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Friday, February 17, 2017

D UNRAVELLING of the Arrogant aMO1's Administraion of USA! PART 0+1

CONSIDER today's post as a XONTINUATION of the post dated

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Start of the UNRAVELLING of the Arrogant aMO1's Administraion of USA!

I pity the American people -- for almost four weeks now thay have been waking up to UNCERTAINTY and BEWILDERMENT -- they better pray hard/heART this state of affairs precipitated by "an unhealthy mind gone wilde" STOP SO.ON! Of that guy I monikered as aMO1 will make AMERICA ONCE GREAT a part of the GREAT MADHOUSE of the DisUnited States of America. And the northern neighbour CANADA will see a sea of migrants entering from South of the Border.

This morning I scrolled from CNN to BBC to AlJazeera to CGTN, then dwelt at BBC, made myself  comfy wit' potato chips and hot Milo from 5.02am for a solid hour -- yes, I've been waking up earlysince January 20  if I did not catch the late BREAKING NEWS up till past midnight on the Dumpty Trumpety Hump...I deem it undignified to mention the aMO1's name because he holds everyone outside his family wit' DISDAIN, especially members of the 4th Estate, and since I have been a 4thEstater for some four -- seilol!--decades, I deem this bast..d's insults a;lso hurled at Desi, though his main target is CNN.

The 5.00am (Msian time OK!) programme is from BBC "OUTSIDE SOURCE" helmed by ROS ATKINS -- the focus was on an hour-an-half long Press Conference called at short notice byaMO1, beginning wit' a LONG MONOLGOUE chasting who slse CNN among othe media and their FAKE NEWS. To me, this guy has been from day1 of his more than a year-long presidentrial campaign SHOOTING TRHE MESSENGER. He'd praise you like mad if your brought aMO1 GOoD news or badder still, praise him sky high so his smiles lingered on for  more than a w'ile/mile. The one-hour segment also featured SOME INTERESTING FACT CHECKS as well thoroughly done by that journalist of TORONTO STAR, Daniel Dale in my precedent post of the same "subject". Please show Desi some courtesy by knot asking me who this "subject" is. I learnt a thing or2 about beartibng aout that White House bush!:) or :(

I recommend you go to Google log in search words "BBC Outside Source Trump PC", if thou findeth it educational, buy Desi lunch today OK! Otherwise, go be a couch potato and watch CNN -- surely they will re-run key highlights from this PC. 

At the same programme OS also mentioned about Facebook carrying its Founder MARK ZUKERBURG's MANIFESTO -- on many viewers mind is this Q -- is mark preparing for that Presidenial race in2020? Cos aMO1 already has lined up the EARLIEST American Campaign start to that second term contest with a Campaign 2020 organised RALLY soon. But Desi thinks he won't even last the next three years plus -- I predict he will face IMPEACHMENT once his TAXC RETURNS are publicised, or the RUSSIAN CONNECTIONS implicated in Michael Fkllynn's early retirement as Natiional Security Advise in less than ONE MONTH!

May I seek my ER(for Esteemeed Readers for late commers here/hear...)'s permit to adjourn for socialist breakfast for my mind works badder on a full tummy. Satu nasi lemak, dua karipapa dan TEHTARIK's here I come.

NOT SO QUICK - meanwhile, do some homework by GOOGLING: "CNN TONIGHIT Don Lemon McCain dysfunctional WH, he blames it on LEAKS, New Yorker"; " also "tony thomas Chaos at WH no one in charge mike gerson" I believe its was on Anerson Coper's 360degrees 9am programme...

if you have to ask Desi what WH is, please get the here out of hell! LOL! I'm jest pulling thy lovely legs, if you are fe-mail. If thou art male macho, I minta maaf OK, I'd buy ye endlez rounds of TT! -- YL, Desi

To be continued, IF I SURVIVE my BF; InsyaAhLah!....

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