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Friday, November 18, 2016


I was dining at Lobak, Furong, when the Manadrin news reported the arrests of Maria Chin Abdullah, chair of BERSIH2.0 who is leading a BERSIH5 RALLY in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow from 10AM-6PM. Desi has planned to attend, but it's a case of "The Spirit Is Willing, But The Body Is Weak". so I tell my dinner pardner Sdr Oz.Lee leaving soon for Australia very soon -- it's now like his second home, lucky HIM!

So I hastened to the I.Cafe soonest possible and plucked up the following from


BERSIH Chairman Maria Chin Arrested On Eve of Bersih 5 Rally

PETALING JAYA 18 NOVEMBER 2016. Pengerusi Bersih 2. 0,  Maria Chin ditahan polis sebentar tadi selepas menyerbu dan memeriksa pejabat BERSIH di Petaling Jaya hari ini. NSTP/ GHAZALI KORI
Police have arrested Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah and Bersih activist Mandeep Singh at the movement’s office in Petaling Jaya today. City police chief Datuk Amar Singh confirmed the arrest. However, he offered no details on when the duo were arrested. Earlier this afternoon, a raiding team from the KL police raided the Bersih office. It was learnt that the raid was carried out under Section 124(C) of the Penal Code for committing activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy. It was also learnt that after scouring the office for about two hours, the raiding team confiscated 10 laptops, payroll and bank statements.
PETALING JAYA 18 NOVEMBER 2016. Pengerusi Bersih 2. 0,  Maria Chin ditahan polis sebentar tadi selepas menyerbu dan memeriksa pejabat BERSIH di Petaling Jaya hari ini. NSTP/ GHAZALI KORI
PETALING JAYA 18 NOVEMBER 2016. Pengerusi Bersih 2. 0, Maria Chin ditahan polis sebentar tadi selepas menyerbu dan memeriksa pejabat BERSIH di Petaling Jaya hari ini. NSTP/ GHAZALI KORI


To Desi, it has been all along well knownby Malaysians at large the NGO collective fighting for "Clean and Fair Elections" has been planning for the Nov 19, 2016 Rally for several months now. I have attended every single rally from Bersih1 to Bersih4, and it was mostly PEACEFUL ecxept few a few skirmishes, and to my mind, mainly insrtigated by APs (Agents Provocateur) paid likely by the Party-With-theMoolah who want to continue its Kleptocracy ways.



Monday, 31 October 2016

Khairy and Red Shirts Jamal want Bersih 5 rally to be called off

Umno Youth chief Khairi (left) and red shirt leader Jamal.
Umno Youth chief Khairi (left) and red shirt leader Jamal.
SABAK BERNAM: Red Shirts leader Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin want the planned Bersih 5 rally at Dataran Merdeka on Nov 19 to be called off.

Jamal warned that his members would “retaliate” against Bersih if they werekurang ajar (rude) while Khairy wanted the roads leading to the venue to be closed off.
Jamal said the Red Shirts would gather on that day or wherever the Bersih members did.
Kami berikrar dan menentang mereka habis-habisan. Kami tidak akan teragak-agak untuk melakukan apa saja, walaupun sanggup bermandikan darah. (We swear to fight them to the end. We are prepared to do anything, even shedding blood),” he was quoted as saying during a press conference at the Sungai Besar Umno hall here yesterday.
Earlier, he launched the Red Shirts NGO gathering for the Sungai Besar parliamentary constituency in conjunction with the Bersih 5 gathering.
Jamal said his group would respect the law if Bersih did so as well.
“If they gather properly in a stadium, we will too.
“But if they kurang ajar, we will be 10 times better than them. We will step on them,” he said, and claimed that 300,000 Red Shirts members were expected at the rally.
“Bersih is an illegal group and we are curious as to where they get their funding all these years,” he said.
“It is clear that Bersih is politically motivated and all their agenda is nothing more than to topple the Barisan Nasional government that was democratically elected,” he added.
At a separate event, Khairy asked the authorities to shut down the roads leading to Dataran Merdeka to thwart Bersih protesters from reaching the square.
A Malay daily quoted him as saying that the move would prevent untoward incidents from taking place.
He said during the Bersih 3 rally in April 2012, violence occurred when police cars were overturned and shops broken into.
“The police can also take other necessary measures,” Khairy said at a press conference in Hulu Terengganu on Saturday.
He argued that the Red Shirts emerged as a reaction to Bersih 5 and that if there were no Bersih 5, the Red Shirts would not hold demonstrations.
“The Red Shirts only want to show that they are against Bersih. If Bersih did not do anything, for sure the Red Shirts would not do anything either, so the onus is on Bersih.
“The best way is to not allow the Bersih 5 gathering to take place,” he was reported as saying.
Khairy said action would be taken against any Umno Youth member who took part in Bersih as the group opposed Umno and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
DESIDERATA: My take all along is that the two parties reported in the Star report. HIGHLIGHTED in RED THUS, first few paras by Desi, show all along that the UMNO Youth and RedShirts leaders are working HAND-In-Glove to threaten the potential BERSIH5 Rally. "STOP the Rally. or we will retaliate! -- that's basically what Khairy Jamaludin and his RedShirts sidekick Jamal are saying.
My Q to these two: WHO ART THOU to tell us malaysians when, how and where we should peacefully assemble?
WHY. I then ask, HAS THE IGP NOT DONE THEIR DUTY? WHY DID the igp allow Khairy and his RedShirts cronies "usurp" the power and duty of the Royal Malaysian Police Force?
I urge fellow malaysians not to be cowed by these i.dots. support maria chin's BERSIH5 Rally tomorrow. I will be there is spirit with thee! "Jia You. Tambah Minyak. Add Oil!", translated simpley: GEAR UP. ENERGISE YOURSELF, STEP UP THY EFFORTS, and from Desi's, GODBLESS! YL, Desi
PS: Graphic BELW borrowed from Steadyaku's. thanks. i owe ye endless rounds of tehtari at De Maing CONner. OK!:~~~~

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