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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To Each his/her Own -- Woe OR Love

I befriended afew nue fRiends under a dulian tlee near the famous yellow busstop afronting Al Jazira in my capitalistic town of Selemban aka Fulong. I like fuLONG becos it has Desi's LUST NAMA!:) OR :(

Anyway, back from digression -- with another diversion into wordsmithry, whether you rike it OR knot, this is my democrazy cyber home, you dont do what you like, it's I DO WHAT I RIDE! -- my new fRiend sported a T-shirt and I spied writ: "WEDNESDAY, HHH", so knotty Desi told him to change it to FRIDAE, as WedNURSEdaei's Childe is FULL OF WOE!

He turned his back -- knot side OK, dat's for veteran soldiers who have no culture, Seremban folks do! -- and on the reverse is advertrised "IS A DAY FOR A FINE RUN"!

Desi is humbled, so that's why I preach: To each his/her OR evne its OWN. Even a dog or cat must have its day, OK! that's why "it" is dare! Fine wit' Desi IF it isn't fine with yee -- YOU THINK I CARE?! OK, this is a rhetorical Q! ~~ YL, Desi, knottyAmor5eThanUsual

DESIDERATA2: I'm looking forward to Friidae, Fool of Love. Now, be a gOod boy/gal/it, YouTube to list' to Matt Monro -0- you learn GoOD DICTION is ASgong's English should be spoke:) NEVER ever forrow dat ex-MENTERI BESAT of Selangor who did NOT know what was stated in Oz Immigeresn Form (Maybe he wanted it in Bahasa Melayu? Hey, Ms Gillard, can/cunt konsider for his sHake? Hence, the knotty is BUMMmer Desi's signing of'/oaf!

that "HHH" is for Hash House Harriers, if some of my ER are also named Ignoramuses:(

c how Desu works heART for ye, my EsteemedReaders, OR art thou steAmed? Though it be festive Hari Laya Aidilfitri, dont dlink too mush! I pronounce Laya for RAya cos the Chinoserie in me maketh "fun" with words. And for those LATEcomers why I writHe wedNURSEdae for that 3ord day of the weAk, it's to show how many of our TV presenters pronouse the word, and I'm subtly telling my ER, do't imittyate damn, the nurse is "away with leave" and should be SILENBT save the "ass" sound. IF YOU STEAL NO UNDERSTAND after my long XXplanation, Get the here/hear out of hell!:(

This old nursery rhyme "Day's of the Week" is said to have been written
to help children learn the days of the week.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

There are several versions, but this is the one passed
down through my family.

And, Yes, I was born on a Wednesday...

Monday's Child is fair of face

Tuesday Child is full of grace

Wednesday's Child is full of woe

Thursday's Child has far to go

Friday's Child is loving and giving

Saturday's Child works hard for a living

But Sunday's Child is fair and wise

and good and gay

author unknown
Cos you are a lazy hazy BUMmer, I sought -- yes, this is the past tense of SEEK, knot SEEKED! -- from Goodle's:~~~


Sung by Matt Monro


Wednesday's child is a child of woe.

Wednesday's child cries alone, I know.
When you smiled, just for me you smiled,
For awhile I forgot I was Wednesday's child.

Friday's child wins at love, they say.
In your arms Friday was my day.
Now you're gone, well I should have known,
I am Wednesday's child, born to be alone.

Now you're gone, well I should have known,
I am Wednesday's child, born to be alone.

Wednesday's child, born to be alone

LINK to Matt Monro from whom I learnt/learn English DICTION-ary, and knot nery, for that means balang-balang like paper, pen and other things related to writing!:(

DESI's parting APpeal:
Can you make out a check for 20million to PBB: 438182....; hey in Rupiahs oso CUN! You wanna really bye over my Midnight Voices abode, write me at:, OK, will oblige with the MiSSing four-digits -- like the nurses, they awe wenmt AWOL for Raya break:)

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