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Thursday, August 02, 2012

I SALUTE the (UMNO) deputy higher education minister for his views on Rafizi's charge...

I have often lambasted BN ministers,, and used the term "goons" to describe especially UMNO Cabinet ministers, like I di in the previous post/s.

TODAY I must give credit where credit is due -- finally a deputy minister SAIFUDDIN ABDULLAH, showed that some UMNO leaders are indeed capable of having a critical mind, and more importantly, to speak up whe it matters.

Early this morning, I saw the frontpage of Malay Mail and invested RM1 for a print copy -- I was delighted to read the following on page 1. SECOND LEAD:

Public perception at stake
over Rafizi's charge


I arrived home about an hour ago, went to to routine pick the item via Cut&Paste for comment for this post. But after half an hour --even going back to Google search -- I could NOT find the online copy! WHICH IS VERY UNUSUAL AND SUSPICIOUS!
 I wrote an email to the editor asking the WHY? query BUT THERE WAS NO "send" operation key...Maybe Desi is a litttle blur...I will try to contact ASRUL the reporter LATER on the issue. At the back of my mind, I wonder if the newspaper DIT NOT WISH TO ENCOURAGE readers to visit this report!?

DESIDERATA: I went to after spying a link at rockyberu's and there was this item headed:

Whistleblower Act cannot save Rafizi.
Of course I "beg to differ" with the gist of that report -- I won't C&P for you lazy bummers hear, so go visit dare! I would go back there to pick up a comment countering the UMNO-related I.nternet semi-news-cum-blog aggregator.. Before that, I will now COPY OUT in longhand the Malay Mail's report (italicised and in RED) which lifted my heart this morn!:)

WHILE the law may side with theauthorities, public perception will be destroyed following the charging of
PKR strategic director Rafizi Raml and former Public Bank cleark Jhari Mohamad yesterday for violations to the Banking and Financiakl Institutions Act (BAFIA).

It will probably be the first casualty of the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA) 2010.

Although it protects those who give information to the authorities, the perception would be that if you "snitch", the government will come after you, said UMNO supreme council member Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah

"The charge will have a negative impact on national perception towards the government's anti-corruption efforts, Saifuddin, the deputy higher education minister told the Malay Mai.

"More importantly, I think this case is going to put the Whistleblower Act to closer scrutiny because the Act is supposed to protect whstlebowers in many areas, including from civil and criminal action especially against detrimental actions.

"I am not a lawyer but a politician and I am concerned with perception.

"I have been reading through social media and the preception is very simple -- the Act is not effective."

~~ To be cuntinued...

Okay, guys, thanks for being Ms, Mr or... Patience, also a Ms Virtuous surely! @10.24PM, Here's dat Comment I left at

I believe Rafizi Ramli had performed "national service" by exposing the NFC scandal -- taking personal risk which is done for the "national good". I also congratulate the ex-Public Bank employee Johari Mohamad for acting in the same spirit, and the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA) 2010 should have protected him, for he did not expose the "scandal" for personal benefit and again, for the "national good". By extension, Rafizi acting in concert with the channeler Jhari. should enjoy protection under the WPA too. They should NOT have been charged under the BAFIA. 

I too congratulate deputy higher education minister -- and Desi seldom praises UMNO leaders, but will give credit where credit is due! --SAIFUDDINABDULLAH as reported in the Malay Mail today frontpage sa saying that "The charge will have a negative impact on national perception towards the government's anti-corruption efforts." 

"More importantly, I thhink this case is going to put the WPA to closer scrutiny bevcause the Act is supposed to protect whsitleblowers in many areas, including from civil and criminal action especially against deteimental actions." (the minister was further quoted in theMalay Mail report)
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Amarit Sekhon said...

Your background is not good for reading purposses. It kind of puts off. Your contents are good.

desiderata said...

Thanks Amarit for taking time to give me this important feedback. I will contact a friend who helps with "trechnical" stuff to fix this prob. Cheers, YL

William Wang said...

I only have this question - will exposing someone in money laundering also violate BAFIA. No wonder Malaysia is a haven for such activity.

desiderata said...

Sdr WillW: I share thy view and Q: YES, if there are no Malaysians like Rafizi R and Johari M to stand uyp to take risks to play Whistleblower, how would the billion-$ scandals be exposed. Remember, there are international agencies reporting that ILLICIT OUTFLOWS from Malaysia are nearing RM1TRILLION! Yes, trillion, not billions as the last fiture was more than RM900billion, thanks to UMNO, and now they want to shoot the messengers!

desiderata said...

PS: To Sdr Amarit -- How do you like the new format? Thanks to thy prompt and heart work by a fellow BUMmer I ncik aweOFhelen!:):)

Yan said...

What a delight to see your new format, mGf! Thanks to Amarit Sekhon for pointing this out, and thanks desi for not shooting the messenger! LOL

desiderata said...

Ah, Yan MIA for a "long" dime -- you hydeing out in what corner now? Hope it's KNOT manchester in case you BUMp into RPK; OK if it's in London, Lee CW deserves a hug:) and Lin Dan, a flyaway kisS:( Hope awe is wellA in catsville! Desi is al1 in Te Mian Koner in Furong havig endlez rounds of tehTARI! On Sundaes, I hed ofr Hawaiii Stick House for Lamb or Lembu raised at Syarizat's hubby's condos!:) -- Desi,