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Saturday, May 19, 2018

NEW Malaysia after 5years we called NegaraKu MALUASIA!

Yes, MaluAsia translates as SHAME OF MALAYSIA, under the ruleof MO1 , Not my PM, Najib Razak for the past five years headed by UMNO controlling 14-component BARISAN NASIONAL,

Malaysians went t the POLLS on historic May 9 justb 10 days ago to dethrone an Umno chief acting like an EMPEROR thieving from 1Malaysia Development Berhad -- known world wide as 1MDB which was describe by the USA Departm,ent of Justice as the BIGGEST KLEPTOCRATIC case under investigation under its Kleptocracy Act, for alleged Corrupt and Money Laundering offences.

YL CHONG aka Desiderata had not update any Blog posts as I said UNTIL two goals have been achieved.
Acse 1 had been won by defeating MO1&Cronies  related to 1MDB thefts up to debts of RM42billion on last reporting about two monthhs ago.

Now we await the UNRAVELLING OF DONALD D TRUMP, my second goal, which I predict woud happen with his IMPEACHMENT so.on...YL Desi?ap Ap AP1


Jenna Catlin said...

Yes,Malaysia investigation under its Kleptocracy Act.
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ewoon said...

Bro, what's with Trump that you're so dismissive of him?

Given the crash and burn happening in most parts of the world, if you'd to pick one currently in office, who would you pick as your President?

I sent a message Dr M not too long ago, that he has far more in common with Trump than he realises and not be too critical of the man.

What the world needs now is a man/woman like Trump who can truly shifts the satanic paradigm to a more morally-driven one and Trump is the only one with balls to do it!

Until he fully gets Xi and Putin to co-operate with him, then and only then expect real peace on earth to happen. And i've never been more optimistic than at the time when US has Trump for President.

Take care and God bless.


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