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Monday, September 29, 2014

Najib is the Emperor Who Wore New/Nude/No (pick one!) Clothes at the U.N.

From my fave news portal online, The MI:

Walk the talk, social media users tell Najib over his UN speech

Barely hours after Datuk Seri Najib Razak condemned the Islamic State militants (Isis) and religious extremism at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, social media users were quick to remind the prime minister to practise what he preached at home.
Twitter user Nash, using the handle @nash_71, did not mince his words when he posted: "@NajibRazak such a pity your words and deeds dont (sic) match where it matters most... at HOME... Malaysia... cld hv (could have) been known a great statesman."
Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen also hit out at the PM's remarks at the UN assembly, by tweeting: "@NajibRazak says the right thing at UN but fails miserably back in Msia – Umno, Isma, Perkasa, Utusan, Jakim, Jais extremism for all to see."
He further posted: "At UN @NajibRazak calls for peace & moderation but no such consideration in Msia – everything is dealt with by the Sedition Act."
This prompted a response from a follower, Peoples Power, using the handle @peoplespowerr, who posted: "He is jaguh dunia BUT not jaguh kampung."
Another Twitter user, Hafiz Noor Shams, using the handle @__earth, appeared to issue a reminder to the PM's earlier presumed admiration for the terror group: "Najib at the UN: WE'RE ANTI ISIS. Najib in an UMNO pow-wow: We should emulate ISIS's courage."
Najib had in June at a dinner to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Cheras Umno branch, called on party members to emulate the exploits of the group, which was then known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil), as its members were able to defeat an Iraqi force despite being outnumbered.
Many criticised him and questioned him for voicing his support for a militant group.
However, the prime minister's office later claimed that his words had been taken out of context and, instead, said that the militants' actions ran counter to the Islamic faith and culture and humanity.
Human rights lawyer Latheefa Koya also took to Twitter today to say: "Najib urges global community to defeat violent extremism & religious intolerance – hello? ada kenal Isma & perkasa?  (heard of Isma and Perkasa?)", in reference to the two Muslim and Malay rights groups in Malaysia.
Former BN de facto law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim also tweeted using the handle @zaidibrahim: "PM snazzy dresser; spoke well about dangerous ideas permeating Islamic world in New York. When back home will he repeat them in Pekan?"
Najib had earlier told the UN General Assembly that Isis militants had destroyed lives and communities and destabilised fragile nations and threatened regional security.
“We reject this so-called Islamic State. We reject this state defined by extremism. And we condemn the violence being committed in the name of Islam.
“We know that the threat to world peace and security is not Islam, but extremism: intolerant, violent and militant extremism. The actions of these militants are beyond conscience and belief. They violate the teachings of Islam, the example set by the Prophet Muhammad, and the principles of Islamic law.”
Najib also said in his speech that there were key things that the world must do to defeat violent extremism and religious intolerance in Iraq and Syria.
“First, security and statehood must be returned to the people of Syria and Iraq.
“Secondly, we must pursue a different kind of politics... We must break the cycle where one group gains power only to wield it against the other... So we should commit to more inclusive politics." – September 27, 2014.

DESIDERATA: When some people become Chameleons overseas, it's time they stay in the zoo...overseas! Helps promote international toursim. Maybe Home Minister Zahid Hamidi should gather the heads of Izma and  Perkasa to head the Moderates Movement in BullehLand?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dreams Are Made of These...

fRiends who abide with Thee always
in high and low tides
through thick and thin -- especially through your nightmare woements
cherishing tender  times as One
dispersing the aches of a fall
we are All in One and One for More...

you made Desi's counting of fRiends on my two hands' fingers waver
from a lo of 3 to a hi of se7en, my Lucky Number

Thou art One who stays forever
He/she inspires this little poem
'Tho we have sometimes not kept in touch
But words don't do justice enough
to the genuine feelings we both know
that beat Constantly
in o u r heARTs
in waking hours
in less conscious moments
in slumber nice or knot...
we remember
we will never drop the "R"
inour  f R i e n d ship

that's what we have destined ourselves
when we stay in our precious isle


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Need Not Say to AZMIN ALI:"Et tu, Brute!" Because...

He was allowed to accept the Selangor Sultan's decision to be appointed the new Menteri Besar as PKR leaders held an emergency meeting last night, and led by President Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's gracious heart, they made a "compromise" decision to accept Azmin Ali's appointment as the new Menteri Besar of Selangor (which had taken place from 10.10AM today in a short swearing-in ceremony).

When I wrote my piece yesterday, I had presumed that the PKR council of leaders would "stick to their guns" in their earlier decision from the beginning in endorsing sole nominee of their chief, Kajang assemblyperson (ADUN), fondly called "Kak Wan", as MB to replace Khalid Ibrahim.

So Azmin Ali, Bukit Antarabangsa ADUN, is NOT GUILTY of doing a Brutus on PKR de facto leader DS Anwar Ibrahim and the party as REALPOLITIK proved again true the axiom "Politics Is the Art of the Possible"... Had the party not thrown Azmin the safety line at the emergency meeting, Azmin would have stood accused of doing a "Brutus" number -- and Desi would have reluctantly said to Azmin: "et tu, Brute!"

Backgrounding a byte, for those less versed in history/Skaespearean plays, Julius Caesar on the Ides of March eon years ago was delivered the "most unkindest cut of all" when his best friend Brutus plunged the dagger into the emperor-to-be's chest, and Caesar collapsed in front of the Capitol (where a swearing-in of his Kingship was to take place)...

In the testing times of the past 15 years, Anwar had been stabbed many times by "minor Brutuses" --  Ezam Mohd Noor, Nalakaruppan,  Zaid Ibrahim, Jeffrey Kitinggan, RPK, et al, ad nauseum -- luckily, for now, Azmin Ali did not join the black list.

PERSONALLY speaking, Desi is more than a litte disappointed by this turn of event. I thought the PKR leaders -- with declared support in the form of statutory declarations of 30 ADUNs in the 56-seat assembly --would stick to their steadfast decision to have only Dr Wan Azizah as the new MB. However, this is just a temporary setback for Wan Azizah and her colleagues in PKR. Some party in collusion with UMNO and Khalid, had won this round in gaining "an inch" -- I pray they won't be allowed to get greedy to go for that "yard", then the "mile"!

I guess the reality of Malaysian/Selangor politics played a fateful hand in granting Azmin  the golden glove. 

But Azmin might have forfeited even a bigger prize, the glitter of a Prime Minister's diamond glove, that lies in Putrajaya. So this latest development could be a blessing in disguise. When I was serving as News Editor at an online portal that saw the birth of the Reformasi movement in 1998 triggered by Anwar's sacking as DPM/Finance Minister by Dr Mahathir MOhamad, I had written that an individual like Dr Wan Azizah is probably destined to become the first woamn Prime Minister of Malaysia. So there lies the biggest challenge for Pakatan Rakyat to make this a reality should Anwar be sent to "you know where" by the UMNO-nised and bastardisedcourt system. This must be the focused goal for PKR and DAP --removing BN/UMNO from Putrajaya --  with or without PAS on board!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tomorrow is D-DAY, I don't wish to say to AZMIN ALI:"Et tu, Brute!"

Desi has generally held his peace for the past few days, even weeks, on the Selangor Menteri Besar issue because I am an interested party as in "vested" because I am a PKR member for almost 10 years now, and PKR and PAS have been at odds since PKR sacked the incumbent MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

After Khalid's sacking from PKR, he had no more locus standi holding on to the MB's position, but somehow fates decided he continue in the long transition. Following 30 ADUNs' signed declarations for Kajang ADUN cum PKR chief Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as replacement MB, by right she should automatrically be sworn in as that 30 votes of confidence is a SIMPLE MAJORITY in the 56-member State Assembly. (But curious the cowardly blogger known as RPK hiding our in Manchester, UK, stated from his superiorior position of Mr Knows All that 30 out of 56 is NOT a majority; my retort is: Hey 30 to 26 is a majority of 4 votes, or my English is knot as high as yours, royal blogger? (Dear ER, minta maaf, I digress! )

As the Sultan knocked back PKR and DAP's sole nominee Wan Azizah, there is a prolonged crisis, and with a new dawn less than 24 from now, Desi says his piece, cun?

I have concluded there are just TWO DIRECTIONS tomorrow's event will be headed:-- I based my TWO PREDICTIONS on a two-paragraph report on Page 10 in the New Sunday Times of Sept 21, 2014, viz:

Khalid mum
on plans

(Para 3) Selangor Pas commissioner Iskandar
Abdul Samad yestewrday denied he had met
the Sultan of Selangor on the MB position this week.

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali confirmed
that he had met the sultan.



That Azmin is offered the MB's position, then he is in a dilemma BECAUSE his party PKR has
reiterated several times, variously by PKR de facto chief DS Awar Ibrahim and party SG Saifuddin Nasution, they are STICKING TO THIS DECISION OF NOMINATING ONLY WAN AZIZAH AS THE NEW MB. In this case, Azmin must stand by his public annoucement he supports Wan Azizah as the new MB. (DIRESSING2, Azmin to his credit, according to  Hadi Awang's press conference,  Azmin also had turned down an offer to become the MB by PAS President Hadi Awang in a "Unity Government" to be formed by Pas (now with 15minus 2 ADUNs) with UMNO (which has 12 ADUNs) and 13plus12plus Khalid make 26.)

So to be consistent and NOT TO DO AN "Et Tu, Brute" on his party, especially to DS Anwar with whom he left UMNO some 14 to 15 years ago, YES, I SALUTE YOUR LOYALTY!), Azmin has to decline to the Sultan's offer to become the new MB. Azmin will be labelled "derhaka" by all the UMNO goons, but it's NOT treason if one is loyal to the party! Better to hold on to one's principles and look at the longer term. If Azmin were to be sworn in  tomorrow as MB, PKR would sack him for going against the party's unanimous decision to only back Wan Azizah, and the big price to pay will be: Azmin's caeeer as a politician will be finished from then on! So D-DAY FOR THE ADUN from Bukit Anatarabangsa, and I believe he will look beyond just becoming a state's CEO as taking over Putrajaya is the PR's bigger obejective, and Azmin (Hey, you are also a Member of Parliament!) is potentially of Prime Minister's material, IMHO.


If in the first instance that Iskandar Samad, Pas Selangor Commissioner, is offered the MB's post by the Sultan, he would not be disobeying anyone as he has been directed by his party President Hadi Awang (NOT agreed to by deputy Mat Sabu whom I salute for consistently demostrating the PR solidarity!). But as I said, PAS with UMNO and Khalid won't form a majority as they total 26 out of 56! so the longest term he can serve is UNTIL NOVEMBER when the Selangor StateAsembly is scheduled to meet next. At this meeting if it ever takes place, PKR and DAP will table a VOTE OF NO-CONFIDENCE in Iskandar Samas, and there he meets his Waterloo. I won't term Iskandar as the basd guy, it's HADI AWANG (capable of calling PR comrades  BARUA! wow, ulama leaders indeed.) who committed treachery against his PR comrades in PKR and DAP , and even colleagues from his own party. majority of the Central Committee members who support Mat Sabu, Desi understands from PAS sources).

MAY UMNO AND HADI AWANG AND THEIR ILKS live in interesting times!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Todie Desi maketh Exception: Attacking PAS Prez for Insulting PKR Prez!

I normally am very patient with PR leaders attacking each other if they keep withing certain limits. But I was UPSET reading this morning's NST report when PAS president Hadi Wang added INSULT TO INJURY by saying that PKR-cum-DAP's sole nominee as MB Selangor Datuk Ser Wan Azizah Wan Ismail "IS NOT FIT" to be the replcement Menteri Besar to Khalid Ibrahim!

The NST report follows:

Hadi: Wan Azizah is not fit to be MB

KUALA TERENGGANU: Pas has objected to the nomination of PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail for the Selangor menteri besar post, citing her questionable leadership qualities.

In an apparent move likely to further drive a wedge between the Islamic party and its opposition partners, Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang yesterday said as the richest state in the country, Selangor needed a strong and capable administrator to run a tight ship. Hadi denied that the party’s stand was gender- biased.

Nevertheless, he did not spell out the qualities required for one to hold the top executive’s office in Selangor.

“There is a series of criteria needed for one to be eligible as a leader.
“For example, among the skills (Dr Wan Azizah) must possess is the ability to face (detractors) and answer hard questions in Parliament and the state assembly.

“If you can’t hold your own in a debate with opposition members in the (Selangor) state assembly, how can you lead (in a vastly larger role)?” Hadi said in Marang here, when asked by a Pas member during a dialogue as to why the party would not accept Dr Wan Azizah as the menteri besar.
The dialogue was held for party members to seek clarification on current political issues prior to Pas’ muktamar next week.
On Wednesday, Hadi created a furore after his office sent a new list of three potential office-bearers to replace Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor menteri besar. Hadi had declined to reveal the names.
The names were not revealed, but it was confirmed by party secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali that the names of two PKR and one Pas assemblymen have been submitted as candidates.
Previously, on Aug 17, Pas had named Dr Wan Azizah and her deputy, Azmin Ali, as the party’s preferred candidates, after Khalid was sacked from PKR last month. Pas also had pledged that it would not put forth one of its own for the post.
The sultan of Selangor had decreed that each of the opposition coalition parties should at least provide three names for the post. PKR and DAP, however, remained adamant to only fielding Dr Wan Azizah.
To a question by another member on the party’s decision to submit three names to the Selangor palace instead of one, Hadi said the party was merely adhering to the sultan’s decree.
“If we push on to submit just one (name) to the palace, then people will label us as tak reti bahasa (unable to understand simple instructions).
“At the same time, how will the sultan be able to deliberate (his choice) if there is only one name?
“It is up to the others (DAP and PKR) to determine the contents of their (respective) list, but I am certain that Pas members will prefer to have leaders who understand the request made by the sultan,” said Hadi.

DESIDERATA: For Hadi Awang's and others like him from Pakatan Rakyat component party PAS, I would like to remind them that for a Malaysian like "Kak Wan" to have withstood all the trials and tribulations from 1988 onwards when her husband DS Anwar Ibrahim was sacked as UMNO deputy president and concurrently as DPM and Finance Minister, I thnik Wan Azizah is more than qualified to serve as the chief executive of the richest state of Malaysia. While the Significant Other served time -- more than six years -- in Sungai Buloh on charges trumped by UMNO, Kak Wan rpose to the occasion by serving as PKR President first as Permatang Pauh MP, and just months ago, stepped up to the plate as Styate Assemblywoman of Kajang (when again UMNO played FOUL by bringing forward the Sodomy 2 case at the appeals court to bar Anwar in contesting the Kajang by-election).

Just one simple background fact: Wan Azizah graduated in Medicine at a UK University on her merit, specialising in Opthalmoplogy, a course in the Sciences normally pursued by top students at Upper Secondary level. How many of the present bunch of Najib's Cabinet members graduated in Science or Mathematics fields to be able to display an IQ level on par with Wan Azizah, my main Sole Question to Hadi and his ilk... Ah, Malay studies from MU or Islamic Studies from Al Azhar university in Egypt?

As for other criteria I place high on my list like Integrity, Transparency and Accountabilty, HOW MANY UMNO or PAS leaders can claim to have achieved a cleaner record than Wan Azizah in the past 15 years since 1999?

I hope PR leaders like Mat Sabu (deputy PAS deputy) will lead a revolt against leaders like Hadi who don't show SOLIDARITY as partners of PAKATAN RAKYAT. People's Power in the March 8, 2008  General Elections marked a breakout in their aspirations for a TWO-PARTY/COALITION SYSTEM in NegaraKu. I hope the PR parties -- everyone of the DAP, PKR and PAS leaders and elected representatives -- will honour the PEOPLE'S MANDATE renewed in the May 2013 13th General Elections in their trust in PR's March To Putrajaya remove BN/UMNO from the federal seat of government! A United PR will Prevail over the "Dark Forces" represented by UMNO and their ilk.I pray: "Hopefully Hadi is the first and last "Dark Force" convert from PR/PAS! Amen". YL, Desi

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

OMINOUS clouds for academics who speak their mind-Dr Azmi Sharom is latest casualty

AND do you now NOT KNOW  "WHY" NegaraKu is suffering a brain-drain. The powers-that-be only wants the 'meek and mild" and bodekers among their university ships --not those who use their critical mind.

TEAser Q. Which country wants the great thinkers like Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, show your hands please?

******************** The DISQUIETING NEWS follows:~~~~~~~~


UM law professor latest caught in Putrajaya’s sedition dragnet

University of Malaya (UM) law lecturer Assoc Prof Dr Azmi Sharom will be charged under Section 4(1)(b) of the Sedition Act 1948 at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court tomorrow, for a remark he made in an article on news portal Malay Mail Online. — Picture by Siow Feng SawKUALA LUMPUR, Sept 1 ― University of Malaya (UM) law lecturer Assoc Prof Dr Azmi Sharom will face a sedition charge tomorrow for his comments on the 2009 Perak crisis, making him the latest individual to be hauled up in Putrajaya’s ongoing clampdown on dissenters
According to Dang Wangi police, Azmi will be charged under Section 4(1)(b) of the Sedition Act 1948 at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court tomorrow, for a remark he made in an article on news portal Malay Mail Online.
Section 4(1)(b) states that “uttering any seditious words” is an offence punishable with a fine not exceeding RM5,000 for a first time offence, or imprisonment not exceeding five years for subsequent offences.
It is not known which part of the article had landed Azmi in the soup but Malay Mail Online understands that the law professor was previously under probe for his quotes in the article titled, “Take Perak crisis route for speedy end to Selangor impasse, Pakatan told”, which was published on August 14.
In it, Azmi had cautioned Pakatan Rakyat (PR) against taking any action outside the Selangor state assembly to resolve the ongoing impasse over the state mentri besar’s post, and insisted the lawmakers wait until next sitting to indicate their lack of confidence.
Last week, PKR’s newly-elected vice-president Rafizi Ramli claimed trial to “defaming” and “provoking” Umno members by accusing them of conspiring to instigate religious strife in February.
Earlier last week, DAP’s Seri Delima representative RSN Rayer was charged with sedition, believed to be over his “Umno Celaka” remarks uttered inside the Penang state assembly.
PAS’s Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad was charged last week under the colonial-era law over his alleged remarks on reducing the Selangor Islamic religious council’s (Mais) powers.
PKR’s Padang Serai MP N. Surendran was also recently charged with sedition for allegedly criticising the Court of Appeal’s ruling that reversed Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s acquittal in his second sodomy trial, while DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok was similarly charged earlier this year over a video clip.

DESIDERATA: UMNO has two interpretations of the law, one favourable one for themselves and their lackeys, and another oppressive one for the Opposition, whether political. academic or civil society activist...UMNO is using the courts to cut down the number of Wakil Rakyat from PKR, DAP and PAS when they have no confidence to face the next polls, GE14 due in 3 to 4years.

Let's see first what the relevant minsiter related to this topic of examination -- TOP of my list of questions for the one who should answer is:  WHY no action has been taken against his compatriots who have uttered more seditious statements accompanied by equally provocative actions, including Perkasa and Isma leaders, Mr Home Minister? -- is up to:


Non-Malays getting arrogant, says Ahmad Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR: Malays are paying the price for being kind to non-Malays, said Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
He said non-Malays are getting increasingly arrogant and are insulting the bumiputras, the royalty and Islam.
"We allowed them to be indebted to us without needing them to pay it back; they are now insulting Islam and the Malays under the pretence of democracy, freedom of speech, and globalisation," he said when launching the Umno Segambut divisional meeting today.
He attributed this to the perception that foreign cultural norms are inherently better than Malaysia's, and urged non-Malays to respect the bumiputras.
Ahmad Zahid, who is home minister, also urged Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail to expedite high-profile sedition cases to protect the government's credibility and stave off accusations of selective prosecution.
He was responding to Umno Segambut division chief Kamaruddin Ambok's allegation that Malays are being selectively prosecuted while those who insulted Malays, royalty and Islam are escaping quick punishment.
For example, Kamaruddin said, the road rage incident involving Siti Fairrah Ashykin Kamaruddin, otherwise known as Kiki, saw her sentenced in court within eight days of the act while Seputeh MP Teresa Kok is still free.
He was referring to Kok's political satire video "Onederful Malaysia", which was posted on the internet during this year's Chinese New Year celebrations. Kok is facing a sedition charge over the video.
Kamaruddin cited many other cases where non-Malays posted inflammatory comments on the social media and said this is a sign that non-bumiputras in the country are getting increasingly "biadap" and "kurang ajar".
He said this is because the Malay community is divided and weak, and there are now even Malays joining DAP, a multi-racial but majority Chinese opposition party.

DESIDERATA: Minister Zahid, the non-Malays are getting more arrogant, NOT THE UMNO, Perkasa and Isma goons? REALLY?

You were the one soon appointed the minister of Home affairs who told us citiznes something to this effect (paraphrasing here): If you don't like the electoral system in Malaysia, #move (pindah); translated to mean, #YOU CHINESE, go back to mainland China, YOU INDIANS, go back to India. To me that's bordering on "incitement' to create public disorder, NO?


Postscript: In case the honourable is among the Malaysians yang "mudah lupa" as former PM Dr Mahamd Mohamad would put it, let me remind him:


I use the Bar Council to elucidate my point, Mr Zahid, can?

Again, from the


Bar Council slams Zahid Hamidi

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 11, 2014): The Bar Council is unhappy with the authorities for dragging their feet in acting against the perpetrators of the "chicken blood smearing" and "reward to slap" controversies.
Its president, Christopher Leong, said that delaying enforcement may seem to be "encouraging" such incidents.
He described the actions by a group of Muslim NGOs as being a clear "incitement" and "a threat to public order".
"The demonstration by the NGOs, slaughtering chickens and smearing the blood on the pictures of certain leaders and the implicit or explicit reference to May 13, is an incitement and a threat to public order.
"It is wholly irresponsible on the authorities not to take immediate action when there are valid images of the incident," he told a press conference at the Bar Council here today.
The fact that the authorities were dragging their feet on the matter contributed to the unease that was currently prevailing in the society and may even be seen to be encouraging such incitement, he said.
Leong also criticised Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for his statement brushing off the cash reward offered to anyone who could slap Seputeh MP Teresa Kok by saying that it was "not a threat". Ahmad Zahid had said that it was only a real threat if they issued a "death threat".
Leong said the nation's leaders were supposed to resolve tensions that prevail. "Leaders should not by their action or inaction contribute to such tensions," he added.
On Thursday, a group of protestors calling themselves the Council of Muslim NGOs, caused an uproar here when they slaughtered two chickens and offered a RM1,200 reward to anyone who dared to slap Kok as a sign of anger towards opposition leaders for allegedly insulting the Malay leadership and Islam.

PPS: I am no lawyer, but I rest my case ... as the Bar Council serves this scribe pretty well in rebuattal!:)


Monday, September 01, 2014

Scribe with BIG MOUTH Playing Doctor...

This rebuttal should have been writ two days ago, but it's a case of the spirit is willing, butt  badan Desi is weak.

First, let me reproduce the art. by one whose writing woulkd entail the average reader to have a dictionary by his/her side.  Let me quickly define some of the hard words even a veteran newsdog like Desi would be staggered to guess their real meanings, what more trying to comprehend the writer's INTENDED PURPOSE using the words.

TODAY Desi ain't gonna waste time and energy doing a full REBUTTAL to Azmi's latest "bodekism" for his political masters -- you know who right? Desi ain't telling 'cos that would be insulting my esteemedreaders' intelligence! -- disguised as creative journalism. I had done a few in the recent past in you are interested, surf to:

March 21, 2014: 

APRIL 4, 2014:

What I would do is to highlight some points as a scribe who is bloth a blogger and journalist and to be fair, I repeat here the umpteenth time, a card-carrying member of PKR Seremban divion for about 10 years now.

FIRST, from

Anwar digs himself into another sinking feeling

By Azmi Anshar - 30 August 2014 @ 8:08 AM
DATUK Seri Anwar Ibrahim might be anxiously fretting that the ground beneath his feet is sinking again, only that the déjà vu the opposition leader and unelected PKR supremo is experiencing is no paranoia.
The ground is indeed falling as fast as the Rawang sinkholes when swallets horrendously appeared, sometimes caving inside living rooms or kitchen floors of horrified villagers.
Anwar could empathise with the Rawang sinkholes, given the metaphoric holes he excavated for himself since he went rogue on Sept 3, 1998.
Don’t remind or mention the month of September to Anwar: appalling stuff happened, either those subjected to him or those he subjected people to in his outlandish bid to claw out of the chasm he burrowed to make himself relevant.
Here are sordid samples why September commemorates a nightmare for Anwar:
SEPT 2, 1998: His dishonourable sacking as deputy prime minister in the day and expulsion from Umno later that night. Why he was sacked on both counts can be turn into a 10-part political TV melodrama, ramifications that forced a generational schism for 16 years;
SEPT 20, 1998: His first police arrest after arousing illegal street demonstrations to vent anger against his sacking. Anwar was charged with corruption for interfering with police investigations that included forcing a complainant to recant her story that he gambolled in sexual misconduct;
SEPT 16, 2008: He bragged one hoary claim after another that enough Barisan Nasional members of parliament were defecting to the opposition to topple the BN government in what is now a dud, a “wag-the-dog” histrionics to mask his arrest for a second sodomy charge that year.
The Sept 16 complot is a historic hoot: it failed then, it will fail now, just when Anwar possesses better numbers to play around with, which proves that after six years, it is another dreadful tune in his notorious hit parade.
Now here comes another nightmarish September moment for Anwar: Sept 3.
This one looms on Wednesday, the deadline decreed by the sultan of Selangor to PKR, DAP and Pas to nominate three names each to replace, as menteri besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, still defying gravity after his questionable sacking as PKR member that underhandedly cast him as a pariah by axis hardliners.
Certainly, it wasn’t intended that when the bigheaded PKR geniuses who engineered the Kajang Move to boorishly replace Khalid with Anwar, the crunch would arrive damningly on a September day.
Still, it’s creepy that major Anwar gambits get foiled in the 11th hour: his Kajang by-election candidature scratched after the prosecution won their appeal to overturn his Sodomy II acquittal and before that, the sacking, the Sept 16 damp squib and the GE13 defeat that presented probably his last shot at the premiership despite boasting a tweet on polling day that he had won.
Now, the sinkhole is set to reappear, again tantalisingly at the 11th hour this Wednesday when Pas makes or breaks the axis’ alliance by navigating itself into a Catch-22 situation.
If Pas presents three nominees as decreed by the sultan of Selangor, the Islamist party shreds the so-called axis consensus of fielding only Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the sole nominee.
If Pas embraces the axis’ single nominee, it licks back its own spittle, forced to endorse Dr Wan Azizah’s nomination but worse, disobeying the Selangor ruler’s decree, a no-no for Pas because of its loyalty to His Highness.
However, reading into Pas’ simmering resentment against its PKR and DAP allies, it appears wilfully ready to break ranks for three reasons:
PAS balks at the nepotistic nature of Dr Wan Azizah’s nomination, “remote controlled” by Anwar, as one report goes;
PAS is sick and tired of years of being undermined in major policies, especially those that affect its Islamic precepts; and
PAS fears that the collaborative years were analogous to having ditched its akidah, the Islamic article of faith, which warns of divine retribution in the afterlife.
If Pas resorts to the three-nominee decree, Anwar is as good as finished in Selangor, realising too well that the sultan of Selangor, who has refused to even consider Dr Wan Azizah, will appoint the third (or fourth) nominee that is not named after his wife or his bolshie loyalist, Azmin Ali.
Even if the situation warrants a snap state election (which everyone seems to dread) where the axis retains power, the same obstinate scenario will replay where Anwar won’t relent while the sultan acts within his constitutional supremacy.
The delicious poser is, will Anwar go ballistic against the sultan of Selangor by unleashing his retaliatory arsenal of street demonstrations, social media assaults and other protests of insolence that reprises his vengeance against various Federal Government leaders in the past 16 years?

DESIDERATA: I have done a few REBUTTALS to Azmi Anshar's articles mainly attacking PKR defacto chief DS Anwar Ibrahim in which the scribe used words or phrases which a medical doctor or even a psychiatrict would hesitate to use! Maybe Azmi holds a string of medical qualifications which he is too modest to display?

Now in the latest diatribe against DSAI, I would quote some samples of this NST newsdog playing doctor again using words and phrases or lines with mental attributes that are shuffed down readers' throats (mine at least, yes, my mind...)

I randomly select from the Internet reference dictionary I use, from the cited article above for some relevant definitions:~~~~~~~~~~~

1. swallets horrendously

2.  metaphoric holes

3.  metaphoric holes

4. ...defying gravity after his questionable sacking as PKR member that underhandedly cast him as a pariah by axis hardliners...

5. bigheaded PKR geniuses.......boorishly replace Khalid with Anwar

6. bolshie loyalist


I'm taking a tea -break now OK? Meet Desi at De Miang Conner -- I buy the tt endless rounds, you bring the kambing! See you ER again later when both my badan and spirit are willing, INsyaAllah!

PS: BACK FROM OVERNIGHT TEA-DINNER-BF BREAK the day after, I decided I would not do the dirty job for Azmi to seek the meanings of the cited examples Cos it's an exercise in futility as some writers believe like UMNO politicians, they have one law for themselves, another law for the Opposition. See my next post...

MUST READ TODAY: Of constitution and conventions by PHILIP KOH

Desi usually buys the NST because I need to see what is the latest propaganda spewed out by the People's Public Enemy Number One in Media (Media) so that this scribe can counter the eveil one, IMHO OK! If you beg to disagree, hey, stop here/hear and get the here out of hell!
Today when I woke up late after watching a midnight show to lift my down spirits brought on by Mderdeka 57th anni -- I told my friends "I don't feel it" when they wished me ap Merdeka -- I headed for my news vendor, and the NST was sold out. It was a blessing in disguise for this thick in pages English second choice dail gave me one "bonus" article well worth the RM1.20 --The art of page 22 VIEWS. I hope the PA to the Selangor Sultan -- very much in the news lately by dint of Khalid Ibrahim's effors --will bring it to the HRH's attention before Wednesday.
Let's share this rumination:~~~~ YL, Desi


Of constitution and conventions

The Ruler must be allowed to make his judgment quietly, independently and in a dignified manner, as intended by the Constitution.

ONE of public law’s most interesting questions is that of the distinction between law and conventions.
Of late the issue has arisen in our country as to the role of conventions in a constitutional democracy.
In the aftermath of Sabah’s 1985 elections, the Yang Di-Pertua (YDP) swore in a minority leader, Tun Mustapha Harun, at 5.30am.
Later in the day, Datuk (now Tan Sri) Joseph Pairin Kitingan was sworn in.
Tun Mustapha made claim that an appointed Chief Minister cannot be dismissed by the YDP and so he should be declared the rightful Chief Minister.
The contestation as to whether the Sabah Constitution is clear in laying down the norms and the criteria in which a Head of State may exercise his discretion was vigorously pursued.
Article 6 of the State Constitution provides that the Head of State shall appoint as Chief Minister a member of the Legislative Assembly who in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of a majority of the members of the assembly. There is also provision for the appointment of six nominated members.
The ambiguity which was exploited by the political actors representing Mustapha was that the YDP is entitled to take into consideration the nominated members in reckoning whether the Chief Minister to be appointed is a person likely to command the confidence of the majority.
From the evidence given in Court, this issue was the one that had thus preoccupied the various protagonists at the residence of the Head of State.
One part of the questioning of the YDP was as follows:

Q: Did not Nicholas Fung (the State Attorney General) tell you that Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) had 25 seats and you should not appoint Tun Mustapha, but Datuk Pairin?
A: I was not advised as such. He only told me that if I appoint Tun Mustapha, it would be unconstitutional.

Another memorable exchange was in the cross examination of Fung by Raymond Kidwell QC:

Q: Datuk Nicholas, would you not agree that the state constitution provides for the six so we need to approach the appointment of Chief Minister differently?
A: Mr Kidwell, the British did not teach us that. We were taught and I agree that in terms of elections and reckoning of who commands confidence it is, “first past the post wins”.

The Court was asked to recognise that this convention exists in Sabah. Mustapha lost his case on grounds that the YDP’s appointment of Mustapha was unconstitutional, being procured by duress.
The Court also held that the YDP could not take into consideration the six nominated assembly members to augment the minority.
High Court Judge Datuk Tan Chiaw Tong also accepted Ivor Jennings’s test for the existence of conventions: “We have to ask ourselves three questions: first, what are the precedents; secondly, did the actors in the precedents believe that they were bound by a rule; thirdly, is there a reason for the rule?”
Tan took judicial notice that the majoritarian principle holds sway as a convention: “… the reason here for the rule is the democratic parliamentary principle under a party system of government that ‘it is a government of the people, for the people, and by the people’, where the choice of the majority as to the representatives to represent and govern them, prevails”.
Three persons holding high office in the Sabah crisis stood out: the State Attorney General who rose to the occasion and valiantly urged against swearing in of a minority leader, Datuk Charles Ho, the High Court Judge who was called out that morning to witness the swearing-in ceremony but left the scene being unwilling to be pressed into witnessing an “unconstitutional oath-taking ceremony”, and the acting Prime Minister, Datuk (now Tun) Musa Hitam who refused support to the palace coup.
And by their acting impartially, they provided guidance that averted a perversion of democratic rule.
A contemporary observer, Dr Khong Kim Hong, captured the actions of the Federal government admirably: “The Acting Prime Minister took three actions which brought the political coup in Sabah to an end. Firstly, he disassociated the Barisan Nasional from the events that have occurred in Sabah. Secondly, he threatened to take action against any group that was disturbing the security of the State.
“And thirdly, he stated clearly that the wishes of the people should be respected based on parliamentary democracy – implying that PBS, with the majority in the Assembly, should be allowed to form the government.”
The Federal Government action through Musa’s democratic statesmanship may be characterised as restoring order against the counter–conventional conduct of Berjaya and Usno.
Musa’s action is an exercise of critical political morality in his insistence in adhering to democratic normative behaviour.
It is the collective prayers of all reasonable citizenry that the Sultan of Selangor should as commensurate with his appointed constitutional duty deal with the matter of appointment of the Mentri Besar this coming week in a dispassionate and impartial manner exercising his judgement with wisdom, fairness and critical morality, above the noise of political partisanship.
All right-minded citizenry also call on political leaders from both sides, be it Pakatan or BN to act responsibly. We should avoid a situation where the belief in parliamentary democracy is reduced to a travesty.
A. V. Dicey, a leading jurist, puts it this way: “conventions of the constitution, (are) intended to secure the ultimate supremacy of the electorate as the true political sovereign of the State; that, in short, the validity of constitutional maxims is subordinate and subservient to the fundamental principle of popular sovereignty”.

> Philip Koh Tong Ngee is co-editor of Sheridan & Groves’ ‘The Constitution of Malaysia’ (5th edition). He was co–counsel in the Sabah case discussed above. The views expressed here are entirely the writer’s own.