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Friday, May 22, 2015

Why I say Malaysia Is Moving Towards the Abyss... IV

MAY I seek thy indulgence by quoting the INTRO from my first part of this  ESSAY SERIES, viz:

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Why I say Malaysia Is Moving Towards the Abyss...

The Impending Unravelling of IMDB could lead towards the UNRAVELLING OF NAJIB RAZAK, described by many quarters as the "weakest PM" Negaraku ever had, including by none-other-than Dr Mahathir Mohamad -- love or hate hime PM who ruled Malaysia for 22 years, no joke! As a journalist-blogger for past 10 years, Desi takes Mahathir seriously, at least he quotes Shakespeare occasionally! Mahathir's nemesis now in-jail-on-trumped-up-sodomy-charges second time around, Sdr Anwar Ibrahim -- also quotes Shakespeare often enough, more than the good doctor around the Putajaya house!

Now the Opposition Leader once oppressed by Mahathir, continues to be persecuted by the current UMNO regime, but Anwar's salvation may come from a surprising quarter -- from the infighting within UMNO. The almigthy Vitamin M may save Najib from the EGM called by his "bodeking" division heads/supporters for tomorrow, but the looming national crisis brought on by the falling world oil prices, (and casuing Petronas to report its first loss of some RM8billion in the closing quarter of 2014), and the concurrent dwindling ringgit excahnge rate, is now compunded further by the UNRAVELLING OF THRE FIVE-YEAR OLD 1MALAYSIA DEVELOPMENT BERHAD.

PLease also NOTE that this FOURTH PART  OF"Why I say Malaysia Is Moving Towards the Abyss... IV" WILL serve as the CONCLUSION OF THE SERIES AND IS still a piece in progress ok!. later, IF THERE is a need to re-open the case, DESi will start a CHapter 2, cun?!  -- Digressing another byte,  like I would like TO RE-OPEN the ALTantuya and DS ANwar IBRAhim's SOdomy2 cases -- BUT THAT WILL BE ANOTHER LONG STORY FOR LATER! -- AND we as responsible CITIZENS WILL Have to rise up to MAKE IT HAPPEN, K!

IN this blog started some 10 years ago, DEsi has writ a few times that MALAYSIA HAS BECOME A LAUGHING STOCK IN THE WORLD. WEll, a few EXTRACTS (Will do so later, cun?) of news headlines/partial reports would confirm this world status for NegaraKu, proud eh? 

From THE STAR, 1st example now, others will follow, Patience, eh!:

Published: Sunday May 17, 2015 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Sunday May 17, 2015 MYT 6:46:48 AM

‘BR1M was Bank Negara idea’

Home sweet home: Najib chatting with the owner of one of the newly launched Melana Indah flats, Hassan Mohammed @ Hashim, 49. Sitting on his lap is two-year-old Mohamed Waiz Hafiy Shawal. Looking on are (from left) Abdul Rahman and Mohamed Khaled.
Home sweet home: Najib chatting with the owner of one of the newly launched Melana Indah flats, Hassan Mohammed @ Hashim, 49. Sitting on his lap is two-year-old Mohamed Waiz Hafiy Shawal. Looking on are (from left) Abdul Rahman and Mohamed Khaled.
JOHOR BARU: The 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) was suggested by Bank Negara and is aimed at helping those from the lower income group who make up about 40% of Malaysians, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
Dispelling talk from naysayers that the handout had made Malaysians lazy, he said BR1M was meant to help the recipients cope with the rising cost of living.
He said BR1M was neither politically motivated nor a form of vote-buying.

DESI: THIS clueless PRIME MINISTER THINKS THE BANK NEGARA GOVERNOR IS HIS BOSS! Najib now sees the tide of criticms of those against HIs pet project BR1M Is OVERWHELMING, AND POor ZETI is being scape-goated. THIS has become clueless NAJIB's habit, disowning any programmes failing in the RAKYAT's eyes, BUT STEPPING UP TO CLAIM credit for any "Successful" people's projects! TYPICAL OF COWARDS WHO DON'T KNOW THE MEANING OF responsibility! 


From The Star,EXAmple2:

Published: Sunday May 17, 2015 MYT 4:47:00 PM
Updated: Sunday May 17, 2015 MYT 4:55:01 PM

Pandikar: 'I never told Dr M I had quit'

KOTA KINABALU: Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia (pic) has denied telling Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad he had quit the Dewan Rakyat Speaker's position.
Pandikar said he only related his frustrations regarding certain Dewan Rakyat sittings to the former Prime Minister, where petty issues often took centre stage while more important matters were ignored.
"I never said I wanted to resign," said Pandikar.
However, he acknowledged that he had met Dr Mahathir about the country's political situation.


>>>>THEN .......2dies later, EXample3 from The Star!!!!

Published: Wednesday May 20, 2015 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday May 20, 2015 MYT 9:01:17 AM

Pandikar: Yes, I wanted to quit

KUALA LUMPUR: Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia wanted to resign as Dewan Rakyat Speaker due to his frustrations over how the parliamentary institution was being treated and not because of the old furniture in his office.
However, he decided against it after Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak promised to address his grouses.
In a press conference at Parliament House yesterday, Pandikar Amin said Najib immediately granted his request for a new Parliamentary Chief Secretary,
“The Prime Minister picked up the phone and spoke to the Chief Secretary to the Government to appoint a new Parliamentary Chief Secretary,” he added,
However, he said he would still resign if the changes were not made by the end of the 13th parliamentary term in December.
Pandikar Amin pc
Matter of policy: Pandikar revealing the reasons behind his resignation letter which Najib rejected.
“The Prime Minister did not accept my letter of resignation when I met him on March 19, let alone read it. He asked me for my reasons and I told him,” he added.
Earlier, it was reported that Pandikar Amin was advised to resign after he ­confided in Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on March 13.
“I did not lie about planning to resign having brought a letter to the Prime Minister.
“I wanted to resign over policy ­matters, not about furniture.

DESI: DID I Mention that UMNO HAS made MALAysia  the LAughing STock KApital of the World? MAlaysia BULLih! >>>> SEI loh, the LAffingStocks at the KOALa LUMpuh STock XXChang ini special section untuk UMNO_OH-NO kaki/goons/bodekers sahaja TAK boleh tahan lagi sebab VOLume shot through both the EXChange and PARliament roofs -- leaking, remember? YOU MAlaysians MUDAH LUPA KE? INI CAKap TUN DR MAhathir, bukan DESi OK!! 

ONE or two more examples to come,
DESi betul-betul laughed so much, sudah Leteehh sangat, mahu pergi AFTERNOON NAP, BOLeh tak?
CHOW>>> Which can mean....zzzzzzz......


NOW, more current developments, FROM the SUN cometh TWO RElated EXAmples, 4(a) and 4(B).

4(a) print edition is headed
'IT was a mistake, says second finance minister', 
but from the ONLine editions, as follows:~~~
(I could only quote its different heading, the full CUt&PAStry failed:(
Mistake tocall assets 'cash'

4(b) I Won't waste thy/my precious time CUTnPASTRY, only the header, OK!
"Yes, I told PM to sack 1MDB board'

LUCKILY, The Star filed similar stories, MOST CURRENT! so here goes:~~~


Published: Friday May 22, 2015 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Friday May 22, 2015 MYT 8:51:21 AM

Muhyiddin: 1MDB board must be sacked and probed by cops

PETALING JAYA: Just two weeks after blasting 1MDB, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has demanded that its entire board be sacked.
“I told the Prime Minister to sack the board of 1MDB. Throw them away! They are the ones who burdened the Prime Minister with this,” he was quoted as saying in a video recorded at a closed-door session.
In the leaked video of the speech in Janda Baik last week, the Deputy Prime Minister lashed out at 1MDB’s huge debts.
“What do you do? Throw it away! This CEO – throw away! And... ask the police to investigate.
“If the company were mine and I woke up to reports of such an extraordinary event, with the CEO making an issue by borrowing up to RM10bil, and every month I have to pay interest of RM100mil to RM200mil… I never thought any company could have such a burden, but it is happening in Malaysia,” Muhyiddin told the packed hall. (DESI's emphasis)

Among those at the meeting were Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob and Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan.
Approached by reporters in Parliament yesterday, Muhyiddin confirmed his remarks.
“Yes, I told the Prime Minister to sack the 1MDB board. There’s nothing new about what I said. I have mentioned it openly before,” he added.
Asked if Najib had responded to his calls, Muhyiddin shrugged and grinned.
After last week’s Umno supreme council meeting Najib, the adviser of IMDB, had asked for more time to resolve the controversy and said the council backed him.
Muhyiddin said the closed-door event, which was organised by Umno’s training bureau, aimed to provide members with a better understanding of the 1MDB issue.
In the video, Muhyiddin said he had asked Najib how the issue should be solved as the people needed to be shown that the Government was transparent and viewed the 1MDB scandal seriously.
He said his words were not intended to put down the party president, “show off” or show that he hated the leadership.
“But... this is a real problem. How did a Government-owned company become saddled with liabilities of RM42bil in such a short time?
“Take action so the people can see that the Government leadership is responsible. If not, this is a burden that will drag us down.
“We have to take action. We cannot have the ‘never mind, give it some time’ attitude” he said.
He also dismissed rumours of a plot by him, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz and former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin to topple the leadership.
Fitnah (lies). Don’t trust what you see on social media,” he added.
Former law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim backed Muhyiddin’s call to sack the 1MDB board.
“Congratulations Muhyiddin for speaking out,” he tweeted.
But he also wondered if the demand was realistic. “Did Najib appoint them (1MDB board members) or was it someone else?” he asked.

EXAMPle THe STAr 4(B):~~~ 

Published: Friday May 22, 2015 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Friday May 22, 2015 MYT 8:06:44 AM

Husni: It’s just a short-term cash flow problem

KUALA LUMPUR: 1Malaysia Deve­lopment Bhd (1MDB) is just experiencing a “short-term” cash flow problem and can repay its debts.
“We will settle it. In terms of asset quality, they have the assets to pay. It is only a short-term cash flow problem,” Finance Minister II Datuk Seri Husni Hanadzlah said.
He gave an assurance that the Government would find a solution to the problems of the debt-laden government investment arm.
Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby, he said 1MDB might have misinterpreted the form of the US$1.103bil (RM3.97bil) redemption of investment that was moved to BSI Bank (Singapore) Ltd.
“There’s a mistake. They (1MDB) had the impression that there was cash when they redeemed the funds. Actually, that is a saving,” he said.
Husni was explaining the ministry’s contradictory replies to DAP lawmaker Tony Pua, who had asked if 1MDB still had cash in the Singapore branch of the bank.
In January, the Finance Ministry said 1MDB had deposited the RM3.97bil it redeemed from its offshore account in the Cayman Islands into BSI Bank, with the amount being held in US dollars.
This was confirmed in a written reply to Pua in the Dewan Rakyat on March 10.
However, the Government said on Tuesday that the funds were not in the form of cash but assets.
Husni did not elaborate on the form of assets the company had, but stressed that the savings were in the form of “units”.
“Units, just units,” he said, refusing to explain the nature of said units.
He added that the units were backed by sovereign wealth funds and the Government hoped to repatriate those funds as soon as possible.
Husni also said he was in the midst of completing a report on 1MDB’s restructuring plan, which would be submitted to the Cabinet next week.
“We have had discussions (with 1MDB) and its position is very clear. We have our plans there and they are very concrete,” he said.

DESI: SO from the SEXamples above -- aren't they sexy? -- the UMNO CABINET members are all caught telling outright LIES OR HALF-TRUTHS, right up to the top man called NAJIB Tun Razak. These goons have LOST ALL CREDIBILITY, SO EVEN WHen they tell the truth some of the times, the RAKYAT WON"T BELIEVE YOU,  DUMBO+UMNO,HEAR!?

FROM the last report above, I highlighted these two lines in RED colour so Husni can follow:

Husni did not elaborate on the form of assets the company had, but stressed that the savings were in the form of “units”.
“Units, just units,” he said, refusing to explain the nature of said units.

DESI'S THINKING ALOUD/ALLOWED STILL! What's this new devil called "UNITS", MR Husni?


SO NAJib is heading the ship comprising all unthinking goons for miniSTERS as CREW heading on the downward spiral taking all of us (UNFORTUNATE AND UNWILLING VICTIMS) to the bottom of the sea. O' Lord, I WONDER WHO CAN SAVE US?


IT's a sad case of NAJIB acting as HUmpty DUmpty sitting on the wall (Or at the ship's control centre), NAJIB TUN RAZAK HAD A FALL, and ALL THE OBEDIENT, SYCOPHANTIC PRESIDENT'S MEN CAN'T PUT HUMPTY DUMPTY TOGETHER BACK AGAIN!

Mistake to call assets 'cash'

- See more at: from C&P FRom the dailies, I now do so from my earlier PARTS, CUN?

Mistake to call assets 'cash'

KUALA LUMPUR: Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad today said the RM3.91 billion redeemed from 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s (1MDB) Cayman Islands account had been mistakenly described as “cash”.
“It was a mistake. 1MDB had said that they redeemed the money and kept it in BSI Bank (Singapore) Ltd. Actually, it was assets and not cash,” he told reporters at Parliament lobby.
He was responding to contradicting written replies by the ministry in the Dewan Rakyat to DAP MP Tony Pua, who had asked if 1MDB still had the cash in the Singapore bank.
On March 10, 1MDB said in a written reply to Pua that the funds were held in the Singapore bank in the form of cash, but on May 19, the government said the funds were not in the form of cash, but assets.
Ahmad Husni said Putrajaya is in the process of repatriating all its assets currently being kept in the bank to Malaysia as soon as possible.
On reports that 1MDB is in danger of defaulting on its RM42 billion debt, Ahmad Husni said it is the government’s aim not to allow this happen.
“We do not want it to default. If there is a default, it will cause a systemic effect and we do not want this (to happen),” he said.
He said the problem was only a cash-flow one and that it would be settled soon.
"We have had discussions with 1MDB and its position is clear. We have our plans and there is no cause for worry,” he said.
- See more at:


NOW, Recalling a key section from PART III Attributed to the Scribe's write at

Could Rizal be the lone wolf of the PMO?
 The question now is, why, out of the blue, Encik Rizal became the Prime Minister’s gallant Don Quixote? Why not or where are the Prime Minister’s many press secretaries, media advisers and communications consultants? Where are the National Communication Team (NCT) and the Mat Salleh-led media think tank?
Why didn’t they come to the Prime Minister’s defence? I am sure they are better trained and better known to the public than Encik Rizal. Naturally they are in a better position to argue with us and convince the public. Also that’s what they are paid for.
Doing a caricature of me and calling me names will not help Mohd Najib. I am not the Prime Minister and not gunning for his job. In any case, like Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra famously said, “bukan saya mintak duit pak depa!”
Or, as the case of their recent response to the foreign media have shown, they are not any better? Telling the New York Times that Mohd Najib was wealthy because of his family legacy is not exactly a clever or truthful thing to say.
Except for one or two, I know all the Prime Minister’s media handlers personally. Some were my co-workers at the NSTP Group and Bernama. They were then bright and capable men and women.
Or have they come to admit that the task of defending the Prime Minister and promoting him as a “transformer” has become so monumentally impossible that even their collective brilliance and intellectual prowess are of no help so they keep quiet?
Out of respect for them and for the memories of the good old days, I shall not name names. I know that they know what the rakyat out there are saying. I wonder if they now dare to introduce themselves as officers of the PM.

IT'S DESI'S emphasis on that para in blue (thus) in the above by enlarging and bolding the print size, now followed by some points earlier headed "Behind The Emergence of Rizal Mansor":


Behind The Emergence of Rizal Mansor

In the meantime, defending the PM appears to be getting harder. That could be the underlying reason why lately defending him, his administration and his family is left in the hands of an unfamiliar face like Encik Rizal Mansor.
And I am told even his most respected and professional media promoter has resorted to writing articles on 1MDB under pseudonym while others have resorted to personal attacks on his critics.
Their targets have widened to include the Deputy Prime Minister, (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin, and other Umno leaders who are seen as no longer supporting the PM. 

DESIDERATA: FINALLY, in conclusion, I think most Malaysians including Desi, (plus NAJIb's media people TOO, IF YOU FOLLOW THE SCRIBE KADIR JASIN'S ARGUMENT...)  have REACHED THE POINT AS LONG AGO AS LAST YEAR 2014 THAT WE ALL HAVE LOST FAITH THAT NAJIB CAN perform as a credible and able prime minister, he must therefore, as urged on BY EX-PM TUN Dr Mahathir Mohamad, resign as PM  PRONTO!


PS: Finally, at long last deep breath-in, Desi announces the END OF THIS four-parter ESSAY SERIES. THANKS, TERima KASih for being a patient reader! YL,  Desi, knottyaSSusual

PPS: at 6.36A.M.MAY 23, I did some EDITING OF this blogpost (YESTerday, DESi's in a rush, minta maaf K!:).

ALSO,  to do right by my ER, I did wonder aloud: WHO CAN SAVE US FROM THIS TERRIBLE STATE OF AFFAIRS? 

NO, my dear friends,  THE ANSWER IS NOT BLOWIN' IN THE WIND>>>>>

 I did write, quoting from PART III "...(3) The person who can CHANGE the direction of Malaysian politics,and arrest Malaysia's economic downwards spiral, is the cruel victim of the UMNO Regime, now languishing at Sungei BUloh prison, again  And yet the Rakyat did not rise up in revolt to bring down Putrajaya (AKAN DATANG< mayhaps? HOPE runneth perrenial in this writHer's hati...). For the THIRD TIME DS ANwar IBrahim is put behind bars on the most cruellest of wayward ways -- hey, DSAI and DEsi are Shakespearean fans, so we can use some poetic licence eh? -- on the most spurious of reasons -- EVEN THE BAR COUNCIL HAD DESCRIBED ANWAR IBRAHIM'S SODOMY 2 CASE AS POLITICAL PERSECUTION, Not Criminal Prosecution.


CHOW! Now DESi's adjourning for a hearty BF so I CAn write aMOre! KAmbing?

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