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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Respite from my BOOKmaking, Jest LISTEN...

Emailed by som,eone I reespect lots who keeps me LIGHT- and BRIGHT-HEarted!:) Thanks, Datuk Justice!:):)

 Subject: Este vĂ­deo pondrĂ¡ una sonrisa en tu rostros...?......


This video will put a nice smile on your face....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

When I feel a byte weary and crestfallen...

I find INSPIRATION from my fave C&W FAITH HILL swooning these two numbers from "BREATHE" -- yes, take a deep breath when you're feeling low, OK!, via:


"There Will Come A Day"

It's not easy
Trying to understand
How the world can be so cold
Stealing the souls of man
Cloudy skies rain down
On all your dreams
You wrestle with the fear and doubt
Sometimes it's hard, but you gotta believe

There's a better place
Where our Father waits
And every tear
He'll wipe away
The darkness will be gone
The weak shall be strong
Hold on to your faith
There will come a day
There will come a day

Wars are raging
Lives are scattered
Innocence is lost
And hopes are shattered
The old are forgotten
The children are forsaken
In this world we're living in
Isn't anything sacred

There's a better place
Where our Father waits
And every tear
He'll wipe away
The darkness will be gone
The weak shall be strong
Hold on to your faith
There will come a day
There will come a day

Song will ring out
Down those golden streets
The voices of earth
The angels will sing
Every knee will bow
Sin will have no trace
In the glory of His amazing grace
Every knee will bow
Sin will have no trace
In the glory of His amazing grace
There will come a day
There will come a day
Oh, there will come a day
There will come a day
I know there's coming a day
Coming a day

and IF I should fall behind...

OR via:

We said we'd walk together 
Baby come what may 
Back from the twilight 
Should we lose our way 
As we were walking 
A hand should slip free 
I'll wait for you 
Should I fall behind wait for me 

Swore we'd travel together 
Darlin' side by side 
We'd help each other 
Stay in stride 
Each lover steps on 
So differently 
So I'll wait for you 
Should I fall behind wait for me 

Everyone dreams of 
A love lasting and true 
You and I know what this world can do 
So let's make ourselves be 
That the other may see 
And I'll wait for you 
Should I fall behind wait for me 

There's a beautiful river 
In the valley ahead 
There need be no drought 
Soon we will wed 
Should we lose each other 
In the shadow of the evening dreams 
Oh, I'll wait for you 
Should I fall behind wait for me 
Darlin' I'll wait for you 

Should I fall behind wait for me 

Wait for me 
If I should fall behind wait for me 

Wait for me

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just an observation -- growing numbers of weird people talking to themselves...

In betweeen writing random chapters onf my BLOCKbustier book meant to be snatched up by Hollywood, Chinavillewood or Bollywood, Desi likes to spend time at LEISURE. Well, if thou knowest not that poem, please google "WH Davies leisure"and memorise it by HEart! Then you have the privilege of joining Desi to watch the girls go by -- What's this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare...The INTERNET generation seems to see growing numbers of lonely people. Go to the malls, and you see the strange sight of people talking to themselves, hands gesturing, full of emotions sometimes when you see hands dancing in the air...

I like to  watch these people conversing to themselves --- YET APPEARING HIGHLY ANIMATED  and I try to guess what they were saying, from their facial expressions and handmovements. Yes, sometimes I move my tehtarik and sit frontally watchiong my "target".

And I am not aimlessly watching; the subjects can contribute colour to the characters I plan to feature in my book -- pretty faces, sad ones too; con men and woemen; the loudmouthed boasters, the silently expressive voice softly speakin', maybe no one's supposed to hear.

Then it DAWNED on me, after a "lomg" time in Des living up to his nama! The talker is speaking to someone at the other end of his handset which is noit visible to Desi's chinamen eyes. So they are NOT talking to themselves. They are the new GEN who have the latest gadget this newsdog can't afford.

But one thought remains, WHY DO PEOPLE BURN SO MUCH MONEY TALKING INTO THEIR HANPHONS. If the person at the other end of the line is worth spening like 60minutes of one talking ala to himself/herself, ain't it better to meet poerson-to=person for a tete-a-tete over tehtarik?

Desi would, and I won't the focus of someone's eyes thinking Desi's quite off his rocker -- talking to himself in a public place!:)

Friday, July 19, 2013

SINce book progress is SLOW, here's quirky news interlude:)

TO KEEP meself entertained -- IF thou also feel entertained, that's a BOMUS, or COLLATERAL BENEFIT!:):)


Man becomes overnight quadrillionaire

Chris Reynolds became an overnight quadrillionaire after a PayPal error.
Chris Reynolds became an overnight quadrillionaire after a PayPal error.
A US man has become an overnight quadrillionaire after a PayPal error left him with a 17 figure bank balance.
Chris Reynolds, 56, a father of three from Pennsylvania, opened his monthly email account to a figure of $92,233,720,368,547,800, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.
The figure catapults him well in front of the world's richest men, Bill Gates and Carlos Slim, who have a paltry $73.9 billion and $67.7 billion respectively.
Mr Reynolds, who uses PayPal to buy and sell vintage car parts, said he opened his monthly account expecting to see the usual $100 but received a major shock.
"I'm just feeling like a million bucks," he told the Philadelphia Daily News .
"At first, I thought that I owed quadrillions. It was quite a big surprise."
Mr Reynolds said he would use the money to pay down the national debt and buy local baseball team the Phillies "if I could get a good price."
However he didn't get the chance, as the error had been corrected by the time he logged into his PayPal account.
The next notice Mr Reynolds received from the company said he needed to renew the credit card attached to his account.
"So, even though I have 90 quadrillion dollars, they still don't trust me," he said.
A spokesperson for Pay Pal said they don't discuss individual accounts due to privacy but would look into the matter.

Read more:

Sunday, July 07, 2013

I promised a Random Chapter, didn't I?

So here goes:


Pastor NG vaguely recalled a short story he read some years ago --it gave him a "deja vu" feeling of uncomfort; or should it be disomfort? In such moments, the emotion was difficult to define. He only wished the feeling would go away, and leave him to his Sunday's rumination.

Yes, the congregation had just dispersed; pastor's sermon had been quite up close and personal to the flock wehen he talked about sinners and lost sheep. Those who have not sinned please rise and cast the first stone... among the flock each wondered -- did the pastor aim the dart of accusing finger at him or her? So it was not too composed a crowd that left the church that morning -- and a looming storm more or less represented their state of mind.

Flashes of lightning and thunder boomed across the Furong skyline, a rare happening taking place about once in  a blue moon. And today,it was a long way before the moon would rise on the little town's horizon.

Even Pastor Ng was in deep reflection as he googled and found the tale telling on his conscience. Feeling still unsettled, he began to softly read the short story:~

SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2009

Wine Sublime, Truth Divine


Naomi: Father, it's not good. The last time I did it with you, I felt guilty. Now I feel bad coming back ...

Pastor Parissh: Now, now, my child. That's perfectly normal. Eve after succumbing to temptation, she first felt shame. Adam too, but soon they began to enjoy the excitement of discovery. After all, we are all human...

Naomi: But I wronged my boyfriend...

Parissh: Let me fill you in. Garrett sleeps around too. He does it with the boys gives him a different high.

Naomi: Father, you mean Garrett's has been confessing too?

Parissh: Oh yes!

Naomi: Oh, I see! No wonder he says he's not free on Friday nights...playing poker.

Parissh: You don't join him at the pub?

Naomi: No, I hate the taste of beer! But I enjoy our Communion wine. And last week, it was so ecstatic!

Parissh: Oh yes, we finished one whole bottle.

Naomi: The "blesssed" liquid, you said. Christ's sacrifice. Our bonding--'twas so divine!


Garrett: Father, I feel so ashamed. I think I'm paying a price for my wandering ways.

Parissh: I worry for you, my son. It's been twelve months ...

Garrett: Father, My playing has finally caught up with me...

(A pause)

I went for my annual medical last week--you know, Company's policy--and the results just came back...

(Another pause)

I have contracted AIDS. And I've been having such great sex with Naomi! Poor Naomi, she...


TO BE CONTINUED: at Desi's whims and fancies, and you, my dear ER, can't do anything about it! It's all in my mind -- noy yours, not his, not hers, but mine, My Mind:)

Friday, July 05, 2013


Philosophy in Change and Change in Philosophy

JULY 5, 2013, 12:00 AM
"Thomas Cathcart, coauthor of the bestseller Plato and A Platypus Walk Into a Bar, will present a blog series about philosophy for Big Think, in preparation for the release of his new book,The Trolley Problem, or Would You Throw the Fat Guy Off the Bridge?: A Philosophical Conundrum."
Many liberal arts students and graduates have heard of Zeno’s paradoxes, mind-bending philosophical puzzles dreamed up by Zeno of Elea in the fifth century BCE.  One of them goes like this:
An athlete is running around a race-track.  In the course of getting to the end of the track, he first has to run to the midpoint.   Then he has to run to the midpoint of the remaining distance.  Then he has to run to the midpoint of the still remaining distance.  And so on.  No matter how many times he does this—even an infinite number of times—he will never get to the end. 
Zeno used this scenario to prove that motion is an illusion.  Most students today would say, “Whoa, not so fast, Zeno.”  Then they struggle to figure out where Zeno went wrong.  Maybe they arrive at the conclusion that there is a primacy to “becoming” that cannot be reduced to a series of states of “being” any more than a “motion picture” can ever fully capture continuous motion, no matter how many frames per second the camera records. 
That’s not a bad answer to Zeno. 
But . . . this is a field of study? 
There has recently been a great deal of attention given in the press to the fact that the percentage of American college students majoring in the humanities has dropped to a low of 7%.  Commentators have cited students’ need to get a job after graduation, especially in today’s lukewarm economy and with the debt burden that today’s graduates carry.  Supposedly, liberal arts students are less employable—or less immediately employable—than students in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). 
The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has released a report entitled “The Heart of the Matter,” arguing for the continued importance of the humanities and social sciences.  But even in the heyday of the humanities, the case for studying philosophy was a tough one.  Currently, philosophy (and religious studies) majors represent only 0.7% of college students, but in 1970, they were only 0.9%.  So what is the case to be made for philosophy?
In this blogspace, we’ll be trying to generate a conversation about the worth of philosophy.
Some arguments we will not be making:
-Studying philosophy actually does have a practical value in that it teaches you to think and argue.  This is no doubt true, but we are interested in a more basic question: why philosophize in the first place?  Philosophers, after all, don’t ask the questions they do because it will help them to think more clearly as lawyers or businessmen or computer programmers or investors.  They ask questions because they think that answering them is important in itself.  Is it?
-Philosophy is generally taught as the history of philosophy, so the importance of studying it lies in helping us to understand the worldview of, say, an intellectual leader of fifth century BCE Greece.  This is also no doubt true, but the value of studying history is also under challenge; and, besides, philosophers didn’t become philosophers to become historical figures, so we are still left with our question: why philosophize?
-Some philosophy clearly did change the world.  The British empiricists, for example, laid the intellectual foundations for the scientific revolution.  This argument is also correct, but in the tradition of much of Western philosophical argument, we are going to make our case as tough on ourselves as we can by considering arguments like Zeno’s paradox that challenge us to defend our intuitive sense of how the world works.  These too comprise a big hunk of the study of philosophy. What possible value could there be in studying them? 
In addition to Zeno, we’ll look at Bishop Berkeley’s argument that there is nothing “out there” beyond the sense data in our minds (an argument we often hear satirized, rather misleadingly, with the question, “Is this chair really real?”)  And we’ll look at the so-called trolley problem and its variations.  (Would you divert a runaway trolley that was about to run over five people onto a siding, even if that meant the trolley would run over the one person on the siding?  Better one than five, right?  So would you push a person into the path of a runaway trolley in order to stop the trolley and keep it from hitting the five?  Same deal, right?  Kill one, save five?  Yes?  No?  Discuss.)
Next time: Refuting Berkeley—a trivial pursuit? 



The Trolley Problem is one of the most famous thought experiments in philosophy. It hinges on the question of whether we would push a person into the path of a runaway trolley in order to stop the... Read More…

DESIDERATA: I am still on leave as far as writing ORIGINAL posts is concerned. However, as I still sruf the Net, I steall some gOod articles which help me in creating thinking and writing/riting/writHing, truly a democratic and ENRICHING process between two persons -- THE AUTHOR and myself, another AUTHOR2B!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My new book -- WORK IN PROGRESS

A writer in retirement is like a politician just past his shelf-life. The latter won't keep his mouth shut for long. The former won't lay his pen down for anyt length of time for more than week. As for a retired playboy still with millions in the bank, he won't let his penis rest for more than a day -- or he would die. Of dysfunction, a medical term which means worse than death in the Casanova's dick. Look hear/here, a "dick" is short for dictionary, not that s x-inch long thingy below your waistline which you can't see while pee-ing -- neither is it a half-foot long when you are sixty-four, feeeling forty-s x.

So I woke up at 6.33AM this moUrning (cut off 'this moUrning', my editor Titus Coww yells, it's redundant, also the spelling is wrong! Desi  would have writ instead "the sperring is wlong"! But I can't be both writer and editor at the same time, for some fellow Malaysian would lose his/her job. Yes, Titus could be female OK though the name sounds mancho!:)

I am still writing funny because this is still/steal my blog -- and bloggers like near-death Cassanovas, like to take liberties.

Today's post takes the air because I could still rise at the cockerel's first crow, and I wish to intimate to my "millions" of buyers out dare the cointents of what I told Titus would be my ticket to fool retirement -- the bestseller would be snatched up by a Hong Kong film director and made into an award winner to best the Hollywood and Bollywood copy-cats. I already envisaged the female lead to be played by Gong Li, and someone who fell in love wit' her at first sight/lust to make a "cameo" appearance. (A free autographed kopi to can guess right the cameo guy! WORTH RM2,000 after this writer moves on...100X the cover price!)

Okay, after a long ("cheong hei" in Kantonis -- see how I prepare my Hong Kong readers to prep for my first movie blockbustier!) INTRO, please bring on the theme song "IT MIGHT BE YOU" -- I sang it for the first time last night and my buddy singer-critic Huat said I delivered it with wit and gusto! I am motivated to wake up after setting my handphone alarm at 0633 this moUrn.

Okay2, the TITLE of the book is brilliantly shortlisted from many in Desi's mind the past 3 nights -- I think best at Midnight r'ber?!) :  finalely I settled on EVIL in the AIR, and just as a reserve,picked over what else? -- IT Might Be YOU, and it might attract a law suit involving copyright by the song writer/s. But an afterthought is that  that would be a good marketing tool, eh?

So come back for more for my random CHAPTER -- a TEAser mayhaps for copy tasting? -- when I do away wit' the funny language -- DDC r'ber? AweOFhelen, mudah lupa ke, you Malaysians! -- Desi wanted to use the word "blardy" in front of Malaysians, but then I scared UMNO-rites/rights would call me UNpatriotIC."I no wan dat, do I wanna mati 2die?" ~~ Last post for s x months by YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual