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Thursday, August 30, 2007

MERDEKA: Eat, Drink and Be Merry?


On Friday (hey, that's tomorrow, I was slow in realising it!), Malaysians will be celebrating the 50th Independence Day; a day that will be graced with such meaningfulness of an ideal Malaysian person being a true and patriotic citizen. No doubts, the day will always be special as it marks a passage that the nation has been free from colonialism for 50 years since August 31, 1957.

Here lies an important question: How far have we progressed as a nation?

Not trying to be skeptical but there still are dilemmas surrounding the nation and its people. With globalisation, deregulation and liberalisation in a borderless world, everything must be handled with care as they are means to an end-not ends in themselves. Globalisation alongside new realities must bring better lives to all and not causing stunted growth within the people and nation.

Due to rapid growth and cultural changes, Malaysians are somehow still swimming in the dilemma sea-bed. Up surging technologies and accelerated means of communication, the youths today are facing deep social problems. Youths today are vastly different from those of yesteryears; a generation gap. It sounds oddly traditional but with on-going social problems, the future generation is not going to get better even if they are highly educated because of their attitudes.

True, without money, survival is hard. For example, some complaints about how internships are not paid lucratively but have it ever crossed their minds what is the definition of “internship” is all about? Being accepted into a company as an intern can be considered lucky enough as one is given the chance to prove their capabilities in applying what they have learned into the field rather than memorising dry facts of how something is supposed to work. Working as an intern is to gain experience to be on-the-job and academic credits, and at the same time, earning a little pocket money. It is a mistake to look at internships from the money perspective. After all, everyone is supposed to start from the bottom unless one is born with a silver spoon but how many of us are that fortunate?

Moral values are of the supreme importance during the olden days whenever it comes to the elders in this society and familial ties. Virtues and values such as benevolence, empathy, sympathy, sincerity, honour, et cetera were the vital traits and strengths when it comes to raising a child. They say, ‘charity begins from home’ and it is applicable when it deals with morality amongst the youths of today. If you have observed clearly, we have lost this quality whenever we observe the younglings because they no longer have respect for others and ignorance and social values have taken hostage over their systems. This simple dilemma can be witnessed within the vicinity of public transportations. Nowadays, not everyone is willing to give up their seats for senior citizens, people with handicaps or pregnant ladies. Either they look away, or pretend that a wall is shielding their views. It is a sad sight truthfully. Do they really care anyway?

Talk about responsibilities and responsibilities. Many teenagers today do not know what ‘responsibility’ is about. You may want to argue that it is only the minority that does not know their own responsibilities as a child, a student or a young adult but have you noticed that many school children are flocking around shopping malls doing absolutely nothing after school hours or during school hours? More than often, you can see students lingering around malls when you think they are supposed to be flipping text books in school but lo and behold, this is the common sight. Well, if they totally understand their responsibilities as students, they ought to know better than to linger around malls which in the end jeopardizes their studies. Somehow, the ‘tidak apa’ or ‘I don’t really care’ attitude is there and come to think of it, these are the youths that will be representing the nation in the coming future as leaders, politicians, economists, and so forth. What do you think will happen if our future Prime Minister adopted the ‘tidak apa’ attitude? The nation will definitely crumble without second thoughts.

The world is moving and people are constantly changing --- either for better or worst. Yes, being skeptical and allowing pessimism to rule over is not going to enhance or cure anything but … But, how can you not be cynical when you see all these happening right before and in front of your eyes? Of course everyone is hoping for an enhanced future, quality living and also to be a leading nation, which is not impossible except for the fact that certain dilemmas have to be eradicated. We can put a stop to eat, drink and be merry adage and start improving this nation to higher level than now.

It is time for all of us to start caring about the future and what may happen if actions are not taken to improve lives and discharge existing dilemmas because once a person starts to care, it will spread in no time. Also, with the strength that we find in optimistic people, new ideals can be established so to improve the nation and people’s perceptions about their country and mottos.

Differences can be made if everyone is willing to lend in their hands and participate in making Malaysia a better place for all because we are Malaysians (that is for sure) and one goal that we have in common is to see Malaysia grow with each passing year into a better future for her people.

I am not perfect and these are only my viewpoints but I strongly believe that we can make our country a better place. Impossible is definitely nothing when we have the faith and optimism to lead and to create a new environment.

With this I wish every one of you a Happy 50th Independence Day!

DESIDERATA: This Young&Articulate -- final-year undergrad at the Nottinghm Forest campus, do they teach them shooting Bows&Arrows? Robin Cook as teacher-cum-chef and Mad Marian running helter-skelter (like a Mad Hatteress? from out Alice Lost in Alex Springs...) joining in making-merry even with married men like Zorro and Desi -- was with johnlee's batch, along with SabrinaTan and ImranAhmad to name a few of some half-dozen Y&A who became the pioneers in Desi's "AFamous" G7 Blogger Meets. She pens the penultimate contribution for 2007's MERDEKA ESSAY SERIES, a famous/notorious tradition hear! Her cyber-home at flags off a mystifying title challenging you with a teaser proclaiming: Laments of a Broken-Hearted Silhouette... One thought immediately occurs with "strictly rational" minds like Desi's -- Can a silhoutte suffer something like aheart break or a nervous breakdown?

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imran said...

Hi Desi,

I've also done a write up on my thoughts for Merdeka. Please feel free to drop by.