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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I had a quarrel wit Ms April, my tongue in hers!

Ms April, you have jest less than 24 to harbour the spotlight this year. Do a quikkie -- swear on the Bible if thou must,curse on the Koran if thou were so superior and inclined, swear by Desi's nama if that's thy lust report. Then vamoose, get oouch of here! Enough is enuf, get stuffed!

Malaysia had Ms April prodding us to become voyeurs, and the Royal Malaysian Police force (PDRM) is helping her along. The three Datuk T Stooges continue to bask in the glory of Malaysians they take as fools, and Drama Minggu Ini over RTM has been upstaged by Carcosa Seri Negara. Wan famous for his dalliance with an underaged girl and another with a Eurasian woeman thinks we Malaysians have short memories -- hey, there are many of us descended from the tortoise or elephant!

Wan actor who resembled the Opposition Leader proves himself such a close fRiend -- allegedly booking a hotel room for him, pimping a foreign pros (Hey, dn't say it's a Chinese without proff, as PM Wen Jia Bao just visited NegaraKu with goodies!) for him, even arranging to pick up his missing Omega watch -- this guy doesn't know there is an "R" in fRiendship!

With people like Eskay as a concerned citizen -- purported swaering in a mosque becos he loved his country like no other! -- Malaysia doesn't need enemies like Al Queda terrorists, Nigerian scammers or Somalian pirates, to sink into the South China Sea!

And the thirdwan of all orgasmicnations must hail from Ibrahim Ali's inciting bloodshedding train called Perkosa -- or did I mixx up my "o" and "a"? Nah mind,my EsteemedReaders know what Desi means in contest/context.

Ms April, please leave the average Malaysian Joe alone as we celebrate the relaxing, well-deserved labourers' day in peace this weeked. No not a wickedend, that's for socialists like Desi on weakdays turned capitalists on Saturday and Sunday, and coming MOnday.

Hence, Desi wished thee, mGf -- which stands for myGOoDfRiend, with Gof-fearingness in Thee -- the BestA Labour Day minus Ms April who cometh via Datuk T trio and Perkosa clones -- ENJOY First of May with the Bee Gees, and endless rounds of tehtari'at Desi's account if thou catchUP at Temiang Koner in Furong.


which can mean...

Friday, April 29, 2011

I like what one Commenter named Sarimah says at...

People's Parliament post dated April 24, 2011.

Hope she doesn't mind Desi's Cut&Pastry over here/hear:) If thou art kambing Seremban way some day, drop me a note at 24 in advance and I shall buy ye endless rounds of tehtari' at Temian Corner. OR badder steal, meet at Lingam's for the bestA kambing in the 'hole of Furong -- jest don't bling the ex-Chief Justice!:( --


Sarimah f. Says:

April 27, 2011 at 1:38 pm

When we criticize BN, you people say it is okay.

So why can’t we criticize MCLM?

What on earth is MCLM wasting its time doing chasing after RPK?

When PKR’s Fuziah Salleh is struggling to defend civil rights by doing her best to raise the issue of Lynas trying to build a plant that will even process uranium from Africa, where the hell is MCLM?

Aren’t you a civil rights group trying to win our votes?

You MCLM people think you are so great is it, that you won’t cooperate with any Pakatan Rakyat party even if it is for the people’s good?

Why aren’t you MCLM people doing your part according to the People’s Declaration to highlight important issues like this?

Why is Haris as MCLM president wasting his time with RPK and RPK as chairman wasting our time with his cat and mouse drama with the cops?

Enough lah, we don’t need all this now.

We want Malaysian civil rights to be protected. That’s it.

What is MCLM up to anyway??? What are MCLM election candidates doing??

They just say they will stand for elections and will promise the world on campaign day but right now, when it matters, they don’t care about us and are busy earning money with their consultancies??

I’m going to write a letter to the press to highlight all this. MCLM is just one big scam.

MI reports on DSAI on UMNO-Najib...

I feel obliged to The Malaysian Insider for regularly using their stories and not being able to repay in kind. Maybe I'll write an EXCLUSIVE feature for them so-ON!? OR INVITE ITS EIC FOR OMING BUM2011 IN JULY as featured speaker in Media Session...:)~~ YL, Desi,knottyaSsusual

Anwar: Umno stoking ‘culture of fear’ to win over Malays

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
April 29, 2011

Anwar said the Chinese were being intentionally made into a straw man. — Picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 — Utusan Malaysia’s fervent push for a “1 Melayu, 1 Bumi” movement is a telling sign that Umno is willing to pit the Malays against the Chinese just to secure the dominant community’s votes in rural areas, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has said.

Anwar accused Umno of creating a “culture of fear” by falsely painting the Chinese as eager to take over political control from the country’s Malay leadership, in order for them to secure maximum Malay votes before the upcoming general election.

He also accused Datuk Seri Najib Razak of endorsing and having approved of Umno’s increasingly ultra-Malay stance, even as the prime minister dismissed the “1 Melayu, 1 Bumi” movement as the personal opinion of an Utusan editor.

“Umno is using a culture of fear in creating this illusion of an enemy in the form of the Chinese... so that the Malays have to hang on to Umno. If this happens, I see the Malays as being hanged by Umno,” Anwar told The Malaysian Insider in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

He said Umno through Utusan had misrepresented an “assertive” Chinese community as being political opportunists, and that this aggressive position was due to the Malay party’s eroding support base as well as failure to address national issues.

Najib can influence Utusan’s editorial direction, said Anwar. — file pic
“Umno always has to create an enemy, either foreign or within the country... this shows the hypocrisy of Najib and his administration in trying to portray a liberal, moderate voice,” Anwar said.

“I have never accepted the assumption that Utusan or Umno is really serious or genuine in their effort to defend Malays; it is a desperate attempt to garner support.

“They have been given half a century to protect Malay interests but they have only protected family members, cronies,” he added.

The PKR de facto leader, once an Umno deputy president, charged that Najib was being a hypocrite for washing his hands off Utusan’s ultra-Malay push.

According to Anwar, Najib as Umno president would have a direct say as to the editorial approach of the Umno-owned daily.

“Utusan is under the direct control of the Umno president... I know this for a fact because the media is co-ordinated indirectly through the PM’s office and the Umno president has direct control

“To suggest that this is Utusan ploy and that he is committed to 1 Malaysia its hypocrisy because throughout history, the Umno president has a say in Utusan’s stories,” said the 63-year old politician.

Utusan Malaysia has been attacking the DAP since the April 16 Sarawak election, accusing the party of using racial sentiments to secure the Chinese community’s backing.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) swept to victory in nearly all Chinese-majority seats, increasing its representation in the state assembly from seven to 15.

The Malay daily has urged Umno to spearhead a “1 Melayu, 1 Bumi” movement to protect Malay unity.

It claimed that DAP was intent on unseating the country’s Malay political leadership.

Malay rights group Perkasa said it will fly the banner for the movement and launch a 1 Bumiputera campaign this weekend.

Perkasa says it will front the “1 Melayu” movement. — file pic
Analysts have said the Umno paper’s increasingly strident, pro-Malay tone is a sign the ruling Barisan Nasional’s (BN) senior party has written off support from the Chinese community and is banking on Malay votes to win in the coming 13th general election.

On Wednesday, Anwar said there was no harm in a Malay movement aimed at improving economic conditions for the community, but cautioned that such a movement must look at helping the majority of Malay Bumiputeras who are poor and be “needs-based.”

“There is nothing wrong with wanting to help your own race, community... affirmative action to help vast majority of Malay Bumiputeras who are poor and marginalised, I am all for that.

“We must recognise the fact that the vast majority of Malaysians who are poor are Malays and Bumiputeras. And we cannot ignore this, much more needs to be done... but at the same time we must be very pronounced in our policies to push for affirmative action programmes based on needs,” said the PR leader.

According to Anwar, Umno and the ruling coalition could not be trusted to lead any movement to help marginalised Malays as they were mired in corruption.

He cited Putrajaya’s questionable financial management which resulted in a staggering RM52 billion loss last year through its special Bumiputera equity scheme.

“The question is we did allocate 52 billion... what happened to the money? And is giving land to crony company solution to Malay problem? That’s where we differ.

“But if it means additional training, micro credit, massive forms of assistance to encourage new Malay Bumi entrepreneurship, I’m all for that ... we need to make sure it’s all trickling down,” said Anwar.

He also said that legitimate demands or requests of financial assistance from the Chinese, Indian, as well as other communities must be “fairly considered” as well.

“At the end of the day, it’s about needs... the poor who need help should get help,” Anwar told The Malaysian Insider.

Fridae Childe's GreAtings to Catherine...

From a commoner to a Princess --Prince William is a damn'd lucky bloke. Desi wished he was born into Buckingham Palace. Nahmind, here's Desi's Friday Child's greAtings, ala-Matt Monro, to the Happy Couple -- may your best dreams come true tonight and wake up for bestA tomorrows in the days to cometh. Just to remind that their two pairs of dainty feel must feel the earth move sometimes, to listen to the common man's HEartbeat,HIs and LOs.

Catherine Middleton must be a Friday's Child, at least on her blissful day today! So this DESIcation of a Friday's child born to love greAting delivered cyberXXpress...wit' XoXo:):)

Desi also belatedly reports I received an Invite to the Wedding of the Century va emale -- but without return air ticket -- so I'm giving IT a miss. Maybe they will be more generous when the first childe cometh along, and they request Desi to be the little one's godFATHER. Hey, I assure the Brits I can sing the little fella to sleep easily with nursery rimes, and some Elvis, Cliff for lullabyes; throw in some koboi Hank Wiliams2! Yopu remembe I had wished for my second life to be born -- not in Londonderry Bridge half falling down! -- in Nashville, Tennysee.:)


Wednesday's child is a child of woe.
Wednesday's child cries alone, I know.
When you smiled, just for me you smiled,
For awhile I forgot I was Wednesday's child.

Friday's child wins at love, they say.
In your arms Friday was my day.

Now you're gone, well I should have known,
I am Wednesday's child, born to be alone.

Now you're gone, well I should have known,
I am Wednesday's child, born to be alone.

Wednesday's child, born to be alone

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Borrowing an MI Clip as update about the Datuk T stooges' saga...

Anwar: BN using sex video to stay in power
UPDATED @ 05:39:46 PM 28-04-2011
By Shannon Teoh
April 28, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, April 28 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today that Datuk Seri Najib Razak was using the ongoing sex video saga as his main weapon to keep Barisan Nasional (BN) in government.

The opposition leader said the failure to charge those responsible for the recording that allegedly shows him having sex with a foreign prostitute showed that the prime minister was “using all instruments of power” to bring him down.

“The sex video is now Najib’s main strategy to stay in power. He needs to use pornography and control over the media because he cannot fight us anymore,” said the PKR de facto leader after recording a second statement in relation to the video this afternoon.

The Permatang Pauh MP also criticised the authorities for not taking any action after a second teaser clip of the video was uploaded onto broadcast site YouTube yesterday.

“Since when in this country can sex videos be distributed with no action or pressure?” the former deputy prime minister said.

He added that political motivation behind the video was clear as the “Datuk T” trio that released the video had demanded that he and PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail quit politics.

Anwar (picture) also pointed out that the video surfaced just before the campaign began for the April 16 Sarawak state election.

The 21-minute video was first aired to reporters at the prestigious Carcosa Seri Negara hotel here last month by a man who identified himself as “Datuk T”.

A few days after the viewing, it was revealed that “Datuk T” was a moniker that collectively referred to businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, former Malacca Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik and Perkasa treasurer-general Datuk Shuib Lazim.

During a March 24 press conference, Abdul Rahim said the video was exposed to show “a man who wants to be prime minister is not qualified.”

Anwar refused to entertain Shazryl’s challenge today to swear in a mosque that he is not the man in the video.

“Can you show me which Islamic law this is based on? Don’t know? Then no need,” he told reporters as he left the police station.

Anwar arrived in a four-car entourage at 2.50pm at the Dang Wangi police station with his wife Dr Wan Azizah and daughter Nurul Izzah.

The second teaser of the sex video allegedly featuring the opposition leader was uploaded on broadcast site YouTube yesterday and made its rounds in several blogs.

The 107-second clip, titled “Papa Nurul Part II”, has since been taken down.

Anwar’s lawyer R. Sivarasa said that Anwar was not asked questions which were relevant to his original police report against the distribution of pornographic material.

“From the line of questioning, you can see that instructions are coming directly from Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail,” said the Subang MP.

Former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim recently said another alleged Anwar sex tape had surfaced 12 years ago in 1999.

Zain had asked the police to investigate any possible links between the two tapes and whether Abdul Gani could be trusted to discharge his duties professionally because of his past involvements in various anti-Anwar episodes.

The police are investigating the Datuk T trio under section 292 of the Penal Code for screening pornographic material.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said yesterday that the probe was still ongoing but was confident the police would resubmit investigation papers to the A-G by this week.

He also said police would not hesitate to “expose the performer” in the sex video.

DESIDERATA: Thanks to The Malaysian Insider.My ER would have noted that themost number of news reports I have C&P were/are/will be from MI, for obvious journalistic reasons. Thanks amillion-- I will writHe oput a check of AP when Ms Lucky calleth direct:) -- YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

Visiting Chinese PM Speaks No Tongue-in-Check!

Desi was at the Furong Main Pasar in regular pow-wow with a motley crowd of polytikus/es -- yeah mainly anti-establishment, but consists happily of one of two from MCA and a few naked neutralists who'd bend with the wind, westwards or Eastwards. I was reading RM1.20 copy of The Star when I sighted a familiar face by now -- I only had a glimpse of 8.00PM Mandarin news at 8TV last night with his closing remarks -- on page N2.

The headline says it succinctly!

I think his advice directed at a young university audience has greAt relevance for our Malaysians in general, especially those who call themselves full/fooltime politicians who often forget their salaries as "Wakil Rakyat" are PAID BY THE PEOPLE/Rakyat via the income taxes they faithfully pay!

From The Star Online:

Thursday April 28, 2011
Aim for big accomplishments, Chinese Premier tells students

PETALING JAYA: Premier Wen Jiabao kicked off his official visit to Malaysia with a dialogue with Universiti Malaya students, advising them to aim for big accomplishments rather than big titles.

No matter what job they undertake, they must serve the people well because when they do good for the people, they would always be remembered, he said.

“No matter how senior the position, he will eventually be rejected by the people if he does not serve their interest.

“I will always stay with my people. I will devote myself to develop my country and the happiness of my people.
Warm welcome: Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao (second from right) inspecting the guard of honour upon arrival along with Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifa Aman at the VIP terminal of the KL International Airport Wednesday. -AFP

“That is my honest advice to you and encouragement to myself,” he told the audience, who responded with thunderous applause.

Wen spoke of how he switched from being a geologist to a politician, saying that he had worked in the mountainous Gobi Desert in northwest China for 14 years.

“At that time, I did not think about being a political leader or the Chinese premier,” he said, adding that the opportunity for him came from China's reform and opening up of programmes.

“I had the opportunity to move from the mountainous area to a senior leadership post in the government,” he said.

He said he was recounting his personal experience as he wanted young students to aim for big accomplishments and “not big titles”.

Wen is here on a two-day visit to reciprocate Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's visit to China in 2009.

Also present at the dialogue session were Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Khaled Nordin, Minister-in-Attendance Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and university vice-chancellor Prof Dr Ghauth Jasmon.

Wen also stressed on science and technology in national development, which he described as the key to bring about changes to the economy and society.

Wen said a Malay Studies Centre would be set up at the Beijing Foreign Studies University in a move to enhance educational co-operation between Malaysia and China.

Wen said he liked spending time and talking to young people to learn about their feelings and aspirations.

Bernama reports that Wen is accompanied by a 118-member delegation, including four ministers.

This is his second visit to Malaysia after attending the first East Asia Summit and the ninth Asean-China Summit and Asean Plus Three Summit in 2005.

Related Story:
UM students thrilled to hear Grandpa Wen'

DESIDERATA: Those highlighted portions (italics THUS by Desi) are worthy of Rumination by our leaders, especially those inclined towards getting their names onto the annual lists for Datukship/sheep?. Yeah, some of you holding such prefixes before thy Mom-gifted proud family name may dismiss Desi as "sour grapes" -- "you can't even get a PJK from a state governor/sultan!"

PJK -- wat's that? Pingat Jasa Kerbau-ke?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Desi was slightly apprehensive attending Blog House Msia do yesterday...

So I rbought along two bodyguards from Furong. If you have to ask where/what is Furong, Desi's short dismissal willl be : Hey, get *Ooouch of **here/hear! Two more/amore to follow next!:)

NOTE that wordplay marked * and ** above are examples of knotty Desi's blog writing using DDC -- Da Desi Code -- a term aof enderament gifted me by Ipohlang I nicked AWEofHelen... she couldn't trun up to be the third bodyguard as she committed to Easter celeb with Ipohlites, Desi doesn't ***no if it's da Truth or ****knot!:) OR :(

However, I am glad I made the effort to tstart journey from Seremabn at 7.00AM -- the newshound in me always made me give ample time, dont wanna get scooped, fellow nesdogs understand that mottoeh! Butt two BUMmers couldnot wake up early on an unusual Sunday, so vvveee arrived at exNikko Hotel -- InterContinental now, why? -- at 9.10AM, late by 10minutes. My apprehension disappeared with the whiff of hot coffee and BF spread, soon hugged by bigDOG and a Latuk Ahirudin Attan aka rockybru though coffee served on this adbiser's be1/2 was not of his brewing as he was too bees-y entertaining fellow Bloggers from the ASEAN region. First time for Malaysian bloggers well backed by the government -- hence the VIP speakers that addressed the gathering at lunchdime. Which was well sponsored by 5 BIGgie listed comapnies where Desi has no clout/d! Sigh, sigh 4a w'ile! or two viles? (Thinking of RPK in Bangkok and his sidekick Haris Ib, chair and Prez of seven-month-old MCLM who should have been invited as VVIP and giften talk-time worthy of another TV3 cover as these two are "Father" to the opposition...Hey, PM's talk did encourage interaction betweenpro- and anti-government ++++BUMmers. That BUM refers to struggling Bloggers' Universe Malaysia and at its BUM2009 outing featured former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad who caused quite a stir when he alleged that udring his 22-year-long premiership, his regime DID NOT CENSOR THE PRESS. He said t was the Editors-in-Chief, anting to curry-favour with him, wo self-censored the copies so that only "feel good for BN" stories were highlighted!

This c;aim was repeated when he addressed the crowd of 300plus people --comprising mainly bloggers, MSM newshounds and a few inteprid freelance writHers like Desi -- pre-lunch.

Let me just say these TWO reports from the Star -- I invested RM1.20 on the print copy, not like some of you only reading Star Online, OK! -- so to ease myself, the online versions follow:


Monday April 25, 2011
PM believes a lot of good can come out of bloggers’ union

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has pledged to uphold the Government's promise not to censor the Internet.

He said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, during his tenure as prime minister, had promised that Malaysia would never censor the Internet.

“The current Government intends to keep to his word,” Najib said in his speech at the First Asean Regional Bloggers Conference here yesterday.
Meeting of minds: Najib opening the 1st Asean Regional Bloggers Conference in Kuala Lumpur Sunday. With him is Dr Mahathir.

Najib also said the social media had become a powerful tool that could create havoc and had led to the downfall of regimes and governments.

He added that the Government wanted to work with bloggers and establish a relationship based on mutual respect, adding that digital democracy would be promoted.

“We are not afraid of bloggers. It is important that you put forward your views so we can build a better future for our country.

“The Government will accept constructive criticism and allow freedom of speech on blogs but we must draw the line at lies.

“If we use cyberspace to tell lies and half-truths, that is wrong,” he added.

Najib expressed optimism that the union of bloggers in the region would bring more good than bad.

He said the union might pose a bigger threat to governments.

“But that is an extreme view. I believe more good can come out of this union,” he added.

Among those present were the Prime Minister's wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Dr Mahathir and Blog House Malaysia president Syed Akbar Ali.

Related Stories:

Bloggers urged to unite despite opposing views


Monday April 25, 2011
Bloggers urged to unite despite opposing views

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called on the blogger community to come together regardless of their political views.

“Try to also engage those who are highly critical or even against the government,” he told bloggers who attended the 1st Asean Regional Bloggers Conference here yesterday.

He said a union that included those “on the other side” would reduce the polarisation among bloggers and allow a free flow of discussion.

The Prime Minister said this during a question and answer session after delivering his keynote address at the conference.

To another question, Najib said he believed that the perception of bloggers and other Internet users towards the Government had improved compared with the situation before the previous general election in 1998.

“The people may be pro-government on some issues and against the government on other issues. I believe the flow of opinions on cyberspace today are more balanced compared with how it was previously,” he said.

To a question on what could be done to ensure that the people did not fall for lies and half-truths found on the Internet, Najib said education was the key.

“In order for democracy to function well, we need to have a population that is discerning,” he said adding that education would give the people the ability to decide on what was the truth and what was not.

“It is a journey. As we become more developed and more people have access to tertiary education, I believe we will be able to close this gap,” he said.

He also addressed a question on the boundaries of freedom and regulation on the Internet.

“If you stick on the path of telling the truth, you can't go wrong. But if you try to manipulate the cyberspace for your own political gains, you will be exposing yourself to all the ramifications and consequences,” he said.

I gave TWO SALUTES to the two HIGHLIGHTED (BOLDED THUS) SECTIONS of the two Star repoprts I reproduced without paying royalty. Will they report me to de MCMC ah?

I hope that PM Najib can be relied on to keep his word.

Remember, my dear fRiends at home and from abroad -- and I believe several of the foreigners to acquainted wit' yesterday will pop in to desiphere my knotty writHes! -- what Najib's predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said? -- "Walk with me, work with me"


what we witnessed over five years was was Pak Lah sleep-wokking the talk, and working the jeans!

However, I still believe Pak Lah is a "decent fellow" for he gave DS Anwar a respite from the courts and further incarceration at Sungai Buloh or Kamunting.

Was this singular act of Pak Lah good enough to redeem awe his weaknurses? Time will tell as Malaysians cling to some HOPE for Change at Putrajaya comth GE13. I am only xxpressing feedback from average Joes at Seremban Main Market where I linger everydae from 9am becos I can't afford AllsonKlana or Nikko, oh no!, hotel.:)


which can mean

Seeya later!:)


Come, let's makan-makan!:):)

PS: For newcomers reading my current post FOOLofErrata, email Desi at for an XXplanation!:) No Xrating please because some 15-year-olds --especially from Melaka -- like to come visit Desi in the steal of the night!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Chairman of MCLM Wants to Pick GE13 Candidates for PR

But he's writing all sorts of nonsense (I observed from one year ago...) about Parti Keadialn Rakyat and its leaders -- see how he lambasted Opposition Leader DS Anwar Ibrahim in his recent interview with TV3, aired so conveniently just before the Sarawak state elections.

And RPK, resident in UK -- the incorrigible liar -- and his stooge, MCLM President Haris Ibrahim, resident in Malaysia but travelling lots here -- always twisting and turning about what the new creature MCLM is all abuot. The height of ludicrousness was declaring their seven-month-old Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement -- as if their initiative has been around for decades! -- that they want to play "Father" to the opposition parties", quoting Haris, trying to defend the indefensible on RPK's behaviour at TV3's interview.

But do these two fella and their acolytes like Zorro, Hawkeye, shanghaifish-- know what "Civil" and "Liberies" mean? Giving them absolute right to demean others with derogatory monikers? To defame fellow writers?

Here's an extract from the raving-madhatter's Raja Petra Kamarudin -- I read the site just for monitoring sake as a newsman -- just the opening paras from~~

The opposition media lies as well


Thursday, 21 April 2011 Super Admin
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Raja Petra Kamarudin

This was what the President of PAS, Ustaz Haji Abdul Hadi Awang, said, as reported by their party newspaper, Harakah:

Issues related to Raja Petra such as the one spun by the media with regards to his statutory declaration, will be futile to be commented upon by PAS. It is a waste of time to respond to such things. (Read more here: or see the video recording here:

And this was what Wong Choon Mei of Malaysia Chronicle, Tian Chua’s mistress, said:

PAS president Hadi Awang said it was a waste of time to comment on the shenanigans of blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who just days before the Sarawak balloting on April 16 appeared in a recorded TV interview, telling the nation that people close to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and Kelantan prince Tengku Razaleigh were responsible for the smearing of Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife in the Altantuya murder case....." ends extract ~~ Desi

DESIDERATA: Here the duo want to offer 20 to 30 "men of integrity" to contest under DAP or PKR banner, but look at this almighter selector-- I presume he has integrity" -- slyly inserted into the post, as highlighted by Desi ..." Wong Choon Mei of Malaysia Chronicle, Tian Chua’s mistress, describing Wong Choon Mei in passing as a mistress of the PKR Vice-President.

RPK has already committed many FITNAH against his enemies, and he has just added on another leader from PKR to his seemingly endless litst. The little I know of Islam, I believe "fitnah" (bearing false witness?) is one of the most base "sins" a Muslim can commit, yes? I humbly stand corrected.

Anyway, I had called RPK a "liar and a coward". Good enough for my assesment.


UPDATEd @11.39PM:

"FLASHBACK" to my post of 31 Jan 2011:

To put into CONTEXT the subject at hand, I recap, from my own "relevant" posts here (including TYPOS and all) as follows, with only the relevant extracts I wish to focus on:

(Post 1)

Thursday, December 30, 2010
FOR THE RECORD wrt to RPK's highly inaccurate acusations of Desi

I had sent off an email just past midnight to raja petra kamarudin and/or web admin of to straighten out "totally false and inaccurate" points about my role by RPK in his latest column. I don't look for fights with anyone -- I believe in civil engagement with fellow writers and readers/commenters whether here or at certain, very selective websites I read.

Following is the official email I sent FOR THE RECORD:


Below is what YL Chong wrote about me. It appears like he is going out of his way to try to bring me down for whatever reason only he knows. I don’t know what I did to him to make him so full of vile. Anyway, if it is a fight he wants then it is a fight he is going to get.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Maybe YL Chong has forgotten that when he got his hands on those Official Secrets Act documents from the MACC regarding the investigation of Khir Toyo and other matters his portal, Malaysia Chronicle, was too scared to run the story.

Chong then contacted me and I agreed for Malaysia Today to run it while assuring him I would protect the source of the documents -- which was Malaysia Chronicle and himself.

Anyhow, now he and Malaysia Chronicle have declared war on me and have decided to fight dirty and take no prisoners. In that case, since they have decided on the rules of engagement, I am only too happy to take them on...


I'm reprising only the above paragraphs, and if I need to comment further on other parts of your post, I reserve the right to, and I will keep posted CC malaysia chroniclesince you have made allegations that I had acted on behalf of malaysia chronicle.


WRT: "Maybe YL Chong has forgotten that when he got his hands on those Official Secrets Act documents from the MACC regarding the investigation of Khir Toyo and other matters his portal, Malaysia Chronicle, was too scared to run the story."

How can I forget something that I never did with respect to your reported OSA incident?

WRT: "Chong then contacted me and I agreed for Malaysia Today to run it while assuring him I would protect the source of the documents -- which was Malaysia Chronicle and himself."

WHEN HAD I EVER CONTACTED YOU regarding following up on "documents" -- I had never received any documents I had to refer to you RPK!

WRT: "Anyhow, now he and Malaysia Chronicle have declared war on me and have decided to fight dirty and take no prisoners. .."
I thought we bloggers read each other's writings and have the right to exchange views based on the principle of "Let's be agreeable in our disagreement."

Signing off: YL Chong, Desi

(Post 2)

Monday, January 03, 2011
FOR THE RECORD 2: I have just sent RPK an email demanding a retraction of an offending article he published ...



Dear Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), and webadmin of

I further refer to your posting of my response to RPK's FALSE ALLEGATIONS against me (relating my personal role and also my role on behalf of, the article of which was subsequently also published by the New Straits Times (NST).

I waited a few days to see if you would retract these false allegations against me and to tender a PUBLIC APOLOGY to me, but thus far,I did not sight any.

From now about 2.40PM Monday January 3, 2011, I am giving you notice to RETRACT THE SAID OFFENDNG ARTICLE and TENDER A PUBLIC APOLOGY TO ME, in both your web portal, as well as in the NST, WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS.

Your failure to abide by my request may see legal action being taken against you -- and/or other parties lending weight to spreading such allegations flowing from your offending article against me.

YL Chong, Desi

posted by desiderata




After a few days of waiting for a response from RPK, and there was none that I know of, I posted up the DEMAND for a RETRACTION of said allegations against me by RPK accompanied by a PUBLIC APOLOGY from him in my post dated January 3, 2011.

I am hence calling Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) a "liar" because of the "false allegations" he made against me which I rebutted as HIGHLIGHTED above in my blogpost dated December 30, 2010 and his failure to provide evidence to his allegations means these allegations had been deliberately "manufactured" by RPK, and I believe, for sinister reasons, including getting me into trouble with the government authorities.

He's a "coward" for not being brave enough to admit "wrong" to making "false allegations" against a fellow Blogger who once held him in high esteem from his days as Director of "FreeAnwarCampaign"(FAC) going back more than a decade.Just by the way mention, in the early days of Reformasi, starting early Jan 2000, I was then News Editor at for a year, and hence followed writings at FAC regularly. (This esteem of RPK as an iconic blogger began to wane from mid-2010 after I noticed a "change of character" in him,highlighted in my article published by "Malaysia Chronicle" titled "Why is RPK acting so out of character?" dated October 14, 2010, also reprised at my blog on the same day.)

Back to the current issue: since the deadline for RPK to withdraw his false allegatons and tender a public apology has long passed, today I place on record that my opinion of him is that he has lost all credibility as a blogger, once hailed by many as a key fighter for a Better Malaysia.

I would like to now refresh RPK's mind that the last time I interacted with him was in Seremban at a candle-light vigil held to protest against the Internal Security Act at Dataran Seremban (which I am proud to state for the record I helped to co-organise for three consecutive Saturday evenings...) as recorded in my post Saturday, November 08, 2008 titled: "JUBILATION at Seremban Vigil Last Night!"

Soon after, RPK self-exiled himself to the United Kingdom -- enjoying the benefits of a writer living the high life, on donations from diehard fans? -- writing with lots of consistencies and contradictions (as contrasted with RPK's lieutenant in Malaysia, Haris Ibrahim's, at People's Parliament, on the MCLM for instance...) and in the past year, many readers including my own reading, RPK's no more championing the cause of a change in government at Putrajaya which he advocated for a long time, evidenced by his constant attacks on Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) the better part of 2010! Yes, now I deem him a coward for running away from NegaraKu -- for a real Malaysian fighter would return to the homeland to carry on the fight for a BetterMalaysia, not "and like many other Malaysians including an MCA Minister holding Australian PR, playing safe by having one foot here and another foot there!" I don't know IF a Chines saying is apt here: Having one leg in two boats?

So RPK's allegations against me could not hold water as the "alleged actions" by me were supposedly very recent i.e. in the course of last year (2010) and were in association with which was only started by its founder-editor, Ms Wong Choon Mei, on June 1, 2010. And I was not, am not, a shareholder or staff at the online web portal.

What worries YL Chong more is also what some readers have commented about, is that editor had breached the ethics of secrecy by "exposing" whistle-blowers' identities, like mine just because we differed on several current issues. Worse yet, how can anyone trust RPK anymore when he's capable of cooking stories up and he had indeed threatened to do so to those who had passed on "classified government documents" to him in good faith but now stand the risk of being exposed just because of differences of opinion on issues that cropped up later. (In my case, the sin of RPK is compounded because the allegations against me were unfounded and false, and yet he "threatened" my safety with his unfounded allegations. I believe that bearing false witness against a fellowman is a "great sin" for Muslims, and I trust Raja Petra remains a follower of the Islamic faith, yes?)

Last, but not least, I was heartened to read from an anonymous reader at who posted a comment on my "Demand for retraction of allegations and tender an apology from RPK", as many of his sentiments struck a chord with me, a freelance writer who has been a member of PKR since January 2005, and my writings are focused on committing my fight for the birth of a two party/coalition system. I will continue my quest to ensure Pakatan Rakyat's efforts to replace the 54-year-old Barisan Nasional government, undeterred by RPK's false stories about me.

I close by reproducing the said Commenter's views in full:

* Comment Link AN Monday, 03 January 2011 19:38 posted by AN

RPK is a ruthless liar. Many time what he wrote is absolutely rubbish lies. At one time he wrote about this Sarawakian Yb for Ngemah who got many wives and that he is running out of money so he jump back to BN. This are all lies as I'm a personal friend of the YB's family.
RPK, with the setting up of this MCLM shows he is a opportunist. He desperate wants attention after making the wrong move of going into exile to run away from all the false allegations he made against some top umnp guys.
RPK was at his best when he went to ISA and everyone treat him as their idol. But not now as he have shown his true colors by taking on PR to show that he is the kingmaker.He can't be what he think he want to be. He is just like you and me except that he have a Petra in his name.
RPK must not try to be the people's leader. We have Anwar and he is the true champion for all the people of malaysia. If RPK wants to steal that title with the help of Zaid, Jeffery or anyone else then he is absolute wrong. He will only earn the hatred of the people in Malaysia.
RPK must repent and come back to show he can contribute to the change of gov't and to make the road to Putrajaya smoother, not rougher.
RPK 's MT was a MUST read blog in those days when he was hot after the Altantuya's murder. All malaysian follow his posting 7/24.He make us all cry when he posted Anwar's daughter speech at UN, makes us all us when he posted 'Dear Pete', makes us all hate umno when he posted all the corruption in umno,particularly Khir Toyo broad daylight robbery of Selangor coffer.He was indeed my icon if not yours. But today I seldom visited his blog and to be honest I don't care much whether he survive or not.I have practically lost all interest in this man . I hope he just fade into sunset.
When he was in Kamunting I also help to keep his blog alive and entertaning by writing hilarious posting about Altantuya's murderer. I was so glue to MT that I could have die for MT.Even after the police raided my house and took away all my computers, I still adored RPK. I even took a doctored photo from Zorro's blog showing RPK been handcuffed and escorted by former IGP Musa Hassan, Najib and Badawi.That photo was placed right infront of my computer to act as a rallying point for me to blast umno/BN. The police took that best doctored photo away but I made another one.
But after the RPK fire die down, I'm back to earth and seeing my former idol belittling PR and using MCLM to open up another front, I lost all hopes in this man,RPK.
This will be my last criticism of RPK and I shall kept my hate in my heart and my mouth shut."

I updated the post with some slight amendments @9.39AM 31 Jan 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today Is Chinese Language Day at the UN!:)

Desi just discovered it while watching CCTV past ten minutes, and the United Nations, Geneva celebarted the day with dance and music performances and a special calligraphy exhibtion by Prof Zhao Bin. Visuals show that more and more Westerners are learning Mandarin though, according to the featured language teaher, the Chinse language is difficult to learn. But with China now as the world's second largest economy in the world after the US, and China just having beaten Japan less than a year ago into third place, this growing trend of earning Chinese will grow. A happy reciprocation in kind as more and more mainland Chinese alsp take to mastering the English language, growing increasingly importance at the international workplace and the world of politics and diplomacy.

Desi is still trying to be a Malaysian S'akespeare', drinking lots of Japanese wine and apeing Elvis rockNroll! And even reviving the ancient art of war using arrows and spears. But no more yelling "Paleface is king, Injuns are bad"! as he ran around semi-naked in Mambau -- just 7 miles out of Furong on the olde road to Port Dickson if you wanna no!:(

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Three historic/historical world events noted...

YES, it's been a long occupation on local scenes and funny goings-on with Desi, so to breakaway, here's looking at international events past and unfolding...

LIFTED From Star Online...wit' some apologies, and I also buy the RM1.20 a copy somedimes:) Yes!


Wednesday April 20, 2011
With an eye to Japan, world pledges cash for Chernobyl
By Richard Balmforth

KIEV (Reuters) - World powers, spurred by the nuclear crisis in Japan, pledged 550 million euros ($780 million) on Tuesday to help build a new containment shell at the site of the 1986 Chernobyl accident.

A participant of the International partner conference "25 years after Chernobyl" lights a candle in Minsk April 18, 2011. (REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko)

Ukraine had hoped for 740 million euros from governments and international organisations at a conference in Kiev, marking 25 years since the world's worst nuclear accident.

Officials at the conference were optimistic more funds would still be found to make the Chernobyl site safe.

"This is what we have been able to raise through joint efforts -- and we consider this figure preliminary -- 550 million euros," Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich said at the end of the pledging conference.

The world community has already put up a portion of the 1.39 bln euros for the total cost of building a new containment cover and facilities for storing radioactive waste from the reactor.

Though the sums pledged fell short of the 740 million euros still outstanding, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that when all the pledges were in, it was possible the conference's "very ambitious goal" would be achieved.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced $123 million in new funding to help make Chernobyl environmentally safe, on top of $240 million already committed by Washington.

"The completion of two nuclear safety projects, construction of a new safe confinement shelter and a storage facility for spent fuel will help finally close this difficult chapter for the people of Ukraine and the region," she said.


Ministers and officials from the Group of Eight industrial nations and the European Union took the lead at the conference, saying they were ready to fund a new giant encasement over the Chernobyl reactor that exploded in 1986, billowing radiation across Europe.

The plan is to build a 110-metre-high (360-foot) shell over Chernobyl's No. 4 reactor, which blew up after a safety experiment went wrong.

Delegates also expressed solidarity with Tokyo's efforts to control the crisis at Fukushima.

Japan's ambassador told the gathering that "under the challenging circumstances" Tokyo would not be able to pledge additional funds to the Chernobyl effort.

Both Chernobyl and the Fukushima crises showed that "nuclear accidents respect no borders," said U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Yanukovich said the Soviet-era disaster at Chernobyl in 1986 had left Ukraine with a "deep wound which it will have to cope with for many years.

"Neither Ukraine nor the world community has the right to turn back from seeking answers to the questions which Chernobyl has presented us with," he added.

Barroso, describing the pledges as a "very good result", said the European Commission had committed itself to putting up 110 million euros. In all, the EU bloc was providing half the funds required for Chernobyl "shelter and safety" projects.

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development said it would commit 120 million euros and French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said his country would provide 47 million euros.

The new structure will cover the present makeshift shelter that is now beginning to leak radioactivity from hundreds of tonnes of radioactive material inside.


The donors' conference launches a week of commemorations in Ukraine marking the Soviet-era explosion and fire.

A prevailing southeast wind carried a cloud of radioactivity over Belarus and Russia and into parts of northern Europe.

The official immediate death toll from Chernobyl was 31, but many more died of radiation-related sicknesses such as cancer, many of them in neighbouring Belarus.

Chernobyl has remained the benchmark for nuclear accidents. On April 12 Japan raised the severity rating at its Fukushima plant to seven, the same level as that of Chernobyl.

Chernobyl's total death toll and long-term health effects remain a subject of intense debate. Yanukovich said on Tuesday: "As a consequence of the accident, millions of people suffered, thousands of them died."

Prypyat, the town closest to the site, is now an eerie ghost town at the centre of a largely uninhabited exclusion zone within a radius of 30 km (19 miles).

(Additional reporting by Pavel Polityuk in Kiev and Tabassum Zakaria in Washington; editing by Mark Heinrich)

Copyright © 2011 Reuters

ACT1 SIDE STORY...See I Desi pampers his lazy, hazy mazy and Esteemed:) OR SteamedTEADERS!:(:(

Wednesday April 20, 2011

Man inside Chernobyl praises Japan crisis response

By Sylvia Westall

VIENNA (Reuters) - Japan's reaction to its nuclear crisis has been swift and responsible, the only survivor of a four-man group that entered the Chernobyl site after it was covered with a concrete hood said on Tuesday.
A helicopter sprays a decontaminating substance over the region surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power station June 13, 1986. Reuters/Tass/Files

It would be wrong to blame Japan for not offering enough information directly after the Fukushima accident, said Anatoly Tkachuk, a senior official at Chernobyl when its No. 4 reactor blew up in 1986, causing the world's worst nuclear accident.

"Think about it this way, a nuclear object emitting radiation after an explosion or accident -- you can't even get close to this object. Every man would die from the intense radiation," he told a news conference in Vienna.

"If you want to go in and assess it, it would mean victims that die. So I think that the Japanese showed the best national characteristics. The nation pulled together, reacted quickly and I think this protected the country from panic."

Tkachuk was responsible for the safety of the so-called "liquidators" who battled to stabilise Chernobyl after it blew up 25 years ago. He was in Vienna to present his book 'I was in the Chernobyl Sarcophagus'.

Once authorities finished installing the "sarcophagus" over the wrecked site eight months after the accident, an order came from Moscow to report on the situation inside the shell.

"Robots could not go in because the inside was completely destroyed and pathways were blocked. It had to be people," Tkachuk said. He clambered into the site with three other men dressed in chemical suits, gas masks and thick goggles.

"The chances of coming back were slim. We had already said goodbye to the world," he said in rapid Russian, describing himself as scared but somewhat proud to carry out the mission.

One big worry was that the high level of radiation inside the sarcophagus had already started to destroy the concrete.

"We immediately saw dust had fallen onto the floor. The walls were already starting to crumble," Tkachuk said. The site was gloomy and damp, and smoke swirled in the air.

"There were wave-like movements in the air, the air was even moving by itself. It was awful," he said.

"We immediately felt pain in the throat -- the first sign of a high radiation dose -- and headaches, pressure in the head, very painful joints, especially the knees."

A temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius and high humidity made it hard to breathe. One man in his group died almost at once from the radiation and the two others died days later.

Tkachuk says he must have unwittingly avoided parts of the site containing very high radiation and did not step on deadly reactor fuel which had been scattered by the explosion.

"People knew it was dangerous but didn't really know what they were doing. At the beginning, people were moving radioactive material around with their hands," he said.

The official short-term death toll from the accident was 31, but many more died of radiation-related sicknesses such as cancer. The total death toll and long-term health effects are a subject of intense debate.

(Editing by Tim Pearce)

Copyright © 2011 Reuters



Tuesday April 19, 2011

Cuban communists opt for old guard to lead reforms

By Jeff Franks

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba's Communist Party selected President Raul Castro and a hardline ally as its top chiefs on Tuesday, entrusting old guard leaders to steer wide-ranging reforms of the Caribbean island's economy.
Cuban President Raul Castro delivers a speech at the opening session of the sixth congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) in Havana April 16, 2011. (REUTERS/Desmond Boylan)

As expected, Raul Castro, 79, was named to replace his older brother Fidel Castro as first secretary of the ruling party's Central Committee.

But the appointment of First Vice President Jose Machado Ventura, 80, as second secretary signaled that Cuba's aging leadership was not yet ready for new blood at the top of one of the world's last communist states. He is viewed as a hardline communist ideologue.

Castro indicated that while Cuba will reform its economy, he will make sure it stays socialist.

"I assume my last job with the firm conviction and commitment ... to defend, preserve and continue perfecting socialism, and never permit the return of the capitalist regime," he said to great applause from the 1,000 delegates.

The two aging communists will preside over the biggest changes in years to the island's struggling economy, which were approved on Monday at the party's first congress in 14 years.

The package of more than 300 reforms aims to reduce spending by the debt-ridden government, cut subsidies, give more autonomy to state enterprises and encourage more foreign investment as part of a general overhaul of the Soviet-style economy. But central planning will remain.

In two of the bigger issues for average Cubans, the food ration all have received since 1963 will be phased out for those who do not need it and the buying and selling of homes will be permitted for the first time in many years.

Some changes, including the slashing of more than a million government jobs, allowing more self-employment and leasing state land to private farmers, are already in place or under way.


Raul Castro and Machado Ventura fought in Cuba's revolution and head the aging revolutionaries who have run the government and resisted U.S. pressure for political change since they helped topple U.S.-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959.

A number of others in the leadership are in their 70s and 80s. The age issue is a concern because President Castro said they had not groomed young leaders to replace them.

Raul Castro, who served as defense minister for 49 years under his older brother before replacing him as president in 2008, said in a speech on Saturday the party was considering limiting future leaders, including himself, to two five-year terms.

Machado Ventura, a medical doctor who joined the Castro brothers early in their revolutionary campaign from the Sierra Maestra mountains, is first in line to succeed Raul Castro.

Raul Castro said 15 people, including him and Machado Ventura, had been named to the powerful Political Bureau. Only three of them were new members -- reforms czar Marino Murillo, first secretary of the Communist Party in Havana Mercedes Lopez Acea, and Economy Minister Adel Izquierdo Rodriguez.

The Politburo also includes five generals, not counting Raul Castro, reflecting the military's key role in the Cuban government.

Former President Fidel Castro, 84, who had already said he relinquished the first secretary position five years ago, made his first appearance at the congress on Tuesday.

Wearing a blue gym suit, he had to be helped to his seat at the front of the congress.

Fidel Castro has said he resigned from his party leader post, without publicly disclosing it, when he fell seriously ill in 2006.

(Editing by Pascal Fletcher and Mohammad Zargham)

Copyright © 2011 Reuters


ACT3:):):): TO COME!...

Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:12am BST

* Marine Well Containment Co may want to work with Helix

* Both containment systems developed after BP oil spill

* Both systems "bring something to the table"-Interior

By Ayesha Rascoe

WASHINGTON, April 18 (Reuters) - Two competing oil spill
response systems developed for the Gulf of Mexico in the
aftermath of the massive BP (BP.L) oil spill may eventually
join forces, a BP executive said on Monday.

Exxon Mobil (XOM.N) and other oil majors formed the
non-profit Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) to develop a
system to rapidly respond to major spills after BP's oil spill
exposed the lack of equipment available to contain a deepwater

Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc (HLX.N) also developed a
separate response and containment system for Gulf producers
after the BP drilling disaster.

At the first meeting of a new government advisory panel on
offshore drilling issues, the Ocean Energy Safety Advisory
Committee panel questioned whether having two separate safety
systems was practical when there was limited design expertise
in that area.

The 15-member panel made up of industry, government and
academic experts was set up by the U.S. Interior Department to
provide guidance on offshore drilling research and practices
after last year's explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig killed
11 workers and unleashed nearly 5 million barrels of oil from
the Macondo well.

"I think at some point and time in the future...these
things will hopefully come together,"James Dupree, Gulf of
Mexico regional president for BP, told the panel.

BP joined MWCC after it capped its ruptured Macondo well
last year.

At the advisory committee meeting, held two days before the
one-year anniversary of the Gulf spill, Dupree discussed some
of the lessons BP learned after being involved in the largest
offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

Dupree said the two containment systems were designed to
address different needs, with Helix an option for smaller firms
who may not want to make a large commitment up front.

"One of the goals potentially of the MWCC group is to see
how we can work together with the Helix group to try to
accommodate solutions for all of the Gulf of Mexico," Dupree

The MWCC system includes a huge "capping stack" of valves
and pipes, controlled by underwater robots, that can be placed
atop a spewing well in 8,000 feet of water to stop the oil

The Helix system involves placing a subsea shut-off device,
valves and pipes atop a blowout preventer or well production
equipment at the seabed. It would contain and channel oil and
gas to production and storage vessels at the surface.

"They both bring something to the table at this point,"
said Lars Herbst, of Interior's Bureau of Ocean Energy

(Editing by Sofina Mirza-Reid)


From NST Online, World News:)

Mitsui's Moex Blames Partner BP for Gulf of Mexico Rig Blow-Out, Oil Spill
By Margaret Cronin Fisk and Laurel Brubaker Calkins - Apr 20, 2011 12:09 PM GMT+0800

BP Plc (BP/) was sued by Mitsui & Co.’s Moex Offshore LLC unit and Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (APC), both minority partners in the blown-out Macondo well, over economic losses from the project’s failure and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that followed.

Moex and Anadarko, claiming BP broke its partnership agreement, asked a federal judge in New Orleans to declare they aren’t responsible for damages and cleanup costs resulting from the worst off-shore oil spill in U.S. history. Both companies said London-based BP was responsible for the blow-out and the spill.

“BP’s conduct was the proximate cause of foreseeable damage suffered by Moex Offshore, including claims made against it for liability for death, personal injury, cleanup costs, economic loss, loss of investment, lost profits and any damages or fines assessed in pending or future proceedings involving the spill,” Moex said in a court filing yesterday.

Moex and Anadarko, saying they had no fault in the blow-out and spill, also accused Transocean Ltd. (RIG), the owner of the rig that drilled the Macondo well, of gross negligence. Switzerland- based Transocean was responsible along with BP for the damages, according to the unit of Tokyo-based Mitsui.

BP has said it expects its minority partners in the damaged well to pay their share of billions of dollars in cleanup costs, oil-spill damages and pollution fines. Moex, which had a 10 percent stake in the well, and The Woodlands, Texas-based Anadarko, with a 25 percent stake, deny having any decision- making role or prior knowledge of the way BP operated the drilling project.
‘No Evidence’

“No evidence exists to support a claim of gross negligence against Transocean,” Brian Kennedy, a spokesman for the drilling company, said in an e-mail.

“Moex’s filing contains a number of specific allegations against BP that are not supported by fact or by law,” Daren Beaudo, a BP spokesman, said in an e-mail before Anadarko made its filing. “BP will respond to the complaint in a timely manner.”

Moex said in its filing yesterday that it “suffered economic losses as a result of BP’s negligence, including the loss to the reservoir, the loss of its investments, lost profits and defense costs, including attorneys’ fees.”

The case is part of In Re: Oil Spill by the Oil Rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010, MDL-2179, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana (New Orleans).

To contact the reporters on this story: Margaret Cronin Fisk in Southfield, Michigan, at; Laurel Brubaker Calkins in Houston at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Michael Hytha at

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BEALTEDLY, police say will act against Datuk T Stooges!

But the initial "concern" they expressed to find out who the "actor" in the now infamous 22-minute Sex Video first shown at Carcosa Seri Negara to a privileged audience was NOW NO LONGER AN ISSUE OF CONCERN. So what the blardy hell the Police had been spending somuch time and so many manhours for? My guess is they were on a political mission to please their political masters, mainly PM Najib Razak, to nail down the Opposition Leaderr, hence prejudged the actor as DS Anwar Ibrahim, based mainly on the Datuk T's innuendoes at an official press occasion when they admitted being the Trio involved in showing the video to the jounrlaists and several MPs.

Again, Malaysian tacpayers now see through the deviationist role the PDRM are playing -- acting to their political masters' instructions, direct or implied.

So dear IGP -- yyou take responsibility and put in your letter of resignation. Start again at ground zero, OR WE THINKING MALAYSIANS WILL THINK THAT ALL HIGH PROFILE CASES INVOLVING POLITICIANS WILL ENJOY "DOUBLE STANDARDS" TREATEMENT!

The following report from Star Online (pag N4 in the print copy!) is "relevant":

Tuesday April 19, 2011
Datuk T trio may face charges

PETALING JAYA: Police will recommend to the Attorney-General’s Chambers to charge the Datuk T trio with distributing and screening a sex video featuring a man who resembled Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“We may charge the trio with distributing pornographic materials as we are investigating the case under Section 292 of the Penal Code,” Deputy CID director Deputy Comm Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said.

“Police are expected to wrap up investigations this week,” he said yesterday.

DCP Acryl said police had submitted the investigation papers to the A-G’s Chambers on April 12 but it was returned “to tie up loose ends”.

The video, which was time -stamped Feb 21, was screened to journalists on March 21 at Carcosa Seri Negara.

Three men subsequently came forward to identify themselves as “Datuk T” - former Malacca Chief Minister Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik, businessman Datuk Eskay Abdullah and former Perkasa treasurer Datuk Shuaib Lazim.

On March 22, Anwar lodged a police report, saying that he was not the man in the video.

Meanwhile, Bernama quoted DCP Acryl as saying that police did not have the power to arrest the individuals involved in the sex act.

“There is no legal provision for the police to arrest and take statements from them. We have to refer the matter to the A-G’s Chambers for any review.” he said.

In a related development, the trio has indicated that they would take full responsibility for the screening.

They said they were merely showing “documented evidence” to the media in the interest of the public.

“We were discreet when showing the evidence,” Eskay said, adding that the press had the responsibility to expose the wrongdoings of public figures.

“Even if the police want to take action against us, we will give them our fullest co-operation,” he said.

Several pressure groups, especially Pakatan Rakyat supporters, had called on the police to not give in to political pressure.

However, Gagasan Anti Penyelewengan Selangor chairman Hamizun Khairuddin said police should protect whistleblowers and not persecute them.

He said it was strange that the police talked about taking action against the Datuk T trio but kept mum on action against the man in the video.

Wira Perkasa chief Irwan Fahmi slammed politically-motivated individuals who were out to put the police on the defensive.

“In the past, the police had taken action against an air steward in a sex video.

“Naturally, people expect action to be taken against the man in the latest video scandal,” he said.

DESIDERATA: Yes, I agree with the SECOND PART OF THE FOLLOWING EXTRACT's CONTENTS; I completely beg to disagree with the FIRST PART -- how could the TRIO be deemed "whistle blowers"? They appeared public on their own accord to proudly state they were the Datuk T TRIO. A whistle blower is normally one who goes to the police under cover requesting this/her idetity to be protected, hence NOT TO BE DISCLOSED" usually to blow the lid off some criminals acting against national interest!

Here the THREE STOOGES were actingmainly in their own, and perhaps political master's, interest cheifly to target Opposition Leader DS Anwar Ibrahim,and the scheme backfired.

Meanwhile,MCA Prez Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek must heave a sigh of relief if the Police do not think the "actor" in the porn movie is of any interest or an issue worth pursuing; otherwise... You know the rest YES/No?maybe? Seiloh, See liau-liau to taiko plesiden loh! The chinoserie would XXclaim at the kopitiam, though the likes of Desi would manage a smirk ala Dr Mahathir -- often perceived by my comrades as "director" behind the scenes in many key episodes playing out on the PWTC Stage.

"Sandiwara,Chinese Wayang,Bollywood Opera, anywan?"

However, Gagasan Anti Penyelewengan Selangor chairman Hamizun Khairuddin said police should protect whistleblowers and not persecute them.

He said it was strange that the police talked about taking action against the Datuk T trio but kept mum on action against the man in the video.

PS: Meanwhile, be a gOod boy/gal/anything and go to UMNO blogger I like to read, SakMongKolAK47 at:

for an interesting take on why Taib Mahmud couldn't wait to be swon in as Cheif Minister, rushing to the Yang diPertua'sresidence just on confirmation of BN garnering TWO-THIRDS majority in the Sarawak state assembly.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) Joins Bursa Malaysia's...

Laughing Stocks. Made its debut yesterday with the MStockXXchange making a special launching ceremony on Sunday because Speciality Stocks make for Speciality Treatment.

Desi started its cyber Laughing Stocks Section on behalf of BurssMalaysiaBurstingAtItsSeaems some years ago as the time was right, and I believe I must give the StockXXchange a helping hand after it went into the doldrums following the Asian Financial Crisis -- remember Georgie Boy Sorrows an rogue trader who xxchanged hearty words with then PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad as their vocab was in Desi's league -- Recall the famous/infamous "You are a moron!" followed swiftly by riposte "Thou art a menace to thy cuntry!" or words to similar effect, and if my sperring is a byte off, blame it to my moUrn after PR failed to deny BN its twotwo-thirds in Sarawak.

Hitting the Gong to mark the proud occasion is the outgoig Bursa supraChairman; special guests included the famous/notorious three Datuk T stooges and RPK and HarisIb who as Chair and Prez of MCLM respectively who have jest been shortlisted to joing this Laughing Stocks section -- they are supermen of integrity" of just six to se7en months intafter birth teaching 50s established DAP and Pas and teenage 12-year-old {arti Keadilan Rakyat how to suck eggs claimng their self-annointed role of first selcting 20 to 30 men of integrity to contest G#13 under DAP or PKR banner, and just past few days, wanting to dish out advice to the Opposition by being "Father" to the well grownup opposition trio who proved themselves by winning 12plus3 not enough to make to 24 in the just ended Sarawak state elections.

May God save me from such hypocrits and imposters. Do they and their acolytes/disciples like Zoorroo aka Dr Quake, hawkeye and shanghaifish, Angele Ooi et all even know the meaning of "Civil"? __ Always using profanities and swear wordson other commenters who beg to disagree with Thrie Master's Voice at m2day and People's Parliament. People, my foot! It hurts!
~~ Amen

If you still can't catch it WHY I LISTED PDRM as a stock, here's why:

From the Star Online, and I double checked in ots print copy -- this churchmouseywritHer can still part wit' RM1,20! I do't BF at London's five-star hotels or Alson Klana in Seremban. I tehtarik'd wit' fellow koboi Ng and johnny at the Temian roadside Mamak, KKK!

Monday April 18, 2011
Cops probing those behind screening of sex video


KUALA LUMPUR: Police are now investigating those who were responsible for screening the sex video allegedly involving a man resembling Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Deputy CID director Deputy Commissioner Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said the police had yet to hear from the distributor of the Omega watch said to have been taken from the hotel room where the sex video was allegedly recorded.

He added that police could not force them to provide information on who was the watch owner.

“The identity of the watch's owner is not an issue in completing the investigation,” he said.

He also said the police had completed their probe into the sex video and the findings would be submitted to the Attorney-General's Chambers soon.

“However, we are not investigating the identity of the man in the video, but the ones responsible for the screening of it,” he said yesterday.

The 22-minute video, which was time-stamped as Feb 21, featured a man resembling the Opposition Leader having sex with a woman.

The video was screened to journalists on March 21 by “Datuk T”. Three men later came forward and admitted that they were Datuk T.

The trio were former++++Malacca chief minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik, businessman Datuk Eskay Abdullah and former Perkasa treasurer Datuk Shuaib Lazim.

Deputy CID director Deputy Commissioner Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani, and to thy boss the IGP: You should have arrested the THREE DATUK T STOOGES++++ above on Day 1 at Carcosa Seri Negara itseif! You get listed on the xxchange BUT DON'T MAKE US MALAYSIANS THE LAUGHING STOCK of the www -- can read as WHOLE WIDE WORLD or worldwideweb:)

*********************************** Desi pmpers his esteemedreaders by googling, hence reprsing the famous speech which contains that beaut quote -- thou look for it thyself, K! I lead you as a horse to water, I can't make you drink it2! ~~ YL, Desi,knotttyaSsusual

George Soros Responds to
Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad: I AM NOT A MORON

Speech at the World Bank Meeting in Hong Kong, September 20, 1997
Printed in the Executive Intelligence Review, October 3, 1997.
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From the prepared text of the speech by George Soros at the IMF/World Bank meeting in Hongkong, Sept. 21.

Let me start with the obvious. We do live in a global economy. But it is characterized not only by the free movement of goods and services but, above all, by the free movement of ideas and of capital. This applies both to direct investments and to financial transactions. Both have been gaining in importance ever since the end of the Second World War; but the globalization of financial markets, in particular, has accelerated in recent years, until it reached a point where movements in exchange rates, interest rates and stock prices in various countries are intimately interconnected. In this respect, the character of the financial markets has changed out of all recognition during the 40 years that I have been involved in them. So in talking about the global economy, it may be more appropriate to speak about the global capitalist system.

There can be no doubt that global integration has brought tremendous benefits....

But global capitalism is not without its problems. I shall devote most of my speech to these problems, because they are not well understood, and we need to understand them better if we want the system to survive....

Financial markets are inherently unstable and international financial markets even more so. International capital flows are notorious for their boom-bust pattern. During the boom period, capital flows from the center to the periphery; but when confidence is shaken, it has a tendency to return where it came from. During the 40 years I have spent in international financial markets, I have seen many ebbs and flows and booms and busts. I fully recognize that international capital markets have become much more institutional in character and demonstrate much greater resilience, but I cannot believe that the present boom will not be followed by a bust until history has proven me wrong.

This risk of a breakdown is greatly increased by the fact that our theoretical understanding of how financial markets operate is fundamentally flawed. Economic theory has been built on the concept of equilibrium, and in my view, that concept is quite inappropriate. In my view there is no such thing as equilibrium in financial markets because market participants are trying to discount a future which is itself shaped by market expectations. This renders the outcome indeterminate and it is only by accident that the actual course of events will correspond to the prevailing expectations.... I am told that economic theory itself has gone a long way towards recognizing and studying disequilibrium situations. Nevertheless, the laissez-faire idea that markets should be left to their own devices remains very influential. I consider it a dangerous idea. The instability of financial markets can cause serious economic and social dislocations. The question poses itself: What should be done to preserve the stability of the financial system? Dr. Mahathir's suggestion yesterday to ban currency trading is so inappropriate that it does not deserve serious consideration. Interfering with the convertibility of capital at a moment like this is a recipe for disaster. Dr. Mahathir is a menace to his own country.

But the recent turmoil in Asian markets raises some thorny issues about currency pegs, asset bubbles, inadequate banking supervision, and the lack of financial information, which cannot be ignored. Markets cannot be left to correct their own mistakes, because they are liable to overreact and to behave in an indiscriminate fashion. For instance, it is a grave mistake not to discriminate between Malaysia and Indonesia....

Since the end of the Second World War, the state has played an increasing role in maintaining economic stability, ensuring equality of opportunity and providing a social safety net, particularly in the highly industrialized countries of Europe and America. But the capacity of the state to look after the welfare of its citizens has been severely impaired by the globalization of the capitalist system, which allows capital to escape taxation much more easily than labor. Capital will tend to avoid countries where employment is heavily taxed or heavily protected, leading to a rise in unemployment. That is what has happened in Continental Europe. I am not defending the antiquated social security systems on the continent of Europe, which are badly in need of reform; but I am expressing concern about the reduction in welfare services both in Europe and in America....

If social services are cut too far while instability is on the rise, it may well engender popular resentment and lead to a new wave of protectionism both in the United States and in Europe, especially if and when the current boom is followed by a bust of some severity. This could lead to a breakdown in the global capitalist system, just as it did in the 1930s....

I should like to stress one particular aspect of the open society which is of critical importance at the present moment: the freedom of information.

For example, I have been subjected to all kinds of false and vile accusations by Dr. Mahathir. He is using me as a scapegoat to cover up his own failure. He is playing to a domestic audience and he couldn't get away with it if he and his ideas were subject to the discipline of independent media inside Malaysia. The freedom of information is as indispensable in Asia as in the rest of the world.


Okay, you first saw Laffing Stocks debuting at almost five years ago:)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Laughing Stocks Rally to Historic Peaks

November 10, 2007 is a watershed in Malaysia's political landscape when it saw a "V"ictorious Peoples's Rally of at least 40,000 people gathering under the BERSIH ("clean" in Bahasa Malaysia) banner to demand for fair, free and clean elections. The assembly of peaceful and concerned Malaysians putting aside race, colour or creed or gender successfully braved police warnings and the inclement weather to march to the vicinity of Istana Negara grounds around the appointed time of 3.00pm to about 4.15pm (when the assembly was officially dismissed after the Memorandum had been handed over officially to an Palace official) to support a delegation of leaders headed by PAS, PKR, DAP and BERSIH leaders to hand over a Memorandum for Electoral Reforms to his Royal Highess, the Yang diPertuan Agong.

If there were no Internet, especially the emergent Fifth Estate (Blogosphere), and foreign agencies to cover the historic event, the Malaysian populace would have been hoodwinked by the mainstream media (MSM) in the English language and Government-controlled national news agency BERNAMA and RTM1 and RTM2.

The figures of the people who gathered to show their solidarity cited by these media, including The Star and NST, ran into single digit THOUSAND people only, and therefore is a non-event. I sighted some reports attributed to the Star stating 3,000 or 4,000 participants (Readers, please help me out here as I was too busy surfing tocheck as many news accounts as possible and did not properly C&P the figures...I humbly stand to be corrected.)
(PLease note I am not including the newspapers in the Chinese and Tamil and BM languages here.)

The People's Paper's
editors must be blind that day, and its reporters and photographers must have been blindfolded, because they could not notice large groups of Malaysians crowding around Kuala Lumpur, half of them prominent in Yellow T-shirts displaying BERSIH's objectives, as part of the November 10 Rally. NOT A SINGLE PICTURE anywhere is sighted in the daily. Instead they dutifully trained their eyes and ears on what should have been a page 13 story but played upon page N4,

Thousands at open house

Kuala Lumpur: Despite the heavy downpour, more than 10,000 city folk turned up at the Hari Raya open house hosted by Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique at his Taman Tasik Titiwangsa residence.

(Desi stops at first para -- the rest is laughing stock staff, soon to be listed.)

They also reported on page N8 three Rally-related items, but not a single picture of the POLICE or FEDERAL RESERVE UNIT firing tear-gas and water cannons on the participants gathered by the thousands. As hinted by the headline of the news report at the top of page:

Cops break up march
Teargas and water cannons used on illegal assembly, 245 held

Desi asks a question here of these Fourth Estate buggers -- Didn't they teach you in the newsroom the value of ACTION SHOTS?

Instead there was a large "passive" photo in the middle of same page, captioned Traffic bottleneck: Vehicles trickling through a police roadblock at a section of the print Expressway in Petaling Jaya yesterday (Sunday Star, 11 November, 2007).

And finally who else to be BIG MOUTH mouthing the predictable rubbish befitting a Malaysian DPM -- but he would have been laughed off the stage other than the PWTC and RTM's -- at the bottom of page, headlined:

Najib on why police did not permit gathering


My regular reader "V" then pointed Desi to another equally arresting Minister who raised laughter to a new(s) peak, and Malaysians must thank KL-headquarteed AL-JAZEERA for bringing us prime news entertainment, via:


And BERNAMA followed up with a RATIONALISATION for its overseeing Boss, ZAM, who with Putrajaya's 4th Floor boys, must have impressed their 15th century Fourth Estate mindset to the Star and NST GEICs the "ideal perceptions" to own to play their role to reach new peaks in journalism. Of course their Datuk title helps. And ZAM is an eminent role model as he was once GEIC of Utusan Malaysia, the leading BM and famous UMNO BIG Mouthpiece in Malaysia.

11/11: Zam refutes Al Jazeera's claim police used force on protesters

(Bernama) -- Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin has refuted satellite television station Al Jazeera's claim that police had used force on hundreds of protesters here today.

He told the station that police had tried to disperse the protesters by using water cannons as the gathering was illegal.

"When they refused to disperse, the police allowed them to march to Istana Negara to hand over a memorandum demanding for a clean and fair election.

"The police managed to handle the situation as best they could," he said over the phone in a live interview by Al Jazeera here. He was responding to the illegal assembly organised by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections or "Bersih" comprising 26 non-governmental organisations and which also involved opposition parties, to hand over the memorandum containing their demands, to Istana Negara.

Asked why Malaysia did not allow such gatherings, Zainuddin said they were unnecessary because general elections had been held without fail in this country and according to the scheduled dates.

The minister also hit out at Al Jazeera for having the wrong perception when posing questions. Al Jazeera reporters had their own perceptions about Malaysia before coming here, he said, adding that "Malaysia is not Myanmar or Pakistan; it is a democratic country".

Zainuddin said many television viewers in Malaysia were laughing at the antics of the Al Jazeera reporter who seemed to be trying to portray the situation as ugly.

"The reporter was seen shouting, so much so the situation seemed unreal to the viewers."He also criticised Al Jazeera for only interviewing journalists known to be pro-opposition but not getting the government's views."

I heard my kopitiam blogger friends and readers saying maybe soon Bursaa Malaysiaa would be listing a new category of shares under "laughing stocks". Minister Zam Zam ala Kazam aka Minister of Propaganda-ganda Wand Anda will flag off par value stocks of RM1 at a special price of RM0.01 to all journalists of his mindset and perception. Malaysian journalists working for Al Jazeera and all foreign wires are not allowed to apply for the new share issues. They don't understand the rationale forlisting laughing stocks.

When the stock market resumes trading on Mondae, it’s anticipated NSTPP and The STarr Pubications would be transferred to the "Laughing Stocks" category as most appropriate to keep the Minister of Propaganda-ganda Wand Anda company:( BERNAMA and RTM are expected to be listed very soon after they confer Tan Sriship on the CEs, and the stocks will rise to great peaks to generate funds for the BN to finance their leaders ERECTIONS.

posted by desiderata

Sunday, April 17, 2011

rpk, haris ibrahim wrt MCLM -- close shop advice from Desi...

I just posted up a comment (first eh, do I get a prize?) at the article i sighted at

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is MCLM an RPK Fan Club?

This is my response to the article below: I have in fact told the MCLM committee that I wish to resign as Chairman of the movement but they have asked me not to do this. If the committee would accept my resignation then I would be most prepared to go. I hope the MCLM committee will reconsider its decision and allow me to resign. I do not want to go just like that and be accused of abandoning the movement. -- Raja Petra Kamarudin

The Malaysian Insider

The MCLM (Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement) claims to be a movement whose mission it is to help bring about political, economic and social reform in Malaysia.

It seems committed to Malaysian opposition politics, considers itself a “father figure” to opposition political parties, and is of the view that the ruling Barisan Nasional is “beyond change and beyond redemption”.

MCLM has, naturally, been wary of the mainstream media for its partiality towards the ruling regime.

Ironically, Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), the movement’s chairman, embraced the mainstream media as an outlet to air his views. He gave a one-hour long interview to TV3, a television station owned by Media Prima, an Umno-linked company.

In the segments of the interview that were aired on TV3, RPK made a number of remarks regarding the Altantuya Shariibu murder case. He also mentioned the names of people he claims are supposedly involved in exposing the wrongdoers, the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim being one of them.

This interview is seen as have a negative impact on Anwar Ibrahim and to his opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan Rakyat supporters have reacted with shock and have made the angry allegation that RPK has been bribed by the ruling coalition to allow his recorded words to be manipulated to damage the opposition movement.

It appears that RPK had granted TV3 this interview in his own personal capacity.

What is baffling however is that it was MCLM that came out vigorously to defend RPK.

It held a speedy press conference to debunk or expose what it claims is TV3’s spin-doctoring of RPK’s interview. Very subjective claims were made that RPK is unlikely to have been “coerced” into giving an interview since even Special Branch officers “couldn’t break him”.

Whether RPK had allowed himself to be spin-doctored in exchange for favours, whether his interview was an unintended mistake on his part, or whether it is a bit of both, cannot be determined conclusively at the moment. It is not the preoccupation of this letter.

What is positively clear and alarming is MCLM’s curious action of speaking on behalf of RPK in a matter unrelated to MCLM core purpose.

Is MCLM really an independent and professional movement dedicated to its people-centric mission? Or is it a mouthpiece for and protector of RPK, roles nowhere mentioned in MCLM’s charter?

Additional questions surface.

Did RPK conduct the TV3 interview in his capacity as MCLM chairman, which then might justify MCLM acting in his defence? But then again, is it part of MCLM’s constitution that its chairperson give interviews about murder cases or indulge in other speculative scandals that could harm MCLM’s image?

Conversely, if RPK’s interview has nothing to do with MCLM, then why did the president of MCLM choose to defend RPK using MCLM as a vehicle for doing so instead of doing it purely in his personal capacity without involving MCLM?

This has confused the general public and MCLM supporters.

It has alarmed civil society NGOs that have backed MCLM.

It is now being asked whether MCLM is an organisation with a secondary, ulterior purpose of furthering the goals of a specific individual.

Neither does MCLM’s official website help allay these doubts. Its main page prominently features photographs and videos of RPK. As perception is an important thing, why cannot MCLM design a less controversial front page? This is not to say it shouldn’t feature anybody at all. But there is far less harm (and greater relevance) in displaying its potential election candidates, for example. Why the photo of its chairman, and a controversial chairman at that, as a fixture?

In my view, RPK’s cavalier involvement with the underbelly of scandals and controversies is not fitting for a person who is supposed to conduct himself professionally as chairman of a civil liberties movement that is supposed to be taken seriously.

In addition to the foregoing, MCLM’s peculiar move to come out in full force to defend what is the personal action of an individual unrelated to MCLM’s core goals has damaged MCLM’s reputation in the eyes of those it crucially seeks to woo and aid.

Having attempted to do damage control for an individual, it is the resulting damage to its reputation which MCLM must now seek to control.

First, therefore, to partially restore any lost confidence in MCLM, will RPK do the honourable thing, as Japanese prime ministers are accustomed to doing upon any whiff of dishonour or scandal, by resigning as chairman of MCLM for the sake of MCLM’s future?

Or is RPK so dispensable to MCLM that he will continue, like the Chief Minister of Sarawak, as one of its top leaders even at the risk of continued erosion of confidence and support?

Is there no other Malaysian better suited to occupying MCLM’s chairmanship?

Second, will MCLM clarify what exactly is its function? All the pro-people documents it has on its website do not seem to tell the full story given this episode. Is it an organisation dedicated to debunking media spin for individuals it considers special, or will MCLM adhere strictly to its People’s Declaration and regard only the Malaysian people as special?

MCLM claims to hold Pakatan Rakyat to higher standards. RPK has spoken about Anwar Ibrahim being a liability to Pakatan Rakyat. Now that RPK is seen as a liability to MCLM, Will MCLM and RPK step up to the plate, walk their talk, come clean, do the right thing?

Given our lack of political organisations that inspire and have real integrity, we who hold high hopes for MCLM as a true standard-setter in opposition politics are not in the mood for another disappointment.

* Johnny B. Good reads The Malaysian Insider.
Posted by Malaysians Must Know the TRUTH


********************* Desi's comment, with slight apologies to web admin of the site!)

"Well said, johnny B good. RPK was clearly seen preaching one which and doing quite the opposite, and this TV3 interview just confirmed several actions of his inconcsistent behaviour since late last year when I tried to "ngage" with him as fellow Bloggers, but instead of sticking to the issues I raised, he concocted allegations against me to put me into trouble with the law. Haris Ibrahim must also step down as MCLM President. Anyway, the issue of bpth cahirman and President resigning is "inconsequential" as far as I can see -- the new infant died soon after childbirth last October.

Just about six months old, it wants to be "father to opposition parties" as Haris defence of RPK's indefensible is like teaching the established parties , haris ibrahim and MCLM-- give up advice!like DAP,Pas, and even 12-year-old PKR, (CORRECTION of following phrase...--YL, Desi) how to suck eggs,No?"