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Sunday, March 30, 2008

when umno became irrelevant

that will also be the day when mca becomes irrelevant
followed in good tandem by MIC and all the mickey mouse --
or is it mickey mice? -- lesser BN components

then there will be a rush
to join PKR
the membership forms like one Borang14
will be prized items, ask Che'GuBard
and there will be a blush
as PKR fend off wolves in sheep's clothing trying hard
to enter in a Trojan horse

but no worries about such vermin
you smell the UMNO odour from a mile away
welcome these politikus has been
don't be mean, jest wit' em play-pray:)

and i hear one chicky ipohlang ask:
and desi, when will UMNO become irrelevant
ah, 'twas just SE7EN days before the Ides of March
or you have so soon forgotten?
it's Semuanya OK we must let sleeping dogs lie
and its sleepy topdog linger a w'ile

Saturday, March 29, 2008

In Politics, Your Enemy is My Friend!

When I opened up theSun yesterday of its edition dated March 29, 2008, I saw a fresh new byline on the frontpage: by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

As a journalist, YL Chong had had his frontpage treatment too a few times in the past, and whether you like it or not, it sure gave you the "lift" for the day. No need for any Nip&Tuck -- not that the average newsman could afford it, unless you were on the take. Badder steal, the take was in USD!

Now I remember the former doctor-Prime Minister, now a Tun, used to write even before he became a politician under the non-de-plume of CheDet. During his premiership, he had often enough intimated -- Okay, not intimated, but stated for the record that he had a very low opinion of members of that Estate! -- disdain of this species called Reporters.

So by ARSEsociated, journalists' market value went up by a notch when theSun bylined his report
"Role of rulers
in picking
mentris besar"

using not CheDet but his real name as we knew him for 22 years or more as UMNO cheif-cum-PM of Malaysia.

Today I'm going to scrutinise him as closely as he had once scrutnised Us called the 4th Estate. (Suddenly I realise 4 in Kantonis is Sei, which translates loosely as Die-lah, especially when followed by "liau-liau"!) Now I am no Lantonis expert, but I can claim to being a semi-expert in Journalism having my whole life in that realm. Wow, a good word, realm, elevates my value -- think for once, of the Royalty as another Realm for comparison, and Bhutan cometh up as a real gem of a monarch who gave up his throne for the people's sake. Or milk shakes. Whatever, we have time for humour, Yes? Or is this ascerbic wit? Or sarcasm -- Your pick for Malaysia is steadily marching towards greater Democratic space. No thanks to the Government -- but thanks to the Rakyat for they partially have claimed back over the GE2008 window period what they had Lost for a few decades.

Now, back to what the focus is. Tun Dr Mahathir started his news piece with:

A CONCERNED (Desi: the highlighted part thus BOLDED is by theSun, not by YL Chong!)
Malaysian has expressed
his worry over the role being played by
sultans in the appointment of the mentri Besar.

Desi: My complaint here is that that "Malaysian" was not, never identified -- I had expected a name or penname to have followed in the second sentence. But No, none, zilch!

The second one, and the third, in same para, read:

His Royal Highnesses have clearly
refused to take the advice of the chief
minister i.e. the prime minister. Instead,
they have choses on their own a member of
the state legislature to haed the government.

Ah, the next paragraph starts with "We" -- Now YL Chong understands theSun made a mistake by misleading Desi into thinking this was a typical news report! It should have been
prefaced by A COMMENTARY, then all will be well understood in context.

So the second para reads:

We hear a lot of opinions on the
propriety of the action by the sultan. Some
say he has the right to do this whileothers
point out that as a constitutional ruler, he
could not do this.


As I typethisline, the timer says 7.34AM, so I seek my EsteemedReaders' forebearance while I
rush off for my BF, non-CON! A hungry man is an angry man. And equity suggests I must write not while having a hot head. Level down, cool it. I like youths' clarion call nowadays, Be cool man!
Come joi me at Men Kee, where even men in their 50s are cool, while their heads might be exploding when their shares rocketed to 1,200 when the analysists foretold declining to 2,000 before the CNY. One lesson I can share with you from my days as a newshound -- many of these analysts and newspaper columnists take position eactly opposite to what they wrote. There is saying quite popular once -- THERE IS A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE!

Contd @12.53pm:

Now the rest of Dr Mahathir's semi-news-semi-commentary piece centred around the two opposing two schools of thought regarding the IMPASSE caused by the Terengganu Regent's appointment of a stand-alone BN Assemblyman as Mentri Besar versus 22 other SAs,also from BN, backing the incumbent Idris Jusoh as the choice for MB, also a candidate od the Prime Minister.

The former PM "naughtily", IMHO, asked readers to ponder: "There must be a reason why the ruler refuses to accept the candidate named by the party."

I'm not going to detail the story except put in a nutshell directly what VVe, those Bloggers in the know, especially from RPK's sources, the core points here, which the good doctor had intimated:

* the Wang Ehsan from 5% of the total earnings from oil production, due to Terengganu, amounting to about RM1billion a year, which translated into RM4billion over the last four years the State administration under MB Idris, had received from the Federal government. Pak Lah, poor chapie, must have been wet in his pants -- oh, Desi's just saying figuratively! -- by the Monsoon Cup rains which overflowed generously at RM200million or more into a few individuals' pockets. Does KJ aka SIL and a bugger named "Patrick Lim Badawi" ring any (alarm) belles?
Ah, pay a visit to the Swanie Ribber in Perth, then you can a link to the answer.
Otherwise, go punt on Equine Capital (last year, not now, you dumbbells!) and make a fortune... Now you'd ureporting, okay -- so if you save some money folowing my tip, buy me some Pu-erh Tea from Kunming, not tehtarik, the latter I can well afford from my blardy wordsmithry!

* Quoting Dr Mahathir, "The public cannot be blamed for not having faith in government agencies doing investigations. The public cannot be blamed for suspecting cover-ups or worse still the government may be using these enforcement agencies to threaten people.

To clear its good name, the government shoud get credible foreign agencies to do the investigation.""

That explains my Post's title today -- Dr Mahathir is my politcal friend in this context. He might have a few regrets, as Olde Blue Eyes sings in "MY WAY", just like Dr Mahathir now sings some blues for picking the wrong guy to succeed him as CEO of NegaraKu! But no worries, VVe will join hands to CHANGE THE UMNO-LED BN GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY, which by default, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi inherited.

BEFORE I SAY ADIEU, readers must register this last point that Dr Mahatir made in theSun's report, but eye-opening point among Malaysians who tend to have short memories:

"The person asking that the government should apologise for what happened to Tun Salleh Abas may have forgotten that as president of the Muslim Lawyers Association, he fully supported the action that was taken. He castigated the Bar Council for condemningTun Hamid Omar over the dismissal of judges. Now he wants to be more correct than correct. I wonder why."

Can Desi think aloud just one more point? Of course, that's rhetorical!
That "he" who once headed the Muslim Lawyers Association was also honcho of the largest law company in NegaraKu; I wonder how much of its business was/is/had been derived from UMNO and UMNO-related businesses?

"May almighty God protect us from our permanent enemy -- the corrupter of truth and justice to advance his/her/their selfish interests."
-- Amen/Amin

PS: In a Bernama report dated March 29, 2008, the defacto law minister Zaid Ibrahim was quoted as saying that:
"... his proposal for the government to apologise was not intended to embarrass anyone or to prove a point but was the basis of the desire of the administration of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to reform the administration of laws."

"They want to change the legal area of judiciary reform. We should give them a chance," he said.

Asked on Dr Mahathir statement's yesterday that Zaid, who was then the President of the Muslim Lawyers Association, had fully supported the government's action that was taken in 1988, he said it was not correct.

"That is their conclusion. They inferred from my supporting the legality of the tribunal, so therefore they support it. Whatever it is, I want to say this. If I have done wrong against Tun (Salleh) and other judges, I am prepared to apologise," he said.

He said this act of humility was necessary as a first step and added that "if we are not prepared to do this, we will be in the same old time zone. We are not going to change."

PPS: Desi's viewpoint is that often these blardy politicians in their recollection always claim they were mis-quoted/mis-reported/mis-interpreted/misconstrued. Then I tell them "correct" the misquote there and then, and not two decades later justify that "high moral ground" that others should not quetion his proposal to apologise to Salleh Abas as "ill-itentioned".

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Even UMNO minds are capable of CHANGE!

Malaysians are becoming more mature politically -- but there are many frontiers to conquer and far distant fields to travel. Some bold Malaysians have "V"oted4Change in the recent G2008. Okay, amend "some" to read "big numbers"!

A small number of Malaysians -- amend it to a "substantial" number -- remain frozen in a mode of denial. And if thou be Miss Patience, who is also Mr/Ms Virtuous, I will reward thee wit' a witty quote on the Malaysian DENIAL SYNDROME. As they say on radio, Stay tuned:)

Lately, not belatedly, I have been interacting with Dr Lim Teck Ghee quite a bit, or byte, mainly because I helped him carry several stacks of the TIME FOR CHANGE handbill for distribution to Candidates who believed in the mission for Change, for the Better of course.Or worse if those who are now put into positions for power do not use the Agency for Change in the manner and spirit intended by the Planners, Backroom workers and campaigners. And believe me, it's people like Teck Ghee who worked behind the scenes mostly, but making those occasional, precious public appearances at the right venue, right time, who make a difference.

I now turn to a QUALIFICATION of a point made by the esteemed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Not when the word "esteemed" is used by Desi, it's accorded that status because of the position the man occupies -- and citizens of Malaysia must surely agree the country's Chief Executive Officer's post is the msot esteemed of them all. I would like to sit there if God wills it, let's not be too modest about such matters.

Reprising from yesterday's post "Point made, Point Taken, Point Qualified", to wit:


+ Curb rising prices and limit waste caused by *subsidies.

+ Spread economic gains to the neediest.

+ narrow income gaps between and within ethnic groups.

DESIDERATA: That *Point qualified must mean the *subsidies include the wastages and seepages, loot from day-robbery from Monsoon cuppas and robber barony from the infamous and similar PKFZones -- accruing to UMNOputra and **super-Bumi OLIGARCHS (I like this BIG word since I learnt its true meaning at Doc Mave's two years ago!:), MCA and MIC and East Malaysian BN minors and a whle retinue of BN and non-BN (taking care of IPF, Kimma and MIUP, remember?) lackeys and ball-carriers and law-breakers like (late) Zakaria Mat Deros and wan (not late) Muhammad s/o Muhammad, et al.


At least theoretically, as witnessed by Pak Lah, ex-Mr Nice Guy's, confession, to wit (again, from my Post yesterday, when all my troubles seemed so far away...):

Internet served a painful lesson

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Barisan Nasional lost the online war in the general election.

"We didn't think it was important. It was a serious misjudgment," he said at the opening of Invest Malaysia 2008.

"We thought that the newspapers, the print media, the television were important but young people were looking at text messages and blogs."

DESIDERATA: The process of CHANGE starts with identifying the problem, admitting its commission, and the realisation that something must be done about it.

The UMNO chief-cum-PM has at least identified a big problem relating to its "misjudgment" of the impact of the new media. He realised he must tackle the problem -- but does he have the political will? Or rather, does UMNO, the BIG BRO in the 14-member Barisan Nasional -- looks like dwindling in numbers...-- have the polictical resolve to take a quantum leap in political survival and relevance in changed and changing times?

Frankly, I prefer he UMNO continu to live with its "denial syndrome".

Yes, here's an example of its symptom:

The UMNO information chief, Muhammad s/o Muhammad, rewarded with a Senatorship and then a Ministership, had announced on Tuesday that the party election mighht be postponed to next year after several division leaders met the party president and decided to call for the polls to be deferred to avoid "havoc and disaster".

The highlight (thus BOLDED) is mine ~~ Desi, but I am no UMNO member, so I shall quote a State leader to demonstrate my thesis today that "EVEN UMNO MINDS ARE CAPABLE OF CHANGE".

From the Star 27 March 2008, page N10:

To wit 2:

Thumbs-down for polls delay

SEREMBAN: Several UMNO leaders have expressed reservations over the proposal to postpone the UMNO party elections to next year.

DESI: And the "leaders" include Supreme Council member and NS UMNO chairman Mohamad Hasan, also BTW, my Negri of Nine States' Menteri Besar, hence he's by definition, the chiefest of damned awe!

And one bold Ipoh Barat acting youth chief Ahmad Faizal Azumu questioned how it was possible for the state liaison committees including Perak UMNO to make such a decision (to postpone party elections) without getting the mandate from the divisions first.

"Is it to save the party from disaster or to save some individual?" he asked.

Desi's party shot: Dear Umno -- or should it read DIRE UMNO? -- may you continue to live in interesting times!

UPDATEd @10.37AM, when Miss Patience turned up at the door wit' the Posttman, the bell did ring twice, so I remember to gift Thee thus, especially all ye Bloggers now that the Esteemed PM has elevated to a higher market value-chain!:~~ To dim witlustknot:)

From Dr Lim Tech Ghee's presentation to young lawyers in Jan 2007, two extracts:
Imagine Malaysia without the NEP

The Malaysian Denial Sydrome

Deeply ingrained in Malaysia'spolitical culture
is a remarkable propensity to shy
away from the truth, to cover up,
to run for cover, to resist the impulse
for accountability. It's Alice again:
"the more things change, the more
they remain the same -- and get worse."
C'est la vie!

Factors Accounting for Denial/Feel GoodSyndrome/Culture

> Prevalance of sycophancy/"bodekism"

* Rise of professional apologists for the system

> Fear and apathy culture deeply embedded

> Enormous reach of power structure o ensure
compliance and passivity

* Cronyism; handouts; subsidies

> Subservient and manipulated media

Desi: Dear ER, PLEASE NOTE THE LAST POINT: > Subservient and manipulated media;
Surely the "media" referred to would portend the new media too, including Bloggers' citizen journalism, falling victim to manipulation and subservience.
So walk the talk, you blardy bloggers! Stop bragging and bull-shitting.
Leave Desi alone, I want just my tehtarik and three toppings of Skippy on my french toast, wit'out the cap.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Point made, Point taken, *Point Qualified

The New Straits Times, which has subtly undergone some morphosis discerned by Desi's I-I since March 9, today frontpaged some intriguing Points:

Point made,
point taken
(*Point qualified is by Desi, later:)

"The result of the elections was
a strong message that I have
not moved fast enough in pushing
through with the reforms that I had
promised to undertake ... I thank the
Malaysian people for this message."

~~ Datuk Seri Abdulllah Ahmad Badawi


+ Curb rising prices and limit waste caused by *subsidies.

+ Spread economic gains to the neediest.

+ narrow income gaps between and within ethnic groups.


That *Point qualified must mean the *subsidies include the wastages and seepages, loot from day-robbery from Monsoon cuppas and robber barony from the infamous and similar PKFZones --

accruing to UMNOputra and **super-Bumi OLIGARCHS (I like this BIG word since I learnt its true meaning at Doc Mave's two years ago!:), MCA and MIC and East Malaysian BN minors and a whle retinue of BN and non-BN (taking care of IPF, Kimma and MIUP, remember?) lackeys and ball-carriers and law-breakers like (late) Zakaria Mat Deros and wan (not late) Muhammad s/o Muhammad, et al. Desi thinks Raja Petra Kamarudin of has a more compleat list, or is it de list?)

**super-Bumi defines a cettain type who are not born a Bumiputra but acquire a status hi-er by connections to UMNO fishhead or SIL, like a fromer NS MCA cheaptain they call Dr Gan Kong somethin', and another Monsoon cheaptain named Patrick Lim Badawi, that is, if you believe Desi (who hails from Negri Sembilan), and Pete (I can call you this, RPK, buddy?) who hails from Selangor, whose rumours often come true. Making many blue.


The following CONFESSION by the PM in hindsight even if he had over-slept sometimes, must surely warm the cockles of sdr bernard khoo's (see, lower case because VVe are humble socialist-socialites at hard:) heart. Rumour has it that this Blogger hyding at once trained at a nunnery to be a Father (see, UPPER CASE! show respect-lah!) so he's quite adept or amenable to take confessions, even from the Opposition front, I gather ... Correct me, guardian of CathyZjones' morals, if I'm knot wrong, I heard you tore up a life-membership kad of Amex, ah?)

Internet served a painful lesson

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Barisan Nasional lost the online war in the general election.

"We didn't think it was important. It was a serious misjudgment," he said at the opening of Invest Malaysia 2008. "We thought that the newspapers, the print media, the television were important but young people were looking at text messages and blogs."

Abdullah said the influence of alternative media "was painful. But it came at the right time, not too late". The web and SMS allowed parties like DAP, Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Pas, which have long complained of bias in the traditional media, to reach voters directly.

PPS: Brudder, now my own cuntfession -- I peeped into thy ladies' chamber lust night, and I saw aMore than THOU jest taking confessions from sinners/offenders like Pak Lah (who I had a soft spot for in his first two years of PMship, really, check my Archives:) and Desi. God save us from our humanness and mortality. Amen/Amin

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What goes around comes around...

Which is unconventional for a poem, but we live in interesting times
As some of my buddies say: What the hellA!

A midnight poem to greAt Thee at morn
Maybe like many Malaysians, UMNO is being re-born
Or do I see some sneering?
More cursing, adding oil to the scorn?


The earth quakes, UMNO kings, queens, ministers and court jesters tumble
Like Humpty Dumpty who sat on the great wall, who had heard not the rumble
First the Royal won his round in Perlis and Shahidan got his butt kicked
Now the Royal in Terengganu of money-grabbing Idris Jusoh is sicked

Comeuppance is providential Gift
As a Malaysian I believe
What goes around cmes around
You giveth a pound of flesh
You receive it a pound later as fresh

The great Dr Mahathir amended the party's Constitution
To stop any challenge to his throne for 22 years
Now he's backing someone Else to change the Institution
Of UMNO head he liketh not, or is it restitution?
Or heavenly retribution or unwitting national Gift
Rip van Wrinkled's protecteth by the kind predecessor's
Shield and gears

But let's fret not
PKR de facto head, be patient
Don't have to buy over any BN turncoat
Short-cut to PM-ship is always a Temptation
Meanwhile, masochism has moved from Voters
To gred-knoweth-no-bounds UMNO warlords and minions,
Almost taketh NegaraKu to the Abyss, now defeated by
"V"ote4Change People's Power
UMNOputras and minions heading towards self-destruct damnation
Saudara Anwar Ibrahim, a word of advice from fellow brother, can?
You and PKR brethren now l abour hard and heart-to-heart in Selangor State Assembly
And in Parliament soon bring down those UMNO lords
mired in bullying and arrogance beyond salvation and seeming almighty
But the lord of Truth says Serve First
The Fruit of Labour cometh to those who quest
Yes, hard and heart-to-heart, to quench their thirst

Frogs like Tiger Lee,Khoo Seng Hockand Lim Fui Meng
In Furong come cheap by the dozen
MCA culture is okay to UMNO when it's beneficial to BN
But when the jumping ship is from BN to PKR or DAP, no can-can

It's again proven true-blue Life's last laught is on the Joker
Tun Salleh Abas and his Barve Ones are vindicated
"Seek forgiveness" is new mantra from the BN leader
For a wrong done 20 years back, 'Cos one PM's duties abdicated

Today I seek my forgiveness from my readers
For calling Thee masochistic
But if Desi had not cajoled, even cried some Croc tears
Your blardy Vote would still have been wasted!

So I take back my APology
You now owe me brew coffee
I wanna my kambing roast, toast of eactlly a pound
From Thee,myGOoDfriend, for finally coming to Desi's viewpoint around.

Monday, March 24, 2008

BUM2008 to GreAt Thee on Labour Day!

Yes, we today wit' some pride -- okay, with greAt pride -- prepare for LIFT-OFF on the event for Bloggers and Friends that is anticipated -- okay, restate that "is assured" -- to be de Hap Bloggers' Event in NegaraKu for this year. Happening on de First of May, at de Lake View.~~ Desi

DIRECTION>>>>>>> Surf to:

Sunday, March 23, 2008

B.U.M is Coming.....

*This Post was originally written Sundae March 16, 2008
as a TEAser post leading to BUM2008 Flag-Off.

Sundae Interlude: at a Nudists' Camp?

This pre-Sunday's Interlude is light and easy and this is a self-sponsored Post, so I indulge myself. Sorry, ER -- Miss or miss'd -- you are not my priority, but a nudists' camp is.

After a successful bum2007 gathering on May 19, last year, DESIDERATA is leading another teAm to hopefully reprise the glory of the first outing. We plan to make bum2008 as successful as -- if not surpass -- bum2007's Hi-Night held at Lake View Club, Subang Jaya, and we are doing it at the same Venue!

Except this time around VVe are planning an extra afternoon session to let you have more Chat time on top of the Evening's Chow time. We aim to attract a bigger crowd -- up from 100 to 130 mayhaps? -- as we have learnt some lessons from organising bum2007 and can leverage on the olde members' re-APpearance:)

Last year's do saw the attendance of some 100 Bloggers and Friends who gathered in solidarity to commemorate World Press Freedom Daycelebrated worldwide every year in May.

Yes, it's another ap AP ap occasion to gift Malaysian bloggers in general, and Socio-Political writers in particular, an occasion to catch up, fraternise and bud or buddy up wit' each other. It is hoped that non-Bloggers will be motivated to climb on board the Blogswagon -- Yes, the Fifth Estate rsidents are more than happy for newcomers to help add variety, and enjoyment, to the Malaysian new media scene. The old media practitioners -- that's how the Fourth Estaters are referred -- are also welcomed to again "Engage and Embrace",which was our theme last year.

Both the established 4th, and infant 5th, Estates are facing many and varied challenges, often of great socio-political potential and impact. Often the two Estates Collide, and maybe we can all lend a helping hand that the two shall Converge more often? That's one of the key challenges that lie ahead for mainstream media and Blogger-citizen journalism players.

MARK awe your Saturdays in May -- The month of POETS or aSspirants, remember? -- in your Diary to ensure you are free to attend what is envisaged be Blogsworld Hap Event of the Year (Desi's claim-lah, you can aweways beg to disagree; afterall Blogospehre is pretty and democratic, YES!). This occasion also provides an opportunity for AllBlogs to update with an annual review of where we are and what water has flowed under the Bloggers' Bridge, and where we plan to be headed in helping build a united nation that is NegaraKu. ~~

BUM is Bloggers' Universe Malaysia.

And what is that Nudists' Camp all about?
Hey, if these BUMmers wish to come in their best birddae suits, who's Desi's Mad Skodeng squad to stop'em?:)

Stay tuned for more! ~~ Desi

I miss My Blue H'aven...


I went to the Christian cemetery in Sikamat early this morning to lay some flowers and have a conversation with my late Mum -- who passed away at sweet 69, but to Desi, she's always around with her perennial smile and comforting soft hands. Yes, Madam Fong Cook Ying, Maria, is an angel in this son's eyes, aweways:). Moved on to a better place I know, but her fresh face and encoraging countenance is always lighting up my daily path, and for that alone, I promise her I won't do another human soul any wrong, wittingly.

My cyber-home has been a weekend refuge for conversations with feel-GOoD people around me. Yes, in blogosphere we meet many strangers at first, some have a quick Hello, wave of the hand, then move on. Others do linger for a chat, and when our wavelengths overlap more than as acquaintances, we begin to reach out, exchange From-the-HEart views. I think some even treat Desi as a Confidante -- maybe Einstein-looking locks of wisdom above sell me off as badder than paying RM100-4-15minutes on that blrdy couch, and that blardy Psychiatrist might even be having more than 40 winks wit' 1-1/2 eys closed. To these "soumates", I thank yee for the fRiendship which I will treasure above all the material comforts on the terra cota we stand. "GreAtings, Sweetspirits to All/Awe". myGOoDfriend (mGf), wherever thou art, GBless!

Okay, some Blogging conversationists even graduate to become fRiends, a few were almost, but the "R" fell away with shiting sands, and shifty eyes. Could be his, could be yours, could be mine.
But whatever, blogging has been kind to Desi. As a well-quoted saying goes -- Some people come into your life for a Reason, some for a Season, a select few for a Lifetime.

Within one-and-half-months of flag-off on De Ides of March three years back, My Blue Heaven paid off in the form of an invite to write for a newspaper. Other assignments came by public-relations type of territory -- you can call it mercenary even, but do I care if it adds Kaya to my plain bread-and-butter. One newly-acquired fRiend knows Desi wellA by gifting me "Skippy Crunchy Peanut Butter" as I recovered from one desert stormy Op -- yeah, I topped up my french toast wit' THREE layers of PN butter, and Charlie Brown looks askance with envy. I don'tknow if Charles Schultz (can some1 who's sticker for accurate Spelling check this one out for Desi? I'll buy thee CON BF next Sundae!) was looking likewise from somewhere -- like the Truth Is Out There! -- when I laid some flowers and said a quiet prayer for Mum just now.

With time to spare (I almost said 'kill' but methinks it's not appropriate at a cemetery...), I strolled around through the neat rows of tombstones. Many patches were overgrown with grass -- did some1 say Ops lalang visited here too?-- but Desi chanced upon an oblong area measuring some 15 feet by 50 feet that looked super tidy and well-sheperded. A closer look showed most of the "deceased" were young British soldiers -- as junior as 18-year-old high-school students, hardly any above the age of 30 -- who gave their lives serving then Malaya. Most lost their earthly sohourns fighting the Communists during the Emergency -- but I am glad to see the British authorities have have their "sacrifices"in our memories alive through a well kept lying-in-peace beds amidst the green, green grass and some annual gifts of flowers by loved ones. Yes, it's good to remember. Even better to be remembered.

I hope to touch base with My Blue Heaven in restful and relaxing ways that I will constantly
remember to count my blessings -- just being alive to breathe every Sunday's morning air, and see the unendingly changing hues on the far horizon 'twist sunrise and dusk.

Mum, I love thee and I know you'll look over me, keep me safe from all harm
that I may rest with the calmness of a child when every night falls.
God rest thy soul, and may God and an angel like Thee continue to Bless me,
all Homo sapiens creatures BIG and small -- some Lost, some Confused, all human -- in our constant wanderings, wonderings, and sometimes wayward writes. ~~ Amen/Amin

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good for Goose,Good for Gander

A quikkiekomento, can?

From Star online:

Friday March 21, 2008
Umno Youth chief: Shameful to defect

PETALING JAYA: The decision of any politician who crosses over to the other side cannot be accepted at all and is disgraceful.

Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the people would be able to judge for themselves if there were such individuals willing to do so.

“They can decide whether this is genuine or not,” he told reporters after presenting prizes to the winning teams in the F1 in Schools World Championship yesterday.

He was asked to comment on a statement by PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that the party would welcome any Barisan Nasional assemblyman or MP who wishes to cross over but there would be no “buy-overs”.

In my peytonplacesque hometown Furong,it did not cause any Hisham's furore when these moronic SAs elected on DAP ticket -- Tiger Lee, Khoo Sng Hock and Lim Fui Meng -- hopped to MCA -- I believe MCA was part of BN, controlled by Big Brudder UMNO, no, Sham?

Mudah lupa!

Tak tau English saying ke, Menteri Pelajaran: Food for goose, food for gander?

PS: First act in Parliament when 12th P guys including Hisham keris-waving (NOT DISGRACEFUL ke?) should table and support new legislation to disallow any party-hopping by wakil rakyat. Resign dulu, then re-contest like Sharir Samad ada bola!

Sori, hari ini I pakai Rojak Inggeris -- Saya pun tak tau fill in Immigerasi Forma nak masuk Singapura-pura dengan three bags fool of USD, SIN$ dan Pound sterling. RM tak cukup sterling! Lepas itu, I jadi Senator. Nasib bayinya, jadi Mentari pulak!

Friday, March 21, 2008

You Stock Punters, Beware the March of the Bears!

There was the Elephant walk, the Penguin dance, now beware the march of the Bears.
Google Bear Stearns if thou hath been too absorbed in GE2008 for one whole fortnight and
forgot the bullish bullshit some market pushers were telling you just months ago the KLCI would rocket towards 2,000-mark and that SIL and his bigwig corporate cronies will make a millionaire of everyoen who joins the Eat, Drink and Be Merry bandwagon.

For those whose memories are short, just Google Societie Generale, Bear Sterns and realise this is indeed a Globalsied world out there, and the dictum of "Survival of the Fittest" still rules in the concrete, aided by the cyber, jungle. News nowadays travels almost instantly via te Internet.

And thanks to the Internet-enabled news that's less goverment-controlled, the average readers, and investors, and stock punters, do have quick access if they will it to the latest political, business and cyber developments around the world -- and all these events would impact on the local bourses like never before. You can fudge, you can spin, but finally, the Truth will prevail. The longer any government hides from the truth staring at them on the walls in the news room, the trading floor, the tehtarik rumour-vine, the harder the fall.

Desi was partially burnt in te 1997/98 crash when the Asian finacial tsunami hit several countries, including Malaysia, it was an expensive lesson learnt. Just like GE2008, nobody knew where the tsunami came from. But my fate was nothing compared with a 27-year-old abillionaire becoming a multi-millionaire-debtor overnight. Luckily his reputation preceded him and Gopeng folks sent him packing, down Under agin?

Those who are still loking at the PC screens tracking your fave stocks at the Stock Brokergae nearest you,please read the following report carefoolly, from Star online, thank them,not me. Okay, I'll accept a tehtarik if it can save thee several thousands.:)

))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ;) )))))))))))))))))))))

Friday March 21, 2008

Analysts: Asian equities may feel the spillover effect till year-end


PETALING JAYA: While there has been talk of US capital markets inching closer to a bottom, the spillover effect of the credit crisis may linger till year's end for Asian equities, analysts say.
Morgan Stanley is reported as saying that US financial stocks are closer to “bottoming out,” and had improved its recommendations on Citigroup and National City Corp.

Morgan Stanley Research Asia Pacific said that global and Asian credit-market conditions were at their worst since 2001. Traders work the floor of NY stock exchange.

“Asian credit spreads have followed the blowout in US credit spreads, leading to a sharp slowdown in issuance,'' the investment bank said. “Asian credit markets have not just dramatically under-performed equities, but have also under-performed other credit markets.”
In the current environment, access to funds and asset values were key, Morgan Stanley said.

“For Asia, current account surpluses, net external assets, low net gearing, low bank loan-deposit ratios and strong retail deposit franchises should limit the impact of the credit crunch.
“Nonetheless, within the region, those dependent on capital inflows and wholesale funding – Australia, India and (South) Korea – appear vulnerable,” it said.

While the data in the Morgan Stanley report covered Malaysia, it did not give a specific comment on the country's market. However, local fund manager, Pacific Mutual Fund Bhd chief executive officer and chief investment officer Michael Auyeung said the Malaysian market with its own intrinsic issues was unique in the region at this time.

“The market is jittery due to a case of politics. Once it works through that, the Malaysian market looks resilient,” he said.

TA Securities technical analyst Stephen Soo told StarBiz that the regional bourses including Malaysia had been linked to the US market in part due to heavy foreign selling as the credit crisis in America unfolded.

Soo puts the near-term support for the KL Composite Index at 1,150 points and the one-year support level at 1,090, with another support level being the 1,000-point psychological level.

With some economic numbers in United States pointing to a recession and the previously safe haven of commodities sliding since Wednesday, Soo said there was a risk of global markets overshooting on the downside.

DESI's parting short:

The highlighted portions in te above report are Desi's (thus BOLDED) but I hold no responsibility if thou should take any positions -- backside, frontside or any directional, do you think I care? -- so don't sue me when others make some quick bucks, Okay!

If thou had not read to this point, God help Thee, it's your MOney,HOney!



PPS @2.31PM:

Yes, I am my ER' slave, working my hard oouch!:(
I see another RED LIGHT ahead; no! I am not around Sun Complek!:(

Friday March 21, 2008

Merrill files suit against insurer

NEW YORK: Merrill Lynch & Co Inc said on Wednesday it sued XL Capital Assurance Inc seeking to stop the insurer from backing out of credit guarantees, fuelling speculation the world's largest brokerage may need to take further writedowns.

XL Capital Assurance, a unit of Security Capital Assurance Ltd, had agreed to protect about US$3.1bil of Merrill's portfolios of consumer debt against default.
The SCA unit used credit-default swaps to provide the guarantee, and its efforts to get out of the contracts reflects what could be a widening problem on Wall Street: cash-strapped bond insurers backing out of obligations.

A Merrill Lynch sign is seen above the main entrance to its HQ in New York. – Reuters

Yesterday, Security Capital Assurance said its XL Capital Assurance bond insurance unit cancelled collateralized debt obligation guarantees sold to Merrill.

“Merrill gave the control rights on seven CDO contracts to one or more third parties without our knowledge and in direct violation of our agreements,” SCA said in a statement yesterday. “As a result, we have a responsibility to take the appropriate action and terminate these contracts.'' – Agencies

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( :( ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


Even as Springtime is a possibility in Malaysians' hearts after experiencing some wintry colds.

And yesterday I woke up to whiffs of springtime air. I looked out the window and smiling danzing and fenzing primroses greeted me. (Okay, the last part was hyperbole induced by a mGf in a supreme gardnern who is aweways Ceras and her GIB is so elusive. Maybe I'll getit on Bummers' Day cometh First of May

when I was small
and Christmas trees were tall...

And why is Desi writing poetics on a Fridae?
You don't need a reason for thy writes. Madpenners just put words to paper/screen on inspiration. Well, a Fridae's childe is also fool of love and gifting.

Okay, this lifted my spirits and contributed a li'l to my soaring browser:)

From the Star online ~~
Thursday March 20, 2008

Information Minister talks about bloggers, politics and the middle-class

NEW Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek shares a few quick thoughts on his appointment and the general election results.

Q: The Information Minister post is a contentious position. (Former information minister) Datuk Zainuddin Maidin had his hands full?

A: I take it as a serious challenge that I have to bear. Information is always very important. Everybody wants to know what's happening in the country and what are the government policies, or how we are going to manage things that could easily be misunderstood by people. That is a challenge for me.

Q: The new media has exploded. Are you going to engage the bloggers at all?

A: Well, I wish I could see them. But I don't know how many there are. Bloggers can be local and global. They can be everywhere and they emerge every day. They are important. In this explosion of information technology, everywhere is the centre of information. And people are free to express what they think. There is the good and bad about that. I wish we can sit down and talk to them and think openly what's best for the country. That's the bottom line.

Q: Your jump from parliamentary secretary to minister has been phenomenal.

A: Politics is not like you need to sit for STPM or before that SPM, PMR or UPSR. It doesn't work that way.

In politics, somebody can emerge from nothing. And somebody can almost become prime minister and then they are nothing after that. That's politics. Everything is temporary. What remains is your integrity and your good name. And that's the thing I think that our team is trying to promote this time.

Q: Are you nervous at all about your appointment?

A: Yesterday, yes I was. But today, I look around and there are people around me who share the same vision, the same ideas of what the Government and country should become.

Q: Will the new Cabinet line-up inject new spirit into the Government?

A: There are new faces and young faces. The new faces might not be all that young. But, I hope the people accept this as something that is fresh – a new approach brought about by the Prime Minister. Surely it will bring new inspiration especially to those who want to see current developments truly fulfil the aspirations of the new generation in our country.

Q: Why do you think Barisan Nasional did not do well in the elections this time?

A: My thinking is that it is the middle-class urban voters who shape the ideas and the outcome throughout the country. This also happens in other South-East Asian countries. In Indonesia for example, we see it in Jakarta. In the Philippines, we see it in Manila, in Thailand it's Bangkok. In Malaysia, we feel it in the Klang Valley.
The thinking of the young people in the Klang Valley – their doubts, uneasiness, new ideas – these are what they bring with them. If I go to a kampung in Terengganu, for example, there is not one household there where they do not have a child or a cousin who is living in the Klang Valley.
It is the thinking of the middle-class people or the urban voters that is very much going to shape the outcome of the election as a whole. We have to look at this. We have to tackle this. We may be a good constituent worker, take care of our voters and meet them; but if we are out of touch with the thinking of the people here, we may get some results which are out of expectations. That's the thing.

DESIDERATA: Of prime interest is his thought on the new media and Bloggers. See that BOLD/ed section upstairs (HIGHLIGHTED THUS)? I believe he's referring to me. Okay, to my clan, herd, or tribe, whatever! VVee do have time for FUN-d!

Seriously, I am assured by his cheeky " Well, I wish I could see them. But I don't know how many there are.... I wish we can sit down and talk to them and think openly what's best for the country. That's the bottom line. " Okay, not-cheeky, mayhaps he's come across "sincere" enough to catch my quikkie breath, or prying -- roving? nah! -- eyes. Sometimes I get my metaphors quite mixed up.

Put that down to CHANGED atmosphere.
Ah, ZAM has been swept away by the wintry winds.
I see my fellow Bloggers smiling. Some are smirking. Me?
I raise a procelain cuplet of Pu-erh, my dear, to Thee.

now we are tall
and Christmas trees are small
you don't ask the time of day...

~~ Desi @6.56am waking up to the chirping of birds -- not Jeff's Little -- and some stubbron insects interrupting the sweet refrain. But I am happy. Now waiting for myGOoDfriend moo-t to make me Amore than ap AP ap!:):):)

PS @7.25AM:

I work my heart out for Thee,my dear EsteemedReaders. So be an obedient boy, surf to PPS NOW! and surf further to this link:

Public demands change in the government. I say change the media too. - Bullets of Quills and Ink March 21, 2008 04:27 AM

I say here you wanna hear Robert Fisk speak, independent Voice of the fourth estate I often salute though not agreeing all the time. I wsih I could hear2 at bum2008, wonder if VVee have the budget... Maybe moo_t2 would come back with that 20million!:) HOPE springs eternal in the Springtime in the Rockies. ~~ Desi

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Innuendoes on inherited baggage -- quite late, eh?

The NST today on page 2 caught Desi's eyes,raised his eyebrows, a
and then the humerus bones rose up in guffaws -- so loud mGf half-americaNICEd Dr Say Yee How (of fame?)
came running back from the US via Ipoh down to hazy, mazy, crazy FOLKSY Furong to say: Ayam Back for the Kambing!:)

NST Online » Frontpage2008/03/19

PM breaks away from Cabinet he inherited

EIGHT ministers who won in polls but dropped: 1) Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz (who was Minister of International Trade and Industry); 2) Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad (Home Affairs); 3) Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid (Natural Resources and Environment); 4) Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis (Science, Technology and Innovation); 5) Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (Tourism); 6) Datuk Abdullah Md Zin (PM’s Dept); 7) Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting (Housing and Local Government) and 8) Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn (Human Resources).

PM announces new streamlined line-up:
* Eight, including Rafidah, dropped
* More than half new faces
* Zaid Ibrahim brought in to restore credibility of judiciary
* Ministers to make public declaration of assets

PUTRAJAYA: All in all, this is the cabinet and government the Barisan Nasional should have had four years ago.

A smaller cabinet; more than half new faces; long-serving, controversial and ageing and ineffective ministers dropped; racial balance maintained despite heavy losses by component parties; higher representation from Sabah and Sarawak; reformers and proven technocrats co-opted into government; abolishing the post of parliamentary secretary to ensure government members attend parliament. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday demonstrated that he had indeed heard and listened to the voices of the electorate -- almost half of whom voted against his party, handing the coalition its worst defeat since 1969.He announced a smaller cabinet, comprising 32 ministers. There were 37 deputy ministers.
He broke away from the cabinet he inherited from his predecessor, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in 2003 to which he had only made minimal changes despite his major victory in 2004.The old faces who had stirred so much angst among voters, such as Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu; and the unpopular ministers who were still fielded, like Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin and Datuk Seri Aziz Shamsuddin -- they are all no longer in government.Long-serving International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz was also dropped. So was controversial Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, who was implicated in the Lingam video clip but has denied all allegations made against him.Also shown the exit door was Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Jamaluddin Jarjis and the two ministers from Perlis who were involved in the divisive political fracas in the small state -- Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad and Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid.Perlis, which had the biggest representation in percentage terms, did not get even one position this time because of the problems its MPs created before, during and after the general election.And in their places came 16 new ministers, including the respected Malayan Banking chief executive officer Datuk Amirsham A Aziz, in charge of economic planning; outspoken lawyer Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, in charge of judicial reforms; and maverick but hard-hitting and respected Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Samad.

DESIDERATA: Reprising the news report's FIRST PARA from above -- All in all, this is the cabinet and government the Barisan Nasional should have had four years ago. -- note that it said "should have" which is actually not news writing but an OPINION.

It just means the reporter -- most likely the EDITOR! -- has spun the story to imply slyly that the Prime Minister was not smart enough then, four years ago, to see the baggage he inherited from his predecessor, hence leading to poor dilvery and non-performance, resulting in the "devastating" body blows to the Barisan Nasional in the recently-concluded GE2008.

So it is convenient to blame it on former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's olde Cabinet members like the Iron Lady, Semi-valued etc, etc who overstayed their welcome -- shoved down his throat -- poor Pak Lah, Mr Nice Guy, did not have the gumption (Some would use the less diplomatic term b***s, but Desi refrains...) to sack the dead wood. Now his henchmen at the newspapers do the spinning -- will it be spun again like the fun-fair spinning wheels four or five years to come?

My only Comment on the Cabinet this time around -- Two Good APpointees to be welcomed are
, extracting again from above report, "outspoken lawyer Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, in charge of judicial reforms; and maverick but hard-hitting and respected Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Samad."

PS: Someone sleeps pretty well and wakes up to realise he has become a Rip van Wrinkled -- Many Malaysians woke up recently to see the dawn of a brave new world. Someone is late and miss'd the boat (Kapal, eh?). Many Malaysians rode the Rocket to join the first Angkasawan, no thanks to the Russians.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Timely Piece of Mind

Today I reprised an ARTICLE WRITTEN SOME 8 MONTHS AGO,but I think it is still highly relevant in the much changed local political landscape -- and still in a high state of flux! -- and hence worth drawing into public consciousness again for discourse if you deem it fit. I am happy NegaraKu seems to be headed towards change for the better and Malaysians have become wiser and more mature politically. ~~ Desi

Continuing Furore over Malaysia 's Racial Policies

Lim Teck Ghee 03 Jul 2007

A recent speech by the European Union Ambassador to Malaysia criticising the country's New Economic Policy (NEP) has raised a firestorm of protest from the Malaysian authorities. According to Thierry Rommel , Malaysia 's racial quota policy favoring the majority ethnic Malays was detrimental to the country. Malaysia 's attractiveness to foreign investors had weakened as a result of the affirmative action policies for the majority ethnic Malays or "bumiputras". He also expressed concern that "protectionism in public procurement is rising. That protectionism is expanding and the scope for competition and efficiency is narrowing ... Malaysia is marginalising itself".

Rommel's criticism of the country's longstanding pro-Malay policies made in the context of the country's free trade negotiations with the EU is not new. A contentious long running controversy had taken place in September last year arising from the findings of a study conducted by Malaysian researchers. The study concluded that the Malay corporate equity target of the NEP had been achieved and proposed that this component of the NEP should be terminated.
It triggered an angry denial from UMNO leaders and a nation-wide debate on what was the actual level of achievement of the 30% Malay equity target, who had benefited from this policy and a host of related issues including whether the official statistics on Malay achievement levels were under-stated and the reliability of the government's methodology in calculating corporate equity.

In Rommel's case, not only was he perceived as breaching diplomatic protocol, but his specific charge that the government was using the NEP to practice "significant protectionism of its own market," including in the automotive sector, steel, consumer goods, agricultural products, services and government contracts was too close to the truth for comfort. Similarly, his analysis that it is the Malay-centered policy that largely drives the country's protectionist policies although not original – US-Malaysian free trade agreement negotiations this year have largely broken down for the same reason – was regarded as unacceptable.

Immediately following the media report of the speech, the country's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister jumped in defense of the NEP and lambasted the Ambassador for interfering in the Malaysia 's internal affairs. A few days later, the spin masters of UMNO, the dominant Malay party in the ruling coalition government, went to work in the local media. Unfortunately, what appears to be the party's choice of defender of the NEP cause was not exactly the most appropriate, likewise the arguments used to rebut Rommel and other critics of the NEP.

Writing in the "Letters to the Editor" column of the New Straits Times, the writer, Rais Saniman, unsurprisingly omitted mention of how the policy has spawned a class of privileged Malays who have taken advantage of their racial identification to profit from the racial quota system imposed in the country's economy after 1970.
In 1983, Rais Saniman was one of four Bumiputra Malaysia Finance Limited officials who, together with George Tan of the Carrian Group, were ultimately convicted for conspiracy to defraud BMF in what was then the biggest financial scandal to rock the country and which cost the Government an estimated M$2.5 billion in lost monies. A noted political scientist, Prof. R.S. Milne, writing of the scandal noted that "Bank Bumiputra was not just any bank, it was government-owned, the largest in the country.... and under the New Economic Policy, a spearhead for the economic advancement of the Malays, invested with immense symbolic value". Owing to his role in what was described by then Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir, as "a heinous crime", Rais Saniman was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.

Since then, Rais Saniman has not only been politically rehabilitated but he has also made a comeback in the Malaysian political scene by playing up Malay fears over the possible dismantling of the NEP in favor of less ethnically-biased national policies. Teaming up with a prominent Norwegian consultant, Just Faaland of the Chr. Michelson Institute of Norway, the convicted ex-banker is one of the more visible UMNO backroom gurus spewing out propagandistic briefs over the past 15 years extolling the merits of the NEP and justifying its continuation ad infinitum.

In his letter to the NST on 28 June 2007, Rais Saniman described Rommel's speech as "loose coffee shop talk about the NEP". Listing various achievements of the NEP, he defended the legal and moral foundations of the policy and stated that it was "consistent with the Federal Constitution... the UN Charter, Human Rights, Democracy, Free Trade and Enterprise, Rule [of] Law and Civil Society." The letter ended by claiming that similar policies (to the NEP) were now "a standard policy prescription by the United Nations.... and in the EU itself."
These unsubstantiated claims not only strike the average well-informed reader as bizarre and self-deceiving, but they also draw attention to various unsavory facts, including that Malaysia has consistently refused to sign the UN Convention on Elimination of Ethnic Discrimination (CERD) and various other key human rights conventions.

In contrast to this and other sycophantic responses permitted in the printed mass media, the websites and blogs have elicited more thoughtful and politically nuanced responses. Jeff Ooi, one of the more widely followed social commentators, in his blog, "Screenshots", noted that there is a fundamental difference between adjusting an archaic economic policy and safeguarding sovereignty in an ever changing global economy and warned that "It is a perilous game to over-protecting the UMNO-putra sub-stratum and....turning [our] back on two of [our] biggest trading partners.... which have called for the removal of such intra-and-ultra discriminatory policies". He concluded that the loss of competitive edge will likely lead to a situation in which other ASEAN countries "may one day eat [our] lunch."

Another writer in the online newspaper, Malaysiakini, noted that Malaysia was experiencing a second generation of NEP legislation and warned that "grave danger lies, for it will, if not already, be deeply entrenched in the psyche of the Malay. Far from being more even-handed in its application, the young educated Malays will hijack the NEP. " The writer's solution: "ethnic suspicions make all Malaysians under perform as a collective ....Perhaps the NEP should be phased out to blur the lines of ethnicity....albeit gradually to lessen the shock impact."

What is heartening about what has appeared in the web-based media is that the more discerning contributors are providing a variety of well-informed and cogently argued arguments as to why a continuation of NEP or NEP-type policies and programs is detrimental to the country's future. They are also proposing practical alternatives that can help enhance national cohesion and competitiveness. To reap the benefits of this unprecedented discussion and public scrutiny of the country's NEP and other controversial and sensitive policies, the country's leaders need to overcome their indifferent attitude and refrain from the infamous "waving the keris" reflex action whenever there is someone who disagrees with them on how the country's future policies should be reshaped.

Unfortunately, there are few signs that this political maturity may come about soon. Speaking recently (28 June 2007) to over 500 Malaysian and foreign media owners and practitioners at an annual Mass Media Conference meeting organised by the Internal Security Ministry (which is also in charge of enforcement of the country's notorious Internal Security Act permitting detention without trial for individuals deemed dangerous to the state), the Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi, warned that some newspapers and periodicals had been testing the limits of his tolerance. He also intimated that "tough media laws that are in place are unlikely ever going to be repealed or withdrawn" (The Sun, 29 June 2007) and was quoted as saying, "When naughty children are no longer unruly, the cane should not be thrown away. Just hang it on a nail on the wall".

Such threats are unlikely to deter the growing public concern over the impact of NEP type policies on the country, be it in trade, licensing, education, housing, and in the other areas of social and economic life where the policy has been woven into. Similarly it will not stifle the growing chorus of suggestions – from responsible Malay and non-Malay stakeholders - on how to provide an even playing field for all Malaysians, irrespective of race whilst ensuring that poor and deserving Malays and others in need are provided their fair share of public resources.
The country's political bosses may wish to continue censoring the debate and harp on what appears to be self serving warnings of racial unrest that may arise from doing away with the NEP. But the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. The sooner the government deals with this reality and listens to these "dissident" voices, the more likely the country can push ahead to meet its 2020 goal of one united Malaysian people.

Lim Teck Ghee is a leading Malaysian policy analyst. He was formerly Director of the Center for Public Policy Studies, ASLI, a regional think-tank based in Kuala Lumpur . Prior to this, he was Regional Advisor on Poverty and Social Development with UNESCAP and Senior Social Scientist at the World Bank.

Copyright: OpinionAsia, 2006 -

DESIDERATA: I hope my EsteemedReaders would engage with the writer, Dr Lim, in his thoughts on what engages the Malaysian mind a lot these days in view of the continuing winds of CHANGE on the local political landscape. Though the article is Copyrighted to OpinionAsia, I have gotten the permission of the author himself for this reprooduction here. I can't afford another suit ala Rockybru-n-JeffOoi, or can I, Sdr moo_t, art thou holding a check of 20million for Desi's Place?


You so quick forget wan, ah?

Monday, March 17, 2008

BN members of Parliament jumping ship?

An interesting scenario of MPs jumping ship to join PKR is painted by The Malaysian Insider,
in an article titled
Can Anwar become Prime Minister in next few weeks?

I extracted from the piece in as: Posted by Raja Petra Sunday, 16 March 2008

If there is one name that has pushed Barisan Nasional leaders out of their comfort zone and caused confusion and anxiety, it is Anwar Ibrahim.

When he said on Tuesday that the Opposition should be referred to as the government-in-waiting, he was not referring to five years down the road. He was referring to the next few weeks or months.

He knows that if he manages to convince 30 Members of Parliament to cross over, the government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will fall. Since the PKR-DAP-PAS alliance that he cobbled together won big on March 8, taking 52% of the popular vote in Peninsular Malaysia and snaring 82 of the 222 seats in parliament, Anwar has become the most mentioned name in Umno circles.

Along the corridors of powers and in Umno circles, there is a belief that the former deputy prime minister will not rest and settle for second-best, not with the momentum of being a reformer on his side. He knows that the troops of the BN war machine are demoralised and its leaders still reeling from the psychological scars of Election 2008. He will go for the kill, rattling the coalition’s cage, creating the impression of an inevitable wave that some fickle-minded BN MPs will be tempted to abandon the BN ship and join the Opposition.

An Umno division chief from Pahang, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information, said: “The talk on the ground is which MPs Anwar is going to approach to join PKR. Everyone says that Sabah and Sarawak MPs are being targeted. But I think everyone except the PM and DPM are targets.’’

: : : DESIDERATA: I hope that what is speculated in the above article won't take place. It is NOT that I don't wish to see DS Anwar Ibrahim become Prime Minister. I want him to become PM on merit and through the tested and principled path -- via genuinely won majority seats in Parliament in a General Election. Just as many of us, as vocalised via Blogs, abhor many Opposition MPs and SAs (in Negri Sembilan I have mentioned Tiger Lee, Khoo Seng Hock and Lim Fui Meng, all elected on DAP tickets but shipped out to MCA of the Barisan Nasional) previously jumping ship to the BN, we must also condemn any of the PKR-DAP-PAS coalition parties in accepting any of the deserting Rats from the BN sinking ship.

If any of these BN MPs and SAs wish to abandon the BN's fast sinking ship, they must resign their seats and re-contest in a by-election -- follow the good precedent set by SHARIR ABDUL SAMAD -- remember him the then MP of Johor Bharu elected on BN ticket doing that and winning it again as an Independent?

So my tigasen worth is to appeal to PKR leaders, including de facto head DS Anwar Ibrahim to stop "recruiting" the succesful candiadtes from the BN in the just-ended GE2008 -- it won't be an honourable way to the PM-ship. A few years of waiting in the wing won't be a negative -- in fact it may prepare the new (or soon-to-be formally-installed) Opposition Leader better to genuinely mould the loose coaltion of PKR-DAP-PAS into an Alternative Alliance, thus realising many Malaysians' dreams of a two-party system in NegaraKu.

Don't follow the corrupt ways of the Barisan Nasional dominated by UMNO-MCA-MIC. The short cut using money and power to buy over "turncoats" also corrupts. The little corrupt acts then multiply, and before the four or five years is up, it would have become another episode of from below-the-table to Above The Table corruption. Then what is the reward for the Rakyat who lent so much effort t bring forth the tidal wave of CHANGE we just tasted? Back to square one cometh the 13th Parliament lections -- GE2012/2013?

I pray God will save us from myopic leaders and leadership.
The Rakyat deserve better. ~~ Amen/Amin

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Salute to a Gentleman Politician

In the past week, Malaysians woke up to a new dawn. Of Hope as the Change they wished for, fought for and yearned for, finally arrived on home shores -- earlier than expected, beyond their wildest dreams!

Now many Malaysian parents, and their young ones, need not immediately think of MIGRATION as the first option like in the era before March 8, 2008. Even mGf Raja Petra Kamarudin will give up his plans for migration, NO? (Like former PM, you ust read his lips or body language -- he said it in jest, or was it sarcasm? I dunno, don't arse Desi, ask Pete!:)

So no more migration, OK! Especially those parents who have sent their children overseas (Australia, UK and USA) for tertiary studies, and when their children graduate, the first preference is to encourage their children to stay back in the foreign land to work. And start repaying bank loans in AUS$, Pound sterling or USD! They say it's investment on FaMa scholarships -- Fa4Father and Ma4Mother... I hope I am not insulting thy INTELligence agin!


And I have hopes when we have genteleman-politicians like the former Chief Minister of Penang, TAN SRI KOH TSU KOON, setting a fine example of leadership which even his successor Lim Guan Eng can learn a few lessons. Even the senior Lim, but Old Dogs Should Be Sent To Pasture ... or pasteurised.

Dr Koh even on the day after contacted the DAP State Chief to extend his Congrats, and assured his cooperation in ensuring a smooth transition from BN-Gerakan-led government to the new DAP-led coalition of DAP-PKR-PAS.

Next, he graciously showed Lim Junior around the State CM's office; he also appealed to the Prime Minister to continue with federal mega-projects already planned for Penang. As rightly pointed out, these projects will benefit the RAKYAT of Penang in general -- regardless of party affiliation.

Syabas, Tan Sri Koh -- take a long holidae, you deserve one; maybe even I may campaign for you in 4 or 5 years' time at any parliamentary seat you choose to contest, and it need not be in Penang. Spread thy wings to Seremban -- a Peyton Placesque sojourn for the next four years will rest they spirit and soul.

Thou art a rare species within the Barisan Nasional. Maybe you may wish to join PKR Negri Sembilan? I know the PKR state chairman Kamarul Baharin, newly minted MP for Teluk Kemamng, will welcome you.
Desi and mates will give thee endless rounds of Tehtarik. Even Pu-erh tea if I can get former MP for Batu Sdr NG LIP YONG to make a donation.:) This friendly Wakil Rakyat is also a rare species -- I hear he is the only Deputy Minister oinoffcie who declined an offer of a DATUKSHIP. But he was in the wrong party during GE2008 -- he had to be sacrificed. Joining Mary in her walk with her li'l lambs. Up hill and down dale, never yet returning jome with SV's cows. No, Nyet.

And for the following, while I may disagree with Tan Sri Koh'sstand, I salute him for his CONSISTENCY, a trait which the young PKR-DAP-PAS coalition must learn to EMULATE!:)

From SUNDAY STAR, page N6 ~~

Sunday March 16, 2008

Koh: Street demos not proper way to convey views

PENANG: Barisan Nasional component parties must keep to the stand that street demonstrations are not the proper way to convey views and express feelings, Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said.

He said this was especially important in a multi-racial society.

The former chief minister said this has been the stand of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Barisan top leadership.

“We have to be consistent,” he said when commenting on Friday’s street demonstration by Penang Umno members and supporters at Komtar.

Dr Koh said street demonstrations may serve to allow people to vent their grievances or feelings.

“However, as often pointed out by Barisan’s top leaders, such acts may heighten tension and even lead to conflicts if they get out of hand,” he said.

He added that the freedom of assembly should be used wisely and effectively.

Dr Koh said that holding forums and seminars, and presenting memorandums with concrete proposals supported by facts and figures, would be a more fruitful way.

Beautiful, Danzing Sundae:)

Exactly a week ago today, Desi attended an ENCHANTED evening ball,
and he did not have to even pay for The Banquet, because a writHer
worth his tigasen could CON his way into the five-star Shangri-la Hotel
downtown wayward Koala Lumpuh to help celeb "Winds of Change" "V"ictory for the

Turning newsman so that the browser and PC don't turn rusty and musty, hear cometh
YL Chong the hound paying for his RM400-RM500 sumptuous capitalistic expialidociously goode evening,
butt I assure ye, mGf
Desi's steal a

at heart.

Oops,more haste less speedo: SOCIALIST!

Kuala Lumpur, March 11:
ASIANS have taken to the
Vienna waltzes and Latin American samba in substantial
numbers and masterly grades sufficient to wow the
mainly Malaysian 2000-strong audience last Sunday
night. Of course, there were large groups of guests
from foreign countries -- either as particpants or
their supporters cheering them on, and a fair mix of
judges of the
Asian Open Dance Tour 2008 at the Shangri-la Grand
Ballroom on Sunday (March 9) night.

Semi-finalists plus finalists competing in several
categories divided broadly into Amateur and
Professional classes enthralled the audience with the
well-known ballroom depicted on the big screen in
movies such as award-winning "Gone With The Wind" and
......(You fill in the blanks, Desi's Place ispretty and democratic, YES!:)

Couples numbering usually 12 in qualifying rounds
twirled and swirled to the music/songs like Blue Moon,
Jailhouse Rock that induced much nostalgia to waltzing
in the moonlight, or red-blooded jiving with your
mate. The competitors gave their all to charm the
professional adjudicators from various countries.

Several couples were so absorbed enjoying the dance
with their partner it seemed another world of
executing their renditions of the fox-trot, cha-cha,
rumba and quickstep that truly entertained the

Malaysians are familiar watching the celluloid
versions of redhot, sexual and exotic samba and
tango,often associated with the fun-loving redhot
blooded Latin American people. Malaysians seem to have
taken an upgrade step with such international exposure
-- and the audience applauded with gusto the champion
couple doing an "encore". there were the occasional
wolf whistles -- an "unusual", maybe unique? way -- of
showering praises and appreciation.

Dance is a universal medium that crosses geographic
and racial boundaries, also age and gender, so said
the organising chairperson, John Lim. So it was not a
surprise that the paying viewers came from all ethnic
backgrounds, ranging in age from granddad/ma to little
children doted by Daddy/Mum who wished their younger
set would be motivated to step into the finer pursuits
in life other than the populist Internet war-games or

Earlier in the day before the gala dinner, the
preliminary rounds were held featuring a record
number -- 800 competitors -- of the world’s top
ranking Standard & Latin Professional Dancers from
England, USA, France, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Germany,
Russia, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Chinese
Taipei, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore and host Malaysia.

The event, organised by PROFESSIONAL DANCERS (M)
BERHAD, was generously sponsored by corporates at
RM3,000 to RM5,000 per table, as it was also an effort
to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Disease Foundation
Malaysia. According to co-chairperson, Josephine Seow,
the championship sanctioned by the World Dance
Council, managed to raise some RM......(I'm awaiting the audited figure:)
The totalprize money was USD100,000, a record-setting
quantum in Malaysia for this type of dance contest.

FootNOTE: I was feted so bourgeosie-style (Some1,please check sperring!:) I came away wan kilo heavier. then I danzed away the night writHing out this Post to please my EsteemedReaders who are aweways so demanding
I LOST it back. I mean the girth -- but knot the mirth.


See ya

at Men Kee. Seek me oouch and I'll buye CON BF,
butt bring that Kad which the marketeers -- pirates of ScarrieBeen!? --

Saturday, March 15, 2008


The headline in the NST frontpage hit Desi like a Hollywood blockheadedbustier! Hey, the Establishment paper is celebrating Desiderata-YLChong's third birthday!:):):)

But the stark visuals were carrying foreboding messsages -- is my cyber-home going down Under? No, it's not for VK-tion (See, the d in down is in lower case!) for I have not received that cheque for 20million!:(

moo_t has not come back wit' the goode nu'es that eBoy has received any bids approaching that 20mil neighbourhood, so I can't invite thee to OUR


Never mind, I know one gard'ner tendering to Primroses at Supreme Garden, Cheras, Koala Lumpuh, will remember this auspicious day; so also one sweetspirits Down Under wit' awe her koala bears drinking Rut Bir with Oz mates Foster-ing camaraderie with many Malaysians resident there bum-ming around. Howsy, Maverick and AM, where art thou?

Ah, I would be a-Miss if I didn't mention some Y&A like Sabrina Tan,her twin from DAP-controlled island in the sun... Crystal, kyels and johnleemk (who I hear is stuck head over heels over Blondie at the US Conquest Library!) -- awe who I often advise enough Don't go near Kota Melaka -- it's not safe for fifteen-year-olds to sweet-17s. Further, Desi does not provide Security -- mine are all locked up in the Bursa Malaysia, and with the plunging stock markets, nothing is safe or secure or prosperous, save my girth. Expanding equatorially. Shouldn't complain, as one MCA candidate recently cracked: WE ARE IN HEAVEN COMPARED WITH MYANMAR! No wonder that bugger lost in GE2008.:(

Back to serious ode, the NST did not fallinto Desi's hands, no, nyet!:)


** Palace interference throws
Perlis into turmoil. Ruler
appoints his ownman, Dr Mohd
Isa Sabu, asmenteri besar...

** Incumbent Shaidan
Kassim says hehas PM's
endorsement ...>> P4

** Mukhriz Mahathir does to
Abdullah what his father
did to the Tunku in 1969 ... >> P6

(March 15 is the day of treachery. The day when Julius Caesar
was assasinated by his trusted friends in the Roman senate.)


Would anyone pay 20millon for Desi's Place so I can retire?
OR you'd rather buy a keris to sink it into a PM-in-waiting's chest.
Et tu, Brute? is a familiar refrain on the PWTC Stage.

My operatic line is Eat, Drink and Be Crazy!


which can mean

See Ya Later!


Come Eat, Drink wit' Desi

The Crazee part leave it
to the Gods.
Jest stay away from thoze crazees waving keris at the PWTC Stage -- it cost them, bloodied and gored -- and Al Gore did not even campaign this time a round the annual sandiwara. Or was it a Dataran Merdeka square?

I am sure my EsteemedReaders are not like that:) Like Desi okay wan, knottyaSsusual:)

At Desi's Place, VVVVVVVe may be Crazy people,
And I have a ready and GOoD rationale -- VVe blame it on the genes! or izzit Jeans!

Friday, March 14, 2008


To bring thee back from Euphoric celeb after the "Time4Change" Victory,
here's the PS2 in Verse, quite Terse, not Averse.
If thou be nyet another Poet-or-Poet-aSspirant like Desi,
come join the merry band, Eat, Drink and Be Crazy. Some1 is headed down Under.
Which is knot Australia because then down would have a capital D, thus Down. Sometimes
I like to insult the INTELligence (no bluechip brain cells:) of my Readers,
BUTT it's okay, masochism WAS sometimes your trait,
see it is in the PAST TENSE, and if thou not follow my
Digresion hear, LET IT BE! The last is for lusty NSTman,
hey, C U at bum2008 eh, and we'll do A Heart Day'sNight:)

I know a friend in cyberspace not met
But he intimates what's bugging DAP madhatter
One throne in Penang his begotten son did get
In Perak wit' another Yes-man balls carrier they want another
IMy party won the most number of seats
So the Emperor on the Silver throne in absentia beats

But Arrogance shalt take thee down the Abyss
It should have taken place a decade ago
But when Others differ wit'thee, you dismiss
Those who worship thee like a demi-god put above thy head a halo

Moo_t is wise with a sigh
Desi is amused wit' no place to lie
The Emperor doth not like dissenters
His own soldiers he Brutus'd like meatpie
If you no no understand what this ode is about
Neither do I
You want the Truth?
Seek Brudder Kerk Kim Hock out in Kota Melaka
he will tell ye Why
If the premium Pu-erh tea for him you buy

Or seek out Sisdar Fong Po Kuan aka Cilipadi in the Silver state
Her story in Desi's archives sssh! intimate the Truth on a grey slate
If you still do not understand a byte of my DDC
Come back come 2012 or 20want'ree
Desi is HI on bluechip Pu-erh
Am I drunk, my dear?

12.03am a Midnight Voice beckons

Or seek out sister

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I just read this news break from -- yes, it's still free access!:)

Lim: DAP rejects Nizar as MB
Mar 12, 08 8:19pm

While the long-drawn debate on who should be the Perak mentri besar finally came to an end today, an unexpected twist came in the form of DAP leader Lim Kit Siang who said that his party had not approved PAS’ Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin to lead the state.

“The decision to appoint a PAS assemblyperson Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak mentri besar has caused shock and consternation to DAP leaders, members and supporters,”
he said in a brief statement today.

The statement came just hours after it was announced in Ipoh that the Regent of Perak has agreed on Nizar’s appointment.

Earlier Nizar, state DAP chairperson and Sitiawan state assemblyperson Ngeh Khoo Ham and PKR’s Behrang assemblyperson Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi had met with Regent Raja Nazrin Shah.

Ngeh and Jamaluddin were the two other candidates vying for the post.

The three of them later told a press conference that the regent had agreed with Nizar’s appointment as well as the appointment of Ngeh as deputy menteri besar (1) and an Indian candidate - to be named later - as deputy menteri besar (2).

Lim however in a five-paragraph statement released today said that the DAP was only prepared to accept either Ngeh or Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi as Perak mentri besar.

He added that at a March 9 meeting - the day after Saturday's polls - the party leadership only gave approval for the formation of a Perak coalition government comprising 18 DAP assembly members, seven PKR assemblypersons and six PAS assemblypersons.

According to him, the party did not give its consent to the appointment of a PAS leader to helm the state.

Lim ticked off by supporters

Lim also said that as such all DAP Perak assemblypersons would stay away from the swearing-in ceremony for Perak mentri besar scheduled tomorrow.

When contacted for an immediate reaction, Nizar said: “We believe that as a coalition government, all decisions will be collective.”

“We would not respond to comments being made outside the new coalition government," he added.

Previously, Ngeh had told reporters that all three parties would respect the decision of the sultan and cooperate to form the new state government.

Efforts by Malaysiakini to reach Ngeh has been unsuccessful.

Lim's statement has been posted in his personal blog, and it received 100-odd responses from readers within 90 minutes, a majority of which slammed the DAP leader for the decision.

I titled this Commentary thus because the latest news development centres around the fact that Lim Kit Siang is an arrogant and selfish politician and he does NOT realise that the Tsunami effect resulting in the DAP's numerous victories was chiefly due to the ANWAR IBRAHIM-PKR FACTOR WHICH CAUSED A BIG SWING IN THE MALAY ELECTORATE FROM BN TO THE OPPOSITION,regardless of which party.And DAP benefited immensely from this factor of "sweeping change".

In such an early stage of an alternative front comprising PKR-DAP-PAS as a coalition government in four out of five Statesnow in their hands -- leaving te fifth Kelantan under traditional PASwith no need for the three-party alignment -- it is sad and depressing for Lim Kit Siang to take such drastic and confrontational moves against PAS-nominated MB. This extract fromMkini's report -- "The three of them later told a press conference that the regent had agreed with Nizar’s appointment as well as the appointment of Ngeh as deputy menteri besar (1) and an Indian candidate - to be named later - as deputy menteri besar (2)" -- shows PKR's implicit support as well as PERAK DAP STATE CHIEF'S.

With such "friends" like LKS within the infant coalition -- not even sworn in yet! -- who needs the enemies from BN with its UMNO, MCA and MIC and others waiting like hungry wolves to pounce for their pound of flesh?

And the following is extracted from

"As the appointment of PAS Assemblyman for Pasir Panjang Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak Mentri Besar representing the third and smallest political party in the proposed coalition has not received the mandate of the CEC, DAP Perak Assemblymen will stay away from the swearing-in ceremony for Perak Mentri Besar scheduled tomorrow."

I was telling myself, "I don't believe this". Many will be devastated by this turn of events. They weren't even done celebrating the historic victory.

Does power go to everybody's head?

p/s If Kit Siang doesn't take it back, might as well give the MB post back to Umno. BN won 28 state seats in Perak, DAP has 18, PKR has 7 and PAS 6.

Well said, Sdr Ahiruddin Atan, (aka as Rockybru), and your Voice is from one not particularly aligned with any specifically political party,(to my knowledge) which is hence more "independent and objective". (Mine, as I have indicated via various ways and channels, is loaded as I have indeed been all along an Opposition member, including the DAP for a long period, and at present a card-carrying member of PKR:)

GE2008 Post-Mortem 1: EsteemedReaders Hold the Fort!

This Post was first written on March 10,2008. Now it's UPDATEd on March 12, 2008 as Desi has been beesybodee shuffling KL-Seremban trying to taste of victory in the air rightly earned by the "reformer-fighters" -- BUT nobody bought me Hi or Lo-tea. So I shalt pen my 3sen worth shortly. Or should it read briefly?

Dr M calls for Pak Lah to resign
Mar 9, 08 2:14pm

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today his successor Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has "destroyed" the ruling coalition after disastrous weekend elections.

Mahathir, who led the ruling Umno which helms the Barisan Nasional coalition for 22 years before stepping down in 2003, lashed out after its worst performance in history.

"My view is he has destroyed Umno, destroyed the BN and he has been responsible for this," Mahathir told reporters.

He suggested Abdullah should resign, and said he had made a mistake in selecting him as prime minister.

"I think he should accept responsibility for this. He should accept 100 percent responsibility," he said.

"I am sorry but I apparently made the wrong choice."

Mahathir has previously said he never intended for Abdullah to serve more than one term, and that he should have opted instead for influential Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak who is now leader-in-waiting.

Worst ever result

BN suffered its worst ever result in Saturday's polls, losing its two-thirds majority in parliament for the first time since 1969 and conceding four more states to a resurgent opposition.

Abdullah was punished over rising crime and inflation in an election also tinged by rising racial tensions between majority Muslim Malays and minority ethnic Chinese and Indians.

"I think the people must have been very angry, all the races, Chinese, Malays and Indians," Mahathir said.

"The problem is we (the government) have become so arrogant. We suppress any opinion that we do not like and they begin to believe in their own reports which are not actually consistent with what is happening in the country."

Abdullah was Mahathir's hand-picked successor when he stepped down, but after the new leader dumped several of his pet projects he began launching accusations of economic mismanagement, nepotism and corruption.

DESIDERATA: I had intended to take a HI-atus to Haiti or Tumbuktoo or TimbuckUpTheTree, but I am postponing my selfish needs and put my EsteemedREaders' interest first (See, I can also writHe like politikus!:, so I KIV my holidie Dow Under:(

I urge my ER to give me an hoinest-to-goodness opinion on the Above News Retport I sighted at Mkini (Go there to read more, their Free Access -- ala theSun -- ends soon!) After that I will algo gift thee my HonestTooGoodnurse No-HolesBarredOrBared opinion, 3sen worth.

I am inducing (or is it seducing, or bribing?) these honest-flowing-wit'GOoGness readers to become the first in the Q to offer their Comments by graduating to Frontpage their heartfelt input from Yesterday, when all our troubles seem (Not in d Past Tense like the Beatles!:) so far away...

******************* Cut&Paste *******************

mindful mariner said...
Great post Desi, wise words,and sound advice.

The people have spoken.

Congratulations to each and every person who has contributed to the defeat of the BN's autocratic arrogance in whatever way, each and every little bit helps.

A great people-centric victory was witnessed overnight.

11:47 AM
kyels said...
I finally hear shouts for reformation! I'm indeed very happy w/ the results and the arrogance of BN has been deflated.

12:37 PM
Anak Merdeka said...
I can't believe I stayed glued to the TV until 4am and those gutless ppl dare not reveal the true picture to the Rakyat!! In the end, they just pack up and leave with tails btw their legs.

I'm now suffering from massive hangover after gulping down cups of caffeine and maggi-mee to stay awake.

But it was worth it!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on Anwar's next move. Will he live up to the promises and expectations of the voters? Will Barisan Rakyat humbly accept the challenge and work twds greater success in the next GE?

1:38 PM
Twisted Heels said...
Lol. Like AM, I kept refreshing Malaysiakini (although the time difference meant I had to stay home on a Sat night!) I'm glad how things turn out. Hope it's all for the best!

7:11 PM

Special comment plus my TEAser response plus ChallengiA:

moo_t said...
Change, this make a happy desi and moo_t :)

Now if the media license issue removed by opposition, desi will have a huge writing arena :)

More jobs for all Malaysia. :)

3:49 AM

desiderata said...

I am AP, u got ap,
The Rakat arer awefully ap AP ap --

that's most important.

Now the PAS-, DAP- and PKR-led states must DELIVER or
the Rakyat will Vote them out in 4/4 years time.

Hey, come to bum2008 and I'll offer thee Puerh tea!:)

2:32 PM

CHALLENGIA: What so special? REWARD: Any GOoDe response near what Desi has in mind will be invited to Puerh cum Dinner so-ON?!


**************** Come back tonight for aMore
If Desi is put in the GOoD mood, he may even offer Puerh tea
on top of Teh-tarik or Rut Bir!
Behave thyself, my dear/deer/doe
or knottyaSsusual like this blardy writHer:)
~~ Desi


UPDATEd @6.36PM as mGf fellow scribe KIM QUEK emailed me an excellent piece which fits in tightly, knightly but not nightly, as what should be the LEAD (which means the opening paragraph of any story/report, but I think Kim -- an honourbale outpost of Rudyard Kipling's imagination?) -- will understand and forgift Desi!:)



Malaysian Election 2008 has heralded the arrival of a new era. The spectacular election results demonstrated in no uncertain terms that the racial bondage that has imprisoned this country for 50 years has finally begun to disintegrate under the combined onslaught of PKR, DAP and PAS.

Not only the target of breaking Barisan Nasional’s long standing two third parliamentary majority was achieved, but more importantly, the opposition has unexpectedly captured the heartland states of Selangor, Perak, Penang and Kedah, in addition to retaining Kelantan in a landslide.
These achievements would not have been possible, if not for the new ground boldly broken into by the electorates themselves – hordes of Chinese and Indians who never supported PAS before had rushed to vote for the latter, while Malays in unprecedented numbers had voted for DAP. And needless to say, all the three major races have supported PKR enthusiastically.

It is this willingness to break the racial and religious taboos (which have been instilled into the people by BN) that has opened up a new vista of great opportunity for the nation, made possible through the electorate’s newfound wisdom of choosing a government not based on race or religion but on merits.
Henceforth, political parties must fight their battles with sound policies and ideals and records that are most attuned to the welfare of the masses, not by appealing to the primordial instincts of race and religion; as the electorate are clearly discarding the latter for the former. This will surely result in vast improvement in governance through better selected political leadership.

However, this rosy scenario may come to naught if the opposition parties fail to transcend their differences and work together effectively as a team to transform promises into realities.


None of the opposition parties has a simple majority in any of the state assemblies of Selangor, Perak, Penang and Kedah, so they have no choice but to form coalitions if they want to rule these states. Since coalition is thrust upon them, they must form a political partnership, and this partnership should logically also extend to states where a partner may have only one seat, namely Penang (PAS: 1) and Kedah (DAP: 1). The inclusion of PAS and DAP in Penang and Kedah respectively will ensure that policies made in these states will have taken cognizance of the interests and views of the constituents represented by these parties in these states. Besides, these minor inclusions will help to foster solidarity among partners and minimize dissatisfaction of minority constituents in these states.

A major faiture of the BN model of leadership is the over-concentration of power on the leader and the lack of mutual respect and genuine consultation among partners, as the former encourages corruption and abuse of power while the latter will doom the partnership to eventual disintegration through desertion by the victimized partners.

Hence, the opposition parties must genuinely practice collective leadership in the state governments, not only to avoid pitfalls of BN but to ensure long term flourish of the partnership. All policies and major decisions must be the product of consultations, not whims of the autocrat.

With the understanding that the leader is but the executor of policies, which in turn are collectively decided, the choice of the leader (chief minister or menteri besar) should not be an oversensitive issue, as long as the decision is collectively made and the candidate is deemed suitable.


The main scourge of this country is corruption,
which is the root cause of high crime rate and inefficient government which in turn is a contributing cause to economic hardships manifested by stagnant economy and runaway inflation. We have promised the electorate to wipe out this vice, so anti-corruption measures must be on the top of the opposition agenda. As a start, I propose these two immediate measures:

One, push for public declaration of assets of all elected representatives, with those in PKR, DAP & PAS taking the lead. All opposition-controlled state governments should include in their official websites a section showing the assets of all assemblymen. Pass a resolution to call for these public declarations if BN assemblymen are reluctant to do so. These asset details should be updated regularly.

Two, make it compulsory for all contracts under state government control to go through open and transparent tendering system: all tenders to be advertised and tender prices announced promptly (including posting in official website) upon closing of tenders. All tenders to be evaluated professionally with known criteria and awarded through the tender board.


Now that the electorate has given the mandate to the opposition parties to govern these states, the people can help to make these new governments a success by giving them whole-hearted support and constructive criticisms where they are due. We must not forget that Malaysia has been badly managed for a long time, and it is only through maximum co-operation from the public, that the arduous task of reforming an old and impaired system can be speedily accomplished.

As for the opposition parties, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to demonstrate their competence to take over the helm of the entire country by doing a good job of running these states. This, I am sure, can be achieved if the leadership of these three parties are willing to put the nation above personal or parochial party interests at all times. And let all adopt the motto: “The nation must always come first, no matter what happens”.

Kim Quek.

DESIDERATA: My ER are requested to banter with Sdr Kim who resides in Johor Bharu and constantly files for and Mkini, I believe. I added the last two words in the preceding sentence because readers must themselves train to ask questions, even of Desi and Kim, challenge them like I did with an academic who betrayed the PKR's casue by attacking "historical" events of common knowledge which must have been JUST brought to another Rip van Wrinkled clone before GE2008. So sad. But I am glad the GE2008 puts an RIP to this shamefaced turncoat -- ah, but RM-sign succeeeds in "turning over" many minds, goldmines too.:(

DESIDERATA gifting thee tigasen worth on March 12:

First, I share Anak Merdeka's expression of quiet Joy, and that we were rewarded for making a good decision.
But it was worth it!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on Anwar's next move. Will he live up to the promises and expectations of the voters? Will Barisan Rakyat humbly accept the challenge and work twds greater success in the next GE?
" ~~ AM

Anwar's next move is predictable -- his wife Wan Azizah who was an "accidental politician" following her husband's jailing on "trumped up" charges will now resign her Permatang Pauh seat for a by-election. Barring unforseen circumstances, PKR's defacto leader Sdr Anwar Ibrahim will win the seat in the by-election,GODwilling/InsyaAllah.

As Opposition Leader in Parliament -- as well as key adviser to the PKR-led State government of Selangor -- Anwar would deliver what has been promised since he came back actively into politics promoting THE NEW ECONOMIC AGENDA.

Without any shadow of the doubt I believe the Selangor state will enjoy a period of greater accountability, clearer transparency and a more responsive government -- as all eyes, especially of the Bloggers -- will detect every minor misdemeanor of the Government, what more the mega-spendings and abuses so glaring under the old BN-UMNO rule. NO MORE ZAKARIA MAD DEROS, NO MORE KHIR TOYOL type of corrupt "Close one eye" politics. I would like the Govermnemt at an appropriate time TO REVISIT ALL THE ABUSES OF THE PAST MB AND HIS CRONIES, and do the right thing by THE RAKYAT.


Desi's happy that the disease of MASOCHISM I had lamented often enough via this Blog had finally been excised from the sickened electorate's psyche. Nomoe complaining and complaining against the BN governemnt, yet in the Polling Booth, mark the cross againstthe Dacing!

ONE SALUTE and a shiny porcelain cuppa of Puerh tea to all you "V"OTERS!


Giving credit where it is due, Pak Lah did the citizenry a favour by allowing the appointment of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the VK Lingam's video tape. This truly opened up the eyes of the people. And the enabler, LOH GWO BURNE, RIGHTLY DESEVED TE KELANA JAYA's PARLIAMENT WIN!

AND THIS RCI EPISODE EVIDENCED THE LOUD CRY OF THE PEOPLE THAT FORMER PM DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD HAD INDEED BASTARDISED AND IMMOLATED THE MALAYSIAN JUDICIARY. This daed from the 1988 sacking of Lord President Tun Salleh Abas, continued throuhoy=t the remaining years of Dr Mahathir's reign-- and the rotten state of affairs was still carried on, albeit in a smaller magnitude, and less destructive way, IMHO, up till the appointment of of a UMNO lawyer to the third ranked Judicial position, then promoted to second rank, and now awaiting for a few more months to take over the Chief Justice post. Hopefully, as a lesson from losing the two-thirds majority in Parliament, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would not proceed to enable this judicial top post to be further occupied by anyone with less than credible charracter or whose integrity is subject to questioning.

I do not empathise at all with Dr Mahathir's present lamentations as I believe, to a large extent, THE ROT IN THE UMNO-LED GOVERNMENT STARTED A COUPLE OF DECADES AGO,

The winds of change that came along with GE2008 were unexpected in their force -- and it was only made possible with the release of Anwar soon after Abdullah Badawi was in line with his Mr Nice Guy mark. While Mahathir had cause now to admt he made "a mistake" in picking Pak Lah as successor, I believe this mistale served the nation well.

At least Pak Lah allowed the eveil and corrupt ways ofUMNOputras to be publicly displayed -- ala "THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES".

I retrospect after the fact of the fall of five states into PKR-PAS-DAP arms, some credit must be given to the ELECTIONS COMMISSION. The conspiracy theory about the last-minute reversal of decision to use the indelible ink worked in faour of the Opposition. The bugbear to allow for "manipulation" did show up in certain cases,including the high-profile REMBAU parliament contest involving Che'Gu Bard and the famous/infamous SIL, but let' see if an Election Petition would open up another spirit from the Pandora's Box.

As for Dr Mahatjir's call to resign, here is my one sen worth ...

WHY SHOULD HE? REMEMBER YOUR OWN DECREE THAT EVEN IF YOU WON BY 1 VOTE AT THE UMNO GENERAL ASSEMBLY'S PARTY ELECTION WHEN TENGKU RAZALEIGH CONTESTED AGAINST YOU, YOU STATED FIRMLY YOU WOULD STAY ON AS UMNO PRESIDENT. Which in fact I did agree at that time. I do also agre now, for that's what is meant to be -- the one with a SIMPLE MAJORITY is usually declared the VICTOR, whether you likeit or not. Unless, of course, the crown was "stolen", which may be the case with the famous/infamous ... ah, did I digress?


The current DPM Najib Tun Razak as the CHALLENGER? A veteran journalist well-versed with UMNO affairs I met a couple of dauys ago stated that Najib had no guts. Desi's view is that a Damocles' sword in hanging over the ambitious fatcat,and of course, I agree he has not the balls.

I second many of Sdr KIM QUEK's views, so I would just reiterate that PKR-led HGovernmet must rise up to the challenge of delivering a responsible, clean and responsive Governemnt in Selangor. I have no doubt that in Khalid Ibrahim, with much government and corporate serviceexperience, will be dedicated in proving that the former Opposition party will lay the satge to form the ALTERNSATIVE GOVERNMENT AT SEVERAL MORE STATES AS WELL AS AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL FOLLOWING THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS.

The Rakyat's duty is to stay VIGILANT.
Watch over the DAP-led Government in Penang with an Eagle's eyes.
Watch over the PAS-led governments in Kelantan, Kedah and Perak, 24/7 too.

Today I sleep wellA knowing that the Rakyat, regardless of etnnic origins, HAVE CLEARLY RESPONDED TO THE CLARION CALLS BY VARIOUS PARIES -- including from humble, okay even not so humble,but not Goblok, Bloggers! -- THAT "IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE".