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Monday, May 08, 2017

An Important International POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT that is POSITIVE -- MACRON wins...

from mGf steadyaku's: to thos Malaysian writing from abroad, I have extended a meeting in Furong mamak stall at De Miang CONner where endles rounds of tehtari' will be served. Followed by karallalaOK at the iOK nearby:) BUMmer STEADYaku dua kali --You know where to find me, Desi...____

chong y l

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best news on international political developments ever after the disastrous TRUMPed up US is being destroyed by aMO1 who just doesn't get IT! May I borrow your post to update Desi's as I have been away from writHing for about 3months -- nothing exciting happening on 1MDB. I am still waiting for the day when MO1's backside is fooluexposed for the FELDA folks to enjoy the naked glory of a corrupting influn ce on NegaraKu like we have NEVV
ER seen b$! Cheers. my endless rounds of tehtarik still await buddy Serembanknight:)
+++My footprint left Down Under with luv after a long BF-cum-;lunch wit' a freidn of eight months BUT seems like eight years socialist inclined Golfer YIP -- he's a capoitalist slowly being turned over by Desi le!:)

Monday, 8 May 2017

Macron elected French President

Votes won · 98% reporting
Over 50% of votes are needed to win

France has decided...Macron will be France's new President. In all that has been commented upon by analysts, journalists and anyone of note....two phrases has been imprinted in my mind....two phrases that tells us all that the world is indeed changing and two phrases that tells us of the issues that concerns us all and issues that concerns the people of France :

  • Social Justice.
  • And above all hope...hope for a decent future.

And these are also the concern of all Malaysians as we wait to elect our own leader...a leader who will make social justice the cornerstone of their work if elected to government and a leader who will give us hope that the future will be better then the one we now have had under umno and najib. 

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