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Monday, August 26, 2013

Si Kancil pun dia, SI BUAYA pun DIA!

Siapa Croc tu, tanya Mousedeer?
UMNO-oh-No-lah!, replies Buaya with that trade mark SMIRK on its face:)

Desi took a "sabbatical" from blogging to REFLECT on political goings-on -- it's the same-same feeling most of the time, ala deja vu! -- so it's silence from Midnight Voices. Until a few days ago when I told mGf DPP that the two in Altan case sentenced to death had been freed... how about we ask the LOGICAL Q: WHO THEN IS/ARE THE REAL MURDERER/S of the Mongolian beauty on Malaysian soil? I will cut and paste from ES Shankar's post later to posit my views, can?

MEANw'ile, these TWO NST REPORTS today I sighted at BF from the print copy -- hey, I can still afford RM1.20 unlike you cheapskates lining up at SEVEN11 from 6AM to grab freebie TheSun b4 Desi gets dare!:) ~~ wit' my se7en sen's worth (more than the usual dua sen:) Cos my wisdom teeth are getting rarer, so aMore valuable, no?

Quit if unhappy, Waytha told

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UNBECOMING: Zahid says statement on Gang 04 'execution' uncalled for

PUTRAJAYA: HOME Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has suggested that Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department P. Waythamoorthy quit his post if the latter insists on speaking out against the police.
Answering the senator's allegation that five members of the Gang 04 were "executed" by a police raiding team in Penang several days ago, Zahid said Waythamoorthy should not interfere in police work.
"Even I do not intervene in police matters and let them do their work as they deem fit."
He said the former Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) chairman's allegation was unbecoming as he was now part of the government and no longer a leader of Hindraf.
"He is now part of the government, but if he wants to comment on government policies, then he had better go back to heading the NGO (non-governmental organisation)."
Zahid said Waythamoorthy should realise that as a member of the administration, any statement made must not be at odds with government policies.
"He cannot think like an NGO leader because he does not head Hindraf any more.
"If he still wants to lead Hindraf then he should give up his (deputy) minister post."
Waythamoorthy had, on his Facebook page, said: "Looking at the photos, I do not think anyone in the right frame of mind would believe that there was actually a shoot-out between the police team and the suspects.
"The police appear to be giving a standard answer that they were shot at and they acted in self-defence.
"But the injuries do not describe a shoot-out.
"The photos show they were shot at point blank range."
Zahid said police were not known for being trigger-happy.
"How can police give warning shots (to any suspect) when they are being shot at first?"
At press time, Waythamoorthy could not be contacted for a response.
Asked whether there would be an inquest into the shootings as requested by DAP chairman Karpal Singh and Waythamoorthy, Zahid said they may ask for answers directly from the police.
"I have no problems (with an inquest) because there is no political interference in any police operations.
"I leave it to the professionals to do it."

Read more: Quit if unhappy, Waytha told - General - New Straits Times

DESIDERATA: When UMNO recruited the conman Waytha from Hindraf -- he was hiding in London for years, like one royal blogger in woeManchester, no? -- as deputy minister after JUST TWO tete-a-tetes with PM Najib Tun Razak, the guy GO-STANNED on his struggle for his community alleging the UMNO-led govt had been marginalising the Indians for 55 years, suddenly he saw the LIGHT at Putrajaya emitting from some shiny orifice where the sun don't shine? And the MIC didn't even whimper a whisker of protest,. Palanivel SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED MCA PREZ Dr Chua SL to leave the Barisan Nasional where only UMNO-oh-No's word counts.

So now after less than six months, Wathya is told TO GET LOST! Marginbalised? It's treating you worse than shit! Your esteemed bro Uthayakumar knows that well in advance and he can still hold his kepala high.

When a Si Kancil Tries to Live wit' Si BUaya, you think the Si Kancil has a long life? The Buaya will jest gobble you up for BF, Lunch and Dinner, and the tulang-tulang boil with Kambing to make soup for SUP(p)ER! -- YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual


The second kopi Cut&Pastried from NST Online follows:

Tengku Adnan: Merger of Indian parties good for BN

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KUALA LUMPUR: All Indian-based political parties in Barisan Nasional should merge into a single entity in the best interest of Indians, said BN secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

He said it was no use for the parties to compete with each other when they should work together to formulate a policy to ensure a better future and to achieve the aspiration of the Indians more effectively.
"I call on those parties, -- Makkal Sakti, MIC, Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP), Indian Progressive Front (IPF) and the People's Progressive Party (PPP) -- to merge so that they will become a stronger entity.
"Why should they go on separate ways? Why create different parties to fight the same cause?
"Maybe, they need to analyse or convene a meeting to find solution to this problem," he said when opening the fifth Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party delegation meeting here yesterday.
Tengku Adnan, who is Federal Territories minister, said the merging of the parties was vital for BN, especially after only 48 per cent support were garnered from Indians in the last general election.
"We want to increase the percentage of support for BN from Indians to between 60 and 70 per cent.
"So, if we continue going separate ways, the target will be out of reach."
Tengku Adnan said MIC, as the most senior party, should be open for suggestions and should analyse why many Indian-based parties were being established.
"Something must have gone wrong and MIC needs to rectify it.
"Why are there so many rejections. Is it because of the party leadership or policies?
"How do we get all these parties to work together to help Indians?"
Makkal Sakti president Datuk R.S. Thanenthiran lauded Tengku Adnan's call, but insisted that all party leaders should agree to compromise and be prepared to step down.
"I hope it will come true.
"The re-engineered merging parties can use a new name to fight for a better future for Indians.
"However, it should not use MIC's name because even though it's a senior party, it has seen some rejections from Indians.
"The new party needs more dynamic leaders to restore the people's faith." Bernama

Read more: Tengku Adnan: Merger of Indian parties good for BN - General - New Straits Times

DESI2: Jest got call from buddy for belated lunch -- will C U again later to cuntINU'E, OK! InsyaAllah!
There is a welltold tale that when two mousedeer get together, they form a Company; when three get together, they form a Union, when four (SEI-loh!) THEY FORM A POLITICAL PARTY! UMNO-oh-No learnt this well from the colonial masters, so adopted and refined their DIVIDE&RULE polisi.

Remember, when  Gerakan led by Dr Lim Chong Eu won the Peart of the Orient, the mostly Chinese were seduced to join the Barisan Nasional. Yes, the UMNO's 3Cs strategy worked -- first Cooperation, then collaboration, finally COPULATION! A few decades later at the GE12, Gerakan lost its home in Penang, almost decimated, but yet its Prez Dr Koh Tsu Gone entered the cabinet by the rea-end. At GE13, MCA almost suffered the same fate, but at least its head had some DIGNITY&GUTS to jump the sinking ship -- now they areafloat in the Indian Ocean, or izzit the South China Sea, wondering/wandering WHERE TO LAND SEXT?!

Poor MIC saw its sampan shaken when Waythya was dumped on the floating just above the water sampan, and now it's leaking, but the Captain ala Palanivel has no guts&dignity contra-to Dr Chua.

So with so many Indian-based components in the expanded BN PLUS ONE LONG RANGER, ex-HINDraf entering from BEhind, UMNO has achioeved its DIVIDE&RULE polisi to its mostbeautifullest, and Wathya and Palanivel-veil still have NO CLUES they had been copulated in the night -- it's a LONG, DARK, NIGHT indeed except for someFurongKnights like Desi. I like to show my MIDDLE FINGER to Zahid Hamidi and Hisham -- hey, you no like Desi's writHes, go back to Jawa or Sumatra-la-la and do the K.R.ok wit' Samy half-d-value hydeing out in New Delhi as a special envoy -- now do u c WHY THE RUPEE IS FALLIN'? When the sky falls, the EARTH RISES, is the tagline of a TV series now on AXN -- but where's the relevance to this post, you dare aRsEk?

The answer, my firend, is blowing' in the wind....Come join Desi&gangsta at Butterfry Varrey tonte8.30pm? B4 dat, bye Desi endless lounds of tehtari', cun? YL, Desi2, still as Knotty after 2kopi!

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