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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Keeping the Rage" on 1MDB: PART 28

Desi proudly declared his support by attending the Bersih protest on BERSIH chief Maria Chin's arrest, and I believe the nationwide protests did help in forcing the authorities to "free" her YESTERDAY (when all our troubles seen'd so far away, I used to sing wit' some Karaoke kakis in Butterfly Varrey, Furong...)after 10 days in jail, mostly under solitary confinement. Most of us supporters even in her absence organised Vigils from town to town, and Desi contributed a small share by his presence and a li'l poster and a li'l speech (see previous post...},

I focused on the daylight robbery occurring the past few years of some RM40 to 50billion (TO DATE, and still RISING!...)  from 1Malaysia Development Berhad, and we all know who's the One who should be held Reesposible and Accountable, don't we? That's WHY Desi says "MO1 Bukan PM Saya! MO1 is NOT my.PrimeMinister". Note my. can stand for MAlaysia, YES!

From the ever-reliable Sarawak Report cometh this update:~~~~

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