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Friday, January 03, 2014

Belated NY GreAting -- Badder Later Than Nebber eh?!

I am still "LOST" at sea  and NO1 answered my SOS for assistance!-- see my last post of Dec 3, 2013 titled:

Help me overcome nightmare of RECURRING "c"... 


So mGf -- you know who you are wherever thou art hydeing, in SINland, Timbucktu or Timbuck3, I don't care as long as you still r'ber dEsi in thy prayers at midnight! 


My wishes for the remaining363-1days without BRIM  are: GOoD Health, GOoDE LUCK! may the UMNO goons don't disturb thy mindscape.

Hence, I have knot been blogging for more than s'x dimes since GE13 i.e. less than wan post a month! And if you realise I am still writHing in riddles, it's because I met a new "bud" named Ting, Tong, Tang or Tung -- I pick my fancy at random, and it's to tell these UMNO goons we are still safe in cyberspace. THus I have become an obedient servant to Home minster Zahid   Hamidi aka shithead1 and his disciple Kuan UMNO wanita shithead2 for asking us who don't like the local election system or BN governmet to "MIGRATE/pindah"; I have een residing quietly in HIBERnation named Temiang CONner for the bestA ABC or Lobak when I crave for the best karipup in the 'hole of Malaysia!

I couldn't migareto to Singapura though I pretend to be a journaLIST -- half-past s'x from Malaysia, where DPM and Education Minister claimed our English standard is HIGHER than Singaporeans', and the southern neighbours' eyes all popped up and they expanded to twice the size and couldn't retreat into the old hiding places. A former PM has ascribed many of our SIRIM branded standards as 1/2-past-6; as a poet-asSpirant, I can safely say our university graduates' English was about the same as that of a former Selangor MB's who couldn't understand the OZ IMMIGRATION forms as a defence when charged in a Queensland court for breaching immigartion laws in taking in vast amounts of money for investment Down Under! (of course they used Queen's English as they still look to Queen Eli as their monarch from afar...:) and his MB deemed  his own home state was too advanced for Malaysian other 12 states, so the surplus fun ds were physically carried in his travelling bags overseas!)

Sorry for digressing too far back into history when I actually plan in writing from an internet cafe -- I had to fork out non-BRIM sourced RM2 for an hour OK! -- to Xxxplain WHY MY SILENCE AWE THESE MONTHS. Besides, I just received a minor windfall from the PB's year-end "interest" of single digit Rinngit savings ac!, so I didn't have to "bollow" (and fail to return most dimes) my Kajang fRiend's PC!

So Desiudewrata's BELATED 2014 Nu'E Years greAtings to all my WER(EsteemedReaders) who peep/k in by the millions at midn ght -- WHY SO SHY WAN YOU DARE KNOT VISIT IN DAYLIGHT HOURS? Jest because I am associated wit' PKR? No worries, some of my BADDER friends are card-carrying members of the sunsetting MCA...You didn't hold me to keeping it a scret, did you?! Ting, Tang, Tonr or Tung????

Before I close, let me state clearly that after GE13, I am trully exhastedby five to eight years of SOCIO-POLITICAL writHings. Four BUMmer oputings also took its toll, with the lust one at BUM1011, and the RH BUmmer had the gall to suggest to Desi in broaddaylight I should revive BUM in 1014! May Day! May Day! and May 3 in World Press Die!

I must reco\rd TWO salutes aon the first weak of a new year :-

#1. The TURUN o\rganisers and responders in their protest against RISING PRICES OF GOODS and SERVICES. One group fo young Sban friend who were there at Dataran Merdeka reported tath the crowd who were present were well organsied and comprised mainly youths and Malay Malaysians. This gives Desi hope that when GE14 cometh around, a brave new generation will help topple the bn/umno GOVERNMENT AT pUTRAJAYA as the last GE showed Malaysians of other ethnic descents excapt the Malay have sided with the alternative GOVERNMENT led by PM2B Anwar Ibrahim, but the UMNO thieves "stole" the elections via gerrymandering and other devious MO that is UMNO-COPYRIGHTED.

oN AN ASIDE, "kudos" TO FORMER dEPUTY hIGHER mINISTER saifuddin abdullah FOR CHASTISING THE umno-OH-no! GOVERNMENT ON GOING BACK ON ITS WORD AS PROMISED IN ITS pru13 MANIFESTO-- no toll hikes ON mostly umno-linked HIGHWAYS, no electricity AND other services price hikes!

OK, I apologise for upsiding upper and lower cases in the preceding two paras -- hey, it's quite relevant and influenced by invisible forces -- WE ARE TALKING ABOUT "GULINGKAN KERAJAAN BN" AT PRU14!

#2. Kudos to the progressive group GERAMM for organising an impending protest at the BAR COUNCIL neighbourhood registeriing a LIUOUD NO! to the BN government's suspension of THE HEAT! If some ER have no idea of what this ssue that made Najib Razak hot under the collar -- aiyah, ask Ting, Tang, Tang Tung lah, or follow Desi's partingadvice: "GET THE HERE OUT OF HELL!"

YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual, returning to the drowning ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc(DEAD/HalfALIVEorRETIRED/FATIGUED)ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc


PS: Meanwhile, behave thyself and ENJOY Don Mclean's "AND I LOVE U SO" and aMore at: