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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Keeping the Rage" on 1MDB: PART 17

The MO1 is RUNNING, also RUNNING SCARED are all the RATS on 1MDB boat, fast sinking. But the trouble is that NOT just MO1 is sinking, he's INTENT ON BRINGING DOWN THE 'OLE MALAYSIAN SHIP OVER THE ABYSS.

A goOd - I spell this word thus because THERE IS GOD in every goOd PERSON -  in my vocab MO1 doesn't qualify. He's just the OPPOSITE; his wife too, plus EVIL! --like the many MURDERS along her wicked trail to vanity and de facto PMship.The latest alerts from mGf Lam'MM include these shorts, referenced the Malaysian Chronicle, so I googled the source, leading inevitably to "ERROR 404", which means the site is BARRED. Which shows the BN Gomen is RUNNING&SCARED that the TRUTH BE KNOWN to all Malaysians. The BN want their followers to remain in the DARK AGES, like that 48% of the electorate in GE13 who voted them back into power at Putrajaya, acting in cahoots with the Elections Commission, and the mostly "compliant MSM". "Mostly" because luckily we still have the LIKES of CITIZEN NADESWARAN and a few dedicated newsdogs who dare venture where angels fear to tread!

Here's some news headlines from Malaysian Chronicle via Newskini,com, which explain WHY the Gomen doesn't want us to know the current scandal newsbreaks on 1MDB because as I have written in my earlier series of articles, THE UNRAVELLING OF 1MDB WILL LEAD TO THE UNRAVELLING OF UMNO PRESIDENT-CUM-PM NAJIB TUN RAZAK. So try, my dear ER< to track down the ORIGINAL, as KFC\s Col Sanders says, "It's finger-licking/leaking goOd!"

So "enjoy" this wit' my offer of endless rounds of tehtarik if thou ketch up with Desi at the socialist De Miang CONner!-- YL

U.s. doors slam on Najib: hillary clinton delivers first slap - .. - 22/08 12:59 am
Leonardo DiCaprio has backed out of a pricey fundraiser lunch for Hillary Clinton that the actor had been scheduled to host at his Los Angeles

19 hrs ago

Shock complicity with dr m: Najib blogger calls ku li the 'biggest liar' .. - 22/08 12:59 am
The Third Force It seems that the full impact of what I wrote last Thursday has begun to sink in. Yesterday, PKR deputy chief Dato’
19 hrs ago

Rosmah may insist but would Najib be so stupid? riza aziz back in kl via a .. - 22/08 12:59 am
Riza Aziz Kini Di Malaysia, Pulang Guna Pasport Diplomatik Berikut di atas penyebaran daripada Zaharin Yasin, UMNO Bandar Tun Razak. Dia… Share By suarakami steadyaku47
19 hrs ago

Caught on video: you're a thief - Muhyiddin tells Najib - you stole our .. - 22/08 12:59 am
Apa tak rugi? MAS pun rugi, Perwaja pun rugi, jadi 1MDB rugi biasalah. Tak sama tuan2 .... Yang itu rugi perniagaan, yang ini rugi wang***********************************************

But thanks to the Internet, you cannot hide the TRUTH, Mr MO1, because other countries practise Press Freedom, regardless...YL, Desi,PS, At last count by Desi, at least ELEVEN FOREIGN COUNTRIES' jurisdictions, besides the USA, are investigating 1MDB, related mostly to MONEY LAUNDERING  and CORRUTOON OFFENCES.  So From

Leonardo DiCaprio Bows Out of Hillary Clinton Fundraiser


Leonardo DiCaprio has backed out of a pricey fundraiser lunch for Hillary Clinton that the actor had been scheduled to host at his Los Angeles home this week. Pop star Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel will instead host the event at their home.

The Oscar-winning Revenant actor was forced to bow out of the $33,400 per-plate event because he is “stuck in New York until Wednesday” finishing a current project, a source close to the event told People on Saturday.
But the timing of DiCaprio’s cancellation comes as the actor’s environmental-focused charitable organization, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, was linked to a $3 billion Malaysian embezzlement scheme in news reports last week. The foundation — which focuses on climate change initiatives and hosts a glitzy annual party for hundreds of A-list celebrities and dignitaries — is alleged to have received donations tied to money misappropriated from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund that had been earmarked for development in the country.
Clinton campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin told the Hollywood Reporter that the implication that DiCaprio bowed out due to his foundation’s alleged connection to the Malaysian embezzlement scandal is “completely false.”
“If we could have had the event at his home, we would have loved to,” he told THR. “He was gracious enough to find us a new host. We hope to do something with him in the future.”
DiCaprio is not currently filming any projects as an actor. The 41-year-old Oscar-winner is producing climate change documentary The Turning Point, set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9.
The “Conversation with Hillary” event will continue as scheduled Tuesday afternoon at Timberlake’s home. Event co-hosts are said to include Jennifer Aniston, Tobey Maguire, Shonda Rhimes, ICM chief Chris Silbermann and Justin Bieber manager Scooter Braun.
While in Los Angeles, Clinton is also set to attend a dinner fundraiser at the Beverly Hills home of billionaire entertainment mogul and Democratic Party mega-donor Haim Saban.
The guest list for the August 22 event reportedly includes Disney CEO Bob Iger, outgoing DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg, L.A. Olympics bid chief Casey Wasserman and MarketShare CEO Jon Vein.

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