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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Of Emperor NERO, Malaysian HERO and MEDIA/BLOGGERS II

Rumination this beaut Sundae is about a Modern Emperor -- let us accord HIm the honour of comparative status to NERO in the 1st century BC. (BC if you IGnoramus has to aRsEk, is BEfore Christ OK!) LEGEND HAs it that Nero played the FIDDLER WHile his city ROME Burned, in a fire that lusted se7enDAYS&NIGHTS.

Legend has it that many MAlaysians claim there is a current native born NEro, not only he plays the Guitar, being Western educated, he also plays the Pipa, wanting to be buddy-buddy with the rising Economic Superpower CHINA, he also plays the Sitar, desiring to be matey with second rising E.S.P. ONE STEP BEHIND CHINA. I also hear he dances the RONGGENG Pretty&Well. But he's totally out of step with the COMMON FOLKS -- THE RAKYAT COMEth FIRST, Rembeber? -- hence they rose up be the thousands to protest overnight August 29/30 at BERSIH4.0. NO, he didKNOT join DESi and 300,000 other fellow Malaysians because he's born to PRIVILEGED and hence he believes he's LORD of ALL HE and Wifey survey, Koala LUmpuh and PuteraJava.

MY most ESteAmedREaders, Let DEsi continue in rime, cun?

There once was a tale of  an Emperor 
who traversed His Kingdom to mark City Day 
IN the finest finery he could Order his  smartaleckTAYLORimportedfromBAngladesh could make

All the King's men and sycophantic  YES=men&women
 Sang in HI&Lo&BEhole desibels 
HOW "BEAUTifool" 
THE applause was SO THUNDEROUS so that it reached the shores
Of Sabah, Sarawak
and  DOwn UNder2
and UPabove3


The Royal Entourage passed by wan KINDergarten kid
AWeways inquisitive and desirous to learn 
to qualify for PERmata gallantry MA&PA

"MAmi and PApa, WHY IS THE EMPEROR SO GLORIOUSLY NAKED? IS that WHY the crowds are Applauding'?"
THe RAsah SINchoon five-year-old dared-to-aRsEk 
And the HUGE LOUDasLIGHTNING&THUNDER gargantuan crowds fell silent

W'ile the CLUELESS played the guitar, pipa, sitar
WNd the wifey RONGGENGED on, the Permata-Permata on he FRench designer finery GLOWED&Glowed
And still-glowing as the SINchoonkid
Wondering ALOUD, still ALLOWEDbyDesi
"HAVE all the MAlaysian adults gone MAD?"

YOU know the rest of the Cerita Right? Left or Centre?
(DESi, knottyaSsusual, he's a LEFTist, don't mind him/her/it
He's learning to blow his own self-made bamboo trumpet!)
HE's also a BC Newsdog, aka YL CHONG, aMore BUMmer

PS: YES, this knotty ditty is DESICATEd to the 1MAlaysia numero uno HERO graduated from RASah SINChoon KINDErgarten:):):)7:):):) trained by experts from across
THE SE7EN c-c-c-(DES)c-c- c-c.

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