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Friday, March 13, 2015

Lament for NegaraKu, Desi converses with a matey

I like interacting with a devout Buddhist friend of mind who supports my writHes. Besides keeping my intellectual faculties alive and kicking, Sdr W sometimes shares perspectives on issues facing Malaysia from a perspective different from mine, and I thank him for his sharing because only someone who cares for my beliefs whould want to do that, FOR OUR MUTUAL BENEFITS.

His lament in verse

When I say Malaysia is edging towards the abyss
W also nods ghis head mopst times
I then ask: What more can we in the Oppoisition and Blogging communities do
To reverse the direction? --

Please dear ER, go back to my recent posts to understand  this scribe's reference to our nation's woes
and how the UMNO leaders are taking us towards the edge of the cliff to a point of no return; do some homework OK!

The Wise One would reply in Mandarin (for he cometh from a Chinese school background) :

"Lang Tian Gern Ta Men Shuan!" : LET THE HEAVENS ABOVE DEAL WITH THEM (DAMNED) ONES (Desi's translation...)

Desi would then lament
Hey, I can't wait that long for Divine Intervention
(that's what essentially what W meant with his Chinese saying:)

We humans are too impatient with the slow motion some CHANGES cometh
However hard/heART we pray...

But what more can I do?
i AM SAD. i AM MAD...
I told the patientone, Sdr W

"Don't be sad, don't get mad. You just continue to write lah!" was W's cool response
W'ile offering me endless rounds of tehtarik at the Miang Corner in Furong...)

REPRISING also another poem, cun?:)

Dreams Are Made of These...

fRiends who abide with Thee always
in high and low tides
through thick and thin -- especially through your nightmare woements
cherishing tender  times as One
dispersing the aches of a fall
we are All in One and One for More...

you made Desi's counting of fRiends on my two hands' fingers waver
from a lo of 3 to a hi of se7en, my Lucky Number

Thou art One who stays forever
He/she inspires this little poem
'Tho we have sometimes not kept in touch
But words don't do justice enough
to the genuine feelings we both know
that beat Constantly
in o u r heARTs
in waking hours
in less conscious moments
in slumber nice or knot...
we remember
we will never drop the "R"
inour  f R i e n d ship

that's what we have destined ourselves
when we stay in our precious isle


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