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Saturday, March 23, 2013


I watched nine finalists of American Idol # singing from the BEATLES' repertoire to get the viewers to vote them into the next round. It was a two-hour special over Ch 8, and I sms-ed my buds NOT TO MISS THE SHOW. My op is that the lady who sang Yesterday beat them all/awe! wit' the guy whispering THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD followig very close and personal behind; maybe side by side because we all need companions in this long journey called Life!  One of my favourites, this number also often recalls our humans' predilection towards remembering the past through velvet-or izzit rose--tinted eyes, I-I for one! and aye-aye for ye2?

I believe the sixties -- when flower children reigned supreme -- created remains one of the most prolific and creative periods of Rock led by the Fab four from Liverpool, and our radio airwaves would never pass a day withougt at least a couple of their songs warming our hearts, cool, hot or cold, young, mid-age or olde -- BECAUSE who could not be knocked over by anthems like Let It Be, Hey Jude and for the younger love birds on their first dates, I wanna hold your hand! I must fess that my English did improve singing-along and writing short stories just based on one CoRE idea sharpened one's creative juices too, speaking for meself OK:).

So Sdr Din Americano, Rockybru-ed, Voiz knot Midnight (cos Desi's is that Wan occupying midnight: slot K:), Koboi Ng and Koboi2 Huat -- let's K Ra La OK tonight to celebrate whoever wins -- and don't let Yesterday pass away though our tender and light fingers OK when we feel 46 although aged 64!

YESTERDAY, all our troubles seem'd so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
O' I believe in Yesterday....


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daylight Robbers in BN Get Protection!

The Chief Minister of Sarawak and family have been robbing the state's forests and other resources so efficiently that now only some five (5) percent of the original forests remain unraped and their stockholdings' values could even pay one-fifth of the national debt of som RM600billion, Desi's estimates OK! The state of Sarawak's CEO holding power a decade longer than Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the nation's CEO for 22 years and family have been helping to denude the land for the past 30 years -- AND THE AMAZING THING IS THEY ARE STILL BRAZENLY DOING IT! Robbing in daylinght and yumsing the 'hole day, and sucking nubile maidens at night as dessert?!

Meanwhile, commoners get sent to jail even for shoplifting a few tins of milk powder and some clothes for the mother and baby. And little children trudge some five to 10km daily from the interiors of Sarawak to attend school in the urban centres. Can you imagine NegaraKu is aiming to become A HIGH-INCOME NATION in 10 years' time. Barbarians at the gate like what';s akin happening in neighbouring Sabah can be fought off with armed forces' might and determination, BUT INTERNAL THEFT AND LOOTING WITH NO AGENCY BRAVE ENOGH TO CHECK IT?

Who's going to weep for Malaysia?

Luckily a foreign entity named Global Witness is helping a little to educate us.

THANKS to GLOBAL WITNESS via Malaysian Insider today -- even AlJazeera has telecast it! -- the latest "crime" against Malaysians, Sarawakians in particular, is merely the latest in a series of blatat crimes against the state -- yet no action has been taken by the central government and the federal and state graft-fighting agencies. Have you any guts and gumption Mr PM Najib Tun Razak take immediate action with the lastest EXPOSE!?

Go to this LINK: to see the video:

Where else does a Chief MInister of a state get to treat the State as his family owned property
In a land Called Sarawak where once headhunters roamed
Now the Chieftain continues to rob not with blowpipes and darts
But using the CEO's status to steal State land, timber and other resources
And they get immunity from prosecution
Because he shares 10percent of the loot with the right powers-that-be at the Federal level

SEMUA OK if you just toe the line
Give a cut of your stolen riches to UMNO BIG guns
The latest news break -- by undercover probers from Global Witness
Also exposes crony-lawyers reaping fantatstic profits too
Doing the "First Family"'s bidding -- also enjoying nubile beauties as a bonus at night?

Even dragged in is the image of collaboration Singapore banks
Being used to channel and "hide" dirty money ala Swiss unnumbered accounts?
This is NOTHING new to us Malaysians
We know they have been plundering for decades

Hey, do your bit-lah before these plunderrers drive you into the South China Sea
You think they are not so callous?

Hey, these are no humans
They have skins thicker than the hippo
They are beyond humane emotions
Otherwise, why do they own land more than twice the size of Singapore?
And they continue to hang on to office
In the name of doing national service

May God save us from the enemy within who enjoys IMMUNITY BECAUSE HE ALSO FINANCES THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S GENERAL ELECTION BUDGETS EVRY 4-5Years,and shares 10percent of the loot every year with the "RIGHT" GREASY HANDS -- the enemy from outside is highly detectable and so can be brought down. ~~ Amen

Monday, March 18, 2013

I attended the DAP LUKUT fundraising dinner last Saturday

I enjoyed TWO speakers immensely. I did NOT get the name of the first speaker -- he appeared to be a seaoned entertainer, speaking mostly in Kantonis, with a smattering of Hokkien, BM and Mandarin, and from the laughter from the 3,000-strong crowd, they kept cheering him on even after some 45minutes.

More pertinently, one side note is that every attendee paid RM50 for a ticket and it was 280tables "sold out" with late-comers standing to watch the "show" relayed via several giant TV screens set up to ensure everyone had a good view, not just those near the main stage.

Let me PUT ON RECORD that even as a non-supporter of MCA, I must report that it along with its cahoot Chinese aRsEsociatons in Seremban on the same night organised another dinner -- NO, it's not fund-raising, it's more like FUND-GIFTING to all the attendees, supposedly targeted to number 30,000! FREE TICKETS to the dinner were freely given out -- thrown in as a bonus in a Lucky Draw to keep the crowd waiting till the last item-lah! -- with generous prizes INCLUDING A PROTON CAR! I heard from Pasar Besar politikuses that only half the tables were filled, which means about 15,000 people came -- for free food and lucky draw-lah! Some of my cheApskate ER who went dare, please gift Desi the right figures for attendees. K!:) Another snippet I heard is that Dr Chua Soi Lek had to urge the crowd to clap on cue in appreciation of his performance on stage -- izzit true?!

Okay, over with the side journey including my half-hour drive from Furong to Lukut, back to the Main Menu. DAP SG Lim Guan Eng, also CM of Penang state, was scheduled as the last speaker, and since he is ranked among the top echelon within Pakatan Rakyat, he could be deemed to be sharing with policy-statements when quoting from pledges contained in the tripartite GE13 ELECTION MANIFESTO they released recently!

Lim related a few initiatives Pulau Pinang and Selangor under PR had done during the past five years -- eg like giving every state schoilar RM1,000 on entering the university. I shall elaborate a byte on the national issues --please correct me if I am wrong! -- from Lim's sharings:~~~~~

#1. If/When PR captures Putrajaya in the coming GE13, every senior citizen above age 60 will get an annual bonus of RM1,000 (hey, my secret sharing -- as said by PM-in-waiting, DSAI last year at a Seremban cereamah whispered he was 64 but FELT 46. Being two weeks younger than DSAI, Desi is feeling 56 now thoughsoon  touching 65!)

#2. The to-do list on assuming office at Putrajaya, PR will lower the petrol pump prices. YES< as frequently advocated at Desi's place, Malaysia is a nett beneficiary of world oil prices rising AS WE ARE A NETT PRODUCER AND EXPORTER OF PETROLEM, and MALAYSIA'S PETROL CRUDES ARE SWEETER AND ENJOY A PREMIUM over the oil imports!

#3. All the PTPTN loans -- given out to students who applied for studies at universities -- would be WAIVED from any need to pay back and from henceforth, tertiary students under such a scheme will be GIVEN FREE LOANS under the Pakatan government.

#4. The TOLLS for the North-South Highway WILL BE ABOLISHED. Lim stated that the concessionaire had alraedy garnered back more thn RM200billion, THREE TIMES MORE THA THE RM^)BILLION IT INVESTED!. Yes, Desi has been paying quite a byte over the years travelling Seremban-KL, even a few times up north to Ipoh and Penang. I guess I will travel more often -- down south to meet mGf KimQ and see Iskandar eh? -- once PR rules!

As for benefits #5 onwards, please-lah, do some homework; don't be a hazy lazy mazy cow like you sleeping at NFC condo OK -- Google  PR Election Manifesto for GE13, report-back to Desi, K. I may buy ye endless rounds of tehtari' at De Miang CONner, you bring the bestA mutton from Lingam's, jest don't bring the Cheap Justice OK -- he might add arSENic in our tehtarik -- you don wanna Desi to go off into the sunset so early from a heart attack, NO/Yes/Maybe/Mayhaps!!?? -- YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Latest news surrounding Prime Minister versus PM-in-waiting

A group of pro-UMNO bloggers, including one who YB Tian Chua, PKR MP for Batu, would be suing for defamation soon, have floated Sodomy3 -- isn't it so predictable? A man resembling the PM-in-waiting was depicted in several photos -- taken off a B&W video -- smooching and groping another male. If Sodomy1 and Sodomy2 haven't succeeded in bringing down Sdr Anwar Ibrahim, the present Opposition Leader and hence the PM-in-waiting, WHY WOULD THESE UMNO DIEHARDS REPRISE THE SAME/SIMILAR FICTION?

It is to be noted that Anwar yesterday had denied he was the man depicted in the photos and that he had referred to matter to his layers.

Let me re-quote two of my fave Einstein quotes for these low life forms who have plunged Malaysian politics to below gutter-level:~~~~

1. "Two things are infiinte: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

2. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."

I believe with the maturing of Malaysians well educated to discerning truth from falsehood, especially with Internet news sources as an alternative to BN-controlled MSM, most of us have gotten fed-up with UMNO and their sycophants churning out old tales. It shows the DESPERATION of UMNO politicians and their lapdogs in the blogosphere when the 13th General Elections are impending. Let those who are on a Quest for Continued Change following 308 EVENT FIVE YEARS AGO will stay the course and bring the present BN government to its knees.


The other current newsbreak surrounding incumbent PM Najib Tun Razak was yesterday's revelation by the recently-deceased PI P Balasubramaniam's lawyer Americk Sidhu that he was recently informed by a senior lawyer Tan Sri CECIL ABRAHAM that he (Cecil)  was responsible for drafting the SECOND STATUTORY DECLARATION (SD2) later signed by Bala which completely refuted -- the infamopus Gostan-lah by so many of the infamous bloggers, remember RPK? -- the contents of the FIRST STATUTORY DECLARATION (SD1) made just 24 hours earlier making damnig allegations about Najib being linked to the murder of Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaaribuu.

Americk made the starltling revelation at the recent Bar Council annual general meeting (held on March 16) which also elected a team of new office-bearers. Americk further claimed that Cecil told him the SD2 was drafted AT THE INSTRUCTION OF NAJIB TUN RAZAK.  It now  behooves a senior lawyer if he is worth his salt/status ie Cecil to come out openly to confirm or deny Americk's claims. No two ways about this. Mayhaps even Najib could win some brownie points for GE13 scoring by proactively coming out to confirm or deny that he had indeed instructed Cecil to draft such an SD2? This adds on SIGNIFICANCE following the untimely death -- purportedly from a heart attack -- of private investigator Bala.At the time of writing, Desi has NOT sighted any comment from Cecil, OR IS HE WAITING FOR AMERICK TO NOW MAKE A STATUTORY DECLARATION ATTESTING THE TRUTH OF WHAT HE TOLD FELLOW LAWYERS AT THEIR AGM?

I now leave my dear ER (esteemedreaders or esteAmedreaders, Desi's democratic offering) to make their own inference as to how the above two incidents will impact on GE13 -- assuming it's to be held by end-June 2013 -- and if we see DS Anwar Ibrahim  taking over the reins of power at Putrajaya. Or will Najib be able to defaet the "ghost" of the murdered Mongolian beauty resting not restfully somewhere in the Malaysian jungle without the decency of a proper burial, and without the family's knowledge of how she died.


May I have your permit to quote another of Einstein's? Hey, I realise I don't need your AP -- you only need one when buying an imported car,ain't it so? That RM20k to 40k AP is not within Desi's grasp-lah! The UMNO minister in charge -- departed or current -- is no friend of mine!

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limted. Imagination encircles the world.": ~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Karmic Visitations on Malaysia and Malaysians

When I penned my coment piece on the Lahat Datu intrusion/incursion/invasion (OBJECTIVE test, your choice, my dear ER, for Desi is pretty&democratic somedimes!:), I was guarded. In fact, with the ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry on Sabah Illegals then having revealed lots of shenanigans -- Project IC/Project M, yes, democrazy2 test! -- going back some 2-3 decades, at the back of my knotty mind is this thought perhaps WE ARE WITNESSING A SEISMIC VISITATION OF KARMA.

There is a similar saying in English close to the concept of Karma, i.e. "What goes around comes around." I only became a half-convert to the Buddhist teachings which contains "Karma" as one of its core precepts. I fess that I was brought up from age of 9 or 10 in a Christian environment, was a regular church goer UNTIL 8-10 YEARS AGO.. That was when I BUMped into this long lost friend from my secondary 1-6 schooldays and while I quoted Shakespeare and the English poets, he sold me his understanding of the teachings of Buddha.

To me, as I indicated, the BIG visitation of the Karmic kind was/is the Sulu sultanate invasion of Lahat Datu, Sabah by some 200-300 of the sultan's men starting Feb 9, 2013 while officials first stated the intruders arrived on Malaysian shores Feb 12 while Desi and friends were happily Lou-Sang and Ka Ra La OK, K! NOw the ministers are variously finding scapegoats,  jumping at the slightest connections to pin the "invasion" on the Opposition. I have written how the MSM jumped at ONE PHRASE,extracted from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, ...".(an opposition leader)...ALLIED WITH ANWAR,..." and by their rich imagination -- I called it quantum leap of logic -- they all chorused that Opposition Leader DS Anwar Ibrahim is behind the whole intrusion, and they embellished it with an old photo showing Anwar with MNLF leader Misuari. Of course we now know Anwar gave 24-hour ultimatum to Utusan Malaysia and TV3 to retract their allegations with an apology which they failed to respond; now they each face RM100 million defamation suts. Sdr Anwar should now extend the same favour to Bernama and several bloggers. (Hey, I won't name the cyber-mates hear/hear -- buy me endless rounds of tehtarik at De Miang CONner, can? Asa bonus, bring along the bestA kambing in Furong, Lingam's dried curry mutton -- you kambing?!

Okay, the second Karmic visitation saw the demise of PI P Balasubramaniam yesterday, when all our troubles seem'd so far away. Poor guy, he was used by BIGGER fat cats and received pittance for his role as a bagman or connecter, entailing him to refute a first Statutary Declaration implicating top guns in the murder of Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaaribu. When a person associates with the dark forces, how long do you think his attire would remain white and untainted? Less than a month on returning to NegaraKu from exile/hiding in India for a few years, this private detective under once employ of that rich Abdul Razak Baginda, socalled defence consultant,suffered a heart attack, and the news was spread on Internet news like wildfire yesterday he had drawn his last breath. Today it was headlined news in the local print media. Less informed Furong Pasar Besar politikuses with richer imagination than some UMNO bloggers this moUrning had their theory -- Bala was put to pasture by evil forces. Which I rebutted, but who am I to say with finality it's not so? Desi is just ONE writer among many in cyberspace, furthermore or aMore, this is Malaysia Bulleh! Malaysians have reached such a level of suspicion that even a routine death due to ill health now could be rumoured to have suspicious causes! -- NOW WHO DO YOU BLAME 4SUSPICIOUS MINDS? Elvis Presley? Desi the knotty wan?

Now I am waiting to see who and where the NEXT Karmic Visitation will befall. I have one educated guess -- remember one I wrote about nciked CARPETBAGGER? This wan dealth in;tens of millions, poor Bala dealth in tens of thousand. One is a fool, the other is a wiser fool, BUT WHEN MISS KARMA VISITS, "she" maketh no distinction whether thy art a bigeer or smaller fool. I am inclined to use "she" because the culprits visted upon are mosyly masculine, so logically....I am sure you got the drift?!When an M16 or MK47 is used to shoot at a flock, all the birds who flock together will get shot. I wonder now, when you are dead, WHO WILL WEEP FOR THEE? Like Altantuya caught in the web of operatives charged with murder, who shalt weep for her?

The certainty is that the Karma surrounding the ghost of this Mongolian beauty is still spinning its wheel, and we wait with lusty breath to see who the next victim will fall. The Players may have a decade to see the ending...I hope Desi liveth that long to see The End! My dear ER, U2!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Today, the Ides of March 2013, marks the 8th birthday of Desiderata!

I have begun to feel the stirrings of a teenager. EIGHT is a lucky number in chinoSIRie culture, so maybe Midnight Voices this year will see me making THAT 20MILLION! If you knoweth knot what I'm talking about, seek out all of helen an Ipohlang who gifted Desi's funny writes in riddles and wordplay its nick DA DESI CODE -- 'twas that time when another great Thinker Da Vinci had his nama honoured with DVCode, by one Brown fellow izzit?

But today I want to talk about the IDES OF MARCH in 44BC. In Rome was where Desi saw a potential emperor taken down by his band of fellow comrades Yes, Julius Caesar as narrated by my Form V compulsory Shakespeare's reading for Literature was knifed down at the Capitol by a group led by one conniving "lean and hungry-looking" Cassius.

But the "most unkindest cut" of all came from Julius Caesar's best bud named Brutus. So when the name blade was pushed into his chest, the now seriously wounded Julius -- the Emperor-to-be -- looked at his fRiend, whispered loud enough for the line worldwide to reverberate through the ages: "Et tu, Brute?" (translated as "You too, Brutus?")

The past FIVE years since the 12th General Electons on March 8, 2008 has also seen the reprise of "Brutus" on the Malaysian stage, especially from among the entrenched UMNO crowd (enjoying the largesse of leader of ruling government!)and the emerging Parti Keadialn Rakyat band (waiting in the wings to rewrite the country's history in finally breaking the 56-year-hold on government reins of power by Barsian Nasional led by UMNO. Is it any wonder that the most number of daggers have been aimed at PKR chief DS Anwar Ibrahim who has seen, again and again, the knife stabbed from behind by ex-UMNO and departed PKR renegades.

We will see more of such BRUTES/Brutuses before the curtain cometh down on GE13, which must be held before end-June 2013. Let's watch THE PLAY at PWTC, and PUTRAJAYA and several minor stages as we see the next four months reel by.

Wisdom from Desi: Watch thy back, thy fRiend minus that R  who hugs and kisses you may just turn out to be your dear Brutus. Ditto advice to Self, Cos you never no!:) OR :(

"ENJOY" w'ile you can b4 that lust breath is taken away! But you, dear ER, nebber doeth bring along that kambing I aRsEk of thee while I gift endless rounds of tehtari' at De Miang CONner, WHY!?

The rainy season and durian seasons are ended, BUT...

THE SEASON OF MADNESS IS UPON US! Ringing up the curtain is the detention and charging of PKR MP for Batu, Tian Chua, yesterday for "sedition" in conjunction with statements he made on the Lahat Datu intrusion by some 200-300 Sulu sultanate disciples. The durian and rainy seasons come annually and Malaysans fatten on the king of fruits and bathe in the rain to calm their nerves and temps raised by politikuses and bloggers on both sides of the divide.

This latest type of season comes about once in four to five years -- lasts for about a few months preceding the Malaysian General Elections, and the 13th GE is impending, must be held by end-June 2013 if this incumbent Government abides by the The Law and rules.

On the Lahat Datu incurion by Filipinos -- the Government had forst traeted them with kids' gloves deeming them to be mere irritant of some neighbours staking an invalid claim to Sabah. Only more than ONE WEEK AFTER THE INVASION STARTED on Feb 12, 2013, did the Government, claiming to also speak for the UMNO took it upon themselves to take offence on the street-fighter spirited PK VP Tian's statemenst, and their macais throughout the country on cue lodged police reports against the defiant Tian, who said the charge against was politically motivated and he would defend himself and clear the purported allegations by UMNO MSM and bloggers to paint the MP as a y=traitorous Malaysian. The UMNO goons even displayed banners asking that the honourqable elected Wakil Rakyat to have his "citizenship revokled". Ranfdg a bell how these goons on cue responded to BERSIH chair Ambiga Sreenavasan who led the 50,00-plus styrong people's protest for "fair and clean eklections". Perkasa-type cl;ones have often shouted to Malaysians to balik Tong San and balik India -- and that IS NOT SEDITIOUS.

Police sedately/or izzit sedated? stood by when hooligans from UMNO demonstarted in front of the PKR Hq at Merchant Square, Tropicana,a few days ago -- shouting clarion calls to "burn down the building!" Echoes of similar goons a decade ago also demonstarted by a few hundred strong at the KLSCAH building threatening to burn down the SUQUI office housed inside KLSCAH. Yes, these pro-UMNO demos are also deemed friendly to the PDRM, so they pay no heed to death threats and outright incitement to destroying property.

So the UMNO Home Minister in accordance with his BUNGLING SOP had to make a scapegoat our of Tian Chua. I think this latest episode of charging Tian officiaaly starts the SEASON OF MADENESS. Officially you expect all the political news from now out would serve the political masters' voices. UMNO-controlled pres like Utusan and NST would tell Najib Tun Razak -- Mr PM, what you say is What you get! MCA's The Star and most of the Chinese papers would similarly tell Dr Chua SL -- What the MCA head instructs, you will get (provided you up our bonuses this year-lah! WHILE SOME EDITORS can look forward to a DATUKSHIP at the next investiture at State and Federal levels!)

So the journalists at the MSM, which include TV stations like RTM 1, 2 et al, and TV3 will only report objectively in the SPORTS and ENTERTAINING sections, even the VIZ Section is skewed to GOOD NEWS4Gomen -- and the most objective reportage are in the Magnum, Toto and PanMalaysianPools (DaMaCai-lah!) results! For political news, please go ONLINE OK! Of course, you must also bear with some spinning by both factions and Third Force madcaps -- YOU THEN MAKE INFORMED INFERENCES AFTER DIGESTING ALL THE MADE INGREDIENTS THAT MAKE UP THE MALAYSIAN ROJAK on the GE13 menu.

Meanwhle, please maintain some sanity by surfing to Starry, Starry Nights with VINCENT as painted by


which can mean

Seeya later

Come, makan wit' me at De Miang Corner! ~~ YL, Desi

Monday, March 11, 2013

The depths UMNO politikuses&bloggers have descended to - I'd say along...

with the latest sinking the Malay community's pride (maruah) has truly sunk into the bottom of the South China sea.

On the same day I read about Saiful Bukhari's father recanting to the press that his son's allegation of SODOMY2 against the former DPM and now Opposition Leader DS Anwar Ibrahim was concocted by officer/s from the PM's Department, another Sodomy3 story was being spun by several UMNO cyber-troopers. I don't know if any Malay leader worth his salt after SODOMY1 a decade ago could hold his head high with a new low in UMNO politics -- the courts being used as a sandiwara stage -- semen-stained mattress, THE DATE OF THE ALLEGED SODOMY OFFENCES CHANGED NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE, and yet the judge merrily went on with THE PLAY. Not ony that, the judge took specail efforts to EXPUNGE pages of testimony to suit the verdict he already HAD PRECONCEIVED.Any magistrate trying a lesser mortal on a lesser charge of a sexual offence WOULD HAVE THROWN THE CASE OUT ON THE PROSECUTION's APPLICATION FIRST TIMER AROUND TO AMEND THE DATE OF THE ALLEGED OFFENCES!

Thank God we had some semblance of the British-inherited high standards of Justice finally displayed when the case was returned with an overturned verdict pronouncing Anwar "not guilty" on appeal to the Federal Court in a landmark 2-1 decision.

Thank God we also saw an "unexpected" NOT GUILTY decision by the High Court judge trying the SODOMY2 case. ONLY IN MALAYSIA BOLEH LAND would the political masters from UMNO-oh-no! would do a REPRISE of THE PLSAY to hame the former DPM into submission! But God is Great, someone a God-fearing man who sat as a proud Malaysian judge did what he did according to the overwhelming facts of the case.

Back to the present --- in the past three days I sighted at a few Pro-UMNO blogs mounting a concerted effort to prepare The Play for a THIRD OUTING OF SODOMY. How low can Malaysian politics -- I say the bloggers are indeed playing UMNO-financed politics -- descend? Just thinking aloud, IF DESI WERE A MALSAY GENTLEMAN, I WOULD GO OUT DARE TO GROUP TOGETHER A CLASS-ACTION SUIT AGAINST THESE DESPERADOES planning to enact a TWICE-FAILED MISSION again -- yes, hatching a Sodomy3!

No, Desi ain't gonna point ye -- my esteemedreaders -- to the sites who are acting in concert to bring the "maruah" of the Malay community to a new depth. I don't wish to become an accomplice even remotely to this cowardlt act! As I log-off, I just shake my head in WONDERMENT -- "O' God, don't we Malaysians have a sense of shame on the world stage?" ~~ YL, Desi

PS:  If my undersatnding of basic Islam is correct, the sin/dosa of slandering /memfitnah another fellowman's character IS WORSE than commiting murder against the victim, is Desi right? I humbly stand/sit to be corrected.

May the Almighty save Malaysia from the enemy within, Amen!

Hey, fellow Malaysians, WE CAN MAKE THE COUNTRY BETTER!

One of my fave Beatles hits is Hey Jude, and I would sing along wit' my Ka Ra La OK friends the refrain pronouncing "better" as "BADDER, badder, bader...." Nah, Nah, Nah nah nah nah nah... We now just add to the refrain WE CAN MAKE NEGARAKU badder, badder, badder -- remove all that's trul;y BAD under the UMNO-oh no! no  no no instead of nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, end wit' Hey Dude!

So if you happen by Furong nigh De Miang Corner, just hidden behind KFC/Gerakan dying state Hq!, give Desi a howler, and I'll come running. You bye Desi endless rounds of tehtarik and I'll take ye to the Butterfry Varrey and sing our version of Hey Dude to make our country badder, badder, badder yeah nah nah nah nah, Hey Dude!.

Now be a GOoD boy, hit the RH side YouTube video headed "My Anthem For Now" and sing loud enough for the UMNO-oh no! guys and their Sulu friends at PWTC can hear ye!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Desi lauds Editorial by the Malaysian Insider on Sulu intrusion into Sabah...


PS: I also read from Online latest updates that Opposition Leader DS Anwear Ibrahim's lawyer N Surendran had told the press today that letters have been sent to TV3 and Utusan Malaysia seeking their apologies and retraction of a report alleging that Anwar was linked to the Sulu intruders now still involved in a lingering standff at Lahat Datu (which had to date accounted for eight lives of Malaysian police personnel, with the additional six lives lost at Semporna some 110km from Tanduo, Lahat Datuk where the 250 Filipino intruders landed almost three weeks ago). Anwar's counsel also  stated that if the two media refused to apologise, then he would sue for damages amounting to RM100million from each of the MSM. (Desi just adds that a few more media have carried similar reports alleging Anwar's involvement, and if their Editors are smart, they should just retract their eports and tender an apology. But if they have deep pockets aided by their political MASTERS, I guess they can play dumb and sit tight until another Royal Commission of Inquiry into that Filipino Inquirer!:(

In the spirit advocated by the MI editorial, Desi will not add unnecessary comments beyond WHAT I WROTE IN YESTERDAY'S POST lamenting the irresponsible MSM involved in "linking" the Opposition Leader -- using the LEAP OF LOGIC implicating Anwar just because he was "allied" to the unnamed Opposition leader (in Sabah) -- to the Lahat Datu incident just based on one-liner carried by the Philippine Daily Inquirer which stated that an Opposition leader "allied with Anwar" had played a role in the Sulu intruders' arrival at Lahat Datu.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

YES, case for legal action against MSM plus online news linking Anwar to Sulu intruders at Lahat Datu

It is right that PKR de fcato chief DS Anwar Ibrahim is considering legal action against Utusan Malaysia and TV3 for reports linking the Opposition Leader. I have also sighted other reports by Bernama and New Sunday Times plus The Mole.cpm which played up the "link" base on just a ONE-LINER from the Philippine Daily Inquirer which said an Opposition leader aligned with Anwar was involved in the the two-week-plus standoff in Lahat Datu which had seen two Malaysian police commandos dead along with 12 Sulu intruders.

I just read in The Malaysian Insider that an Anwar's special officer Najwan Halimi informed that the Opposition Leader had indeed referred the matter to his lawyers  to prepare for a probable suit against the media involved.

 To me as a newshound of some 30-plus years experience, there is NO BASIS OR JUSTIFICATION for these news organisation and/or blogs to extrapulate the involvement of Anwar even assuming it was true that a certain Opposition leaders had at any stage been involved. By ALIGNMENT or association with a purported offender does make the one aligned/associated with the offender culpable. Obviously these media are practising TOADYISM JOURNALISM. Aiming for another Datukship, Mr Editor-in-Cheap?.

Politicians and media in Malaysia are descending to NEW LOWS of civil behaviour and should we wonder why our country is facing a SECURITY THREAT? Yes, the people who should know better are looking at the wrong places for such threats. Even as I write, I have read just 10minutes ago another FIVE lives have been sacrificed at Semporna. Instead of identifying the real sources and causes of the nation's security breaches, the top players are fighting imaginary foes and creating "diversions" at a crucial period of Malaysia's history as we face the 13th General Elections in a few months' time.

May God save us from our leaders and self-serving media! Amen.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

MSM treading on dangerous waters on Lahat Datu happenings!

Two Malaysian Commandos dead along with 12 Filipino intruders from YESTERDAY'S face-off, and all two MSM -- Utusan Malaysia and the national news agency -- can come up with WAS TO QUOTE A PHILIPPINE NEWS SOURCE to spin the dangerous line the Malaysian Opposition, and therefore by extension PR de facto Leader DS ANWAR IBRAHIM, had  played a role in getting the Sulu Sultanate intruders onto the Malaysian soil to start a potential "civil war"!

Hey, as a national news agency, Bernama chief/s should get your stories and official reports from the  Malaysian ministers (IR)responsible for the event still in progress -- like the bungling Home Minister, the Foreign Minister (with vested or conflicting interests as his brother is Chief Minister of Sabah) and the Defence Minister, FOR STARTERS? I started my journalism career some three decades ago working at BERNAMA, and on-and-off I had felt "demeaned" by my past association with their unfounded reports quite often biased towards the Opposition, especially former DPM Anwar now waiting in the wings as a potential PM. But this latest spin IS THE ICING ON THE CAKE for "manufacturing news" to serve their political masters. As for Utusan, knowing their news slants over the past three decades, I have expected their "spinning" on many fronts and frankly, some of their reports and commentaries have been so inflammatory the past few years that any journalist worth his/her salt would have departed long ago  from the socalled newspaper. (SALUTE to a former President of NUJ Utusan chapter for doing just that!).

I base this post on a Malaysiakini report today, but I am no subscriber, so I can only paraphrase. Now I just reproduce the first para of the report headlined: "Mainstream media drags Anwar into Lahat Datu fiasc", quoting from the update timed 3.07PM:
UMNO-controllled Utusan Malaysia and gov't agency Bernama play up media reports linking the opposition to the Sabah fray. (quote ends)

My dear EsteemedReaders, Patience OK, will come back to serve you later!:) OR :( Hey, you can't expect me to be at thy peck and call OK to give up a full report on the events going on there because the Chief Minister had urged "don't listen to rumours..." yet he and his cohorts DON"T GIVE ANY UPDATES and expect we Malaysians enjoy being kept in the dark! No, the more inquisitive Malaysians luckily can and we have been surfing the Net to read from sources such as  the Philippines Daily Inquirer. Meanwhile I can only urge fellow Malaysians to BOYCOTT the UM group to not be insulted by their propa-GANDA-GANDA-wang-anda and constantly riled by their Awang Selamat and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah's garbage!