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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pelitar to Foster the Malaysianness in Us

mGf Howsy, Hafiz hijacked a lift true blogger-style from Nat Tan and LiTsin to spend a look-see of a new haunt that the National Alliance of Bloggers has nestled in -- WoW! in Damansara Heights where all those who have arrived are still arriving.

This li'l Sunday merrinote is dedicated to Haris Ibrahim and his merry gangz working very heart to thread the Malaysianness in each and everyone of us Rakyat Malaysia. I am glad I made it to the simple do (deed), thanks to with a littkle help from my friend and fave palindrome. He and LT had to leave early, so Howsy and I had double helping of the succulent satay. Tehtarik ran out early, so the syrup iced tasted doubly sweet. I subtly asked the host if he would also gift the hungry guests from out-of-town roast lamb -- hey, Eli, make sure you attend next year's DO! -- the next time around; maybe charge the late comers RM10-20 each:)

Oh, a tour of "Blog House" -- located at prime spot that is numbered 66 Lorong Setiabestari 2, off Jalan Beringin, Damansara Heights -- impressed Howsy and Desi -- we "marked" out potential sites for us to squat over when we run out of lodger's funds down in B'g, B'd wolfish city. We hail from the ulu, you see.
For the rest, let me try my verse in English, much inspired by saiko JeffOoi's pantun-ing lusty night promoting the values espoused via Pelitar -- The Legacy and Inspiration of Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

It was a gala night
I met a 11-year old Aishah so bright
Her credo of being Malaysian is "... to have Chinese as best friends even though you are a Malay"
I spied at Screenshots and just hours later I saw the embodiment of the true Malaysian child
I pray we adults nurture such wisdom aMore
among the youths of the day
That's the Pelitar way, Aishah's way
So spirited in one not so meek and mild

Initiatior Haris reveres the founding Father of Independence
He made a presentation of what The Way Forward for Bangsa Malaysia should be
May we practise in word and deed the Tunku's legacy
Above race, colour, creed, gender and age
weways lending a helping hand to one another
That golden philosophy of Oneness to thread the potential nobility
Inherent in all of us,
IF, and only IF
We make a special effort to remain colour-blind
Find time to say hello to our neighbours amidst our daily grind
It matters not if they originate with Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan or Timbuktooian heritage
At the age of fifty, as a nation we have not yet struck a home-run
But still, we have made some headway, we can do it seriously, and yet have fun
Tunku's example of a life of simplicity, frolic amidst the heavy burden of government
Extolling the virtues of kindness and shared burdens
Mutual respect for our fellowmen
Thers is a challenging mission ahead of us all
We need to make a concerted effort for the simple reason
This is NEGARKU, the one and only Homeland for all of us Malaysians,
above race, colour, creed, or gender and age.

THe evening was preceded by a Panel discussion attended by 76 registered concerned Malaysians brainstorming on Bangsa Malaysia and Haris' proposed Initiative called PELITAR. Their efforts are to be applauded.

The gathering also recited the RUKUNEGARA.

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