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Monday, September 22, 2014

Tomorrow is D-DAY, I don't wish to say to AZMIN ALI:"Et tu, Brute!"

Desi has generally held his peace for the past few days, even weeks, on the Selangor Menteri Besar issue because I am an interested party as in "vested" because I am a PKR member for almost 10 years now, and PKR and PAS have been at odds since PKR sacked the incumbent MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

After Khalid's sacking from PKR, he had no more locus standi holding on to the MB's position, but somehow fates decided he continue in the long transition. Following 30 ADUNs' signed declarations for Kajang ADUN cum PKR chief Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as replacement MB, by right she should automatrically be sworn in as that 30 votes of confidence is a SIMPLE MAJORITY in the 56-member State Assembly. (But curious the cowardly blogger known as RPK hiding our in Manchester, UK, stated from his superiorior position of Mr Knows All that 30 out of 56 is NOT a majority; my retort is: Hey 30 to 26 is a majority of 4 votes, or my English is knot as high as yours, royal blogger? (Dear ER, minta maaf, I digress! )

As the Sultan knocked back PKR and DAP's sole nominee Wan Azizah, there is a prolonged crisis, and with a new dawn less than 24 from now, Desi says his piece, cun?

I have concluded there are just TWO DIRECTIONS tomorrow's event will be headed:-- I based my TWO PREDICTIONS on a two-paragraph report on Page 10 in the New Sunday Times of Sept 21, 2014, viz:

Khalid mum
on plans

(Para 3) Selangor Pas commissioner Iskandar
Abdul Samad yestewrday denied he had met
the Sultan of Selangor on the MB position this week.

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali confirmed
that he had met the sultan.



That Azmin is offered the MB's position, then he is in a dilemma BECAUSE his party PKR has
reiterated several times, variously by PKR de facto chief DS Awar Ibrahim and party SG Saifuddin Nasution, they are STICKING TO THIS DECISION OF NOMINATING ONLY WAN AZIZAH AS THE NEW MB. In this case, Azmin must stand by his public annoucement he supports Wan Azizah as the new MB. (DIRESSING2, Azmin to his credit, according to  Hadi Awang's press conference,  Azmin also had turned down an offer to become the MB by PAS President Hadi Awang in a "Unity Government" to be formed by Pas (now with 15minus 2 ADUNs) with UMNO (which has 12 ADUNs) and 13plus12plus Khalid make 26.)

So to be consistent and NOT TO DO AN "Et Tu, Brute" on his party, especially to DS Anwar with whom he left UMNO some 14 to 15 years ago, YES, I SALUTE YOUR LOYALTY!), Azmin has to decline to the Sultan's offer to become the new MB. Azmin will be labelled "derhaka" by all the UMNO goons, but it's NOT treason if one is loyal to the party! Better to hold on to one's principles and look at the longer term. If Azmin were to be sworn in  tomorrow as MB, PKR would sack him for going against the party's unanimous decision to only back Wan Azizah, and the big price to pay will be: Azmin's caeeer as a politician will be finished from then on! So D-DAY FOR THE ADUN from Bukit Anatarabangsa, and I believe he will look beyond just becoming a state's CEO as taking over Putrajaya is the PR's bigger obejective, and Azmin (Hey, you are also a Member of Parliament!) is potentially of Prime Minister's material, IMHO.


If in the first instance that Iskandar Samad, Pas Selangor Commissioner, is offered the MB's post by the Sultan, he would not be disobeying anyone as he has been directed by his party President Hadi Awang (NOT agreed to by deputy Mat Sabu whom I salute for consistently demostrating the PR solidarity!). But as I said, PAS with UMNO and Khalid won't form a majority as they total 26 out of 56! so the longest term he can serve is UNTIL NOVEMBER when the Selangor StateAsembly is scheduled to meet next. At this meeting if it ever takes place, PKR and DAP will table a VOTE OF NO-CONFIDENCE in Iskandar Samas, and there he meets his Waterloo. I won't term Iskandar as the basd guy, it's HADI AWANG (capable of calling PR comrades  BARUA! wow, ulama leaders indeed.) who committed treachery against his PR comrades in PKR and DAP , and even colleagues from his own party. majority of the Central Committee members who support Mat Sabu, Desi understands from PAS sources).

MAY UMNO AND HADI AWANG AND THEIR ILKS live in interesting times!

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