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Monday, September 11, 2017

Apologies for long absence of blog writing from Desiderata

I on behalf of myself, YL Chong aka Desiderata, sincereely apologise for my recalcitrant blog writing -- the chief reason is that the TWO MAIN topics I foccus on -- waiting for the UNRAVELLING of 1MDB and MO1, AND US Prez Donald Trump, have NOT REACHED A PERFECT STORM stage,

2. I was gifted a smartfon by sum
nny Len on my bdae of 52 in September 2017, so played around with a new toy FACEBOOK. So dear ER/EsteemedReaders, if thou miss me and my writHings, please surf to "chong long, facebook, 1MDBMO1" should get you there or dare?! YL, Desi knottyaSsusual

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Jenna Catlin said...

I miss your all post and read more time.
meet and greet Gatwick