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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Ode to Khalwat Squad II

At one time, the Melaka Chief Minister -- was it the current or the predecessor? Pardon me, I'm too lazy to search the archives, but the personalitry is less important, THE ISSUE IS MORE! Yesterday's post has now been retitled because suddenly I recall how during the then CM's napoleonic rule, he had formed an UMNO YOuth squad called Mat Skodeng whose main and only task was to go around private homes to peek at the inmates, scout around potential lovebirds at public places like parks and parking lots, watch people making love, they themselves reach a climax, THEN SWOOP ON THE LOVEBIRDS TO CHECK IF THEY WERE MUSLIMS or even one partner was of the Islamic faith. Woe betide those whose fate is sealed by these "illegaly" constituted  Snoopers aka Mat Skodeng who had been acting more like VOYEURS and enjoying cheap thrills at the expense of "victims" caught in compromising situations. Most charged later in the Syariah court couldn't afford the 5***** or even budget hotel rooms, hence the parks at night!

Here's the poem I first titled ***IF TRUTH BE TOLD", now retitled An Ode to Khalwat Squad, can? This is a rhetorical Q OK! which means you need not giove an answer, but IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE A BCbody, I can't stop you,. Be warned -- be decent in thy language COS this blog is visted by many under-16 teenagers, and those from Malacca are very vulnerable to knotty influences, including Desi's. If you don't like it, please get the here out of hell! BUT Email me-lah and get a kopi of my Anthology of Poems -- I will autograph it for a mere RM17 -- you know what? Such a copy will be worth at least 10-fold when I move on from motherly Earth~~ WHEN VAN GOGH WAS ALIVE, HE WAS ALMOST LIVING LIKE A PAUPER, but After saying goodbye/buy to motherly earth, his "Sunflower" alone fetched millions of Aussie dollars! Likewise Desi hopes his Midnight Voices ORIGINAL can fetch a couplf of millions -- anytakers? Email Desi, cun? OK, even in Rupiahs also cun! LOL! ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

From page 106, Midnight Voices...: ***IF TRUTH BE TOLD", try to enjoy OK even if you don't climax with cos there is no pardner besides thee!:(


If Truth Be Told

In a land not far, far away
So near you hear its heartbeat every day
Once the minister of television declared
“We’ll manufacture a local series to outclass Dallas!”

After decades and much murky water
Had flowed under the Bridge of Scandals
Leaders continue to exhort of the populace:
Don’t watch blue movies or VCDs, it’s a social evil.

Meanwhile, they yumseng till the break of dawn
And under the cover of darkness chieftains plundered
Yet others plucked the flowers
Off under-aged virgin girls.

Politicians and court jesters are so creative
This land needs no fiction writers
‘Stead of soap operas, TV offers wayang and sandiwara
Their juiciness surpassing the Collins’ wildest imagination.

There’s the saga of one with millions headed Down Under
Apparently he’d not heard of cheques or Amex
Poor chap – onetime a graduate teacher - he landed up in court
He hardly understood “that darn’d bastard immigration form” in Inggeris.

Then another made a girl full of body
Claimed the fruit was donated by a best friend
Well, in typical Asian cheer, the reluctant host must not decline
The guest’s bosomy generosity in any kind.

Live episodes entertain the people more than Hollywood’s Dynasty
Proving true blue that “Fact is stranger than fiction”
When naked Truth is revealed, sometimes ingenuously concealed,
Of under-cover trails and trysts in KL’s penthouses.

When lesser souls are caught in similar bind with their pants down
In cheap lodging houses, or even just holding hands in public parks
They charge the poor blighters with khalwat (close proximity)
While upper classes continue to frolic with impunity cum immunity.

DESIDERATA: For part III tomorrow, I will compose another pome and give you a chance to win a FREE COPY OF MY midnight voices! It's Jest Adieu, not Goodbuy!

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