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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Law of Karma Is Being Played Out in Malaysia...

on many fronts. The closest English saying equivalent to this universal law as preached in Buddhim is "What Goes Around Comes Around", and also the proverb, in my rendition -- You reap what you sow.

What fronts is Desi talking about. Okay, the most current, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, is the two-weeks-plus standoff involving 250 intruders onto Sabah soil -- these invaders calim they were of Sulu Sultanate descent, and history has arrogated them as owners of Sabah. This has been a bone of contention between the newly fromed Malaysia comprising Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah in 1963. I believe if these intruders said they were not prepared to surrender -- as stated by the Sultan and daghter back in theSulu sultanate a few days ago -- the invaders headed by one of the sultan's brothers would then be waiting out the time till the Malaysian police, army, navy and airforce forces are forced to "act militarily" -- I believe TIME IS RUNNING OUT and the coming wickedend might see a play out of High Noon in the modern context. Necessarily there will be DEAD BODIES if it came to a shootout.

So why is the Law of Karma relevant here?

Well, it is a well-known factr that the Malaysia state of Sabah had seen many Filipino immigrants coming over into Sabah illegally, BUT THE BIG GUNS AT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TURNED EITHER ONE EYE OR A CLOSED EYE on the intrusion for the past few decades (you do read the revelations of the current RCI on Sabah Illegals, I hope...). Also, these illegals finally were gifted identity cards (then VOTING RIGHTS) by the powers-that-be, and many of these arrivals became conduits to channelling arms and other "supplies" to Islamic insurgents in the Philippines I am just paraphrasing news reports sighted in the Internet -- you just Google "Lahat Datu and Sulu and intruders and standoff..." and you would get a generous helping of current and historical updates updates. standoff.

The Malaysian powers-that-be are now getting a taste dealing with the very same type of "intruders" whom they had pampered with special velvet glove treatment when it served their short-term blinkered interests -- political mainly -- and now the backlash happens, and Wow, Desi is waiting with bated breath and whispering to my Pasar politikuses: What do you expect to get when you rear snakes in thy compound? The chickens and ducks will disappear of course for starters. Then you get snake bites. I just pray it';s the leaders who get the lethal dosages. "May God protect the innocent ones. Amen", YL whispers at midnight, YL, the newshound by bloodline, a poet-dreamer by knight.

PS: You wanna Desi to cite other Karmic goings-on here? Hey, one instance is enough for now!

Chow, meet5 me at De Miang Coner in Furong, bye me endless rounds of tehtari', I may yakk summAmore!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Look -- Who's selling out the nation's sovereignty? FINAL INSTALMENT

I took a fortnight break for CNY, and ONE EVENT AMIDST MY K RA LA LA OK and YAM SING TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! Lucky I had enough cookies and shandy to keep me alive -- the INVASION by allegedly some 100 to several hundred foreigners of our east Malaysian state of Sabah armed with guns and ammunition ARE BEING TREATED WITH A VELVET GLOVE by our well prepared ARMED FORCES.

I had written a series of posts (I to VII) headed similarly above about who's selling out NegaraKu's sovereignty, as revealed by the RCI on Sabah Illegals still in progress -- but today I think the event that started on Feb 12 must NOT be allowed to continue in an impasse! Otherwise, MALAYSIA CONTINUES TO BE A LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD -- in fact, that status was already acquired in stages under the stupid UMNO reginme, becmong stupider and stupidest over the past two decades, and now has become THE MOST STUPIDEST of them/damned all, analogously using PL ala-Shakespeare in Julius Caesar's quote of the "most unkindest cut" of Brutus' stab. You don't know what this is about, remain an Ignoramus, Desi's aint no mood to educate ye, my dear ER! You don't like it, get the here out of Hell!

Even as of yesterday, reading theSUN's report this moUrning, the various wings of the armed forces' chiefs -- Police, Army, Navy and Airforce -- are STILL JUST ON STANDBY MODE TO GIVE THE ARMED INTRUDERS A LAST CHANCE TO EITHER SURRENDER ON ENGAGE IN A PEACEFUL RETREAT via a ship sent by the Philippines waiting offshore Sabah.

Hey, Mr Prime Minister, the Sulu Sultanate does not exist as far as Malaysia is concrerned. So when an army from this purported claimants to a part of Sabah landed at Lahat Datu two weeks plus ago, you still believe in treating them as neighbours open to peaceful negotiations?

This newdog still remembers vividly that a certain past PM, when commenting to the press, both local and international, about hundreds of VIETNAMESE REFUGEES arriving off the shores of Terengganu and Kelantan by the boatfuls, said: "SHOOT THEM!"

Can I humbly request of our current prime Minister Najib Tun Razak: Shoot these bas****s invaders of our land, "Since they don't respect our nation's sovereignty, SHOOT THEM!"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

To my Chinese fRiends here, dare, everywhere:)

Wishing ye a Happy and Progressive New Year of the fRiendly Snake. May you and family and buddies Eat, Drink&Be Merry for the sext 15 days -- just leave Desi some rut bir and man-dare-in oranges, wilya!

To my non-CinoSIRie buds, please join in the festivities OK! In the international spirit of celebrations across physical, ethnic and political boundaries, and wishing everyone GOoD Health and Prosperity! Yes, " GONG XI FA CAI " in man-darling:).

I hope you did catch Celine Dion singing at last night's CCTV Spring Fesival Gala Show -- Yes, the diva sang a famous Chinese folk song "Moh Li Hua" (Jasmine Flower) wj=hich an uncle taught me and siblings during our schooldays although we attended English-medium school. Of course, she also won the hearts of the Chines people in the most-watched show of the world with that number from The Titanic.

Surprise acts were pianists Li Yundi accompanying a Magician (sorry, can't recall his name) in an entertaining music-scored fool-of-tricks demo, and the vivacious (? can I use this to descriv=be a male?) Lang Lang playing like a God-gifted maestro to the dance movements of a real-life ballet dance. "Real-life" because at one stage, a viewer could have been mistaken she's a life-size doll rendred thus by sharp camera-angling and professionally-keyed-in&danced duet with fingers and feet.

OK, Ciao, will be taking two-week AWOL -- do I have thy permit?

Cheers, ENJOY the meats&cake&puer cha,  but don't drink heavy if you are driving.

CHOW, which can mean

Carry on eating;)


I will seeya later, insyaAllah.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

EC chief says GE-13 will "be the best" ever -- Desi's immediate reaction is:


How many of my dear ER would have similarly reacted? Share-lah, I won't tell the BN-UMNO people, no money mah!

The EC chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof was speaking yesterday after officially appointing some 16 NGOs as observers to the impendig General Elections, which has to be called latest by June 2013. I now need to check: was he speaking at a seminar for East Malaysia zone?
 (The 12th Parliament's term ends end-Apriol 2013, and its dissolution assuming Najib takes it to its full term, will be 27th April; after that the Election Commission has got 60 days to conduct the elections for the 13th Parliament.

The Opposition has many a time claimed the forthcoming GE will be the "dirtiest ever' ... based on their suspicions that the shenanigans as revealed by the Ropyal Commission of Inquicy (RCI) now in progress in Sabah had included OPEN ADMISSIONS by senior National Registration Department officials that they had indeed issued Identity cards to illegal immigrants in Sabah -- BY THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND! -- and past PM Dr Mahathior Mohamad even confessed, "Yes, I did it..." to that effect OK! -- and then compared it with what Tunku Abdul Rahman also did way back when  -- granting foreigners citizenship just before Malaya obtained Independence from the British in August 1957

My "mouse" is still disobedient and so renders Desi impotent in Cut&Pastry the NST news report quoting the EC chairman (THE LINK HEAR LATER OK! --      ) -- I will just paraphrase some points and give my comments, can?

The EC chairman said the 13th GE will be the most transparent ever to be conducted, under the watchful eyes of the independent observers. I don't doubt that on the surface, the "transparency" will be there.But as BERSIH3.0 has been campaigning for among other issues for a clean and fair elections -- HAVE THE ELECTORAL ROLLS BEEN PADDED UP WITH "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS", especially in States the UMNO are targetting to win back from Pakatan Rakyat like Selangor and Penang?

BUT THE MAIN Q REMAINS, and Desi's MAIN CONCERN TOO, hence my reaction above, sceptic newsdod that's YL Chong -- REALLY?

All the past five years HOW MANY FOREIGN IMMIGRANTS HAVE SIMILARLY BEEN GRANTED CITIZENSHP? HOW MANY ARE NOW PADDED ONTO THE ELECTORAL ROLLS as targeted by UMNO -- for we all know that the Sabah situation "Project M" took place with the EC's collussion with the UMHNO topguns or parties-friendly to UMNO.

In remember the Statistics Department a few years ago reported that the NUMBER OF ILLEGAL WORKERS FROM INDONESIA ALONE ACCPOUNTED FOR TWO MILLION! Now two years later, how many of these two million illegals have made it to the EC rolls as VOTERS?

Then you add in the numbers of illegals from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar -- HOW MANY MORE ILLEGALS HAVE ILLEGALLY BEEN GRANTED VPOTING RIGHTS? Read-lah my series, now numbering six, on "Look -- who is selling out the nation's sovereignty?"

May I just/jest end with a quote I have used several times recently, from the greatest scientist ever lived, ALBERT EINSTEIN:

"Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results."

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tributes from peers to ex-theSUN journalist Claudia Theophilus -- they are PRICELESS!

When news of a former journalist of theSun Claudia Theophilus (ah, from my hometown Furong, doubly proud of you:) was reported killed by gunfire in L:ebanon ;ast Saturday, Desi knows she's another victim when visiting or reporting in war-torn fronts. I personally don't know Claudia, but from the tributes paid her by her peers, from theSun and other news organisations, you know the acknowledgement is sincere and heartfelt.

I of course have read her wqritings at theSun and at

I was moved this morning reading the Sun's page 3 report headed:
""In memory of
Claudia Theophilus,

it's tragic that a Malaysian newshound who went on to serve at AL JAZEERA as a producer had her life terminated so early at an age I would term as the PRIME of her life. I wanted to Coipy&Pastry the said report from, but the mouse remains stubbornly disobedient, so please make do, my dear ER, with just two paras copied long-hand; for aMore, here's the online LINK:

PETALING JAYA: Friends from the media fraternity and
former colleagues of ex-theSun journalists Claudia
Theophilus. who was killed by a stray bullet in Lebanon
on Saturday, have set up a Facebook page in her memory.
   The page -- "Keeping the Flame Alive" -- attracted
tributes from her former colleagues at theSun and online
portal Malaysiakini as well as others within the industry.

DESIDERATA: One of the media hounds who paid tribute
quoted (G.) Umakanthan, someone I hold in high esteem and I have the privilege to befriend from some three decades ago.

Veteran journalist Humayun Kabeer. in theSun's report today, had described Claudia as a "true fighting spirited lioness" who spoke her mind without fear or favour.
"So much so she was nicknamed the 'policewoman' by our former theSun editor Umakanthan!"

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hilary Swank in TALK ASIA interview -- WOW!

Here's the LINK:
BECAUSE I couldn't COPY&PASTRY as the idiotic "mouse" is not obedient since yesterday, when all my troubles seem'd so far abay!

I caught a "repeat" of the above on CNN from 2.40 to 3.00PM on a lazy hazy mazey Sundae when I am into RUMINATION ie away from socio-political writHes UNLESS it's earth-shattering on the Malaysian landscape. So with a repeat of Law&Order on ch 701 or izzit 702?, I surfed to 511, and was I glad, catching the last section of twice-academiy award-wining HILARY SWAK's interview by on CNN.

Two distinctive references remain embedded partially in my brain -- one referred to her acting alongside Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood how she would "soak it in" learning from the iconic greats; and how she would feel as "an outsider" in the celebrity-made it  world of Hollywood...

Another referred to her quoting Clint, my paraphrasing OK! --that in life one always aims for the bull'seye, but it's not always hitting it. This writHer feels connected to may of her opinions expressed in the interview, BUT I must admit I have lots to ketchUP with her films because I've recently "lost" a buddy who often went to the cineplex wit' Desi...he went off to ****Timbuktu.

And second confess: Only recently when ****Mali made the news when France ordered its troops to fly into African outpost nation that I realised Timbuktu IS IN MALI! I had so often teased friends after they went AWOL/MIA for long periods with Q: You went to hyde in Timbuktu izzit? yet not really knowing where to place TB2 on the world map. AND tell me frankly, your PM had just triumphanty visited GAZA, can you honestly tell Desi you can point where Gaza is on the world map? I can't, and really, you think I care?

Now when my mouse regains its knotty coposure and behaves normally, I will come back with the fu;ll version -- YOU DON'T EXPECT DESI TO WRITE OUT THE TRANSCRIPT IN "LONG-HAND", do you? although I know, "long" is part of my name in YL Chong!:( You don't like it here, HEY, GET THE HEAR OUT OF HELL! `` YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual