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Sunday, October 20, 2013

RUMInation -- Songs from Ally McBeal

One song from Ally McBeal's TV serial -- ow off the air for some time now, SIGH, sigh!...-- was recentl playing intermittently in my mind, and my cells must have gone greyer, I could NOT tell what the title was. Son Sundaes being one of my teenage foods plus now grownup time for REFLECTION, I googled for Ally McBeal/Vonda Shepard, and it leads me to wikipedia's entract viz:)~~~~~

Songs from Ally McBeal

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Songs from Ally McBeal
Soundtrack album by Vonda Shepard
ReleasedMay 5, 1998
Label550 Music/Epic/SME Records
Ally McBeal chronology
Songs from Ally McBealHeart and Soul: New Songs from Ally McBeal
Vonda Shepard chronology
It's Good, Eve
Songs from Ally McBealBy 7:30
Songs from Ally McBeal is an album by Vonda Shepard released in 1998 as a soundtrack for the American television series Ally McBeal.
It reached number three in the UK album charts and was a success in the US, Canada and many European countries too. The song "Searchin' My Soul," co-written by Shepard with Paul Gordon, was used as the Ally McBeal theme tune, and an earlier version had been featured on one of Vonda Shepard's previous albums, The Radical Light. The majority of the songs, however, are covers of old songs whose lyrics reflected what was happening in Ally's life onscreen.
It peaked No. 1 in Spain for a month in the summer of 1999, thanks to a big promotion in radios, Vonda Shepard shows in Madrid and Barcelona and the TV series, with the album selling more than 500,000 copies. It is a gold record in Poland.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Searchin' My Soul" (Vonda Shepard, Paul Gordon) – 3:53
  2. "Ask the Lonely" (Ivy HunterWilliam "Mickey" Stevenson) – 2:43
  3. "Walk Away Renee" (Michael Brown, Bob Calilli, Tony Sansone) – 3:08
  4. "Hooked on a Feeling" (Mark James) (originally by B.J. Thomas) – 2:58
  5. "You Belong to Me" (Pee Wee KingRedd StewartChilton Price) – 3:28
  6. "Wildest Times of the World" (Vonda Shepard, Michael Landau) – 5:15
  7. "Someone You Use" (Tommy Stough) – 2:34
  8. "End of the World" (Sylvia DeeArthur Kent) – 2:34
  9. "Tell Him" (Bert Berns) (originally by The Exciters) – 2:48
  10. "Neighborhood" (Jerry Leiber, John Sembello, Mike Stoller, Ralph Dino) – 2:21
  11. "Will You Marry Me?" (Vonda Shepard, Michael Landau) – 2:39
  12. "It's in His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)" (Rudy Clark) (originally by Betty Everett) – 2:33
  13. "I Only Want to Be With You" (Ivor Raymonde, Michael Hawker) (originally by Dusty Springfield) – 2:12
  14. "Maryland" (Vonda Shepard) – 3:51

I also moved on to YouTube -- bless the Internet agers for making life so ezy to get to one's fave singers/songs, and there is conflicting claims about the TV series' THEME SONG -- Is it IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD as claimed by a Utube number? OR is it ""Searchin' My Soul" ?

Anyway, I jest ENJOY my afternoon snnoze listenin' to a collection of 30 songs from, YES, Ally McBeal's via LINK:

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