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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The debate on Separation of Church & State goes on in US, and in Malaysia2!:) OR :(

I watched CCTV this afternoon, caught a segment when CCTV-AMERICA covered the current US presidential race between incumbent Barack Obama and Challenger Mitt Romney. It was showing a congregation of wickedend worshippers, mostly black within my vision, listening in rapt attention to every word thei preacher, yes, almost totally black, asking the sheep to VOTE OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE! And it gladdens my heart to think these Americano churchgoers could think BEYONG THEIR SKIN COLOUR, notwithstanding the bases of their pastor's urgings (NOT urges,Cos that would put a different flavour into my ER's minds, and it's HOLY SUNDAE todie!)

BTW, I planned to pick up the snippets of the CCTV segment, but a staek lunch took too much time/dime, and while I surfed the Net wit' my right hand, chewing with the left -- I SPOTTED THIS at, and would Cut&Pastry to share with ye, my faithfool followers. Thou no like my preaching hear? Den get the here out of hell! HEAVEN IS GETING TOO CLOUDED because all these churchgoers and mosque worship[pers and temple gatherers are all singing HI praises to the Lord, hey Malaysia may yet be saved. NYET? Then the GoGD Lord help ye, me and noone else at GE-143. If thou knot catch what I'm saying todie, just say Desi's speaking in tongue, also in chicK!:) OR :( -- YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

Church Should Not Be Political Players

By Joseph Sta Maria
The Christian Church has come under the spotlight again.  It should not be a surprise if it is looked upon with suspicion by some political forces. That is simply because many pastors and priests have decided to be political players.
Many have openly sided with Pakatan Rakyat. These men of collars have used their rostrums to preach against the government and some have openly asked their congregation to back the Pakatan Rakyat. The more subtle ones skewed their prayers and sermons towards the Opposition, giving hints of their political allegiance.
However, many have joined forces with leading stalwarts of the Opposition DAP to preach anger against the government.
What the DAP has done now, using Christianity for political gains with the churches, is what PAS has been doing for decades – using Islam for their own selfish political gains. This is a dangerous political game. The church is dragging the community into a high stakes game which it must stay away and has no business.
When the church takes a political stand – in this case, against the BN, then it must be prepared to face the political backlash from the more emotional supporters.  The church must not be perceived to be a player in the opposition camp. It should remain neutral. It should be the ears to the supporters of both sides. When it only listens to one side, then it is no longer a church but a political player.
Church leaders cannot be taking pot shots at the BN on Sundays and when they are hit in the political crossfire, they cried foul.  If they are in the game, they should be prepared to stand the heat and consequences. They must bear responsibility.
Many church leaders seem to believe that the time is now right to strike. They believe that the Pakatan Rakyat will form the next government. They are throwing in their entire weight.  They have no inclination about the effects of their actions because they are caught up in their own propaganda. Their mostly urban congregation also seems to think that the entire nation shares their sentiments and political stand.
Worse, these pastors and priests are prepared to tell their congregation to vote for PAS – the very party that wants to implement hudud. These religious figures talks about morality and accountability – and yet seems ready to vote in a leader, who has been constantly caught committing adultery and is a serial sex offender.
Does the church leadership believe that Anwar is a man that the church can look up to?
Has the church leaders gone mad? Is he the saviour that the church actually believe can lead Malaysia?
The question is – are the church leaders prepared to state their neutrality in the General Election or will their congregation be coaxed into voting for Pakatan Rakyat in the name of “committed and responsible” Christians?

DESIDERATA: I DON'T ENDORSE WHAT stopthelies host is pr-ing here;BUT in line wit' VOLTAIRE'sCREDO, I think it's good starters for us to debate an issue that is engaing; though thy brain be switchedOFFlikeDESI'S at times when Dimes are lo:( and Behold, one sees the light aMore clearly when you are down, NOT UP dare!:)!

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