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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Need Not Say to AZMIN ALI:"Et tu, Brute!" Because...

He was allowed to accept the Selangor Sultan's decision to be appointed the new Menteri Besar as PKR leaders held an emergency meeting last night, and led by President Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's gracious heart, they made a "compromise" decision to accept Azmin Ali's appointment as the new Menteri Besar of Selangor (which had taken place from 10.10AM today in a short swearing-in ceremony).

When I wrote my piece yesterday, I had presumed that the PKR council of leaders would "stick to their guns" in their earlier decision from the beginning in endorsing sole nominee of their chief, Kajang assemblyperson (ADUN), fondly called "Kak Wan", as MB to replace Khalid Ibrahim.

So Azmin Ali, Bukit Antarabangsa ADUN, is NOT GUILTY of doing a Brutus on PKR de facto leader DS Anwar Ibrahim and the party as REALPOLITIK proved again true the axiom "Politics Is the Art of the Possible"... Had the party not thrown Azmin the safety line at the emergency meeting, Azmin would have stood accused of doing a "Brutus" number -- and Desi would have reluctantly said to Azmin: "et tu, Brute!"

Backgrounding a byte, for those less versed in history/Skaespearean plays, Julius Caesar on the Ides of March eon years ago was delivered the "most unkindest cut of all" when his best friend Brutus plunged the dagger into the emperor-to-be's chest, and Caesar collapsed in front of the Capitol (where a swearing-in of his Kingship was to take place)...

In the testing times of the past 15 years, Anwar had been stabbed many times by "minor Brutuses" --  Ezam Mohd Noor, Nalakaruppan,  Zaid Ibrahim, Jeffrey Kitinggan, RPK, et al, ad nauseum -- luckily, for now, Azmin Ali did not join the black list.

PERSONALLY speaking, Desi is more than a litte disappointed by this turn of event. I thought the PKR leaders -- with declared support in the form of statutory declarations of 30 ADUNs in the 56-seat assembly --would stick to their steadfast decision to have only Dr Wan Azizah as the new MB. However, this is just a temporary setback for Wan Azizah and her colleagues in PKR. Some party in collusion with UMNO and Khalid, had won this round in gaining "an inch" -- I pray they won't be allowed to get greedy to go for that "yard", then the "mile"!

I guess the reality of Malaysian/Selangor politics played a fateful hand in granting Azmin  the golden glove. 

But Azmin might have forfeited even a bigger prize, the glitter of a Prime Minister's diamond glove, that lies in Putrajaya. So this latest development could be a blessing in disguise. When I was serving as News Editor at an online portal that saw the birth of the Reformasi movement in 1998 triggered by Anwar's sacking as DPM/Finance Minister by Dr Mahathir MOhamad, I had written that an individual like Dr Wan Azizah is probably destined to become the first woamn Prime Minister of Malaysia. So there lies the biggest challenge for Pakatan Rakyat to make this a reality should Anwar be sent to "you know where" by the UMNO-nised and bastardisedcourt system. This must be the focused goal for PKR and DAP --removing BN/UMNO from Putrajaya --  with or without PAS on board!

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