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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Making my life a piece/peace of ART....

I had been listening endlerss times to "RIDE" and enjoying the VISUALS of LANA DEL REY, and you know what, when my sunny boy gifted me a PICTORIAL gifted him by a FRIEND named BEE, I combined the two gifts to begin writing a SHORT STORY.

Have a peep below: come back on New Year's Eve and maybe Desi would have completed that story JEST for THEE!

Short Story's Curtaions Opening......

by Desi from EnchantedGardenz

It is always about a girl. Yes, since Eve tasted the forbidden fruit urged on by her only partner Adam's bidding in that garden onceuponatime far far away.

This one is about a special gal from a land called ApaNama; so we shall call her Gal.AP.ManE rhyming with PennyLane. "Mane" because she featured long flowing tresses one sees in a young stud roaring to bolt the stable to wander to the hills. That's answering nature's call by a hot blooded young horse, yes. For short. this narrator shall refer to her as GAME.

Last night It was a dazzling moony night in Penang --  also nicked The PearlOfTheOrient - where  crowds by the hundreds had gathered at the Gurney Drive Explanade to watch the Suppermoon...

(To be continued...:)IF THE TELLER SURVIVES THE WINE, .... and SONG and THE RIDE! Adios, behave thyself, If thou drinketh, don't drive, be safe, JEST RIDE!::::_________________________________________

Meanw'ile, these lines keep me Company this festive season -- my mind may be in Furong, but my spirits are elsewhere: Just Ride, Just RIDE and WRIThE...YL, Desi

"I believe in the kindness of strangers. And when I'm at war with myself I ride, I just ride."
Who are you?
Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?
I have. I am fucking crazy.
But I am free.


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