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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sunday's Rumination: Silences Interruptus

UPknighted @830 July 13, 2016+one:

When Simon&Garfunkel's Friend "Hello Darknurse" visits at the the midnight hours, sometimes creative juices would flow up my veins into my brain cells, nourishing the often dry landscape. The nues that JK ROWLING has become the FIRST BILLIONAIRE AUTHOR is another INCENTHIEF.

So let the silences flow.
Stream won is 
The Silence of the intervals between thy heartbeats
and the long periods preceding  "that first kiss" of your latest love encounter

Stream too is when the EsteemedReaders' appettite for aMORE details are whetted. But the knotty writer keeps 'em suspended in unfulfilled anticipatience.

Silence fro the author to stimulate but not deliver, making the reader angry, sometimes to the point of bursting. Hey, silence is AU most times, just listen to the olde grandfather clock go tick-tock, tick tock. Learn the pleasure of rhthm. Also when the rain starts in a trickle, graduating quickly into  a tropical monsoon, with streaks of lightning and roaring thunder that prefaced some coming of Apocalypse if thou believeth the soothsayers. Desi's not one. To me, a storm is the meilody breaking up unexpected silences.

Sorry matey, I take leave here Cos my silence is broken
By the rinnnngiiiing of the room belle
Ah, my Satisfaction cometh first
Homo sapiens are a selfish lot, don't believe only the Rolling Sones, for Desi often gets los of Satisfuction from "angrying" my ER, especially those who appreciate My sweet words and sweAty tongue. For beginners here/hear, indulge Desi's usagae of DDC since he can't rise up to the Bard's. Not Bast... OK, there's a www of difference!

And words are all I have to dsah your heART away, plagiarising the BGies. My anthem once "When I was small..." how I wish today I could replaz the "was" wit' "IS"!

:::Please come back for More when I break the long silences in between
Panting breaths
and two bods tryimg to merge into Won
Victory is knot at hand
Not yet. Nyet, says Putding.And TrumpedOne says: Lets' united
And it almost trips Ivanka as she tiptoes into the BlackHouse
Holding untold secrets taht LeakyWeaks won't share, I'm an ahLEE

It has been a long while since Desi walketh into Thinksville maybe the petrol in my Think tank is close to empty, maybe the mind is too disturbed.So excuse Desi if his efforts appears nonSENsical! Hey, don't connplain, it's free, or flee!

Reality can be disturbing. Often you do learn that the BRASH and POWERFOOL get away with ILL LOGIC and STUPIDITY. Think Donald Trump.. I call him the aMO1. He has disciples in Russi, North Korea. Closer to home is what matters. and should CONCERN us all who love Malaysia.

So back home NegaraKu has its most stupidest MO1. Double superlatives are sometimes loud here, hear!A few bus of Desi often exchange greAtings ending wit': Has that plane fallen out of the sky?

Desi will give thee the meaning and details BUT you have to make some efforts, cme down to Furong, badder steal, bling staedyAKU&AKau along! I\m often at De Miang Conner sipping newsdogs brew, and once a while when I feel capitalist, gobble down 7 steaks of satay. "Chow"! which can mean....

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