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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Start of the UNRAVELLING of the Arrogant aMO1's Administraion of USA!



About THREE WEEKS into office, he has to "fire" his NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER GEN. MICHAEL FLYNN -- of course, the White House would have us believe the Retired General "RESIGNED". Just a day earlier WH counsellor KELLYANNE CONWAY told a news organisation Gen Flynn still enjoyed the American aMO1's "FULL CONFIDENCE". Just an hour later, the WH Press Secretary SPICER more or less corrected her, saying that Flynn's status "is being evaluated".AND THE SAME NIGHT, there was the first explosion at the White House heard across the w.w.w. most clearly in RUSSIA, most closely by its chef Vladimir (check sperring pls!) PUTIN.

IF Conway has got any honour and dignity left as a PR person, she should just hand in her resignation -- DON'T WAIT TO BE FIRED, Miss "ALTERNATIVE FACTS" GAL! I will continue my current thoughts after a short digression, can?

A month ago, I had writ as below.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trump adopts antagonistic attitude with Media who ask HARD Qs

What a blardy disgrace for an American President-Elect taking office in 10days' time. He is the most ARROGANT b'tard leader I have seen in my short lifetime of 40years' media experience -- in print, online, diplomatic, now mainly 5th Estate as BUMmer-- and I wish the American media especially CNN, carry on your JOB IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER and thou would be fine, God bless, YL, Desi

PS: My prediction is within two years of taking taking office, there would be enough evidence of IMPEACHABLE offence/s against this fellow, and the world and USA would be better for it he is "fired" early!

CONTINUING my current thoughts:

I CopynPastry from googling THE TORONTO STAR, DAIEL DALE, interviewed by CNN this morning in the DON LEMON show. with the news channel a MUST SEE before I go for BF after watching ANDERSON COOPER 360degreees at 9am; OR just before I nap for the hpt. tropical afternoon:___:)

Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale named breakout media star for cataloguing Trump’s mistruths

Dubbed ‘the lie-tracker’ by Politico, the Toronto Star’s Washington bureau chief, Daniel Dale, has garnered attention for his daily fact checks of Donald Trump’s statements.

Daniel Dale said work covering former Toronto mayor Rob Ford's time in office helped prepare him for keeping tabs on Donald Trump's questionable claims.
Daniel Dale said work covering former Toronto mayor Rob Ford's time in office helped prepare him for keeping tabs on Donald Trump's questionable claims.  (TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO)  
The Toronto Star’s Washington correspondent Daniel Dale has been named in Politico’s list of breakout media stars of 2016.
“It’s cool to even have your existence acknowledged by Americans when you’re a Canadian correspondent in Washington,” Dale said. “There are so many good reporters. It’s good to know I was noticed even a little bit.”
Dale, who Politico, a politics website, dubbed “the Trump lie-tracker,” has become known for his daily fact checks of Donald Trump’s comments.
Dale said he decided to start fact-checking Trump on a mid-September day when the Republican presidential candidate was “hyper-outrageous and hyper-dishonest.”
Dale noticed that many of the inaccurate things Trump was saying weren’t making their way into news coverage, and rather “being treated as a sideshow.”
Dale started to track these statements.
“I think it’s important, because I think his dishonesty is a central fact about his campaign. It’s not secondary,” Dale said. “It is critically important that people understand that this is not normal and people understand that much of what he’s saying isn’t true.”
Before his coverage of the 2016 election, Dale covered Toronto’s city hall from 2010 to early 2015.
During that time he wrote about another political leader known for making questionable comments, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
Dale said his fact checking of Ford “prepared me and prepared the Star to do it again, to break it out again when we had a candidate that was similarly dishonest.”


sweetspirits said...

Oh you really don't like Trump ! I was only joking when I commented I like a man in a suit lol. I think the USA elections are like a reality series and similar to the Australian politics of past ,lots of over paid clowns in a circus that only desire glorification .

chong y l said...

Hi sweets,I takePOLITICSandpoliticians SEROUSLY,not a reality TV showCOS humanlives and anation's destiny are involved. May the ONE ABOVE protect us fromthe ROGUE pilticiansworldwide,MalSiaiuncluded! Amen