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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RUMInation post`Poned from Yesterday, when unfortunately awe my troubles were hear to STAY:( UPDATEd

Desi usually reflects best on Sundaes -- when I become more capitalistic than my usual socialist ways on weakdays! But YESTERDAY, my Beatles' anthemic blowing all my troubles away did knot work, so this delayed post. Wella you beggarly esteemedreaders can't complain, can you? You no pay for reading this nonsensical rumbling rambling, so you no like it hear, GET THE HEERE OUUCH OF hell!:)

I m enjoying Down Under and here's my current chorus keeping me wandering in fictional euthopia at spiriteddestiNATION:~~

Just after the GE13, one UMNO (oh-no!) damned miniSTER had the gall to say: You don't like the electoral sytem here, you migrate! That id ot did not even say: PLEASE migrate! I would have if I wanna you to leave Malaysia, and hence leave one competitor LESS for the ilks of me privileged left behinds, NO? THat's a rhetorical Q, miniSTER Zahid Hamidi quite hammed up in his myopic world REnamed putridJAYA?

I'm proud to go on record I served the Australian government at its diplomatic mission in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng for THIRTEEN (13) ***"short" years, paid by the Aussie government -- yet I paid my taxes to the Malaysian government, who robbed me of almost 25sen to the ringgit! Did I complain? NO, I didn't -- knot to the Oz or to the Msian government. Because I deemed it my duty to serve my paymaster well, and my Malaysian nationality means I had to give to Caeser when in Rome and give to the Kerajaan TanahAirKu when I resided/continue to reside here. But who is this id ot Zahid to tell me YL Chong, dutiful citizen, to migrate IF I DON'T LIKE SOME ASPECTS OF MALAYSIA eg its electoral system. I can criticise for all the blardy PUTRIDjaya minSTERS like Zahind care/dare, I am merely exercising my RIGHT AS A CITIZEN. The Selangorains threw out the ilks of MB Khir Toyo, BUT NO ONE TOLD HIM TO MIGRATE BACK TO JAVA> *** short because when you worked wit' wonderful colleagues like Russ Properjohn, Chris Freeman, it was like playtime really with fair-dinkum blokes, and TIME FLEW by like the blink of I-I!:):)

So what's my beef here in a post linked to The Seeker's "I'LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU"? Let me say that I enjoy music/songs from all corners of the world, but I have a soft spot for the Seekers nostalgic lyrics and rhyme and rhythm because they resonate wit' my poetic heART. IF I HAVE A MILLLION, I would buy an island off Quuensland coast and turn it INTO A BLOGGERS' PARADISE I and SWEETSPIRITS had named SPIRITedDEStiNATION -- Yes, that's where I would migrate to to get abbay from all these UMNO tyrants -- besides the new Home Minister, the other goats hail from expired PERKoSA wit' its ilks I fondly remember as also expired king froggie Ibrahim ahLah and ZulkiflEE No-din!::( :( for 'em OR :):) for me and mGf!

If uou wish to ENJOY amore, go to this second LINK:

BELATEDLY, Desi picks up this "sad" news surrounding the GREAT CLASSIC VOICE that is JUDITH DURHAM's -- her rendering in I'll Never Find Another YOU is angelic to Desi, and indeed, there is no one comparable to Judith D. May the GOoD Lord bless her wit' a GOoD recover. ~~ Amen~~~~~~~

Seekers star Judith Durham learns to read and write music after brain haemorrhage

Singing spurs on Durham?s recovery
Judith Durham with fellow seekers Keith Potger and Athol Guy on her 70th birthday today.
JUDITH Durham has started singing again as part of her recovery from a life-threatening brain haemorrhage.
This morning Durham made her first public appearance since being hospitalised - also her 70th birthday.
"I'm making improvements all the time. When you look at me you I don't look like there's anything wrong, except what normally looks wrong!," Durham joked.
Surrounded by Seekers band mates Athol Guy and Keith Potger and Professor John Olver at the Epworth Hospital, Durham said she had no warning signs before suffering the cerebral haemorrhage on May 14.
Seekers Keith Potger, Judith Durham and Athol Guy on her 70th birthday, and her first public appearance since she suffered a brain haemorrhage in May.
The singer had come off stage in Melbourne after the tenth concert in the Seekers' Golden Jubilee tour and was signing albums for fans.
"There were no warning signs at all," Durham said. "I had a fantastic night on stage. I was singing better than ever. It really lovely that nothing impeded on the enjoyment of the fans during the actual concert. It was while I was signing autographs I noticed a bit of struggle with my writing interestingly, I didn't think anything of it. I thought perhaps it was probably writer's cramp which can often happen when you're signing a lot of things. So it was only within an hour after that some interesting things were noticed that wouldn't be quite normal things to worry about."
The iconic singer was rushed to the Epworth, where she has remained and is undertaking a rehabilitation program with Olver's team.
Durham's adherence to the program is so strong she is not even skipping a rehab session on her birthday.
"I'm not going to shirk my responsibility in the therapy session, I'll have at least one session of therapy," she said.
The singer will celebrate today with family, friends and band mates.
"I'm very, very happy everyone can be with me," she said. "I've had the biggest birthday of all possible."
As a test of any possible impact on her voice Durham sang the first verse of the Seekers' hit Morningtown Ride in hospital soon after her accident.
"Everybody around me was skirting that question, can she sing still?," Durham said. "Nobody wanted to be the first to take that plunge. So I was very fortunate they decided right there 'Sing us a tune'. Luckily that was all intact, I still sing in tune, I'm expecting to back on stage to sing again as soon as all the therapy is done."
However Durham will have to learn how to read music again, with reading and writing the functions most impacted after her haemorrhage.
"I need to learn to play the keyboard again, virtually to read music again. Written music on the page is a very big challenge for me."
Durham said she realised her ability to write was impaired when it took her nearly 15 minutes to write the words 'soya milk' on her room menu.
"That's been a huge learning curve. I'm literally starting again to write. I didn't appreciate the gift we have of language ... we've got this opportunity in life that our education has given us."
Professor Olver, who also steered Molly Meldrum's recovery after his recent accident, said Durham was a very co-operative and willing patient.
"Judith is certainly working hard, she does more homework that we set her out of the therapy sessions than I think I've seen with a lot of other people," Olver said. "She's driven in terms of her recovery, that's why we're seeing improvements."
Durham will be in hospital for a few more weeks, then a bout of outpatient care before a return home.
"Everyone's rate of recovery is different," Olver said. "Judith's doing very well at the moment so we're pretty optimistic it'll all happen in the next few months."
Olver is particularly keen to see the singer back with the Seekers - he had a ticket for one of the Melbourne shows postponed after her unexpected haemorrhage.
"I'm holding on to that," he said.
Durham's band mates said they were in no rush to resume their tour.
"We don't want to hurry anything," Potger said, "We just want this dear girl to recuperate in her own sweet time. We'll be waiting in the wings."
Durham also thanked her fans around the world for their outpouring of love since she was admitted to hospital.
"The uplift you get and the sense of comfort and warmth and people being with you in spirit, it's just astonishing what that does for you, you feel needed and it's an encouragement to get back in action again and make your own contribution."
Durham releases a compilation for her birthday, The Platinum Album, on Friday.

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I'll Never Find Another You Lyrics

And I'll be there someday if you will hold my hand
I still need you there beside me no matter what I do
For I know I'll never find another you
There is always someone to reach across they say
And you'll be my someone forever and the day
I could search the whole world over until my life is through
But I know I'll never find another you
It's a long long journey so stay by my side
When I'll walk through the storm you'll be my guide be my guide
If they gave me a fortune my pleasure would be small
I could lose it all tomorrow and never mind at all
But if I should lose your love dear I don't know what I'd do
For I know I'll never find another you
But if I should lose your love dear I don't know what I'd do
For I know I'll never find another you

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