My Anthem

Sunday, May 31, 2015

End-MAY poem dedicated to all the MAYS I know...

I celebrate the poetic month of MAY each year
with tehtarik, cowboys&gals and song,
NO,  knot the TRaditional WIne, WOmen and SOng
NON-DESI like elements do, did and will do

Me, no ditto


MAY each day bring thee good health and lovin'
MAY every happy moment be treasured like forever
MAY every lament be transitory and short
LIKE and if possible, LOVE Ev'ry MAY
that crosses thy path, enriching both, like MAY and I

MAY Ye remember fondly the sentiments of THE First of MAY
That fragrant first kiss in the half moonlight
AND you whisper sweet nothings in his/her ears
That stir the hot blood coursing theough thy young veins
RAISING the body temperature by a few degrees
Wit' some of you lucky ones, you touched heavenly Ecstasy

MAY day not, when two bodies entwined as one
O" LORD, MAY This date at night never end
BUT that is asking too much
For too much of Ecstasy kills they brain cells, don't you know
SO Desi says, use thy GOD-gifted mind
BE kind to him/her, BE KIND to the MAYs you love

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