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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Desi Is Singin' the Blues...

Desi thought MAlaysia was moving towards "developed" nation's status
But its chief PemIMPin warns some of his subjects they could become**** "bangsat" 'stead
INstead of motivating HIs followers to aspire thowards reaching the skies and the stars
Leaving aside the "Moon" for its semblance towards PAS
is passe
The stupid rakyat may just aspire towards a reward of 49 vestal virgins
And on sext 59th Merdeka DAy
we celebrate a whiter shade of pale
danzing the blues in "terompah" kasut biru
Sought out from the TongSampah while searching for gold

I prefer to join my PROletariat buddies
Rockin' and singin' at DE Miang Kara-LA-OK!
NO "My Blue H'aven"
I Savour the happinurse on worldly earth.

Sumthin' tells Desi sumthin's knot right with NEgaraKU
it's knot right when my small kapitalist bro Huat
tells DEsi "It's OK to accept RM2,600, it's nuthin' like 2.6billion what!"
from the proletariat worker wokking his heART out in Blood, Sweat&Tears
Frying CHarKEowTiao so that
KAPITALIS knot like DESi rents 'em the stall for RM2.6 X100
KApital recovered only after flyin' 50plates of CKT @RM5 pax, max

I'd rather go on Singin' MY Blues
Danzing on LATuk A.A.'s rockybrew
I wanna no Hennessy, Honey
DARlin', I wanna live till 90 like an ex-PM turned socialist just
Turnin' up at BERSIH4.0 to show
Achieving some gOOd Karma at lust
Minus some deficit  recorded in the past

DESi says: IT's all gOOd
IF all's well that ends wellA!
MY BArd says so in "A MIdsummer NIght's DReam"
IT also works for DEsperado DEsi
IN my hot tropical RUTbir-ed dreAm
Drownin' my sorrows singin' the blues
DAnzing the nighties away
IN BLue suede shoes
I picked up from the TongSampah
w'ile searchong for EMAS&YENny
SO envy burns oouch the green-eyed MR ttT

****BANGSAT in Malay language means BASTARD or DESTITUTE, According to mGF VOIz knot midnight

Composed in 10minutes after being inspired one beautifool morn'
AFter hearin' in my head some VOiz knot midnite
Still quiet, endearing, full of

CHong YEn LOng@7.45AM

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