics, normally referred to as Nature traits. However, there will always be external factors and influence impacting on an individual as he/she grows up, with the dominant factor being family upbringing, and the individual acquires characteristics normally referred to Nurture traits.

A crucial period is when the innocence of childhood fades away and the teenage years suddenly dawn, accompanied by physical, bodily changes bringing along hormonal effects which the youths might even not grasp the meanings of, what more anticipate the consequences. If you go by the nursery rhyme, all of us would wish to be forver a Friday’s Child, wouldn’t we? So that we can all “win at love”. As a peson well loved, the likelihod of the person going into a state of despondency or depression is lessened. But by simple logic, and also the Law of Probability, there could be only ONE in SEVEN people on this earth born to be Friday’s Child.

It is important that society prepares its young ones to prevent anyone from even think about taking his/her own life, whatever happens. To resort to suicide – the act of taking one’s own life – should not even be considered as an option in life, for every child is capable of contrbuting to society with his/her God-geven talents. Every individual is born unique, and therefore by this uniqueness, is to be treasured.

But the adults will tell you that reality sometimes bites. So a person, especially on entering teenage yaers, finds that life is not often a bed of roses. Indeed, growing into adulthood and on joining the workforce can bring on tremendous pressures, which can sometimes prove so stressful they seem to overwhelm some individuals.

The Star
, on September 5 , 2005 carried this news item, which Desi had commented on earlier, but worth reprising:

Teen found hanged after being scolded by mum

JOHOR BARU: A 13-year-old girl, M. Sugumary, was found hanged by her younger brother at their home in Permas Jaya here.
It is learnt that Sugumary, the eldest of three children, had gone up to her room after being scolded by her mother on Saturday.

And another suicide as reported as reported in The New Sunday Times of September 18, this time of a student who was performing well in school:

Fifth former found hanged

KLANG, Sat. – He was good at his studies, friendly and jovial.
The family of Matthews Vinesh was in shock after he was found hanging from a nylon rope in his home yesterday.
One of Vinesh’s teachers at Sekolah Menengah Sri Andalas said he was a hard-working student who scored 7As in his Penilaian Menengah Rendah Examination.

To school children who are involved in meaningful pastimes like Internet surfing and blogiing such as undertaken by a group at, Desiderata says “Good on you, for being involved in group activities that promote sharing&caring.” This group of young teenagers in Sarawak had banded together to form what I believe was the first Teenagers Weblog to write daily journals of school life and youth activities and to foster friendships to help each other along. At those tender growing years, peer pressure is definitely a challenge, as an active Blog member, Timothy Su, wrote in one posting that was featured in this column. And parents and teachers must be able to help these teenagers cope with these youthful challenges, and not allow situations similar or close to Sugumary's to develop.

It is encouraged by schools that pupils involve themselves in at least one extra-curricular activity. There is no reason why any student would not want to take part as there is a wide range of choices – Scouting, and Guiding fro those inclined towards outdoor adventures, Red Crescent to study first aid and other emergency services, Interact and Debating clubs, Boys and Girls Brigades – to suit different tastes and personalities. Pupils are also encouraged to take part in sports, in line with the adage that “Health is wealth”.

There is another arena of activities for those who dedicate themselves to true Service Above Self – people involved in Volunteer-ing who should be accorded high regard. They find time and efforts to devote themselves to make others happy, give some cheer to the less privileged and fortunate in society. These Samaritans working on the QuietFront, including The Befrienders who focus on preventing suicides, are to be lauded and saluted.

Thousands of people contact the Befrienders every year either by phone or visit its centre. Being a young person in today's world is no easy task. Young people, as well as adults, have to deal with increasingly complex decisions and pressures
every day. Tragically, many young people feel they are not able to cope, that
there is no one who either cares enough or is able to help them cope. And
they become desperate enough to take their own lives.


“Fear and ignorance keep us from understanding the scope and problem of young people's depression and suicide, and hinder our ability to help.
Suicide doesn't have to happen. It can be prevented, and you can help,” the Befrienders said in an article on its webpage.

An advice to teenage children caught in “tough” situations, please seek advice from the School Counsellor, or consult your Favourite Auntie or Uncle, or maybe seek out a church pastor, temple priest or any sort of certified spiritual adviser in moments of crisis. I wished girls like Sugumary and boys like Matthews had encountered the volunteers of the Befrienders to get a helpline when it is needed most.

So to teenagers who find themselves in times of trouble, please don’t do anything rash when you’re upset and without a mate you can talk to. In an emergency when your Heart bleeds like Hell, please call the counsellors at: Befrienders: 03-7956-8144.

“Suicide is not something that happens to other people. It can be a reality in
any family,” so says an extract of an article from the voluntary organisation’s webpage ( Please take the time to visit the website and be aware that there are trained volunteers ready to help anyone in distress – by “befriending” those who are suicidal, despairing and lonely.

Causes of Stress and Depression

As young people grow into adults it is a time of extraordinary change and
stress for them and their families.They look for and find a loosening of childhood ties to their parents, and a new sense of independence and individuality. They begin to discover their sexuality and identity.
Loss of past securities and uncertainty of the future bring periods of self-doubt
and feelings of inferiority, isolation, and expendability. Temporary depression
is normal to them as it is to people of all ages. But young people have less
experience with suffering than older people. New overwhelming feelings may
be threatening enough to require dramatic ways of asserting control.
Many suicidal youths experience family troubles which lead them to doubt
their self-worth and make them feel “unwanted, superfluous, misunderstood, and

Signs of Depression and Suicide Risk

Young people who are depressed and suicidal often hide those feelings at
home and at school, although they may confide in their friends, often binding
them to secrecy. Some of them, especially younger teens, may not be aware
what they are feeling is depression. Their behaviour may resemble that of
adult depression (loss of appetite or sudden overeating, apathy, anxiety,
despair, overwhelming guilt, loss of faith, helplessness, sleep disturbances),
but their depression may show itself more indirectly.

Depressed teens may fall off dramatically in school performance and have
difficulty in concentration. They may daydream or act as the class clowns.
They may become extremely uncommunicative and bored, avoiding other
people. Hyperactivity can frequently mask depression, as can extreme
hostility, aggressiveness, serious risk-taking, and promiscuous sexual

Young people who are depressed make physical complaints more than those
who are coping more successfully. They may be accident-prone, perhaps
from an ill-defined wish to do themselves harm, and to gain attention. A critical
sign may be sudden loss of interest in prized possessions; favourite records
or a pet given away.

What Can Be Done?

Parents, teachers and friends of depressed or suicidal young people often ask
the Befrienders what they can do to help. The important thing is to pay

*Encourage them to talk. Listen. Be on their side. Reassure without dismissing.
* Don’t panic. Remember that no one is suicidal all the time. Thoughts of self-destruction arise at times of crisis, but lives can be saved by understanding and support.

A constant mGf YAN ( shared this relevant anecdote: “There used to be a popular bumper sticker that reads, ‘He who dies with the most toys, wins.’ But James Dobson proposed an alternative version that has more truth in it - HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS, DIES ANYWAY.

”Young ones - you were made for a purpose. You didn't just appear. You are a miracle, you are one in a million -- no more, no less. Parents, remember, he who dies with the most toys, dies anyway. So, it's really the person in your children that matters...” . Words to remember, especially for parents who hardly find time for their children. Please pause, and find the time to care, before it’s too late.


You've Got a Friend

Lyrics: James Taylor

When you're down and troubled
And you need a helping hand
And nothing, whoa nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest nights.

You just call out my name,
And you know whereever I am
I'll come running, oh yeah baby
To see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall,
All you have to do is call
And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You've got a friend.

If the sky above you
Should turn dark and full of clouds
And that old north wind should begin to blow
Keep your head together and call my name out loud
And soon I will be knocking upon your door.
You just call out my name and you know where ever I am
I'll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you got to do is call
And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, ain't it good to know that you've got a friend?
People can be so cold.
They'll hurt you and desert you.
Well they'll take your soul if you let them.
Oh yeah, but don't you let them.

You just call out my name and you know wherever I am
I'll come running to see you again.
Oh babe, don't you know that,
Winter spring summer or fall,
Hey now, all you've got to do is call.
Lord, I'll be there, yes I will.
You've got a friend.
You've got a friend.
Ain't it good to know you've got a friend.
Ain't it good to know you've got a friend.
You've got a friend.

So people, especially the YoungOnes: If you are in distress, and your heArt bleeds like hell, call:

The Befriennders at (03) 7956-8144


UPDATE added on Monday, September 26, 2005

From The NST, page 24,an exerpt from its news report headlined:
'Lending a sympathetic ear may avert suicide'

IPOH, Sun. - Don't be judgmental of family members, friends and colleagues especially when they are suffering from stress, depression or facing what may seem at first to be only a minor problem to a third party.
Instead, lending a sympathetic ear may avert suicide incidents, said Saras Pillay, the national president of Befrienders Malaysia.

Saras said callers can contact the Befrienders at any of its four centres located in

KUALA LUMPUR 03-79568144/5
IPOH 05-5477955/33
PENANG 04-2811108/5161
MALACCA 06-28422500.

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I'm Into Somethin' GOoD ...

Because I had to stay up late LAST NIGHT, trying to meet a DEADLINE for a newspaper weekly column and Desi ERRATIC could not convert a PDF file into MS WORD ... he bloody wasted some two hours before YoungKyels solved with a "No problem" in a jiffy!

Then thunder boomed from 9.30pm which gave Desi a convenient Xcuse to watch the Grand Finale of Malaysia Idol Season 2 -- I primed for Daniel via HP, and Nita via DL, so I was being "fair" to two YoungMalaysians who I feel make greAt role models. KEEP IT UP, who ever wins 'cos I believe BOTH ARE TRULY MALAYSIAN WINNERS!:)')

Which noew provides the real Xcuse2 for me "stealing" not just Choc Whittaker?, I don't take, Desi steals or robs in CyberSpace, like Rob Williams taking off with that nicolekid with Somethin' Real Stupid!

Okay, cos I am really "flattened out" staying up till about 2AM to meat that deadline to Catsville, I'm reproducing a 24-hour-old post from Sabrina's Place (new look needs a promo, man! visit http://sabrinawstan.blogsome.comSab did not report me to the NZPD, but instead promised me a whatever type of choc -- these NZ people are real generous -- maybe their Chocs grow on Apple trees, when I was small, and Christmas trees were tall, and Xmas came early in 2005 for Desi!

September 23, 2005

First Love
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I just wanted to try out blogsome as it will give me more space to edit my posts…so…sorry if I appear to be fickle minded…that’s the nuances of being a youngster..

Nonetheless….it’s all the same anyway…

First Love

I was reading through Desi’s blog about his first love..pretty touching and cute in a way..

I would define his story as puppy love.

What is your definition of love then?

I had puppy love(s) before. It was such a simple, young, innocent and naive thing. I also had non-puppy love, if we could call that.

But today I am just going to talk about the puppy the latter group is too complicated sometimes to comprehend.

I remember I was in primary school. He was my friend since kindergarten. We used to play a lot. We also talked a lot. We got punished once in kindergarten because we talked quite loudly behind the class.

However he and I managed to went to the same primary school. We went to different classes, but remained friends nonetheless.

He was always like my buddy. We were together until Primary 6. We sat next to each other during primary 6.

I remembered I used to like him because of the comfort, the familiarity. We used to exchange notes on this artiste and that, and we used to talk crap. I used to call him the ’sissy boy’.

He always looked out for me and I was grateful that he was my friend when everyone else looked down on me. I was a rebellious student to begin with. It was such humiliation.
But nonetheless, we remained close friends.

The teasing began. People were pairing us up to be together. We ignored them.
Some other girl started to get jealous of me because we liked the same boy.

We started to had bIt*h fights, but imagine it to be the primary school version.

And so we left…and met again…

And after primary 6, we left that nice, homely school of ours to go to separate single sex schools.

Him and I didn’t see each other until when we were 15. He happened to came to the same Bahasa Malaysia tuition as mine. My heart dropped when I saw him. Perhaps we were fated after all to meet each other again.

The familiar teasing resumed. We were like old times. Funnily enough my heart strings started to tug at that time.
Rumours spread like wild fire. The next thing you know, the people in his school started to know who I am.
I don’t even know them!!!

We remained cool, we remained friends. Might not be the best of friends, but still candid and cordial at most times.

Time to move on…

It was the night before I was scheduled to leave Sydney.
We chatted on ICQ ( yes it was the hot thing then!! ) and asked about each other’s love lives.

Sab:” So, did you like me before??”
Him:” Yes, a very long time ago..what about you-me?”

Sab hesitates

Sab: ” Well I did..when in primary school..”
Him:” REALLY??!! I have heard a different version of it though!!”
Sab (with an astonished look, but staring at the computer screen):” Huh?! What versions?!”
Him: yadda yadda yadda…
Sab:” Oooo..really?!” ( plays dumb)

But at the end of the conversation, we were glad we got it sorted out.
He was a good friend. And I shall always keep that memory of him being a good friend.

What about now?

When I looked back, I laughed at our innocence. I am amazed that we have come this far.
Perhaps we don’t talk to each other as we should be, but he was part of my growing up chapter.
I have moved on ever since. ( of course!)
In fact I have met with more complicated situations than this. It is, after all, a puppy love.
I am glad that I met this ‘puppy’
At least he did leave a positive footprint in my life…:D

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Throughout our lives

We are sent precious souls

Meant to share our journey.

However brief or long lasting their stay

They remind us why we are here.:)

Comment by sweetspirit — September 23, 2005 @ 7:36 am

Ah, Sab, you really opened UP didn’t you. I wonder if these writings are going into making up some chapters in your Romance? novel. Sweets inspired my Puppy Luv post, now you’ve caught the fever. If Saturday proves too daunting, I’m going to “steal” tis I-opening episode of your FirstLuve, caN! (that’s just a rhetorical Q!). I 4 Nostalgia and Challengia are in bed 2gether. GIB indeed, if you need to ask what GIB means, seek out Primrose garden…:) Challengia.

Comment by ylchong — September 23, 2005 @ 8:37 am

DESIDERATA: I don't understand how my own comment lands up on the frontpage of my own latest posting. Malaysia, BolehLand indeed. NZ also Bolehland2! They reward you for "theft", just don't make it a fair habit.

If I'm arrested, I swear "I'd tell the 'hole tooth, nothin' but the tooth, so Help me Sweets."


If Steven Spielberg can have Prequel, there is no reAson why Desi cannot have a Pre-Post, yes? I'm hoping at least SE7EN of mGf each posts ONE FirstLuv Story, starting with hardworking Sabrina (Hopefully Yan's BoyNextDoor is calling!), I can take a deserved SE7EN-DAY hiatus from Blogging on his own stewpid poses. Then on the EightDay he will rsie again in line with brudder Imran's Time2Rise motto, and if Desi sees any CAN to do an MIA, he'll do another disappearing act like that... who? Remember David Copperfield?... ask him to make the 'hole blogosphere vanish into the Ozone hole. It's getting' bloody warmer, and warmer in Seremban, and someone from NZ gave Desi a Warmer which is suitable for a birdday present for a September Child...he put it into a warmer and started a fire which made the hole world even warmer nauseum ... thus Ends the Never-ending LuvStory II.

Added on at 2.45AM as a Pre-Thought.

Herman's Hermits

(Lyrics by Gerry Goffin / Carole King)

Woke up this mornin' feelin' fine
There's somethin' special on my mind
Last night I met a new girl in the neighbourhood, whoa yeah

Somethin' tells me I'm into something good
(Somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')

She's the kind of girl who's not too shy
And I can tell I'm her kind of guy
She danced close to me like I hoped she would
(she danced with me like I hoped she would)
Somethin' tells me I'm into something good
(Somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')
We only danced for a minute or two
But then she stuck close to me the whole night through
Can I be fallin' in love
She's everthing I've been dreamin' of
She's everthing I've been dreamin' of
I walked her home and she held my hand
I knew it couldn't be just a one-night stand
So I asked to see her next week and she told me I could
(I asked to see her and she told me I could)
Somethin' tells me I'm into something good
(Somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')
(Somethin' tells me I'm into somethin', ahhh)
I walked her home and she held my hand
I knew it couldn't be just a one-night stand
So I asked to see her next week and she told me I could
(I asked to see her and she told me I could)
Somethin' tells me I'm into something good
(somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')
Somethin' tells me I'm into something good
(somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')
To something good, oh yeah, something good
(somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')
To something good, something good, something good

Friday, September 23, 2005

And words are all I have ...

First Love

Today I dedicate my post to two luvly ladies I met at Blogsworld -- one I've met in person, the other I think I spied in my dreAm -- but I digress. (See Threads of our Lives, September 19, 2005.) This dedication is in addition to the choice of TWO fRiends I tagged for SE7EN minus Famous5.

took me seriously when I suggested she should follow with a ChallengiA (ONE IS CURRENTLY ON at BUT she did it in 1/2 -- she posted a short post on First Love, but did not throw Readers a Challenge with a Prize. Sabrina entices with a bar of Choc, and I plan to win it -- two bloody OZ songs -- Sweets, canya tell me?? I won't go public on this shAring.So you don't kNOw we had a rendezvous at, but if you wonder why she abadndoned l'st, I really don't want to kNOw! Anywayz, now check her OUT if you need sum hugz!:) I spelt anyways with a "zee" replacing the "ass" because that's wat most mG-bloggers-f do it, I must not rock the sampan or they will throw rocks at Desi and you wont gonna get your daiRy fix. Ah, the pleasure of AGGRESSION, throwin' rocks! What don't we settle for barbs - you know, bra wrapped in BS, baby suit-lah, why you need to ask-one? See, Desi also speaks Manglish-one sumtimes, and his spelling is hollor, man, I dunno what came over him -- I see myself in tHE tHIRD pERSON when I want a critical l=o=o=k, fats, warts and 'alls! aND WHEN HE'S IN THE 3p, THE SUBJECT IS FOLLOWED BY SINGULAR VERBS. eXAMPLE, dESIDerrata WRITES FUNNY SUMTIMES, OR MOST TIMES, BUT IT'S ok AS LONG AS HE enjoys IT!Theses last few sentences were all confused with all the Caps and LCs (for lower caps, not French though) all inter-CHANGED. Blame it on either Sweets or sleep deprivation -- bloody deadlines! -- I had to work 18 hours a day and they pay me pee-nutz!

wHAT FOLLOWS IS Xtracted from Sweets brief -- don't you be knotty, brudder IM, it is kNOT that brief!:) Are you reading (or p-e-e-king in?) bro Imran?

I thank Sweets 'holeheArtedly for that brief1luv, but it would be EASIER on my rusty eyes if thou had done niCE paragraphing like this with thy ORIGINAL, now given a dressing over by Desi, Xperimenting with F-designing?: (F- is not a four-letter word, maybe FashionAsia?)

"***Desi hinted to me blog about first love haha i thought about it.
But it is not me for i don't believe that the first person you fall inlove with or first human love is any more significant then the next or the last unless it is the one you have been with all your life.

Now that is a different story as for love it comes and goes and if we don't learn from our mistakes of the love that we leave or we lose then not much luck the next time round. I think the worst things is thinking the next person will be like the last and so , one starts to think and sometimes believe he she is just like the last. That is bad because no two people in this world are the same each love is individual and each to his /her own.

The best we can do is not look to replace the last person we loved nor compare that person to another because that is not fair.I know so many gals that go from relationship to relationship , not healing from the last one.They always say but this is it he is the one until next month or next season.Of course we are all different so for me , i just say what will be will be :)

Here is and oldie but i very nice song.
Endless Love Lyrics

My love There’s only you in my life The only thing that’s right
My first love You’re every breath that I take You’re every step I make And i I want to share All my love with you No one else will do
And your eyes They tell me how much you care Oh, yes you will always be My endless love

Two hearts Two hearts that beat as one Our lives had just begun Forever I’ll hold you close in my arms I can’t resist your charms And love I’ll be a fool for you I’m sure You know I don’t mind You know I don’t mind ’cause you You mean the world to me Oh, I know I know I found in you My endless love

Oh And love I’ll be that fool for you I’m sure You know I don’t mind You know I don’t mind And yes You’ll be the only one ’cause no one can’t deny This love I have inside And I’ll give it all to you My love My endless love... ***"

Posted at 04:04 am by sweetspirit

See, Sweets, I told thee I make a good sub!:) Trumpets sound ...)

Now I can feel the touch and eye thy heArt!:) Better! Best!!:);)

If I respond with my version of First Love, Do I get a Prize? -- No Booker, an OZ choc also-can-lah, butt NOT croc! will do -- you can keep Croc Dundee for Sab if I don't win her Choc?;(

"***I was nine, going on 10, and she was the beaut of the class of forty-ODD pupils, Desi might be the oddest.

She was especially good at ART, which Desi modestly claims to have some talent2! (Trumpets roll2)
Miss X looked especially luvly on Saturdays, because then we all were allowed to come in mufti. No, it's not te religious type of mufti ... it means not in uniform-lah.

X would come with a blouse of light hue, smartly overlaid by just some flowery tom-boyishly worn shirt that made her look more matured than just 9 or ten. I'll score her 10/10, of course, but there's bias on my part, no doubt. (Aside, just like my bias for that OZ gal called sssssspirit-lah, but I score thee 9/10 steal one point behind my First....)

Back from digression -- yes, I was already doing that at that olde age of 9OR10. I glanced at pretty girls when they were not looking, and the teAcher was writng on the BlackBoard. Yes, those days they used chalk scratching on the cancer-causing scratched board with white dust flying everywhere, including on the teacher's dress that made her blue dress coloured with twinkles of white. I digressed too much.

Where was I?

Ah, one hot (summer?) day, Desi was feeling restless, maybe the hormones were acting up. We had a class monitor who was well, quite close to me, well-behaved (that's he was appointed the M!), hair combed neatly and always weAring an A-smile. Desi's hair by comparision was scruffy, and my s-mile then was like watelse, Smiley! (Pls, I. Cowws, don't spell it as Smelly or else the teAcher will smack you!)

And smack does not mean a kiss on your cheek, you chicky one. It mans a whack on thy bottom that sometimes it sounded like thunder clap .. when the Punisher was one BIG-sized Headmaster whose approach would render even the cats quiet. The mice ran away of course.

Well, as I was saying, I was restless, so I put pen to paper, and drafted the following addressed to:

"... Miss X: I admire you light blue blouse very much. You sparse flowered shirt too.

I'd like to meet you after school at the Lake Gardens, can?

Just turn and smile at me if the answer is YES.

Yours sincerely,

CWK ... "

CWK was that monitor's nama, and smart YL was using his name to project my "secret luv" for that gal-with-the-sweetest-smile in KGV School.

Miss X picked up the piece of luv letter which I scurried like a mouse to leave at her desk when the teAcher was absorbed at her writing some long poem on the BB for us to "meme-rise" (you see, those years ago we already played me-me-ing) about some stupid Cows grazing on the grassland While the farmer was busy milking the cowgal ...

But the projected luv took an unexpected turn.

"Teacher, teacher," X Xclaimed, "someone knotty has sent me somethin knotty .." I guess X's vocab then was limited.
. was
.a long
> pause.

Then TeAcher Miss Boon (that was how we called her that oens years ago...she must have married, and have many niCE kids by now... but I'm no beesybody!).

Long story-short:

Miss Boon read the luv letter, smiled, and said someone had indeed been very naughty. Being a Sherlock Holmes, Miss Boon could tell straightaway who the culprit was. He asked YL to stand up. I was indeed an obedient boy. I stood up as quiet as a rat. "YL, (I was not a friend of Desiderata of max ehrmann fame yet ...) you are the only one capable of writing 'that' LETTER. Yes?"

Yes, I had to stand up, bowed my head as my face was first turning first pinkish -- then Red Indian red -- finally Lobster Red!Every thing has a First Time in one's life. That was my First Love Lesson:):):):):):);) for SEVENth HeAven!

But YL did not receive further admonishment but a remark "YL, your writing is very neat and arty. And I can't fault your gramma' -- (Now added a century? belatedly: Hey Miss Boon, don't bring my Granny into 'is!)At least that was Miss Boon's "punishing" words that I could recall. Maybe I heArd wLongly because thw 'hole world was looking' at Me-Me! (Yan, I blame thee for making me so precocious. Yes, I went on to read DH Lawrence's "Lady C's Lover" in Form 1, but I did not fail any examns. In fact, Miss Boon treated me lightly (smiley?) because i was a sort of teAcher;s pet! (I'm an honorary citizen of Catsville, Kuching then was near Seremban, for Peninsular and Borneo were joined by a fly-bridge ... Jules Verne told me so, of was it H.G. Wells? Well, it's Long, Long Ago ...)

To the mGf who sportingly played the Game of SE7EN with Desi after I received the baton from Primrose, to my number SE7EN who asked to reveal my age, I referred her to Miss Boon, hence this story. Also, I recently told her in one comment at her Yan's Corner -- In Touch:


Stormy sea testing fRiendships to the fullest
Banquet time when crowds swell and wolves in sheep's attire their best
I shiver in the world's cold
But it's still warm in one hold.

Yan, at 8:18 AM

Hi, Desi,

Jurno's poem here is (translated from Chinese) -

Photo-taking, I stand in front
Delegate task, I stand behind
Donation time, excuse me, I have to answer the nature's call

Thanks for the poem.

Thanks for tagging me. I am honoured.

at 9:16 AM

So to These Two Special Bonny Lad'es:
I end not with Endless Luv, but Elvis rendition of


"It's only words,
And words are all I have
To take your heArt away ..."

PS: I know Yan loves the BeeGees version, and also Sweets is from Australia, so both are all too familiar with BIGies, so I make 'em feel small, when Xmas trees are tAll!; and Desiderata is always a JUST, not fair, man, so he stays medium -- neither small nor tAll:) for an American singer's take. You have not heard of Elvis the Pelvis, then you must be coking!

Smile an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you
Near to me.
Don't ever let me find you down, cause that would
Bring a tear to me.
This world has lost its glory, let's start a brand
New story now, my love.
Right now, there'll be no other time and i can show
You how, my love.

Talk in everlasting words, and dedicate them all to
And i will give you all my life, i'm here if you
Should call to me.
You think that i don't even mean a single word i

It's only words, and words are all i have, to take
Your heart away

PastScript from Kuching, extracted from September 07, 2005 post at YAN happily accepts Desi's CHALLENGE 5 to run a Booker Review of Mitch Albom's TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE.

The First Prize is an autographed copy of CHALLENGE TO LOVE by Catherine De Costa (donatted by Desiderata;); and also First PUBLICATIONS RIGHTS to The Borneo Post (where Yan has a little say!) to feature THE TOP2 REVIEWS:);) where normal payments just like for anyother freelance contributions apply...

MGf Desi has promised to be hardworking Judge and his decisions are final & muktamad, to be announced Three Days after Borneo Post's use of the 3 reviews.

Entries of at least 2,500 words must reach YAN by Email at or

Deadline is 2400 hours, September 30, 2005.



Now before Yan settles in for the night, I wish to reminisce for her The First of May, and her TheBoyNextDoor, surely her First Love which is compulsory telling after Sweets and Desi have opened up their heArts to shAre. Desi knows you're shAring and cAring2, Yan.

And if you wish, you may invite ONE of your regular conversationists to write, yeah, about his/her First Love. See, I caught the Me-Me-Me-owing fever, But it's for only ONE along the LuvLane!:)

Playing Sherlock Holmes

Desiderata was blessed from his schooldays to have been taught by an English teacher who was also teaching us General Science. He combined these two fields so well that if there had been a School for Detection in Malaysia, I would have gladly enrolled. Maybe then so many of these "high-profile" cases of MURDER MOST FOUL might have taken a new twist, with Desi at the next turn. Am I blowing some academic horn here?

I think I Inherited some of Sherlock Holmes traits because I must have read every single book by SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE on that famed detective, maybe accounting for some 40 percent of my teenage years reading, followed by 20 percent of Hercule Poirot’s pursuits by AGATHA CHRISTIE.

“It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – from “The Beryl Coroner”

“**SIR Arthur Conan Doyle’s most celebrated creation, Sherlock Holmes, is so vibrantly characterized that through the years many have believed him to be, or wanted him to be, a real person. By Doyle’s own admission, Holmes was in part based on a real person, his mentor Dr Joseph Bell, a doctor of forensic medicineunder whom Doyle studied in Edinburgh. Bell was a progressive surgeon and renowned for his sound deductive reasoning.

“Despite the (continued) acclaim for his detective, Doyle decided that the time had come to kill him off and in ‘The Final Problem’ he did so in a thrilling clifftop conflict with his nemesis Professor Moriarty. The public outrage was long and loud. Sherlock Holmes simply had to return.**”

The above was extracted from the back-flap of The Complete SHERLOCK HOLMES published by Geddes & Grosset as Desi knows he can’t put it any better, like trying to paraphrase Max Ehrmann’s poems, so I attribute complete authority to the author’s ownership. We wouldn’t want to steal from Dolye, would we, for then he may send the Hound of Baskervilles after me, and the mere thought sends chills down my weak spines, if I have any left …(NB: I don’t getta any financial interest from promoting ‘is book.:) Just one grasp from Doyle’s cold hand in my nightmare when the hound came running in the Seremban Maze from the English moorland …to rescue Desi from certain death, and my EsteemedReaders wouldn’t have kNOwn one YLChong. Ah, second trumpetin’!!

So just playing amateur Sherlock today, I just ask the following questions to some interesting scenarios on record:

*! In NORIETTA SHAMSUDDIN’s case, it was clearly said in court that the accused had sex with the murder victim within close proximity of time of her death, as his semen was voluminously ledged within her vagina at the time of her death. Would that factor alone, regardless of everything else, not suffice a calling of the accused’s defence – to perhaps tell us what transpired, in the accused own words, in the few hours before her death, and his movements the few hours following? A horse was around, but nobody wanted to hear it from the horses’ mouth…

*!! In the latest case involving the murder of Chinese teenager XU JIAN HUANG, there was clear evidence involving the theft of a huge sum of money and there was controversy over who stole the money – the murder victim (who could not tell his story) or the two bodyguards, who were jointly charged with XU’s uncle-businessman, a former Datuk, KOH KIM TECH. There was clearly a motive for the crime on someone’s part, yet isn’t this sufficient to call for a defence so that the trio could shed some light on the “missing RM30,000”. Other clear facts established included that the victim was found dead with 23 injury marks in the businessman’s heavily guarded residence swimming pool.

However, there is a glimmer of hope yet, as was expressed soon after the Norietta’s verdict was delivered.

THE STAR 22 September 2005 page 4 reports:

A-G to file appeal letter

KUALA LUMPUR: Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail will appeal against the acquittal of stockbroking firm director Koh Kim Teck and his two bodyguards from a charge of murdering Chinese teenager Xu Jian Huang.
He signed the appeal letter the afternnon yesterday and has directed his officers to file it with the High Court :as soon as possible”.

DESIDERATA is no lawyer, but as private citizen JoePublic, he deeply feels that Justice has not been seen to be done in the caes cited, and many more reported but too numerous to list here ... in fact, Desi feels that high profile cases involving any Accused who have the means to pay get a better deal than the poor blighters who couldn’t afford any counsel. Is this what the Justice System in my dear Malaysia has degenerated into? But I should not be surprised,and I am INSPIRED by this Citizen's case (refer $$$$$$$) ... because I will tell you why later, A*A...after Desi disposes with some other cases, not

Murder Most Foul, but still stinking, cases involving these scenarios:

*! But a politician I know from public record was able to obtain RM1.2blllion bank facilities in 1997/98 to help take control of several listed companies. To my knowledge from reliable sources, this was the same politician who ran off for a hiatus soon after the Asian financial crisi hit the region, including Malaysia which led to the stock market crash, diluting values by some 70 percent – yet this same person was elected to lead the current generation of youth leaders, and potentially rise to become a national leader. What gives?

Playing Sherlock Holmes, it just reminds me of what a great philosopher said, paraphrasing here:

When you borrow small from the bank, you owe the bank
You get a lawyer’s letter after three months of defaulting on repayments.
When you borrow BIG -- Humongous is the word! Some mGf who studied Down Under often like to use this darn’d word, I prefer Herculean, but WTH! You please the majority! See my PR is damned Good, yes? – the bank owes you. If you don’t service the re-payments, just interest will do-lah, BUT if no interests are paid even from Day1, also-can-lah, because you have powerful connections.

Contrast with today’s news report:

Reporting on the Dewan Rakyat proceedings yesterday, The Star again, page 12, headlined:

Uncaring financial institutions slammed

BANKS and financial institutions are uncaring and profit-minded, according to MPs.
Datuk Abdul Rahim (BN- Kudat) said commercial banks with a huge amount of liquidity always persuade companies to take up loans but they would quickly opt for legal action if a financial crisis takes place.
“Restucturing proposal submitted by the companies to the banks are hardly entertained,” he said during the debate on the Banking and Financial Institutions (Amendment) Bill.
Mohd Said Yusof (BN- Jasin) concurred with him, relating his experience about a bank which offered to increase for him the amount of his overdraft facility when he acquired some shares in 1995.
“But when the share value dropped during the financial crisis in 1997, I was asked to pay my debt together with interest. They chased after me and threatened to take legal action.”

*!! I’m in a foul mood today. The MITI yesterday released a list of 377 MPs and past MPs who also recived Approved Permits besides those given to AP Kings and businessssmen.
I’m going to sue the Oppositon Members who got all those APs yet at the same time crying “foul” at their Barisan Nasional counterparts in serving their self-interests. Remember many MPs also objected when the Government tops prefaced raising the MPs allowances by 10percent and they all demanded “WHY?” because to their mind, “None of them asked for it!”

Oh, you Malaysians, your memories are so slow and short. I think I’ll start a Simple School of SherlockHolmics to get thee cracking. Join me in filing that class action suit to freeze all MPs’ accounts except tose who wrote a cheque for that “10 pecent” Xtra which they did NOT want?

Remember the journalist I commended – Kee Thuan Chye? You I.Cowws ne’er read the Sun’s weekender last Sat/Sun? Kee wrote back a cheque for RM100 for an increment he received after a fallout with the management at a previous workplace as a matter of principle and maintaining his dignity. Does any of the MPs -- BN or Opposition -- have the dignity and honour of this gentleman of a journalist named Kee TC?

If you have not read this article, especially those planning Mass Comm studies,
“You are beyond Desi’s redemption.” I’m closing Desi’s Place. Ugut-nya lagi! I hear, but Desi is SerriiiooouuussssS this time, unless you get us a GOoD lawyer and you guys (which include gals within them, in cae I hear some feminists cry Blue Murder on Desi!) pay for that loyar tak buluk!

I half rest my case.

Hear what the defence has to say.

I may have a re-butter tomorrow.

Yang arif EsteemedReaders, I rest my case MEANtime. Take my word for it, I mean every word I said/writ.

$$$$$$$And exercising his right under Article 8(1) of the Federal Constitution,lawyer Rabindran Devadason filed a suit recently seeking a declaration that "he is entitled to the 500 APs he had applied for from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Miti) on July 22 this year".

"I am equal before the law and I am entitled to equal protection before the law. There is nothing in the laws of the country to prevent me from diversifying my interests."

It's also the first time a suit has been filed against the government by an individual who claims he was unfairly denied Approved Permits (APs) to import cars.
According to his affidavit in this test case, he claimed he had received a reply to his AP application from Miti on Aug 8, "laying down all sorts of onerous conditions" and making it almost impossible to comply".
In his affidavit, Rabindran also cited reports by New Straits Times dated July 19 and 28, which listed the names of those who had received APs.$$$$$$$

A*A-- But my friends, be reminded
It was way back on a May Day in ‘88
When the court sat on a holy day
A panel of junior judges sacked their chief

Salleh Abas Lord President was dismissed in a jiffy
But then DPM Anwar Ibrahim held his tongue
A decade later with one fell swoop
Anwar became a lauded victim in the vicious loop

Refomrasi Anwar started, his loyalists proclaim
They forgot Salleh and his Brave Ones
Who stood their ground for justice
They indeed were the unheralded Originals

Reformation is not only taking to the streets
It’s changing of the mindset
What became of the Judiciary following Salleh?
It was downhill all the way…

It led the country’s leading judicious mind
The late Tun Suffian Hashim to lament in 2000:
“I wouldn’t like to be tried by today’s judges,
Especially if I am innocent.”*

*Quoted from a speech on March 10, 2000 that the former Lord President delivered at a Bar commemoration for the late Justice Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman. *A*

One footnote I’d add here is that many Malaysians have short memories. How many of us can still recall that not many citizens rose up to raise any protest when “injustice” befell the former Lord President and five fellow judges? There is a saying, “What goes around, comes around”, which many of the country’s politicians must take heed of, if they do have a conscience.

Thursday, September 22, 2005



I think by nature, writers are radical beings. Being passionate, they reach into the deepest of their emotions and the furthest reach of their intellect to search for the truth and reasoning behind a statement, question or a problem. If the final product put forth in words is not moved by radical motivation, it will not flow swimmingly, the impact will not be maximum, the text will not shine. And if words do not shine, the writing won't sustain any Reader's interest to continue to read further, or to its end, which is surely every writer's goal.

Discerning readers at Desi's Place would have noticed I seldom wrote on Desiderata.Truth, one of the three stated categories I introduced as ranking objectives for starting this Blod. Truth is only dsicerned often by what is called The Third Eye -- because it belongs to those "indefinable" qualities that philosophers can spend long hours in discourse, and only on ocaasions o Epiphanic Appearances is Truth seen, and even then, as mere approximations to It. Truth is never close to a simple arithmetical equation like

Two plus two is four i.e. as expresssed in conventional maths 2 + 2 = 4

If I have not committed myself to write with passion from within my heArt, then I might as well be silent. For there is indeed gold in Silence, at times. If I suffer from self doubt, and I can't even convince myself about an issue, then this piece would have to call a stop here. I cannot go on -- because it would NOT be fair to you, my most esteemed reader who is sparing me your precious time, and lending me your damed good ears. Desi might not mind being a Pig, but he surely does not want donkeys for conversationists.

So it is a DELIGHT to read of dissenting views from my EsteemedReaders. That calls for real two-way, or multi-way conversations, for I do encourage that Readers also exchange views -- nay, even debate -- among themselves. I make a good listener. Yes, I do, and I have amended or minded my thinking oin certain issues on reading contrasting views which make greater sense and more convincing meat than my first bite.

But most important of all, I have to do justice to myself as a writer. I was reading a fellow Blogger's intetresting post about "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" (hey, kyels, did you adapt thy nick from that doc?...:)recently, and I added my 3sen worth.

And I just commented spontaneously to her writing -- no, second thoughts there, because in Conversations, I believe we must speak as the words come to lips, no hesitation, no holds barred ... we have to allow room for DISsent, otherWISE, there is no meaningful discourse.

Someimes, on reading back my writings, like te last two days' posts of five years ago -- I am amazed at myself. I say to msyelf "Hey, that's incredible writing from YLChong -- here referred to as a ThirdPerson, because I never realised I had indeed overdone myself. Hence I said in the INTRO yesterday I am mighty proud ...)

I believe I would not have achieved writing to that high standard if not for the circumstances and the environmental factors that impacted on one's thought snad challenged one's beliefs, for writing or action in other ways in reaction or response.

Today I'm going to quote extensively from a fellow Blogger at on her post:

"***Dual Personalities

Posted by Kyels on September 18th, 2005 at 4:09 pm

Heard of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Hyde before?

It’s a literature written by Robert Louis Stevenson and was published in 1886. Stevenson dreamt the plot and eventually began jotting down his memories on the paper. And the short novel was finished within three days. And this was how the literature called Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde came about.
Dual personas, anyone know what’s that about?
So what is the connection between dual personalities and blogging?

Have you ever thought why people keep their feelings within themselves and rather not blog about it? Blogs may be a good way for a person to rant and ramble, cuss and swear but there are also people who want to live in their own world, hidden behind a mask and the mask is their blogs. That is why they don’t portray their true self when blogging. They may write good stuffs but in the end, people think they are just trying to act all good and innocent.

Dual personalities and blogging may have connection because if one doesn’t be him/herself in their blogs, which means they are not ready to show the whole blogging community who they are and sometimes they are being labeled as liars or trying to act all pure and good. But come on, we cannot judge a book by its cover. It’s just not right.

Maybe one of you might ask me in return, am I blogging like my real self in reality?
Rest assured, some of you may call me a liar or I am trying to be a goodie person but honestly my posts portrays what I have in mind all the time in reality and I wouldn’t deny that I ponder and think a lot. Well, a lot of stuff is constantly rummaging through my brains and hence this is the reason why I blog posts that sounds philosophical. I think a lot and I reflect my past actions and how and why do people behave like that. My entries may sound rigid and structured, but hey, this is what I have in mind and hence that explains why the posts are so long all the time. My thoughts, you see.

So, how do you blog? Concealing you true nature behind a mask or you’re blogging the way you are in reality? ****"

Posted under My Humble Thoughts
24 Voices Spoken

Two of the Voices who commented:

""***sweets said,
September 18, 2005 at 7:46 pm

I think we all would be some what different at times,depending on our moods or where we are what we r doing….
cheerz gal

ylchong said,
September 18, 2005 at 9:59 pm

hi kyels:
You can tell after some regular reads of a particular blog whether he/she blogs from the heart. If a reader cannot make a “connection” after several readings, he/she won’t come back for more.

Me, I blog treating my readers like children — (O)Livers and Olivias, (and Olivettis?), hoping they will “ask for more”.

Dual personae — that’s another subject which may, or may not, be totally reflected in one’s writings — as writers suffer from changing moods, external influnce (factors), etc. So it’s not fair to use writings to judge personalities because some Bloggers set up a particular site to entertain, even quite in contrast to thei true personalities — e.g. KennySia’s . met him only once, he’s not all the time priming the F-words or flanting his “coconuts” so it’s using this medium for a focused objective.

I only agree in the area when you “journalise” your personal thoughts, and compose poems — that must flow from the heArt,, or it mostly fails to “connect”.
My 3sen worth, because two sen buy 50% less nowadays, and desi is tigtening his belt2 — like me, I try to inject humour in my writings, cos life is already too seriou-uusss, man (woman is included in da man-lah!). must always end with a s-mile at Kyels because of her warm&caring personality.

And from Sabrina's Place today, her NZD2 worth (buy me a bar of giant Choc?) on why she blogs:

"**I blog because I'd like to share my interests with certain groups of people. I blog because I want to highlight an issue, and get feedback from readers. I might, perhaps, learn from their feedback and see things in a different light.

If I had wanted to be famous, I would definitely go for something else. Do some great research or something like that.
If I want to be famous by writing, I would publish GREAT books. ( That is still my dream!)

As I pen this piece after reading the shortest comments from Sabrina, kyels and sweets to yesterday's post, with the latter asking WHY THE SILENCE?, and I had responded I think with quoting from my Sifu poet, Max EHRMANN: "GO placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peAce there may be in SILENCE."

In my present writings, I'd want to rise to that standard I was so proud of attaining in penning those last two pieces exactly five years ago yesterday, so I let the words flow.****""

I have always enjoyed kyels writings because they are so spontaneous -- young and innocent most times, yet a little mature beyong her age (I only kNOw this because she states it in her Profile, othewise I'll put her out as ... I won't go public, this is NO BOSTON PUBLIC teAchere here:) Yes, I did comment to her she has been most "philosophic" in her recent articles -- and why not when one is in that particular frame of mind> Desi has been pretty "nostalgic" in his September peices, well I had partly Xplained myself, but there's no reason to, because to each his/her own in blogosphere, as the saying oes:Variety is the spice of life. Sometimes the "fever" spreads thogh as Sabrina catches on with Desi's "nostalgia" and seems lost in so many places in Haze-land, wondering and wandering ...Me, my threads of life connect with all my mGf, both Blogger and non-B, equally welcome to converse ehre, and Haridas serves pretty GOoD tehha-lia2!

As for Sweets, she just packs up to dance wantonly in the Springtime and Summer, and we'll wait for Winter when she hibernates and maybe, perhaps, maybhaps? she'll have leisure to revive her Sweetz blog. Meanwhile, she meanders away with a LuvOR.... 'est in another hideaway.

So back to kyels' rumination about Dual Personalities, I think we all have a touch of Hyde in all of us; hopefully this doesn't dominate the Dr Jekyll perona and we'll stay alright in Rightland, won't we. But sometimes, things go hay-wire, and we don't understand why cerian people allow their Dark sides to overwhelm them. That's when humans descend into the abyss of base animal writhings ...

I've read R.L. Stevenson's Dr J and Mr H, and even in my schooldays, I've wondered and wandred along with, marvelled at his rich imigaination that transported into his world of adventure in Treasure Islland, and his exploration of human nature -- this Mr Hiding behind the Mask of the GOod Doc? And I do concur with kyels in one obsevation as I stated in my comment: One can't but be true to oneselt -- writing from the heArt in one's journals on private personal thoughts, or in penning one's poems -- otherWISE, it fails.

So before I knock off, I think I've written another surprising post. Did I surpass myself? You tell me -- No tehtarik for the telling or it's bribery -- we wouldn't want that on spiritedestination, would we?

To maintain a lifting quest, Take the best medicine of all for what ails you -- laughter :)


"A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon
without springs--jolted by every pebble in the road."
~Henry Ward Beecher

"Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects."
--Arnold Glasow

"Laughter is by definition healthy."
--Doris Lessing

"If somebody makes me laugh, I'm his slave for life."
--Bette Midler

"The human race has one really effective weapon,
and that is laughter."
--Mark Twain

"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul."
-- Yiddish Proverb

"Laughter is an instant vacation."
-- Milton Berle

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."

-- Victor Borge

*******The foregoing was extracted from:

'Thought & Humor' - often polemical but
never tasteless/unrefined/uncouth/ribald.