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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

aMore on Einstein -- quotes relevant in Malaysian context...

Jest recapping, from late lust year, Desi had writ, combining posts dated Nov 4&5, 2012:

Imagination leads one to a nu'e nation where oneself is KING!

On "Imagination" -- well-acknowledged as the greAtest mind that touched planet Earth, Albert Einstein in one instance, was quoted as having said:“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 

Listen to emmanuel's rendition of John Lennon's from Aussie X-FACTOR:

Yes, we are all owners of a unique mind, and it's in the windmills of one's that one can weave the best stories if one breaks loose and let IMAGINATION take flight.

Nowadays, I get weary sometimes trying to pick up fesh "political" events and news because often, there is a pausity of "newness" in what is happening to Malaytsia. Put on 13th General Election since late 2011, Desi has found to his dismay the Prime Minister has been postponing the election date from month to month, and A FULL YEAR HAD SINCE PASSED. I believe many of us writers, journalists or bloggers or somewhere in between these two estates -- I don't know about the politicians --are feeling a byte exhausted from the many false starts.

The next Government must pass legislation in Parliament to FIX A FIVE YEAR TERM e.g if the 13th Parliament officially sits from 15th March 2013, then the Parliament will AUTOMATICALLY be disssolved on the 14th March 2018 ie exactly  five years later. And the Election Commission will be mandated to HOLD THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS WITHIN TWO MONTHS of the Parliament's dissolution.


Two more Quotes from the Greatest Mind, IMHO, K!

Well acknowledged as I said several times as the GreAtest Mind that visited planet Earth, this scientist was most famous for his Theory of Relativity; also his equation relating to the different FORMS of ENERGY:~~~~~~~

E = M c squared, where E is for Energy, M is for Mass and c is for the speed of light. As for that Relativity Theory, please read it up yourself by Googling Okay, I can't try to summarise in less than 1000 words and you expect me to be "ellorless"! Oh know, I ain't gonna make myself a fool; of thee OK, but I refrain in case you won't bye my REPRINT of MIDNIGHT VOICES & OTHER POEMS kambing out sext week, InsyaAllah:)

Yesterday, I reflected - as I'm wont to on beaut Sundaes -- on the following: lazy BUMmer, please go read my post yesterday, when awe my troubles seem'd so far abay with the Beatles in The Yellow Submarine, knot Scorpene OK! They didn't no Baginda yet. Neither Altantuya, Nyet. Neither Desi, :(


“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
― Albert Einstein

Desi Thinking Allowed: Does it apply to the Malaysian voters? Who year-in year-out complain about the government, yet they returned the BN to power for 12 general elections, ie 55 years!

I have writ b4: Many Malaysians are born MASOCHISTIC! They have a high tolerance for self-inflicted pain, and UMNO is a fanfastic pain-inflictor! You don't believe me -- aRsEk those fools who fall for Bribe1Malaysia giving you RM500 -- to be followed next January with Bribe2Malaysia with another RM500 and you sell your precious Vote back to the BN although you believe in the Pakatan Rakyat war4CHANGE! Cheapskate Malaysians! HOw-lah, Malaysia -- WHO WILL WEEP FOR THEE?!

UPDATEd 9.11PM,2 Jan13:
 The Government finding itself short onVitamin M because many have plundered the coffers "dry" (my guess OK:),  had just two days ago anniunced the BR2M angpow of RM500 WON'T BE PAID UNTIL FEBRUARY. Come payment date, would it surprise Desi if it yet postpnes payment till March?

The national oil company PETRONAS will close its accounts end-April IF I RECALL RIGHT, so its profits would be written down by the amount used to account for BR2M, yes Bribe Malaysia Second round! In its coming manifesto for GE13, would it also surprise Desi if Bribe Malaysia 3 will follow if the Rakyat elects BN back for another 5-year mandate. OMG, Desi will go into hibernation, joing the polar bears in the Noth Poles, if this Armageddon poll result befalls NegharaKu.

O Lod, please DON'T LE THIS TRAGEDY HAPPEN, my koboi's heART can't take it no more, and Nashville won't accept me for Voice 4 although I told Blake Shelton I am damned goOd at midnight! Amen.
“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
― Albert Einstein

Desi Thinking Aloud: "Ditto" to the above, for YL is quite a lazy BUMmer wracking/wrecking his God's imposed brain on many rounds of tehtarik, and no Vitamin M is flowing in the past 12 monthssince some of us V V bloggers started serious prep for GE13! Yeah, in simple English, YOU GUYS WHO VOTE for BN-UMNO every GE, don't expect the corrupt admin to change even there is a change of Prime Minister OK! Are you now awake, Repent?

Desi's ChallengeOR you wanna carry on doing the same thing, over and over again, and EXPECT THE DEVIL TO CHANGE?! 

UPDATEd 9.19PM, 2 Jan 13: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad agrees that the Barisan Nasional led by UMNO  is a DEVIL, but feels Malaysians should vote back in the Devil-You-Know than the possible bigger Devil  Pakatan Rakyat may turn out to be.

Hey, dear fellow Malaysians, UMNO has dug our graves so deep even the Devil unknown has given up on the Oh, No! party. As for Desi's advice: GO4CHANGE. DS Anwar after paying the price of serving more than SIX YEARS of incarceration on trumped-up charges by the Evil Regime under Mahathir IS ANY TIME A BETTER BET! My gOod friend SC says it's "badder" (Koboi's pronounciation of BETTER as in Beatkles' "Hey Jude!" to vote for a dog than any candidate from . I 100percent nod my humble head, trying to swell to rival Einstein's!

So Desi's parting LUST words: PONder over Einstein quotes, wilya? ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusua

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