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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Away from my bookmaking, I borrow DPP's post which really recalls a subject well discussed...

BUT THE GOVERNMENT and COHORTS are purposely trying to DIVERT THE REAL ISSUE OF MOPNGOLIAN BEAUTY ALATANTUYA'S MURDER ON MALAYSIAN SOIL. The latest weapong they propagated usig the MSM centres along a very LOADED player many of us would deem "the mysterious" Jasbir Singh Chahl,  --

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by jumbo scorpenis, Donplaypuks®, intrepid correspondent for elephant-in-the-room affairs

"On a lighter note, what do you call a Sikh who only consumes lager? Jusbeer Singh! Ha, ha!" 

The latest revelations by the mysterious Jasbir Singh Chahl, esrtwhile scorpene submarine "negotiator" or restauranteur, or possibly both, that the gruesomely C4 murdered Altantuya (CLICK HERE) was not involved in the RM7.3 billion Scorpene Submarines Scandal, raises more questions than answers.

But before you could say "rush now to consume simply mouth watering and delicious meals in spotlessly clean and super hygienic converted toilet school canteen, rush to register your children in this school", BUMNO/SCUMNO Ministers and party stalwarts have with indecent haste latched on to Chahl's uninvestigated claims. They now claim (after having been silent for 6 long years) that SUARAM and the Opposition have been lying wholesale since 2006 about PM Najib and his wife being allegedly involved in some way in Altantuya's killing; that a "lie" repeated ad nauseum has become "perceived" as the absolute truth. Sob, sob, poor innocent PM Najib and his beloved wife, how dare you perfidiously unsporting Cynthis Gabriel and Anwar.

They have chosen to disregard both, the now equally famous and infamous, Staturory Declarations (SD) by RPK and PI Bala (deceased). RPK's "I was reliably told" SD, and PI Bala's even more detailed, stark and  accusatorial SD, had implicated both Najib and Rosmah up to their eyeballs, whether by hear say or direct knowledge, and then been "clarified" or withdrawn, under very suspicious circumstances. There is lawyer Americk Sidhu's video highlighting PI Bala's SD and the murky circumstances under which he was "persuaded" by police to withdraw it. Sidhu has laso publicly claimed that another lawyer, Cecil Abraham, had drafted PI Bala's withdrawal SD under instructions from PM Najib. CLICK HERE and HERE. Then again there is  Deepak's 'Black Rose' satire pointing the finger at a very familiar PM and his wife. CLICK HERE.

So, what is the truth? What are we to believe? I have written several articles about this subject since 2011. CLICK HEREHEREHERE and HERE.

Let's suspend popular belief and disbelief. Ho hum.

Let us ask those very real elephant-in-the room, or if you can ignore that one, the pink-elephant-in-the room, questions that will not go away, and see if PM Najib will respond and provide us with logical and satisfactory answers and explanations:

1. If Altantuya was not involved in the scorpene submarine scandal, why did Razak Baginda confirm in his court statement that he had an affair with her and that she attempted to blackmail him for $500,000 for her share of work done on the scorpene submarine deal?

2. What then was the motive behind Altantuya's killing? Did two rogue cops wake up one fine morning and say and decide "let's go off that blackmailing bitch Altantuya whom we have never heard of or met and know nothing about" ????

3. There is a confession statement in the police files by Corporal Sirul Azahar, one of the two cops from the Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK or Special Action Force) convicted of killing Altantuya, that they went prepared to kill Altantuya armed with C4 explosives and guns. That is as premeditated as you can get. Who gave Sirul and Azilah Hadri (the other convicted murderer) the orders to carry out the murder?

4. And why was Altantuya shot first and then blown to smithereens with C4 explosives? It must as sure as hell have been to conceal the fact that either she was incriminatingly pregnant or raped or both. The orders to kill her must have been issued by some one really high up in the ruling political circles/government, police, Army or Navy and linked to the scorpene submarine case; high-up, as who else could have given such orders to the UTK.

5. And here is the $64,000 question on which hinges the resolution of PM Najib's blackened reputation, especially since he was the Defence Minister under whose watch the scorpene submarine scandal took place:

Since October 2006, when Altantuya was murdered in a forest in Kuala lumpur, why has none of PM Najib and/or the Attorney General NOT ordered successive Inspector Generals of Police to investigate and charge in court the person who ordered Chief Inspector Azilaj Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azahar to murder Altantuya? Especially since there is a signed graphic confession from Sirul Azahar to the effect that that was what occurred? Accessories to murder should be allowed to get away scot free? By what law?

6. Lastly, why have BUMNO/SCUMNO Ministers and party members shown absolutely no interest in getting to the bottom of Altantuya's murder - the motive and the kingpin issues?

If you really and truly wish to clear the stain and blot on your (and your wife's) name, that you are implicated in the murder of Altantuya, and want to gain the Rakyat's (citizens') respect and admiration, I hereby challenge you, Najib Tun Razak, our (possibly fraudulently) elected Prime Minister, to order the IGP today to do his job. It's either "My Way" or "The Highway" for the IGP or whoever succeeds him.

Failing which, the Rakyat shall be entitled to believe in the pink elephant which is so tantalisingly visible to us all!

What say you Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak? Have you the cojones to do what is right?

On a lighter note, what do you call a Sikh who only consumes lager? Jusbeer Singh! Ha, ha!

Donplaypuks® with murder, man!!

DESIDERATA: To all the DUMB (B)UMNO (oh-no!) leaders whp have lauded the protagonist for his TELL-ALL (did he?), Desi humbly aRsEk:( and they had the cheek to ask us Malaysians to no more LINK ALTANTUYA to the SCORPENEE subs isssue, may Desi ask two periment core Qs on two CORE ISSUES:(~~~~~~

(1) There was a well-known fact that Altantuya was a lover of Razak Baginda (who was acuitted foer being an "accomplice" to the crime of MURDER  -- Desi's THINKING ALLOWED, Mr AG, WHY wasn;t Razak charged as the PRINCIPAL in the murder of the Mongolian beauty, and the OTHER TWO TINDAKAN KHAS POLIS should have been only charged for being ACCOMPLICES, NO?) and therefore, even Altantuya was NOT ACTING AS A TRANSLATOR in the Scorpene deal, gifting benefit of the doubt to the socalled "squealer at this late hour", it's an open Q as to whether Altantuya was introoduced to Najib Tun Razak by Razak Baginda. If this Q has a "YES" for an answer, WOULD THERE BE "mens rea" for FLOM acting iout like a woeman scorned by her husband?

(2) I studied some first year Criminal Law, and we all know in most cases,  there must BE MOTIVE/mens rae for an offence for an accused person to be proven guilty. In this case of Altantuya, THEE WAS NO "mens rea" as far as the two priciplal acused were concerned -- so are we sending TWO INNOCENT MALAYSIANS TO THE GALLOWS as "fall guys" for the powerful masters/mistresses?

Let me add in passing that throughout the court proceedings, the two special police task force personnel had THERE FACES COVERED UP -- WHY, WHY, WHY???

I let ye, my dear Esteemed (or steAmed) readers with these foods for thought as you adjourn for lunch. Desi is BC back to his his BOOKMAKING! The fiction tentatively titled "THE TRIGGER" is seeking investors at RM1,00 for 10Percent investment. I already had   three backers forced into a corner by Desi to take out RM1,500 each. I have ONE aMORE SLOT for a 15% stakem trust me, anywan? Call me at my number -- if you don't know by now, then you ain't my fRiend:( OR :)

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