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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

RUMInation -- Songs from Ally McBeal II

Aft listenin' to the 30songs, my mind still could NOT remember what was that TITLE that had been circling around fro some dyas. Never mind, I envy this actor-bloke ROBERT DOWNEY Jr. for his ability to "duet" with Vonda Shepard so like TWO PEAS IN ONE POD/(pot?), in "Chances Are"

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I have rarely posted sopo posts aft GE13 because There is NO INCENTIVE/MTOTIVATION. UMNO remains domineering and so predicatable -- RACIST to the innermost core of its anatomy already much smeared and smellin' like SH*T!
 Remember I said I would migrate? =-- taking home minister Zahid Hamidi's call to others to migrate "if you no like the electoral system here/hear!" Well, I often do -- to RUMI-nation!:) If Zahid don't like it hear, GE THE HERE OUT OF HELL! He garnered the highest number of votes lust Saturday among six contenders for UMNO VP -- God save us from UMNO-oh-No!

I like the lawyer series ALLY McBEAL because it entertains. Yes, it's now relaxing time/dime for DEsi to catch up on the movies and TV series I miss'd spending too mush ti8me on Sopo blogging -- and seemingly getting nowhere to "UBAH" the gomen in Putrajaya. Now I focus on writHing my first NOVEL which I hope can make it to the small, if knot that, BIG screen! Hope springs eternal in all people fighting for CHANGE!

Ally is wacky, the sory lines are well plotted wit WIT and HUMOUR and some lines that seem'd to come out of my DDC. (If thou knowest knot what DDC is, don't ask b4 I aRsEk you to join Zahind to get the here out of Hell! Hey, Desi is also capable of hitting the low notes on whackiNURSE, OK!

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