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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trump adopts antagonistic attitude with Media who ask HARD Qs

What a blardy disgrace for an American President-Elect taking office in 10days' time. He is the most ARROGANT b'tard leader I have seen in my short lifetime of 40years' media experience -- in print, online, diplomatic, now mainly 5th Estate as BUMmer-- and I wish the American media especially CNN, carry on your JOB IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER and thou would be fine, God bless, YL, Desi

PS: My prediction is within two years of taking taking office, there would be enough evidence of IMPEACHABLE offence/s against this fellow, and the world and USA would be better for it he is "fired" early!

PPS: I am trying to pick up a panel discussion featuring a fantastic member ROBERT REISCH? -- Patience eh! Desi

Trump battles CNN reporter in heated exchange at press conference: ‘You are fake news’

donald trump
REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
President-elect Donald Trump at a press conference in Manhattan.
President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday shut down a CNN reporter who attempted to ask a question at Trump’s first press conference in months.
Speaking in Manhattan, the president-elect first blasted BuzzFeed for publishing an unverified memo alleging Trump was both compromised by, and collaborated with Russia intelligence agents passing information to his campaign, a claim which Trump denied at the end of Wednesday’s news conference.
Trump also blasted CNN, which reported earlier on Tuesday that top US intelligence officials presented Trump information that Russian agents possessed compromising information on him, though CNN said it did not feel comfortable publishing BuzzFeed’s memo. 
“As far as BuzzFeed, which is a failing pile of garbage, writing it, they’re going to suffer the consequences, they already are,” Trump said, before going off on a tangent defending his lawyer, Michael Cohen. “As far as CNN going after their way to build it up — and by the way, we just found out, Michael Cohen, who is a very talented lawyer, a good lawyer at my firm. It was just reported that it wasn’t this Michael Cohen that we’re talking about.”
Moments later, when CNN reporter Jim Acosta attempted to ask a question, Trump refused.
“Not you. Not you. Your organization is terrible. Your organization is terrible. Quiet, quiet. She’s asking a question, don’t be rude,” Trump said.
“Since you’re attacking our news organization can you give us a question?” Acosta asked repeatedly
“I’m not going to give you a question. You’re fake news,” Trump replied, only later taking a question from another CNN reporter.
For its part, CNN stood by its reporting.
Shortly after the news conference, CNN anchor Jake Tapper read a statement from the network on Wednesday defending the network’s story, and distancing its own reporting from BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the 35-page memo.
“CNN’s decision to publish carefully sourced reporting about the operations of our government is vastly different than BuzzFeed’s decision to publish unsubstantiated memos. The Trump team knows this. They are using BuzzFeed’s decision to deflect from CNN’s reporting, which has been matched by other major news organizations,” the statement said. 
“CNN made it clear that we are not publishing any details of the 35 page document because we have not corroborated the report’s allegations. Given that members of the Trump transition team have so vocally criticized our reporting, we encourage them to identify, specifically, what they believe to be inaccurate.”

YL: Here's another take from

Watch the exchange below:

January 11, 2017 1:58 pm

Donald Trump refuses to take question from ‘fake news’ CNN reporter

ABOVE: Donald Trump refuses to answer question from CNN reporter.
 A A 
Donald Trump refused to take a question from a reporter from CNN during his first press conference as president-elect, telling the journalist “you are fake news.”
On Tuesday, CNN was first to report claims that Russian operatives had information on Trump including personal and financial information, something the president-elect denounced as “fake news” later that evening.
Trump told reporters the release of the unsubstantiated intelligence was a “disgrace that information would be let out. It’s all fake news.”
Trump then refused to take a question from CNN’s senior White House correspondent, Jim Acosta.
WATCH: Mike Pence says ‘media bias’ behind recent Trump allegations
“Mr. President-elect, since you’re attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question,” the journalist repeatedly asks.
Trump told the journalist “don’t be rude,” while attempting to take another question from a journalist from another news organization.
“Your organization is terrible,” Trump told Acosta.
Acosta pushed back at Trump in an attempt to get his question in.
“I’m not going to give you a question,” Trump said. “You are fake news.”
The president-elect also attacked Buzzfeed, which published the entire document but admitted it is both unverified and contains errors.
Trump called the news organization a “failing pile of garbage” and that he thinks Buzzfeed is “going to suffer the consequences” of publishing the report.
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